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06:33:44  <littledan>I don't really get any of these arguments
06:34:09  <littledan>In programming it's always possible to implement things multiple ways
06:34:24  <littledan>Ljharb, you could also ban literal this.#x
06:34:39  <littledan>And force people to use #x where possible
06:35:13  <littledan>I don't see the confusion with .call; could you elaborate on why that wouldn't​ be intuitive?
06:37:10  <littledan>Bakkot: yes, the intention is that you would use #x almost all the time. This gives you an 'ergonomics sweetener' for upgrading to private state. What's the problem caused here?
06:38:20  <littledan>Wycats was always a big champion of creating this sweetener
06:42:48  <wycats>Yeah I am
06:43:38  <wycats>And I think the style of using #foo almost all of the time will be highly plausible unless people successfully advocate against it ;)
06:43:50  <wycats>Need to sleep though
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07:52:18  <ljharb>littledan: yes, my very light preference would be to require only `#x` or `this.#x`, but if we end up with both that'll be fine, it'll just be a lint rule to force one or the other
07:53:44  <littledan>It would be very strange to ban this.#x in the language as 'this' is a perfectly fine expression
07:53:58  <ljharb>oh totally
07:54:35  <ljharb>i'm saying that from a style perspective, a codebase generally should only do a given thing a single way. so it's always nicer when the number of ways to do a thing are as close to 1 as possible, since it means one less lint rule to apply.
07:55:45  <ljharb>outside of casual chatting tho, i'm not planning on pushing against #x at all. this came up because the FAQ on the private fields repo lacks a section on the shorthand, and someone pointed out that the shorthand is the only reason there's an ASI hazard requiring `this.#x`
07:56:36  <ljharb>overall i think private fields, as-is, is a great feature and would rather have it (and simply implement a linting rule to enforce a single style) than risk not having it based on arguing "shorthand or not" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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09:53:30  <Bakkot>littledan: it's just that it's not how property access is normally done.
09:54:30  <Bakkot>the point about #x() is that normally the reciever is visible at the call site, or is undefined/the global: a bare function call normally does not have a reciever. and #x() doesn't have an object.
09:58:35  <Bakkot>it's not a super strong feeling, and I don't think it would really cause problems. just kind an aesthetic thing.
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12:52:20  <littledan>Bakkot: Yeah, this would definitely be making a new thing
12:53:24  <littledan>I feel like all of these issues are pretty core to the existence of a shorthand. I see both sides--definitely a new, different thing, but also I like the idea of encouraging private state usage
12:54:08  <littledan>i can see why you'd want everything that references `this` to have `this` present syntactically; we're already breaking that with `super`, but that's sort of a special case
12:54:41  <littledan>I agree that shorthand is the main reason for putting the .
16:41:53  <ljharb>littledan: at the least tho, the faq should probably have a section about shorthand
16:42:57  <Bakkot>wycats: ^ would you be willing to write a short PR for the private fields FAQ about that?
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