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12:51:28  <caiolima>ljharb: I saw you've commentend on BigInt PR. Thx a lot! I'll be able get back to work on this tomorrow.
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15:13:39  <leobalter>devsnek Domenic ljharb I don't have strong preferences how we can add a reverse iterator to the spec, as long as we get something for Array, Map, and Set. Not even worried about String. I'll follow the consent sentiment from the room
15:14:49  <leobalter>the way Lee Byron's proposal describes the iter.reverse() is "safe" but weird, I'm not sure I love it. It should definitely be coordinated with devsnek's proposal.
15:15:37  <devsnek>obviously we need a reverse iteration syntax /s
15:16:32  <leobalter>What I want is something straight to the point where in a list object I can `list.reverse()`. I have a preference (not a blocker) for a string named method, that may mirror a Symbol property. And I'm fully aware Array#reverse is taken, so I'm open to bikeshed names
15:16:56  <devsnek>fwiw i haven't explored optional capabilities at all yet, so iter.reverse might not be the the best way forward, it was just off the top of my head
15:17:37  <leobalter>it's very odd calling `[].values().reverse()` where you get two iterators and rely on both
15:18:41  <devsnek>in rust, when you use rev, what you actually start doing is consuming the same iterator from the back instead of the front
15:18:51  <leobalter>[].valuesRight() is ugly but follow consistency with reduceRight
15:19:01  <devsnek>technically you could consume it from both sides at the same time, and end up in the middle
15:19:52  <leobalter>I'd rather not have a @@reverseIterator depending on a @@iterator
15:20:15  <ljharb>it needn’t have to
15:20:30  <devsnek>it's weird in my mind to be a reverse iterator but not a regular iterator
15:20:31  <ljharb>but that’d be a naive possible implementation
15:20:49  <leobalter>naive possible yes, thats why I'm not discarding
15:20:54  <ljharb>you could also make it required to have an iterator method, but not invoke it
15:20:58  <devsnek>is there an example where you would want to only be iterable with a concept of reverse
15:21:02  <leobalter>I'm playing flexible here
15:21:55  <ljharb>devsnek: you could have an iterable for, say, data points over time, which is infinite - but your reverse iterator could start at a timestamp
15:22:02  <leobalter>devsnek if I have a Map/Set subclass instance that enforces LIFO operations
15:22:22  <devsnek>ok
15:23:35  <devsnek>if we have a concept of double-ended iterators reverse can just be a general wrapper than calls nextBack instead of next
15:23:37  <leobalter>also, the fact these two steps are only applied in specific cases, not applied to generators or any other custom iterator
15:24:24  <leobalter>same for: `[@@asyncIterator]()[@@reverseIterator]()`
15:24:50  <leobalter>or `[@@asyncIterator]().reverse()` where it should not even be available
15:26:16  <devsnek>i'm trying to think of other languages that have this
15:27:01  <devsnek>i think rust and c++ are the only languages that generalize it to a trait/template type thing
15:27:27  <devsnek>and they both use the concept of double-ended
15:45:16  <devsnek>i kinda like this, but perhaps its too complex? https://gc.gy/30305686.png
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16:05:04  <Domenic>I think a pro/con list for various possibilities would be a good thing to put in the proposal document
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19:12:17  <jwalden>haste
19:12:28  <jwalden>(inb4 jorendorff can say anything posthaste)
19:12:50  <jorendorff>> BindingIdentifier: `yield`
19:12:50  <jorendorff>> * It is a Syntax Error if this production has a [Yield] parameter.
19:13:06  <jorendorff>^ this appears in the current draft. But how is that different from
19:13:30  <jorendorff>> BindingIdentifier: [~Yield] `yield`
19:14:23  <jorendorff>That is, seems like an Early Error should be kind of a last resort. We could just enforce this in the grammar. Also, what does "this production" mean?
19:20:31  <devsnek>`yield` in the position of a binding identifier is "this production"
19:27:52  <jorendorff>ok, well, that just seems to confirm that the meaning is basically the same as making that production conditional
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19:31:14  <loganfsmyth>jorendorff: There is a NOTE above that early error section
19:31:24  <loganfsmyth>"yield and await are permitted as BindingIdentifier in the grammar, and prohibited with static semantics below, to prohibit automatic semicolon insertion in cases such as"
19:32:09  <jorendorff>WOW
19:32:11  <devsnek>asi strikes again
19:33:35  <jorendorff>:-O
19:34:21  <loganfsmyth>still trying to wrap my head around how that example works though
19:34:37  <jorendorff>it's unbelievable, this is the junction of half a dozen JS quirks
19:34:43  <jorendorff>`let` is a conditional keyword
19:35:24  <jorendorff>`let;` is a legal JS statement in non-strict code; you can do `let = 12; eval("let")` and the answer is 12
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19:37:30  <jorendorff>loganfsmyth: So if ASI did happen, you would get `let; await 0;` which would actually parse
19:39:31  <loganfsmyth>ah right, so by making it a valid BindingIdentifier, it's not a syntax error and thus doesn't trigger ASI, ugh
19:39:40  <jorendorff>well, not exactly lol
19:39:49  <jorendorff>because `let await 0;` *is* still a syntax error
19:39:52  <loganfsmyth>or at least, not a grammar error
19:39:57  <loganfsmyth>yeah, poorly worded
19:40:04  <jorendorff>so it *does* trigger ASI
19:40:07  <jorendorff>but not until `0`
19:40:30  <jorendorff>and ASI looks at the `0`, sees that it's not immediately after a new line, and says no way
19:42:31  <jorendorff>so the way this prohibits ASI is by •exploiting details of how ASI case 1 works; and •arranging for a different token to be "the offending token"
19:42:43  <loganfsmyth>yupp
19:42:46  <loganfsmyth>good times :P
19:47:06  <jorendorff>loganfsmyth: TIL the Python parser in `python` is generated by this 406-line script https://github.com/python/cpython/blob/master/Parser/pgen/pgen.py
19:47:58  <loganfsmyth>oh cool
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19:49:14  <jorendorff>apparently python's no-semicolons-required syntax works a *little* differently from JS's
19:51:04  <devsnek>just a tad
19:51:39  <jorendorff>ok, i got another one
19:52:13  <jorendorff>> TemplateLiteral : NoSubstitutionTemplate
19:52:13  <jorendorff>> * It is a Syntax Error if the number of elements in the result of TemplateStrings of TemplateLiteral with argument false is greater than 2^32 - 1.
19:53:04  <jorendorff>but TemplateStrings on this is guaranteed to return a List with exactly one element TemplateLiteral:NoSubstitutionTemplate
19:53:31  <jorendorff>oops, meant to paste this link https://tc39.es/ecma262/#sec-static-semantics-templatestrings
19:57:40  <loganfsmyth>https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/issues/1588
19:57:47  <loganfsmyth>jorendorff: ^^
19:57:52  <loganfsmyth>I think?
19:58:41  <jorendorff>yup. thanks
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20:49:53  <devsnek>imagine a template literal with 2^32-1 substitutions
20:51:48  <rkirsling>devsnek: why just imagine? 😈
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