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17:48:50  <devsnek>has there ever been discussion of arbitrary precision floating points
17:48:56  <devsnek>0.1f + 0.2f would be 0.3f
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18:04:14  <leobalter>devsnek do you mean non 32bit precision floating operations?
18:04:37  <devsnek>leobalter: could be more or fewer bits
18:04:48  <devsnek>depending on the number being represented
18:04:53  <devsnek>same as how arbitrary precision ints work
18:05:42  <leobalter>I'm not sure if this would go with a new number type
18:06:21  <leobalter>these non bit operations might be heavy enough for engines, in a way implementors might now desire this feature enough to make a case
18:06:26  <leobalter>this is my guess
18:06:48  <devsnek>if you've used gmplib, its the same idea
18:06:49  <leobalter>at the same time I admit I get annoyed by 0.1 + 0.2
18:07:19  <devsnek>gmplib has an arbitrary precision for the mantissa and one "word" of precision for the exponent
18:07:32  <devsnek>usually 32, 64, or 128
18:08:38  <leobalter>yes, and the counter argument from implementors would be asking the advantage of having this natively. So far, it doesn't seem like it would be necessarily faster
18:09:00  <devsnek>i suppose you could use bigints to represent these
18:09:07  <devsnek>but then you lose using operators
18:09:07  <leobalter>maybe, and this is just a guess, we could have a minimal work on Intl to have currency operations, for addition, etc
18:09:26  <devsnek>i think it would definitely have a perf improvement to be a native feature
18:09:50  <leobalter>not really, engines mostly reuse their C++
18:10:01  <devsnek>i'm not sure what that sentence means
18:10:02  <leobalter>and the abstractions wouldn't be that amazing as well
18:10:28  <leobalter>engines are generally based on C++
18:10:32  <devsnek>right
18:10:45  <leobalter>unless you have something native from there
18:11:03  <leobalter>you would have an abstraction similar to what you can already do in JS today
18:11:30  <devsnek>you can make a bigint out of a system of reallocing Uint32Arrays
18:11:43  <devsnek>you can make a bigfloat out of a system of bigints
18:12:09  <bradleymeck>devsnek: littledan was looking at bigdecimal types last i knew
18:12:27  <devsnek>gmplib is definitely faster than anything you can write in js, they're using platform specific assembly and simd and whatnot
18:12:55  <devsnek>bradleymeck: as something for the language?
18:13:26  <bradleymeck>yea, but bigint is new. he did give a presentation on different ways to store big decimals though
18:13:41  <devsnek>definitely no shortage of ways to represent them
18:16:43  <littledan>well, Andrew Paprocki gave that presentation (though I wrote the slides)
18:17:49  <littledan>each language does it differently, and no one seems to care. My takeaway was that we should just use IEEE 128-bit decimal, since it's standard, there are libraries for it, and, just, no one complains about how all the other programming languages use observably different bespoke decimal formats, so I bet we don't actually need BigDecimal
18:18:00  <littledan>(whereas people really do run into overflows of ints)
18:18:18  <littledan>that was fun research!
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19:20:43  <jschoi_>Does anyone at the 2018-11-29 TC39 summary session have details regarding what got discussed during the function-call syntax discussion (https://github.com/tc39/tc39-notes/blob/master/es9/2018-11/nov-29.md#--function-calls)? TabAtkins?
19:21:33  <TabAtkins>I do but am not in a position to write them out right now, I'll ping you later
19:33:10  <jschoi_>Thanks!
19:53:09  <devsnek>littledan: if you were modifying a script to use import() why couldn't you just go all the way and make it a module and use static import
19:53:53  <devsnek>you would probably need to modify it anyway to deal with import() being async
19:55:39  <ljharb>because i have scripts that require sloppy mode and also require builtins
19:56:09  <ljharb>however, for all of those, they require a *sync* means of getting those builtins, so `import()` isn't an option anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
19:57:12  <devsnek>yeah I don't really understand how import() would play with a stdlib
19:59:34  <zenparsing>the ability to dynamically import anything that can be statically imported (and in basically the same way) is a nice quality
20:02:53  <ljharb>totally agreed
20:03:25  <ljharb>that's a current gap in the quadrants right now in the language - there's no way to synchronously import a Module into a Script.
20:05:19  <devsnek>i kind of feel like its not a bad thing that scripts are being left behind
20:05:49  <devsnek>(as long as they keep working as they do now)
20:07:29  <ljharb>that's certainly not a unique attitude
20:07:44  <ljharb>and yet, `import()` works in Scripts
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20:09:37  <Domenic>It's a one-way valve
20:09:45  <Domenic>Get you out of classic scripts land, into module scripts land
20:09:49  <Domenic>But you can't go back, very intentionally.
20:13:03  <ljharb>it's fine for normal dynamic import, but it presents a problem for builtin modules
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20:39:28  <Domenic>The less stuff we can have work in classic scripts, the better, IMO.
20:39:41  <Domenic>I just wish we'd also put a secure contexts restriction in there too.
20:39:52  <Domenic>I guess we still can for built-in modules.
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