00:41:40  <aklein>ljharb, cloudshu: I actually the current spec is too "cute", since it means you could cause all anonymous functions to suddenly have some name by mutating Function.prototype.name
00:42:13  <aklein>using the [[Prototype]] chain for default values went out of style awhile ago
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04:41:15  <dilijev>I'm sure this group is already full of people who pretty much have this down, but the recent comment about an eshost-bot got me thinking how well could we do with setting up eshost with publicly-available binaries
04:43:05  <dilijev>I ended up getting sm, node, node-chakracore, and ch (in my case multiple versions but that's what I work on so :P) -- which covers (reasonably recent) ChakraCore, SM, and V8 -- good enough for some quick tests, maybe less so for dev work
04:44:19  <Bakkot>dilijev: I've been thinking about having a centralized place with instructions (ideally automated) for obtaining building the four major engines.
04:44:45  <Bakkot>I have all of them on my local machine too, but it took a fair bit of fiddling, and I didn't write down the processes I followed.
04:48:15  <dilijev>Yeah part of what prompted this was I spent a couple hours getting a building d8 yesterday
04:48:48  <dilijev>Bakkot: those instructions would definitely be awesome to have
04:48:59  <dilijev>But I think a list of public sources would also be good
04:49:05  <dilijev>I'm putting together a gist
04:50:03  <Bakkot>Yeah, a place to pull recent binaries would be rad. mostly this centralized thing would be as a step towards being able to maintain that.
05:01:32  <dilijev>https://gist.github.com/dilijev/d8f2fd58551360409b2ba3f50af144fd
05:02:45  <dilijev>Now of course, this doesn't really solve the eshost-bot problem. It would be super handy to give a code snippet and have it pop out directly in the chat, especially if you're on IRC from mobile
05:03:38  <Bakkot>Nice! Might want to mention https://github.com/WebKit/webkit also?
05:03:58  <Bakkot>It's possible to build just the JavaScriptCore part: https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/tree/master/Source/JavaScriptCore
05:04:03  <Bakkot>but I no longer recall how...
05:04:05  <dilijev>does eshost support webkit?
05:04:27  <dilijev>er, oh as jsc
05:04:29  <Bakkot>https://github.com/bterlson/eshost supported hosts: 'jsc'
05:04:31  <Bakkot>yeah.
05:05:00  <Bakkot>bterlson, ^ should mention that ch can be built on mac/linux now
05:05:09  <dilijev>yeah i just talked with bterlson today about the fact that https://github.com/bterlson/eshost#supported-hosts says JSC is Mac only :P
05:05:41  <dilijev>ended up making a PR to the README https://github.com/bterlson/eshost/pull/15
05:05:59  <dilijev>also that ch is available on all platforms :P
05:06:33  <dilijev>So anyway is there a publically available pre-built just JSC.exe? I was aiming at making a list of things that didn't require any building.
05:06:47  <dilijev>A more comprehensive list would include building all the hosts I suppose
05:07:04  <dilijev>Bakkot: Ideally it would be good to have a CDN with recent builds of every host, as you said
05:09:09  <ljharb>aklein: that's not the case; all the regex properties are prototype accessors now; in fact, that's the new modern style :-p
05:19:34  <dilijev>Bakkot: added notes about building from source for all engines as well as mentioning Webkit
05:25:57  <dilijev>Bakkot: thanks for the feedback. I think this is an important area to keep working on making easily testing with various engines more widely available. Definitely a boon to xplat web dev (but most importantly for implementers and spec writers)
05:26:59  <dilijev>ljharb: once that's available, any idea how/who would host an eshostbot?
05:27:41  <ljharb>dilijev: "how" is easy with any 24/7 machine; "who" i'm not really sure.
05:28:26  <dilijev>that 24/7 machine also needs to be willing to run arbitrary js code in a multitude of hosts :P (a VM is probably best)
05:28:38  <ljharb>oh totally
05:28:54  <ljharb>we have a bot in the node/js channels that runs that code in a docker container per-request.
05:29:05  <dilijev>new docker container per request?
05:29:12  <ljharb>iirc, yes
05:29:20  <ljharb>someone could even PR eshost into it (i'm a collab, so i can merge) and we could just reuse that framework
05:29:28  <dilijev>i knew docker is lightweight but is it really that lightweight?
05:29:28  <ljharb>https://github.com/oftn/oftn-bot
05:31:26  <dilijev>neat, is that bot running on a channel atm?
05:31:53  <ljharb>yes, #js-irc is the safest place to play with it
05:32:07  <ljharb>ecmabot is the one with all the factoids; babelboot is the one that's mostly updated and can run node and babel
05:32:18  <ljharb>(once ecmabot is updated; babelboot will be decommissioned0
05:32:19  <ljharb>)
05:45:22  <dilijev>well anyway, know a place I can stick a link to this gist where it will be useful?
05:52:25  <dilijev>twitter, I guess? https://twitter.com/DougIlijev/status/855296888815276035
05:52:49  <ljharb>nice
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