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18:27:30  <kumavis>pfrazee: are you at onlinecamp ?
18:27:38  <kumavis>er offline, heh
18:28:00  <kumavis>i saw beaker browser on the schedule in a picture
18:36:53  <substack>pfrazee if you are at offline camp then do not respond (because you are offline)
18:37:09  <substack>if offline camp has internet I swear that is pretty hypocritical
18:37:09  <jfhbrook>ahahaha
18:37:18  <jfhbrook>go to the bulletin board kumavis !
18:37:35  <jfhbrook>oh man remember real bulletin boards substack? we had one at my old post office
18:37:38  <jfhbrook>and denali echoes
18:37:55  <substack>there are some sick bulletin boards here in puna
18:37:57  <jfhbrook>those were pretty specific to my town I guess, denali echos
18:38:14  <kumavis>substack ill be in the neighborhood again next week
18:38:27  <substack>but one of them is gone now that the shipman estate which owns all of kea'au took out the sick farm stand to build a drug store
18:38:31  <jfhbrook>I'm imagining like the one in constitution hall, that always had posters for multiple anime clubs
18:38:49  <jfhbrook>oh bummer
18:38:49  <substack>kumavis: in puna?
18:39:49  <kumavis>kona first but we'll be on that side ~18
18:41:12  <kumavis>or 21-22 actually
18:42:28  <kumavis>working on my take of slugboot right now
18:42:47  <jfhbrook>what is slugboot
18:42:59  <pfrazee>kumavis: no that's frabrunelle presenting
18:43:00  <kumavis>https://github.com/substack/slugboot
18:43:15  <kumavis>pfrazee: cool
18:43:30  <kumavis>i gave a shout out to beaker browser at ethereum devcon
18:43:54  <pfrazee>kumavis: sweet :)
18:44:01  <kumavis>to a couple thousand people, so hopefully that will send some PRs that your way
18:53:06  <kumavis>substack: i hit my head setting up dnode today, its old-style streams and leaks if you dont pipe it right away. tried to wrap in streams2 and pause but that didnt work -- any suggestions?
18:55:23  <kumavis>i ended up instantiating when the connection is established as a work around, but wasnt sure how to solve the underlying problem
19:14:40  <substack>probably just needs to be updated
19:14:46  <substack>somebody else has taken over maintenance