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02:38:42  <Domenic>For WHATWG there's a service/bot that uses webhooks and renders every incoming PR and edits the OP of the PR with links to the preview
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03:48:44  <ljharb>Domenic: where does it host them, on the service?
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13:31:18  <Domenic>Yes, AWS
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14:40:50  <jmdyck>Hm, anyone else having problems connecting to github.com?
15:08:34  <devsnek>nope
15:08:52  <devsnek>github has been known to go down in specific regions though
15:09:08  <devsnek>https://status.github.com/messages
15:50:01  <jmdyck>thanks for the link. Perhaps I'm in the "small portion of users unable to access the site"
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21:12:35  <Bakkot>why did I decide to start looking at for-in behavior. this is terrible.
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21:16:27  <Bakkot>also, bterlson, ping re: https://github.com/bterlson/eshost-cli/pull/58
21:34:38  <gsathya>Bakkot, typo on coalsece
21:36:35  <Bakkot>gsathya, thanks, fixed
21:38:12  <ljharb>Bakkot: yes, for-in is terrible
21:41:12  <Bakkot>ljharb: I think I'm gonna propose (informally; I'd build a PR and come back for formal consensus) that we nail down the behavior precisely for at least one or two cases
21:41:40  <Bakkot>the current spec fails to capture some things which are, per implementors, actual requirements for an engine which wants to not break websites
21:41:47  <ljharb>SGTM
21:41:53  <cloudshu>Bakkot: what'd you have in mind?
21:41:59  <cloudshu>if it can be summarized
21:42:01  <Bakkot>and as of a couple years ago there's an intersection semantics as long as you "don't do anything dumb"
21:42:03  <ljharb>if it's web reality then i'd think you can go right to a needs consensus PR, personally
21:43:07  <Bakkot>cloudshu: there's a reference implementation which all engines match in the common case (except for an open bug in Chakra), where "common case" is https://gist.github.com/bakkot/85611eccde8c8ca425e1d6c86741194c
21:43:13  <Bakkot>(this gist refers to files which are not yet public)
21:43:56  <Bakkot>(the engines listed after bullet points differ from majority in that case)
21:44:33  <cloudshu>i regret reading that lits
21:44:35  <cloudshu>list
21:44:38  <Bakkot>cloudshu: so my proposal is essentially: if you are in the "common case", you must observably match the reference implementation
21:44:39  <Bakkot>lol
21:44:40  <Bakkot>yeah.
21:45:35  <Bakkot>cloudshu: oh, also I want to say that you must observably match the reference implementation when given a proxy.
21:46:25  <ljharb>so wouldn't we just make the spec steps have that observable behavior, and unobservable parts can get optimized away at engines' preference?
21:46:55  <Bakkot>ljharb: the problem is that when you are not in that common case, observable behavior differs, not just unobservable behavior.
21:47:06  <ljharb>oh :-/
21:47:19  <cloudshu>Bakkot: that sounds good to me. what are your thoughts about the observable differences
21:47:31  <cloudshu>is there explicit allowance now?
21:48:23  <Bakkot>yeah, the current spec text is "do whatever you want, as long as they adhere to these extremely loose and difficult to interpreter longform-prose rules which are not even well-defined in a world with proxies"
21:48:36  <Bakkot>s/interpreter/interpret/
21:48:47  <cloudshu>that sounds good. i am against us trying annex b-like heroics here
21:48:51  <Bakkot>see https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/#sec-enumerate-object-properties
21:49:13  <cloudshu>since i regard annex b as an unfortunate state of affairs that ended up introducing more weirdness
21:50:26  <Bakkot>cloudshu: my two big problems with the existing spec text are 1) it fails to capture de-facto constraints, like "you can't enter the loop with a property which has been added to the base object since the start of iteration" and 2) it is literally meaningless when there are proxies
21:50:36  <cloudshu>+2
21:51:14  <Bakkot>so, my proposal is to nail it down in the common case and in the case of proxies, and leave it as loose as currently the rest of the time
21:51:22  <cloudshu>it's definitely worth our time to find and state the intersection
21:52:01  <cloudshu>my only concerns are i don't want it to be normative optional or use any weird spec mechanics (like the counterfactual stuff)
21:52:35  <Bakkot>yeah, would definitely not want it to be Annex B. Spec mechanics are going to be really hard to pin down.
21:53:12  <cloudshu>i'm going to quote waldo here
21:53:15  <cloudshu>good luck, we're all counting on you
21:54:12  <Bakkot>:|
21:54:28  <Bakkot>Anyway, not gonna present a PR at this meeting, just basically the above things and ask if it's worth trying to write a PR.
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