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16:25:58  <jschoi>Hi, everyone. I’m writing a formal specification for https://github.com/tc39/proposal-pipeline-operator/wiki#proposal-4-smart-mix. Is this a good place to ask questions about working with Ecmarkup?
16:44:05  <littledan>jschoi: Yes it is!
16:44:09  <littledan>ask away
17:05:14  <jschoi>Thanks! I’m trying to use Ecmarkdown in an <emu-intro> element, but the ecmarkup command isn’t recognizing the markdown. From what I can tell, Ecmarkup’s documentation does suggest that Ecmarkdown should be usable in <emu-intro>…but maybe I’m misunderstanding it. Is there something special I need to do to the <emu-intro>, or is Ecmarkdown only ever supported in algorithms?
17:05:50  <Domenic>You might need a linebreak so that the markdown and the open/close tags appear on separate lines; did you try that already?
17:07:54  <jschoi>@Domenic: Thanks for the reply; yes, I’ve already tried separate lines between tags and Markdown content.
17:08:20  <Domenic>OK, yeah, that's the only legit issue I could imagine; at this point it's more likely a bug...
17:10:00  <jschoi>https://github.com/js-choi/proposal-smart-pipelines/blob/bbb9a1fa3cb314a340fa1afb2992d9af03cc648d/spec.html
17:10:43  <jschoi>Right now, `ecmarkup spec.html` is complaining, “Error: Couldn’t find title for clause #introduction”.
17:18:46  <jschoi>@littledan: Left a reply to your comment at https://github.com/tc39/proposal-pipeline-operator/issues/89#issuecomment-364673083. Basically, I’m not trying to use Grammardown or grammar productions; I’m trying to use Ecmarkdown for paragraph content.
17:19:45  <littledan>jschoi: I always use h1 for all headings in ecmarkup. Does that work for you?
17:20:14  <littledan>I also use ul/li for lists. My understanding was that ecmarkdown was a thing for <emu-alg> tags
17:21:54  <jschoi>Yeah, if Ecmarkdown is not intended for use in anything other than algorithms, then I’ll just write HTML for paragraph content. I was confused by the mentioning of “Ecmarkdown syntax for both paragraphs and algorithms” in https://bterlson.github.io/ecmarkup/#intro.
17:23:17  <jmdyck>The spec certainly uses ecmarkdown outside of emu-alg elements.
17:27:00  <jmdyck>Offhand, I'm not sure if there's any content-text that isn't subject to ecmarkdown-processing. Maybe code samples?
17:29:35  <jmdyck>Oh, and <emu-grammar> elements, of course.
17:32:54  <littledan>jmdyck: Does it support # in place of h1?
17:33:11  <jmdyck>don't think so
17:34:08  <jmdyck>Oh, wait, I guess it does.
17:34:32  <jmdyck>But the spec doesn't use that feature.
17:35:45  <littledan>I wonder why jschoi is running into this problem then
17:36:58  <jmdyck>when you run a doc through ecmarkup, the ecmarkdown processing you get might be different from if you ran it through ecmarkdown directly.
18:01:28  <jschoi>For what it’s worth, `ecmarkup` no longer complains if the `#` heading block in https://github.com/js-choi/proposal-smart-pipelines/blob/bbb9a1fa3cb314a340fa1afb2992d9af03cc648d/spec.html is removed, but it also still does not interpret the paragraph below it as Ecmarkdown.
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22:25:27  <littledan>jschoi: Does it work if you use <h1> as a workaround?
22:43:27  <jschoi>littledan: Ah, no, it does not. Using an <h1> element followed by a bare Markdown paragraph causes the document to be generated with that paragraph as unprocessed Markdown.
22:44:31  <littledan>well, one way to write specification text (how I usually do it) is HTML in most sections, and markdown in algorithms. Maybe this could work for you, even if it's uglier
22:45:46  <jschoi>Yeah, it’s annoying because I’m trying to have the introduction match stuff from the repository readme, but what can you do.
22:46:47  <jschoi>littledan: Incidentally, I’m wondering if # might be an option for nullary pipe placeholder; visual noise aside, would it actually be syntactically ambiguous with `.#` private fields? After all, a pipe placeholder can never occur after a `.`.
22:46:49  <littledan>what I usually do is have the introduction just point to the readme, so there's nothing to keep in sync
22:47:06  <jschoi>Yeah.
22:47:37  <littledan>jschoi: I don't think there's any syntactic ambiguity, but as far as intuition, I can see how people would want to avoid reusing # as it already has another meaning
22:47:44  <littledan>of course, so does ?, so that's not really a tiebreaker
22:48:26  <littledan>even if we adopt wycats's private shorthand syntax, there would still not be any ambiguity since that has to be followed by an IdentifierName
22:48:39  <jschoi>Right.
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