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02:22:45  <jfhbrook>so I have a problem and I think some of you might have ideas, as people that run loose software collectives etc
02:23:24  <jfhbrook>I have a project that has a buttload of downstream users, and with some work probably people willing to go on-call and even steer development...but even if I can get these people together, funding the hardware is still a problm
02:23:31  <jfhbrook>(that project being wzrd.in)
02:24:14  <jfhbrook>basically, I'm thinking that I/we need the ability to spin up new resources, pay for fastly, things like that, rn it's being paid for by max completely and that's kinda shitty
02:24:42  <jfhbrook>and like I don't use this service, but I want to help requirebin, esnextbin and other users, well, use it
02:25:02  <jfhbrook>but I don't want to pay that much money to host a thing I don't even really have the bandwidth to work on by myself
02:30:35  <jfhbrook>so like I've been thinking about this a lot today as I've been trying out to put out the fire that is someone using the product as-described
02:30:53  <jfhbrook>one thing I have to do is get all the people using it in one place that isn't my issues tracker
02:31:11  <jfhbrook>thing is none of them actually want to care about this service, they just want it to work
02:32:00  <jfhbrook>getting them to care would help with on-call situations, I can't ask a bunch of FE devs to learn BE/ops though
02:37:33  <jfhbrook>otoh I might be able to trade teaching for funding
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19:20:37  <substack>jfhbrook: https://twitter.com/indutny/status/848602943515394048
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23:34:09  <jfhbrook>he looks a lot like korben
23:34:10  <jfhbrook>not mine tho