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07:12:26  <annevk>tschneidereit: where is the latest on typed objects?
07:14:22  <tschneidereit>annevk: currently waiting on wasm's requirements to become clear enough to usefully coordinate. I want to revive work on TOs sometime next year. Ideally H1, but not sure
07:19:30  <annevk>tschneidereit: kk, wycats and I were wondering if they would be useful in a future version of the DOMChangeList idea where we'd expose the underlying buffer/object
07:19:51  <annevk>tschneidereit: I take it they'd be generic and work on top of SAB too?
07:20:22  <annevk>oh well, prolly asking stuff too soon
07:20:58  <tschneidereit>annevk: I haven't spent much time investigating the implications of SABs, but AFAICT there's nothing fatal that would prevent that
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09:23:19  <Bakkot>gsathya / aklein / other class field implementors: re: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-class-fields/issues/43, if we went with the current semantics, do you think it would be doable to give a good error message in this case, along the lines of "inherited static methods can't access static private fields when referred to using `this`; use [base class name].#field instead"
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16:37:19  <tschneidereit>Bakkot: that would be possible, but wouldn't catch all cases. In theory you could have `let that = this; that.#field`, in which case an error message such as yours would be confusing at best, and certainly not possible as an early error
16:38:16  <tschneidereit>Bakkot: that last part seems most unfortunate to me: the early error would essentially be a lint. A pretty solid one, but still
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18:21:51  <Bakkot>tschneidereit: in theory, but I think static private field accesses which looked like that would be *vanishingly* rare
18:22:18  <Bakkot>since (at least with the proposed semantics) there is exactly one object ever which you can refer to that field of
18:24:26  <Bakkot>in any case, you could still give an informative message i that case: the runtime can detect that B is a subclass of A, that A has private field #foo, and that you tried to access B.#foo, and that therefore your error was trying to access #foo on a subclass on A and should instead have written A.#foo
18:25:02  <Bakkot>(I would not like to see this as an early error, but I think an informative runtime error would help a lot if we go with the current semantics.)
18:26:05  <Bakkot>I know this would make ljharb sad, who does not want to have to repeat the class name, but it might be the best option.
18:30:31  <ljharb>Bakkot: so, i think it's fine for now, because we could still add a `static.` or `class.` later - but also, the spec doesn't mandate specific error messages, so i'm not sure that's automatically a solution
18:30:45  <ljharb>in general tho, static privates are just weird and not that useful, because you already get that with closures
18:39:38  <bterlson>tschneidereit: I don't know why I can't make you voice... can you try parting and joining?
18:43:02  <Bakkot>ljharb: *could* mandate specific error messages, but won't
18:43:33  <Bakkot>but it is kind of a solution; generally, "this will be confusing" is less of a concern if we think runtimes can in practice provide guidance in error messages
18:43:41  <ljharb>Bakkot: right, effectively the same thing (altho i'd be SUPER STOKED if we all agreed we could)
18:43:48  <ljharb>yeah true
18:52:56  <Bakkot>I guess I should say, I wouldn't want this to go in with the understanding that "we could still add a `static.` or `class.` later", because I think I would kill such a proposal
18:56:29  <ljharb>interesting, why?
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19:12:44  <Bakkot>ljharb: syntax is expensive
19:12:47  <Bakkot>syntax is really expensive
19:13:07  <Bakkot>not in terms of blocking ourselves from using it for other things, just in terms of the size of the language
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19:47:03  <ljharb>meh, kind of
19:47:06  <ljharb>this is a metaproperty
19:51:26  <Bakkot>not really; more like `super.prop`, which isn't a metaproperty
19:51:44  <Bakkot>but even so, new metaproperties are also expensive
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19:53:22  <ljharb>yeah true, it is more like super.prop
19:59:21  <tschneidereit>bterlson: bleh, I had, but apparently irccloud at some point forgot about that. Fixed now
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20:04:13  <tschneidereit>Bakkot: I agree that a good error message goes a long way here. And I'm quite sure all engines should be able to give those
20:05:11  <tschneidereit>I don't think I fully agree with that class.#field would be all that expensive as syntax, but I do agree that it's not free and not to be introduced lightly just because we could
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23:27:39  <aklein>Bakkot: I'm not of the opinion that the current specced semantics are disastrously bad, but I agree that a good error message would be nice
23:30:28  <ljharb>good error messages are nice regardless, and every engine likely has places to improve there :-)