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08:57:45  <substack>noe core breaking shit again https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/12562
08:57:53  <substack>*node
08:57:55  <substack>https://github.com/substack/watchify/pull/342
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14:09:13  <jfhbrook>yeah substack their attitude drives me nuts
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15:30:05  <toddself>this is purely ridiculous
15:38:39  <jfhbrook>I think we need to create a "nodejs 2.0" to attract all the annoying people to work on that instead
15:38:44  <jfhbrook>like yarn!
15:40:23  <toddself>hahahahah
15:40:34  <jfhbrook>in my case I just started using twisted for fun stuff instead, which has its own share of problems but doesn't seem to move at blazing speeds
15:40:40  <jfhbrook>like they're never gonna rewrite deferreds
15:40:54  <jfhbrook>they sorely need a not-shitty streams abstraction tho
15:43:25  <toddself>yeah, i'm a little mystified by the upgrade train node core presents.
15:43:39  <jfhbrook>upgrade train?
15:43:53  <toddself>yeah, like the number and multitude of versions they push out
15:43:59  <toddself>a year ago node 4 was in lts
15:43:59  <jfhbrook>in my mind it's pretty simple--the people steering the ship don't actually care that much about their downstream consumers
15:44:13  <toddself>yeah, i mean, that's heavily evident
15:44:26  <toddself>i've been thinking about converting some of our stuff to a different language
15:44:48  <toddself>our sockets stuff though will likely stay in node land since the operational trasnform stuff has to run on server and client
15:45:02  <toddself>and i don't want to implement it and support it in two languages
15:45:26  <jfhbrook>yeah I feel you
15:45:34  <jfhbrook>so twisted is half decent if you don't need streams
15:45:43  <jfhbrook>deferreds are half way between eventemitters and streams
15:45:52  <jfhbrook>I have a loose port of EEs that I've used without too many issues
15:46:14  <jfhbrook>the twisted application framework is kinda dope, I have some scribblings for adding new capabilities to it and I've thought about porting it to node
15:51:23  <jfhbrook>er
15:51:27  <jfhbrook>eventemitters and promises
15:51:28  <jfhbrook>sorry
15:54:34  <toddself>twisted was just becoming popular when i stopped doing python, it's cool to see that it's still being worked on
15:54:39  <jfhbrook>in general, python sucks because 80% of everything is written entirely synchronously, threading and multiprocessing are both complete garbage
15:54:52  <toddself>it's acutally what led me to node, since i was trying to find a backend for websockets
15:54:59  <jfhbrook>and like you have tons of choices for async stuff, meaning you're always limited in terms of libraries
15:55:11  <jfhbrook>yeah I think there's a websocket implementation for twisted these days
15:55:14  <jfhbrook>probably txwebsockets
15:55:18  <toddself>there was a backend for socket.io
15:55:22  <toddself>but it was hard to get working
15:55:25  <jfhbrook>txws
15:59:06  <toddself>https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/12976
15:59:11  <toddself>god bless myles
16:11:08  <substack>I want a package manager for webasm
16:24:34  <jfhbrook>fuckin' jasnell though
16:24:50  <toddself>i know
16:25:03  <jfhbrook>like who gives a shit what the ctc thinks, they're the problem
16:25:14  <toddself>it's very hard to not chime in with that
16:25:45  <jfhbrook>I just gave him a downvote
16:27:13  <substack>haha A+ snipe comment jfhbrook
16:27:41  <substack>yeah, I only hear about this shit when somebody sends me a PR like "hey core broke your modules here's a fix"
16:27:51  <substack>so of course I only hear about things through a narrow lens
16:28:15  <substack>but then, so do they
16:28:35  <substack>it's like, we can only see the world through our own lived experiences or something
16:32:33  <jfhbrook>I just used baudio to give myself a hearing test
16:32:40  <jfhbrook>I can not hear 8khz in my left hear
16:32:53  <jfhbrook>that or my headphones have some really specific issues
16:35:09  <substack>8khz isn't very high but it's probably your hardware, not your meatware
16:35:50  <substack>if I remember I can hear up to about 18 khz, was messing with ultrasound to transmit data back in february or march
16:35:55  <jfhbrook>oh neat
16:36:05  <jfhbrook>well I flipped the headphones over to check
16:36:24  <substack>consistent result?
16:36:25  <jfhbrook>and my coworker allison can hear it in both channels
16:36:26  <jfhbrook>yeah
16:36:28  <jfhbrook>consistent result
16:36:52  <substack>well I guess you can't hear high freqs in that ear
16:36:57  <substack>it's ok they're pretty annoying
16:37:28  <jfhbrook>yeah that's what I figure
16:37:30  <substack>although THE KIDS with their HIGH FREQUENCY RING TONES can play a ruse on you now in one ear
16:37:38  <jfhbrook>that's what I said!
16:37:44  <jfhbrook>it's like a law and order episode
16:38:15  <substack>I downloaded 13 gigabytes from the hostel wifi yesterday and the day before woo
16:38:26  <substack>my computer feels 3% heavier
16:38:31  <jfhbrook>lmao
16:38:34  <jfhbrook>where you at?
16:38:42  <substack>barcelona airport
16:38:51  <jfhbrook>oh neat
16:38:53  <jfhbrook>jsconf.eu ?
16:39:01  <substack>2017.jsday.es
16:39:08  <jfhbrook>that sounds cooler
16:39:16  <substack>waiting on a 21:00 flight to madrid
16:41:03  <substack>then thessaloniki greece then berlin then frieberg (germany near zurich) then prishtina
16:41:42  <jfhbrook>neat
16:41:42  <substack>then back to spider farm around june 28 or so
16:41:43  <jfhbrook>!
16:41:47  <jfhbrook>spider farm? hah
16:41:56  <substack>hawaii solarpunk jungle compound
16:42:54  <substack>then we can finish up some exciting bank details for the coop and disburse some of the money from client work we've been racking up
16:43:39  <substack>cyber wizard institute prishtina, coming soon http://cwi.prishtinahackerspace.org/
17:12:42  <jfhbrook>neat
17:12:46  <jfhbrook>!
18:03:15  <noffle>substack: how did you ultrasound data transmission experiments go? I was playing with this too a while ago
18:04:54  <substack>pretty well, I could detect the signal from several meters away
18:05:19  <substack>I was mostly testing whether I could read a carrier signal, didn't send data across or anything
18:06:07  <substack>I wanted to see how feasible it would be to interpolate distance among 3 phones using interference patterns in ultrasound
18:06:29  <substack>because if that is possible, no need for expensive fancy vr gear
18:06:42  <noffle>oh yes, I remember you talking about this @ maker land
18:11:35  <jfhbrook>I made an eye appointment
18:11:43  <jfhbrook>I'm pretty pumped because it means I'll be able to see again soon
18:13:09  <substack>I should get one of those eventually
18:13:22  <substack>my very old prescription works pretty good though
18:13:41  <jfhbrook>well like
18:13:46  <jfhbrook>I lost my last prescription
18:14:02  <jfhbrook>and a lot of places in my past have refused to fill a prescription more than like 2 years old
18:14:08  <jfhbrook>and these lenses are so scuffed
18:14:24  <jfhbrook>they're so scuffed a glasses-fitter handed me their card on the street
18:14:27  <jfhbrook>optician
18:14:28  <jfhbrook>that's the word
18:14:43  <substack>zenni optical doesn't care and you can get glasses for $7 plus S&H, so ~$11
18:14:53  <jfhbrook>I need dem transitions tho
18:15:03  <jfhbrook>is that a thing zenni offers?
18:15:38  <jfhbrook>anyway I might buy frames at this place if I find ones I love, otherwise there's the optician whose card I have and probably didn't already lose
18:15:41  <jfhbrook>and warby parker
18:16:03  <substack>my glasses are held together by a rubber band
18:16:14  <substack>surprisingly robust solution after the hot glue gave way
18:16:25  <jfhbrook>my frames have stripped paint but are otherwise ok
18:16:26  <jfhbrook>but like
18:16:38  <jfhbrook>have you ever thought about buying sandpaper to buff out scratches on your lenses?
18:16:59  <substack>there's only one scratch really on mine
18:18:22  <jfhbrook>mine are one giant scratch lol
18:18:50  <substack>I just wiped them off and they got so much better
18:19:00  <substack>not that I even noticed before you brought up the topic
18:19:21  * substackairplanes.
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