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19:33:51  <substack>pfrazee: with hashbase can I load data directly from the p2p network in the browser? or do I have to use the http mirror?
19:34:41  <substack>what I mean is does hashbase join a websocket or webrtc swarm as well for availability
19:35:50  <pfrazee>substack: yeah atm, if you're not using beaker, you have to use the https mirror. A WS or WebRTC swarm could be really interesting though
19:52:49  <jfhbrook>do any of you know how to set up socks5 proxying w/ chrome?
19:53:02  <jfhbrook>this is suddenly a problem that I have. :|
20:04:31  <substack>jfhbrook: there's an env variable
20:04:40  <substack>that's how I usually set it up
20:08:51  <jfhbrook>oh
20:09:15  <jfhbrook>yeah, I ended up installing a sketchy chrome extension called "Proxy Helper"
20:09:23  <jfhbrook>oh yeah, you might get a kick outta this
20:09:27  <jfhbrook>so using AWS EMR right?
20:09:49  <jfhbrook>hadoop and spark ship with web dashboards, and you don't want to expose those on the open net, so what does AWS do?
20:10:05  <jfhbrook>The directions are to ssh tunnel a port that you then configure your browser to use as a socks5 proxy
20:10:25  <jfhbrook>and the directions are specific to a chrome extension that is hilariously broken, hasn't seen an update since 2015, won't even properly install
20:20:06  <jfhbrook>which is a shame, cause foxyproxy would let you turn on socks5 for only chrome (or ff) and only for whitelisted pages
20:24:28  <jfhbrook>Proxy Helper only lets you blacklist pages :'(
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