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19:44:28  <emilbayes>feross: Which anker battery do you have for your macbook? Mathias said you had a plastic one that was way lighter than the PowerCore+ 20100 mAh
19:53:01  <emilbayes>mikolalysenko: Ping?
19:53:20  <emilbayes>mikolalysenko: Mathias and I are looking for a good reference on algos and data structures. Does one exist?
19:54:16  <jfhbrook>I always kinda meant to work through the red sedgewick book
19:54:22  <jfhbrook>it looked decent enough
19:54:38  <jfhbrook>one of a handful of books used for college courses on beginner algos
19:55:15  <emilbayes>Was looking at "The Algorithm Design Manual" due to it's catalog, but it looks a bit dated. Fed up with books like CLRS
19:55:23  <jfhbrook>idk clrs
19:55:32  <emilbayes>jfhbrook: Yeah, fed up with those books. Too many wasted words ^^
19:55:38  <jfhbrook>I mean
19:55:51  <jfhbrook>that reads like "I'm impatient and don't want to put the time into learning"
19:56:18  <emilbayes>Have the sedgewick book, but again, a college style text book
19:56:24  <jfhbrook>like I'm impatient too, but
19:56:29  <jfhbrook>I don't think that's the book's problem
19:56:51  <jfhbrook>if you're looking for a reference, those kinda books also work well for that
19:56:58  <jfhbrook>look up the algo you need, skip to the implementation
19:57:06  <jfhbrook>scan the descriptions for details if you need/want them
20:17:18  <jfhbrook>disclaimer: I haven't used bookshelf much, my day job is in python and I mostly did mongo when working node
21:41:56  <mikolalysenko>emilbayes: what kind of algorithms/data structures?
21:42:13  <mikolalysenko>there's a lot of algorithms out there
21:42:32  <jfhbrook>I assumd "common"
21:42:36  <mikolalysenko>if you want a good overview of algorithms at an undergrad level CLRS is pretty decent
21:42:56  <mikolalysenko>but you will only be scratching the surface with this. to go deeper you need to pick a focus and read more
21:43:30  <mikolalysenko>or at least I'll say clrs worked for me
21:43:44  <mikolalysenko>it isn't an easy book but I think it is more comprehensive than other texts
21:44:08  <mikolalysenko>also in terms of the core material, this basic stuff hasn't changed much in the last 20 years
21:44:12  <mikolalysenko>so clrs is still fine
21:44:38  <mikolalysenko>in fact I even prefer some of the older editions since they still have material on bitonic sorting networks and few other more advanced topics that they pruned back
21:45:05  <mikolalysenko>skiena's algorithm design manual is pretty superficial, but the way I would read it is more like a quiz
21:45:22  <mikolalysenko>basically you should know all the different data structures and algos in that book and be able to implement them
21:45:54  <mikolalysenko>but the details in that book are a bit too scattered to really give explain stuff
21:46:15  <mikolalysenko>ie, I'd use it as a study guide/review, not a primary source
22:57:24  <emilbayes>mikolalysenko: Ah ok. I'm looking for a reference when you've had your first couple of courses in algorithms and data structures. Maybe something like this book, but for CS: https://www.amazon.com/Princeton-Companion-Applied-Mathematics/dp/0691150397/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493592885&sr=8-3&keywords=applied+mathematics