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01:39:35  <Domenic>littledan: I would be against that; it ruins the ability to transparently refactor your work to take on async startup costs
01:40:00  <Domenic>If you're willing to rewrite the calling module graph anyway then you can just refactor to put everything inside dynamic imports
01:44:17  <gibson042>annevk: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-uniform-interchange-date-parsing is still active, I've just been short on time lately
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02:58:38  <ljharb>that transparent ability is the
02:58:50  <ljharb>“Spooky action at a distance” that i have major concerns with :-/
03:01:53  <devsnek>littledan: along the same vein as domenic, you'd have to know if what you're importing is async or not, which is an annoying experience
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03:44:27  <ljharb>devsnek: you’d get an early error about that tho
03:44:38  <ljharb>it’d even be an autofixable lint rule
03:45:28  <devsnek>🤷
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09:29:21  <littledan>ljharb: I thought `import await` would fix those exact spooky action a distance issues. Ultimately, the vitality is analogous to the virality of async/await itself
09:31:53  <littledan>Domenic, devsnek: I can see this point abstractly, but isn't this just like async functions, which also require the caller to be adjusted to use a Promise rather than another value? We found it worth it to add async functions even though you could just use generators and Promises.
09:32:41  <littledan>What I am missing is usage scenarios where you want to change a deep dependency like that. The current TLA explainer doesn't really have one concretely, making it hard to think about
09:33:43  <littledan>I don't see what dynamic imports have to do with any of this, though; why would refactoring to those solve this problem?
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11:31:02  <littledan>s/vitality/virality/
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12:01:14  <Domenic>littledan: consider a web component whose template you want to move to another file
12:01:43  <Domenic>If you are going to change all call sites anyway you can use the import() + export default async antipattern the readme calls out.
12:03:57  <Domenic>The whole point of top-level await is to avoid making changes to the caller. I would be opposed to the proposal if it required caller changes.
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16:33:23  <littledan>Domenic, I think it's still more ergonomic than nothing. I don't quite understand that other case--why would you export the element rather than defining it (in the background than blocking module loading)?
16:33:47  <Domenic>littledan: consider the example at https://github.com/tc39/proposal-top-level-await/issues/58#issuecomment-468749512
16:34:03  <Domenic>Consider a "before" version which had `const template = .... long string here ...`
16:34:22  <Domenic>You're saying I cannot switch to the version in the comment which loads the template from ./template-1.html without changing all my callers
16:34:32  <Domenic>I don't think top-level await is worth moving forward as an ergonomics feature
16:34:38  <Domenic>It is fundamentally an abstraction boundary feature
16:34:43  <Domenic>wycats made this point in previous meetings
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16:39:53  <littledan>To be clear, I still think it makes sense to have both imports run in parallel
16:41:36  <devsnek>`await import` does also imply some ordering
16:41:59  <Domenic>+1 devsnek
16:42:03  <Domenic>littledan: I was just using that code sample
16:42:07  <Domenic>Let me create a separate one to be clearer
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16:46:36  <devsnek>heh the current proposal looks a lot like my implementation of top level await in engine262
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16:52:18  <Domenic>https://github.com/tc39/proposal-top-level-await/pull/60#issuecomment-473362344
16:55:19  <littledan>devsnek: Maybe, but I don't think anyone is proposing that
16:55:32  <devsnek>i just mean from a design standpoint
16:55:42  <devsnek>i didn't assume you were proposing such a thing
16:57:33  <littledan>Right, well, I was hoping that `import await` would make it feel like the whole awaiting action is hoisted to the top and done in parallel, just like the fetch for the `import`.
16:57:47  <littledan>devsnek: Do you think it achieves that?
16:58:10  <devsnek>i am unsure
16:58:54  <devsnek>domenic gave me an idea though
16:59:09  <devsnek>if all import statements are import await statements
17:00:46  <littledan>well, that's basically what you get from #49 or E57
17:00:51  <littledan>#57
17:01:04  <littledan>the idea of this PR is that import statements stay import statements
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17:16:14  <ljharb>littledan: `import await` fixes it for the modules that add TLA; but it just moves it to the one that adds `import await`
17:19:10  <ljharb>to be specific, i don’t think adding TLA *should* be transparent. Maybe it should be viral, maybe not, but making a sync thing async is always a breaking change so far.
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17:43:30  <littledan>ljharb: I don't understand what you mean by moving it. In particular, if you import a module that contains an import await, it's an error (at linking time)
17:43:42  <littledan>so, it remains a breaking change
17:44:05  <littledan>it's just like async functions: you need an await all the way up the callstack, if you want to get the value
17:44:15  <ljharb>right. But if i import a module that suddenly adds import await, that’s a breaking change too
17:44:32  <ljharb>and in the case of promises, you don’t - you could mutate a binding when the promise resolves without having to export a promise
17:44:40  <ljharb>or you could dispatch to different behavior, etc
17:44:47  <ljharb>the actual interface doesn’t have to change
17:45:11  <ljharb>atm there’s no way to consume a module using TLA that encapsulates that decision from *your* users.
17:45:22  <devsnek>i've kinda imagined that TLA is more useful at the entry rather than dependencies
17:45:23  <ljharb>hm, i guess dynamic import
17:45:33  <Domenic>At the moment consuming a module that uses TLA is ENTIRELY encapsulated from your users
17:45:42  <Domenic>The change to use `await import` would break that, which is why I'm objecting ot it
17:45:42  <ljharb>yes, my preference would be to only ever allow it in entry points, but there’s no way to spec that
17:45:55  <ljharb>Domenic: using TLA changes ordering and timing semantics tho
17:45:58  <ljharb>doesn’t it?
17:46:03  <Domenic>Yes, OK, "ENTIRELY" was over-strong
17:46:04  <devsnek>"it is an early error if module includes top level await and export"
17:46:12  <Domenic>If you don't use tick-counting trickery then it's unobservable
17:46:14  <ljharb>thus it’s still a breaking change, just a silent one
17:46:20  <ljharb>if it is ever observable then it’s observable imo
17:46:28  <Domenic>Sure. It's an observable change
17:46:31  <Domenic>Just one that's highly encapsulated
17:46:45  <ljharb>so i either want it to be entirely unobservable, trickery or not, or, i want it to be explicitly and loudly a breaking change
17:46:53  <ljharb>the middle is where confusion happens
17:46:53  <Domenic>OK. Then I don't think this feature will move forward.
17:47:15  <ljharb>what would the downstream consequences of that be?
17:47:32  <ljharb>in html, node, wasm, etc
17:47:36  <devsnek>i wouldn't agree that the number of ticks something takes is grounds to call it breaking
17:48:03  <ljharb>devsnek: when it goes from 1 to > 1, no, but when it goes from effectively 0 to > 0, yes
17:48:16  <devsnek>and i don't think anything except js itself wants async during evaluation phase
17:48:32  <devsnek>actually scratch that i know nothing about html imports
17:48:59  <ljharb>so that’s my question. Before declaring a feature deadlocked, I’d like to understand what bad things could happen without it
17:49:26  <ljharb>like E.g. if weakrefs died, wasm would ship them anyways, and then js would be forced to use wasm’s version
17:49:39  <ljharb>what happens downstream without TLA, looking far forward?
17:49:50  <devsnek>IIFEs continue to exist
17:51:27  <devsnek>it looks like importing an html returns that html as an element
17:53:18  <Domenic>We're still working moving the web from 0 ticks to >0 ticks
17:54:19  <devsnek>looks like importing html isn't hurt by the lack of async either
17:55:18  <Domenic>I mean, importing HTML will definitely be async
17:55:34  <Domenic>So I guess people could get around lack of top-level await by wrapping their .mjs files in .html files
17:57:04  <devsnek>i mean there's nothing imperative about html modules that require fancy async during the evaluation phase
17:57:17  <devsnek>not that they should be loaded synchronously :P
17:58:08  * annevkwhispers .mhtml*
17:58:12  <Domenic>Well they can include <script type="module">
17:58:16  <Domenic>Which is loaded async
17:58:32  <devsnek>i'd assume that's like having an import()
17:58:34  <devsnek>new entry point
17:58:44  <Domenic>Nah that's not the current proposal
17:58:48  <Domenic>They re-export any <script>s
17:58:59  <Domenic>Or maybe just the first one
17:59:11  <devsnek>interesting
17:59:30  <devsnek>that still fits within the current evaluation rules though right?
17:59:32  <Domenic>All of them, it looks like
17:59:33  <Domenic>https://github.com/w3c/webcomponents/blob/gh-pages/proposals/html-module-spec-changes.md
18:00:14  <Domenic>I mean HTML just evaluates modules on its own
18:00:20  <devsnek>yeah
18:00:30  <Domenic>It currently follows ES's everything-is-sync all-one-graph evaluation but that's changing
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22:07:09  <littledan>ljharb, WebAssembly modules also need to be async, as mentioned in the TLA explainer
22:07:22  <littledan>Domenic: Where can I find discussion about why HTML modules are async? I missed that.
22:08:34  <littledan>ljharb: I still don't understand why `import await` wouldn't meet your goals. I think it's "explicitly and loudly a breaking change", as you put it.
22:08:34  <devsnek>littledan: why does wasm need async?
22:08:56  <devsnek>it doesn't even *do* anything unless you have a start point
22:08:56  <littledan>https://github.com/tc39/proposal-top-level-await#webassembly-modules
22:09:15  <devsnek>and if you have a start point
22:09:17  <littledan>it might have to do compilation during the Evaluate phase, due to what the imports are
22:09:26  <devsnek>its not like you can await inside wasm
22:09:32  <littledan>these things are hard to reason about from first principles but come from real implementations
22:10:32  <devsnek>how is instantiation not part of the linking phase
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22:11:32  <littledan>See a detailed explanation in https://github.com/WebAssembly/esm-integration/tree/master/proposals/esm-integration
22:11:32  <devsnek>is this because of "From HTML, it’s not observable when parse a WebAssembly module begins, so any work perfomed in compilation may be performed off-thread."?
22:12:11  <devsnek>reading a file is async too, but we can still export things from source text
22:12:15  <littledan>Some compilation work might happen when parsing a WebAssembly module (nothing happens in the linking phase), but some other work might be needed once the imports are known
22:12:32  <devsnek>this causes me immense confusion
22:12:34  <littledan>in particular, some implementations have multiple types of underlying memory, and need to recompile due to that
22:12:44  <littledan>if you import a memory
22:13:07  <devsnek>that sounds like it would break the js api
22:13:19  <littledan>well, it doesn't, it's just that the JS API isn't very useful...
22:13:25  <littledan>you should only use instantiateStreaming for this reason
22:13:40  <littledan>probably the Wasm JS API should've been designed very differently, but it's a little too late
22:14:15  <littledan>the API just forces compilation work to happen on the main thread when you hold it wrong. Wasm modules will not compile on the main thread.
22:14:34  <littledan>the whole point of Wasm/ESM integration is to make the right way easy
22:14:36  <devsnek>you can use instantiateStreaming in a module loader today right now
22:14:41  <littledan>ype
22:14:43  <littledan>yep
22:15:23  <devsnek>not that its possible to easily test with cuz node refuses to merge any instantiateStreaming apis
22:15:35  <devsnek>but locally i've built all this already which is why i'm confused
22:16:27  <littledan>I mean, if you're testing it, the JS API "just works". It just might do compilation on the main thread. And these effects are engine-specific--JSC is the one which motivated this current issue.
22:17:11  <devsnek>are you saying that instantiation shouldn't happen during linking?
22:18:19  <littledan>Anyway, between HTML and WebAssembly, I think we really need modules to be able to be asynchronous. I wouldn't like to see more HTML willful violations governing things here, the way they do with the job/microtask queue; I'd like to find some sort of clean layering. But if the WebAssembly "do it anyway" case is motivating for you, that's sort of the risk here.
22:20:04  <devsnek>can you give me an example of a wasm module that demonstrates the need for async
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22:33:47  <littledan>devsnek: No, because any of them may need to do compilation during instantiation. Please read the documents I linked which explain this in detail
22:35:56  <devsnek>i am seemingly missing the why from these documents
22:41:23  <devsnek>littledan: is this just that you want to allow recompilation to happen off thread?
22:41:32  <littledan>yes
22:41:53  <littledan>Seems like you understand; I'm wondering if you have ideas for how the documents could be more clear
22:43:19  <devsnek>what's the difference between my code needing to wait for something because it blocks vs needing to wait for something because its async
22:44:37  <devsnek>like within js code it makes sense to move things to the loop so you can keep going with other things, but your module graph has to wait either way
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23:01:12  <devsnek>littledan: sorry to answer your question, i'd say the word "depend" is the wrong word, i was trying to figure out why it wouldn't be possible to add wasm modules without async when the actual situation was that it was just a bonus for performance
23:01:48  <littledan>exactly, but this performance bonus is an architectural thing. If we make them sync now, it will be hard to move compilation into the background in the future.
23:04:17  <devsnek>littledan: is the overhead of wasm optimization greater than the overhead of js optimization
23:04:25  <devsnek>just as a curiosity
23:05:56  <littledan>devsnek: Well, JS parsing and bytecode generation can be done during ParseModule, which can be done in the background, since modules are defer or async
23:06:31  <devsnek>an engine may need to readjust the bytecode depending on the values of imports
23:06:42  <littledan>Often, Wasm modules are extremely large, making them take a while to load up. That's why engines have been investing in baseline compilers.
23:06:55  <littledan>I don't think this comes up in JS the same as it does in Wasm
23:07:18  <devsnek>alright