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01:15:47  <rkirsling>hmm, seems like a patch to clean up <code> and <var> would be in order too
01:48:20  <jmdyck>Which uses of <var> do you have in mind?
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02:29:27  <rkirsling>just seemed like that was a generally outdated way of writing it, unless I'm mistaken
02:44:05  <jmdyck>"outdated" in HTML terms, or in ES spec terms?
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13:03:42  <jmdyck>rkirsling: https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/pull/1302#issuecomment-419813912: "approach 2 would be a larger diff" -- I think you mean approach 1.
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15:48:15  <rkirsling>jmdyck: d'oh, that's what I get for commenting as I was going to bed, heh
15:49:53  <rkirsling>as for <var>, I was just gathering that ecmarkup was largely replaced with ecmarkdown other than some residue left behind, but that's my own speculation so perhaps not the whole picture
15:50:32  <rkirsling>(replaced in the cases where that's a thing one can do, I mean)
16:25:34  <jmdyck>rkirsling: There was never a version of the spec that was ecmarkup-only, no ecmarkdown, if that's what you're thinking.
16:30:57  <rkirsling>yeah, I didn't know that for a fact but was imagining so. some of the NativeError stuff, for instance, looks older at a glance
16:34:56  <jmdyck>Most occurrences of <var> are inside <code>, e.g. <code>%<var>xx</var></code>. You can imagine rewriting it as `%_xx_` but I think that would be 'rendered' as <code>%_xx_</code>.
16:36:29  <jmdyck>i.e. ecmarkdown doesn't support nested spans.
16:36:30  <bterlson>rkirsling: there is no replacement, the two formats are in superposition (and both are necessary) . Vars are for variables in algorithms and are semantically distinct from code
16:36:44  <bterlson>vars enable click to show references e.g.
16:39:29  <bterlson>pedantically, the idea was that backtick/code would only be used in contexts where you're talking about literal code and */emu-val used for values. Es6 and prior had this convention in Word. Re: the PR, properties should probably be "the *"foo"* property", but I've not been pedantic on that point as it seems confusing :-P
16:40:01  <jmdyck>I'm pretty sure rkirsling understands that <var> and <code> are semantically distinct. I think he was wondering why we use the html elements rather than ecmarkdown characters.
16:40:48  <bterlson>oooh I misunderstood
16:43:39  <bterlson>yeah _ can be used everywhere. IIRC there's some usage where parsing gets weird so var was used.
16:44:27  <jmdyck>I think if you wrote my example as <code>%_xx_</code>, that would render as desired, but I think using <var> there seemed safer.
16:46:12  <jmdyck>Conceivably, ecmarkdown could be changed to handle nested spans, but then you'd have to find + 'protect' the cases that are currently *relying* on it not handling nested spans.
16:46:51  <bterlson>what do you mean nested spans here?
16:48:19  <jmdyck>See above, the example `%_xx_`, whether ecmarkdown should treat that as an underscore-span inside a backtick-span.
16:50:40  <bterlson>ahh
16:51:15  <bterlson>backticks are lexed as a literal span and their contents are basically ignored. This is by design (and per commonmark :-P)
16:51:26  <bterlson>it's important to allow all sorts of code inside backticks
16:51:36  <jmdyck>example from the spec: `"*default*"` is a backtick-span whose content includes literal asterisks, NOT an asterisk-span.
16:58:03  <rkirsling>right, I was imagining that there would be cases easier to sidestep with explicit markup 🤔
16:58:53  <rkirsling>bterlson: if you want me to jump straight to asterisks in that PR, I certainly can do so
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17:17:01  <bterlson>rkirsling: I feel like I'm the only one who likes the *'s for values convention
17:21:30  <bterlson>if jmdyck likes it let's go with it ;)
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17:35:20  <rkirsling>bterlson: :D
17:35:52  <rkirsling>I think it will work so long as a new precedent gets set in that direction
17:36:29  <rkirsling>it might be hard to catch every instance in one pass
17:36:37  <rkirsling>but maybe that's okay
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18:49:18  * jwaldengrmbls under his breath about the JSON.stringify adjustment proposal just sitting there at stage 2 still :-)
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20:35:45  <jmdyck>bterlson: I think I'd like a more precise statement of what should get asterisk markdown.
20:42:24  <rkirsling>it does get fuzzy for sure
20:45:09  <rkirsling>for instance, I was updating cases of "value `foo`", but a few are like "the value `getMonth()`"
20:45:52  <rkirsling>I didn't touch those since it seems kind of like a misspeak for "the value of `getMonth()`"
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23:01:55  <devsnek>we should set up a CI to render diffs of prs with <add> and <sub>
23:05:48  <ljharb>devsnek: sounds great, are you volunteering
23:06:03  <devsnek>ljharb: maybe lol
23:06:31  <devsnek>but good to discuss first, maybe someone tried before and ran into some issue or has existing code i could work on top of
23:07:06  <ljharb>i think the challenge is that you'd have to set up the CI task to push to a folder in gh-pages keyed by PR number, but with protection against someone opening a malicious PR that has, like, rogue JS or something
23:07:29  <ljharb>but the challenge for *that* is that the gh-pages branch gets recreated on every master push, so we'd have to make gh-pages persistent *there* first.
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