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07:59:39  <littledan>annevk: Do you mean locale tag regions or localized country names?
08:00:46  <littledan>this is a thread about that topic generally: https://github.com/tc39/ecma402/issues/31
08:01:13  <littledan>do you have a link for the input type=country discussion?
08:01:35  <littledan>(the link is more about what would be useful for <input>--the names in human language)
08:01:48  <isHavvy>But what if I care about the difference between United States and United States Outerlying Islands? </snark>
08:02:17  <littledan>maybe it would make sense to add these as methods on Intl.Locale
08:02:26  <littledan>(at Stage 1, but the follow-on to add methods isn't introduced)
08:05:32  <annevk>littledan: https://twitter.com/LeaVerou/status/923312367815024640
08:06:12  <annevk>littledan: primitives I'm thinking of are 1) a list of countries or list of "valid" two-letter codes 2) two-letter codes to country names and vice versa 3) localized country names
08:06:34  <annevk>littledan: does that help?
08:06:54  <littledan>yeah, that would make sense
08:07:39  <littledan>this definitely ties into Mozilla's existing goals about exposing more strings, but it could be hard sell to the committee, who has expressed concern in the past about the amount of space it would take up
08:08:20  <littledan>i imagine once you have the data, the custom element polyfill would be like 1k of code, right?
08:08:28  <littledan>or less
08:08:50  <annevk>Yeah, just need to iterate and create option elements
08:08:59  <annevk>I'll copy Lea on that thread you pointed to, thanks
08:09:45  <littledan>makes me happy that people are interested in these things; sometimes it can be hard to tell
08:10:39  <annevk>There's so much going on that it's probably hard to know where to look for most folks
08:10:58  <annevk>I doubt there's much Ecma-402 awareness
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23:30:03  <aklein>ljharb: I've asked before, but I can't remember where we left it; can we move "global" back to stage 2? I think it's gotten all the implementation feedback it's going to get with the current state of the spec, but I don't think anyone can ship it as is.
23:30:40  <ljharb>i think it was brought up, but generally there's a desire not to downgrade things i think
23:30:57  <ljharb>we did the same thing with private fields last month (leaving it at stage 3)
23:31:21  <ljharb>basically i just have to come up with a name that 1+ browsers is willing to try out; i'm not sure that really warrants stage 2
23:31:55  <aklein>ljharb: it's just something of a pain point for tracking; I have to skip over it every time I want to check that I'm covering all my "stage 3" bases
23:32:13  <aklein>and unlike, say, private fields, it's not really useful to have behind a flag
23:32:16  <bterlson>#LeadProblems
23:32:27  <aklein>bterlson: :)
23:32:53  <aklein>bterlson: I'm recalling you pestering me about Object.observe's stage a couple years ago...
23:32:55  <ljharb>well, i mean, there's like 12 options in the reflector thread :-p you could always do us all a solid and ship code that determines if any of them have a conflict
23:33:14  <ljharb>probably much more efficient than picking 1, waiting a few months, rolling back, picking another, repeat
23:35:06  <aklein>ljharb: people have strong enough opinions about the name of this thing that I don't feel like that's a good use of time. I mean, I'm pretty sure we could ship "TheGlobalObject" but I don't think TC39 would agree to standardize that
23:35:17  * Fishrock123quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:35:19  <ljharb>sure, true
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23:35:46  <ljharb>there's a few options like "GLOBAL" or "globals" that might be worth trying tho
23:36:02  * Fishrock123quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:36:43  <bterlson>import global from "js:global";
23:36:48  <ljharb>how impossible is it to just, like, grab a report of all global variable names that are in use? :-p
23:36:53  <ljharb>bterlson: trolololo
23:37:03  <bterlson>not trolling, I like built-in modules
23:37:23  <bterlson>ljharb: it would be much work for me fwiw
23:37:31  <ljharb>i do too, but they in no way obviate the need for global variables for all new things imo
23:37:35  <ljharb>so imo it's orthogonal
23:37:47  <ljharb>but that's really a whole nother discussion :-)
23:38:06  <bterlson>well it's gonna be hard to get a global for this
23:38:11  <bterlson>do you want a built-in module or nothing? :-P
23:38:24  <ljharb>why_not_both.jpg
23:38:29  <ljharb>wait, not nothing. crap
23:38:40  <ljharb>:-p
23:38:58  <aklein>also, jpg? don't you want animation?
23:39:14  <ljharb>s/jpg/gif
23:40:45  <bterlson>to be fair, the union of something and nothing is just that something so why not both kinda works