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03:29:17  <ljharb>jmdyck: yes but generally posting comments on PRs is annoying; and programmatically editing comments, even the OP, can have race conditions with actual edits
03:29:42  <ljharb>jmdyck: i prefer things that fail, until you click “details” and ack the report explicitly (which then makes it passing)
03:30:03  <jmdyck>yeah, i didn't think comments on the PR was a good idea
03:32:34  <jmdyck>I was reading about GitHub Checks, which seems nicely integrated, but the instructions for setting up such a thing don't make sense to me
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04:14:26  <jmdyck>ljharb: can you point me to something with a clickable "details"?
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04:31:41  <ljharb>jmdyck: every travis-ci run on github
04:31:45  <ljharb>oops, he left
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