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07:41:00  <jeroen___>Hello~
07:41:15  <jeroen___>I'm porting an application from V8-3.14 to the new V8 6.8 API
07:41:18  <jeroen___>One question:
07:43:22  <jeroen___>How do I use v8::Context::Scope with a v8::Persistent<v8::Context> ? Or phrased differently: how do I convert the v8::Persistent<v8::Context> into a v8::Local<v8::Context> that I can use with v8::Context::Scope ?
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16:23:23  <vishal733>Hi. I have a work requirement for translating a project from v8 version [V8 6.1.534.41], to an updated v8 version [v6.9]
16:23:34  <vishal733>Here are more details about the work: https://pastebin.com/QkzRf8vw
16:23:47  <vishal733>would anybody here have time to work on this?
16:24:21  <vishal733>overall. there would be just around 5-6 source files to change I think
16:24:59  <vishal733>one of the complition issue I see is around NewInstance related api become different...
16:25:22  <vishal733>If anybody is interested. please drop me an email at vishal733@gmail.com
16:25:42  <vishal733>sorry in case this is the wrong platform for posting such requests. but wasn't able to find a relevant v8 developer anywhere
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22:06:02  <caitp>aklein: do you happen to know if JS-BigInt-integration is regularly pulled into test/wasm-js (or wasm-js upstream?)
22:06:54  <aklein>caitp: wasm-js is pulled in via deps
22:07:01  <aklein>I'm guessing it's done manually on an as-needed basis
22:07:26  <aklein>caitp: looks like SvenSauleau did it last week
22:07:28  <caitp>right, I'm asking what the state of BigInt tests are in there upstream really
22:07:58  <aklein>oh, you're wondering when wasm-js will get JS-BigInt? that I don't know about at all
22:08:10  <aklein>caitp: littledan might know better than I
22:08:16  <aklein>(though he's currently presenting at tc39)
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22:08:39  <caitp>basically if I manually pull in tests from JS-BigInt-integration, I get a lot more failures than just running with whatever is in test/wasm-js on ToT --- so I don't know what the current state of the art for BigInt testing is
22:08:49  <aklein>caitp: I suspect there's a two-step problem
22:09:05  <aklein>I believe the way wasm spec repos work is that they're forks
22:09:38  <aklein>so my guess, given what you're seeing, is that the upstream version of JS-BigInt-integration needs to be rebased against the wasm spec js-api repo
22:10:14  <caitp>makes sense
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22:21:25  * RT|Chatzillajoined
22:39:11  <iosys>hello
22:39:18  <iosys>anyone here familiar with turbofan?
23:02:03  <littledan>Well, xtuc is running that project; I guess he'd be the one possibly pulling it in
23:02:36  <littledan>he both wrote the tests and the draft V8 implementation
23:02:41  <littledan>SvenSauleau: ^
23:19:49  * plutoniixjoined
23:20:54  <iosys>littledan, i dont see xtuc on the channel?
23:28:02  <littledan>sorry, SvenSauleau instead
23:28:06  <littledan>he's xtuc on GitHub
23:30:01  <iosys>ah ok :)