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00:57:54  <Domenic>https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/547 is pretty interesting
00:58:01  <Domenic>(subclassing String)
01:11:36  <devsnek>I would agree that having typeof string is a bad idea
01:18:21  <devsnek>Domenic: I guess I should explicitly ping you about this, i'm proposing a way to make module namespace objects not thenable
01:18:44  <Domenic>I'm not interested
01:19:34  <devsnek>oh I wasn't asking you to champion it, just wanted to make sure you were aware
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07:24:58  <TabAtkins>Domenic: "but nobody uses that" lol
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15:10:25  <annevk>littledan: https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org/#response-class uses statics for factory methods
15:11:06  <annevk>littledan: we might introduce something like URL.parse() too, that returns null rather than throwing upon failure (the constructor throws)
15:11:38  <annevk>littledan: as for searching standards, if you grep .webidl resources in Firefox for static I'm sure you'll find a bunch
15:12:15  <annevk>littledan: https://searchfox.org/mozilla-central/search?q=static&case=true&regexp=false&path=.webidl
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15:58:26  <littledan>Yeah, I have done the same in Chrome, but then these tend to be idl dialects and not what is in the spec, and further that is missing the rest of the text
15:58:38  <littledan>annevk: ^^
15:59:34  <littledan>Also wouldn't mind feedback here: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-static-class-features/issues/28
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17:37:20  <annevk>littledan: I'm not sure I have informed opinions on that
17:38:31  <annevk>littledan: we have private statics as some spec concept here and there (for private initialization), but we don't really have to deal with inheritance for those mostly
17:38:57  <annevk>littledan: but public is already out there and seems a little weird not to have as part of class bodies
18:03:26  <littledan>annevk: I tried to make that point at the last meeting. A couple people in the committee didn't buy it. We didn't really have a lot people making the positive case there.
18:03:33  <littledan>so, it remained at Stage 2
18:05:35  <annevk>littledan: within the platform, of stuff I worked on, URL, Response, and Notification have statics
18:06:12  <annevk>but ES has it too, Array.of (or was it from?) and such
18:06:34  <annevk>but presumably folks know that 😃
18:08:42  <littledan>well, Array.of is a static method, which is there
18:09:00  <littledan>but there are also things like Math.PI (which would need a decorator to make it non-writable)
18:12:21  <annevk>littledan: oh a field is not a method?
18:30:14  <littledan>annevk: Yeah, methods are already there in ES6, and now we're looking at adding fields (and private methods, and decorators)
18:30:45  <littledan>ES6 classes are *just* methods, a constructor, subclassing, and stuff to support subclassing (super, new.target, etc)
20:28:16  <ljharb>Math isn't a class; but there's a bunch of constants on Number
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23:24:08  <devsnek>is there better way to get exposure for a proposal than posting about it here
23:31:41  <ljharb>email es-discuss, tweet about it