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14:44:49  <SvenSauleau>aklein: gsathya: i'm able to connect using my Igalia email address to a Google account, however it still uses my gmail address. i'll leave it as is for now.
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19:03:55  <aklein>SvenSauleau: if you're logged into both in your browser, you should be able to use the drop-down in the upper-right corner in monorail to switch it
19:04:22  <aklein>oh or is it "attached" to the one Google account?
19:06:52  <SvenSauleau>The email is attached to my Google account
19:07:24  <SvenSauleau>I can log in on Google with my Igalia email but it's showing my gmail address then, so I assumed it picked the Google account again
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22:19:46  <MarkT->Would this be an appropriate channel to ask about using v8's c++ api for emedding?
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