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15:52:38  <littledan>lowlevellore: I'd say this is, in theory, the more appropriate place than GitHub. What's the question?
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16:42:08  <lowlevellore>littledan: sorry was out. let me get a link so that it make more sense
16:43:31  <lowlevellore>in reference to the `length` property of Function objects https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/#sec-ecmascript-language-functions-and-classes
16:43:53  <lowlevellore>```Every built-in function object, including constructors, has a length property whose value is an integer. Unless otherwise specified, this value is equal to the largest number of named arguments shown in the subclause headings for the function description. Optional parameters (which are indicated with brackets: [ ]) or rest parameters (which are shown using the form «...name») are not included in
16:43:59  <lowlevellore>the default argument count.```
16:45:41  <lowlevellore>so my question is, Why are arguments with defaults excluded? (like using the `arg = somevalue` of ES6 )
16:46:02  <lowlevellore>I'm assuming these would also be "optional" arguments given this text
16:46:44  <lowlevellore>I'm wondering if there's some technical reason that I don't know about
16:47:56  <lowlevellore>I was trying to get the arity of a function that had some default values for its arguments and I stumbled on this and was curious is all
16:47:59  <lowlevellore>thanks in advance
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21:26:07  <littledan>lowlevellore: Well, I think there are really two questions there
21:26:26  <littledan>one is about the spec notation and why the length of built-in functions is what it is
21:26:27  * darkSeid_quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
21:26:43  <littledan>and the other is about JS functions with default arguments, and the way length is calculated for them (which is entirely different)
21:31:01  <lowlevellore>yeah that makes sense ... I kinda wanted to see if it was possible to get the arity of a function that used default parameters
21:34:00  <ljharb>lowlevellore: imo, conceptually, the length is the number of required arguments
21:34:14  <ljharb>lowlevellore: if a parameter is defaulted, it's not required, and thus it's not part of the arity
21:34:33  <lowlevellore>that makes sense
21:34:40  <lowlevellore>similar to the ...rest args
21:34:41  <ljharb>the current intention is for the spec notation to match the same conceptual concept as "length"
21:34:44  <ljharb>yes, exactly
21:34:53  <ljharb>`...rest` either has to add 0 or Infinity to the length :-)
21:35:46  <lowlevellore>cool ... clears that up :-)
21:35:58  <lowlevellore>happy holidays y'all thanks again
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