00:03:42  <devsnek>leobalter: do you think there's any meaningful overlap between your reverse proposal and my iterator methods proposal?
00:04:07  <devsnek>i think in theory array iterator prototype and map iterator prototype and whatnot could all have a reverse method
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05:10:44  <ljharb>devsnek: i think individual iterators would have to opt in to being reversable tho
05:11:08  <ljharb>otherwise it'd be pretty silly to not know if your iterator will be infinite or not (and thus irreversible)
05:11:23  <ljharb>or even just, non deterministically finite
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13:53:19  <devsnek>ljharb: I'm more talking about how that integrates with other methods and such
13:58:23  <devsnek>for example in rust you do x.iter().rev(), not x.iter_rev()
14:19:05  <ljharb>devsnek: yeah i think it makes more sense to have a single reverse method than to suffix everything
14:20:18  <devsnek>array.values().reverse() vs array[reverseIterator]()
14:20:53  <ljharb>typically symbol methods are a protocol that nicer-named methods access, no?
14:21:37  <devsnek>perhaps
16:08:59  <TabAtkins>ljharb, littledan: Hmm, 𝔽 doesn't show up in the default fonts on a Chromebook. :(
16:09:30  <TabAtkins>(ℝ does, presumably because it's more commonly used as a math symbol)
16:12:10  <TabAtkins>(I don't have an immediate good suggestion for alternate glyphs, except perhaps ℕ. Misleading in nature, but mnemonic in usage.)
16:13:00  <TabAtkins>(Or as an amusing alternative, ℚ, because all Numbers are rationals. ^_^)
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16:59:49  <devsnek>TabAtkins: isn't 𝔽 usually used for fields anyway?
17:00:24  <TabAtkins>Yes, so the current usage isn't technically accurate anyway
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18:52:17  <Domenic>There was a previous reverse iterator proposal
18:52:29  <Domenic>https://github.com/leebyron/ecmascript-reverse-iterable
18:55:11  <devsnek>oh that does what i said above
18:55:45  <Domenic>People should find the meeting notes where we discussed that
18:56:05  <Domenic>The leebyron proposal looks good to me but maybe there were reasons it didn't advance. (I suspect the biggest reason was lack of champion time.)
18:56:31  <devsnek>oh no https://github.com/tc39/tc39-notes/blob/master/meetings/2015-03/mar-24.md#63-reverseiterable-interface
19:00:08  <Domenic>lollll
19:10:22  <TimothyGu>TabAtkins: hmm, so it seems like all the double-struck glyphs in Letterlike Symbols block are present in the more "default" fonts like Tinos, Arimo, and Noto Serif, so ℂℍℕℙℚℝℤ work fine.
19:10:40  <TimothyGu>however, the rest of them are in the newer Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols block, and are only present in Noto Sans Math, which should also be installed by default on CrOS…
19:12:49  <TimothyGu>nope, apparently not
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21:53:51  <devsnek>rbuckton: what does __promisifiy__ do in ts?
22:06:03  <devsnek>ah nevermind someone else figured out how it's used
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