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09:52:55  <SvenSauleau>aklein: ok good to know, thanks
09:54:15  <SvenSauleau>Also I received the access (thanks) but it's using my Igalia account and I don't know how to connect to it from Monorail (where i'm forced to use a Google account), do you have an idea? Or can I reach out to someone?
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12:11:02  <SvenSauleau>Similar issue on Gerrit when adding a tryjob ("User user:Sven.sauleau@gmail.com cannot add builds [...]"), it doesn't use my Igalia email address (it's the prefered in the settings tho).
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17:07:12  <gsathya>SvenSauleau, caitp and joyee use their igalia accounts for all their v8 work -- they probably know best
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23:49:25  <aklein>SvenSauleau: for Monorail, you'll need a google account attached to the ssauleau@igalia.com email address. if you don't already have one it should be trivial to create.
23:49:43  <aklein>but yeah, checking with other Igalians about their workflow is probably best