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02:38:11  <ljharb>devsnek: what do you mean throw
02:39:19  <devsnek>ljharb: GetOwnProperty can return abrupt
02:40:16  <devsnek>but the algorithm for determining if an array is sparse doesn't use any form of completion handling
02:43:17  <ljharb>devsnek: yeah it does seem like the `[[GetOwnProperty]]` call should have a `?` - but i don't read that as meaning "that algorithm is observably followed", only "if it *were* followed, it'd return true"
02:43:45  <devsnek>honestly this entire section is just scary
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02:44:13  <devsnek>there is stuff lower down about the object being exotic but the way there are different sections seems like it should mean something
02:45:10  <TimothyGu>devsnek: what section are you talking about
02:45:22  <devsnek>https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/#sec-array.prototype.sort
02:45:29  <TimothyGu>ah I was just gonna say
02:45:40  <devsnek>there are three sections describing cases where implementation defined behaviour should be used
02:45:50  <devsnek>and then a fourth section describing the constraints
02:45:59  <TimothyGu>lol
02:46:06  <devsnek>and then the magical section talking about comparefn
02:46:25  <TimothyGu>just use a mergesort + insertion sort combo, like URLSearchParams.prototype.sort
02:46:51  <devsnek>muh timsort
02:47:12  <TimothyGu>suit yourself, it's harder to implement
02:51:53  <ljharb>sort is way underspecified imo :-/ far too much impl-dependent stuff
02:52:23  <ljharb>it also talks about "well-behaved comparison functions", but it doesn't seem like they're defined completely enough, and it doesn't talk about what happens when it's not one
02:53:08  <devsnek>that magic section i was referring to defines how a well behaved comparison function should work but it infers you need to call the function like 20 times for each pair of elements
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09:13:33  <annevk>https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/pull/1330#issuecomment-430081979 is great, ideally that logic would also apply to new symbol traps affecting hosts going forward
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16:31:18  <ljharb>annevk: if there's any places you find that are missing a ? or a !, please do file an issue or a PR :-D
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16:53:22  <annevk>ljharb: was it settled whether this applies to things that don't return completion records?
16:54:19  <ljharb>annevk: hm, i don't remember it being brought up - but `?` is ReturnIfAbrupt which handles both values and completion records, and `!` i believe is just an assertion that it's not an abrupt completion (so a non-completion would work)
16:54:33  <ljharb>seems fine to me to apply the syntax to everything it makes sense on
16:58:00  <annevk>There was a discussion about that at some point brought up by anba(?)
16:58:35  <ljharb>ah, what was his position?
16:58:36  <annevk>https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/issues/496
16:58:47  <annevk>and https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/issues/497
16:59:48  <annevk>also https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/issues/486
16:59:53  <annevk>which I raised
17:00:05  <annevk>there's some other issues under the completion records label as well that seem related
17:00:32  <annevk>seems it was jmdyck not anba btw
17:01:43  <ljharb>on 496, i think i prefer if all abstract ops returned completion records
17:01:54  <ljharb>but lacking that, i think the implicit unwrapping helps things be readable
17:02:41  <ljharb>so far tho it seems like it's been reviewed case by case, and we've consistently gone with using ?/!
17:04:08  <annevk>I guess it's mostly good, but some architecture decisions on how this works would be good to avoid case-by-case
17:05:06  <ljharb>agreed
17:07:08  <jmdyck>I didn't raise the question of whether !/? apply to values other than completion records: they're clearly defined so that they can.
17:16:42  <jmdyck>One of my objections to the idea that every operation returns a completion record is that, from the point of view of static type analysis, the return type becomes completely uninformative.
17:17:48  <ljharb>wouldn't it be CompletionRecord<T> instead of just T?
17:18:16  <jmdyck>depends what you thinkn T is
17:19:35  <jmdyck>For useful analysis, I want info that is in both the [[Type]] and [[Value]] fields of the Comp record.
17:20:59  <devsnek>`NormalCompletion<V> : Completion<V>` and etc
17:21:44  <jmdyck>Not sure what the colon denotes there.
17:22:17  <ljharb>i'd assume that each completion type was its own subtype of Completion, but i'm sure you could model it in a bunch of ways
17:23:27  <devsnek>jmdyck: a subclass/subtype whatever you wanna call it
17:24:33  <devsnek>the big problem that you get with not everything returning completions is the need for a coercion helper
17:25:17  <jmdyck>I'm doubtful that Completion<V> would be useful.
17:25:19  <devsnek>in engine262 we have `EnsureCompletion` whenever we explicitly need a completion
17:25:20  <ljharb>since we want ? and ! anyways for an assertion or ReturnIfAbrupt, the need for coercion seems like it's not a big deal
17:26:48  <jmdyck>In my world, you don't need to do coercions.
17:27:13  <jmdyck>Because you don't have a record that's "standing in" for some other value.
17:28:34  <jmdyck>There are still abrupt completions, and you (generally) have to detect and handle them (via ?/!, e.g.)
17:29:47  <jmdyck>but you don't have to 'coerce' what remains into a useful value, it already just is.
17:35:47  <jmdyck>You never need to coerce a language value into a normal-completion-record-containing-that-value, because the value is fine as it is, and normal completion records don't exist.
17:38:21  <devsnek>until something asks about the [[Type]] of the result of some evaluation or something
17:43:14  <jmdyck>You wouldn't ask the [[Type]] unless you knew you had an abrupt completion.
17:45:40  <jmdyck>So pseudocode that currently checks if [[Type]] is ~normal~ would certainly need to be rewritten, but there's only about a dozen such.
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