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18:46:04  <substack>pfrazee: is there an issue in beaker to add key combos like ctrl+{pgup,pgdn} to switch tabs? I really miss thos combos from ff and chrome
18:46:30  <substack>I can implement that feature if I can figure out where a good place in the code is to do that
19:07:02  <jfhbrook>what is beaker
19:07:15  <substack>https://github.com/beakerbrowser/beaker
19:07:28  <substack>browser with built-in p2p features like dat: support
19:26:11  <pfrazee>substack: no issue currently but if you tell me which combos youre looking for, I can get them in
19:39:03  <substack>I think ctrl+{pgup,pgdn} is the big one. If you could get the debugger to open up when I do ctrl+shift+j instead of ctrl+shift+i that would also be really good
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21:59:14  <substack>pfrazee: oh yeah ctrl+shift+j should also hide the debugger, not only show it
22:01:06  <pfrazee>substack: ok we've got pageup/down+ctrl in 0.8. If FF does J for that, I can add it along with I, and can def do the toggle
22:13:47  <substack>chrome does j, firefox does different things for j and k but I like having it work more like chrome
22:14:02  <substack>awesome thanks pfrazee
22:14:14  <substack>I think those small things were the only reason why I haven't completely switched
22:14:46  <substack>is there any way to hide the top menu?
22:14:48  <pfrazee>substack: oh I see, that takes it to the devtools vs the console
22:15:02  <pfrazee>substack: 0.8 has true fullscreen mode
22:15:03  <substack>yeah I pretty much always want to go to the console
22:15:14  <substack>I'm not sure what other people's workflows and expectations are like though
22:15:39  <pfrazee>yeah no that's a good one, we just missed it
22:15:55  <substack>how do I know what version I'm on? there's no version field in package.json
22:38:42  <substack>nevermind, I see the branch
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