00:00:02  <jfhbrook>I actually do python for my day job now
00:00:06  <jfhbrook>I'm learning twisted as a hobby
00:00:16  <jfhbrook>I fully plan to port the twisted application framework to node but better
00:00:22  <bret>oh yeah, python closures a wacky
00:00:27  <bret>are*
00:00:32  <jfhbrook>oh jesus
00:00:34  <jfhbrook>yeah it's like
00:00:37  <bret>nonlocal
00:00:40  <jfhbrook>oh we have closures
00:00:47  <jfhbrook>but unless you're using python 3 they're useless
00:00:52  <jfhbrook>and in python 3 it'll make you feel dirty
00:00:57  <jfhbrook>JUST USE A CLASS GOSH
00:01:06  <bret>do you at least get to use python3?
00:01:19  <jfhbrook>yeah thank goodness
00:01:28  <bret>yay. your doing good then.
00:01:41  <jfhbrook>yeah, like python is a little stodgy sometimes
00:01:56  <jfhbrook>but it ain't bad
00:02:04  <bret>i like python, i would write more
00:02:20  <jfhbrook>I'm doing data science and the dudes that built this thing are like, old hands at whipping up proof of concept webapps in python
00:02:24  <jfhbrook>so there's some funky shit
00:02:48  <jfhbrook>and this dude I work with is still kinda bat at trĂ¼e collaboration
00:02:51  <jfhbrook>but we're working on it
00:03:07  <jfhbrook>and by data science I mean building a data warehouse and some reports
00:03:31  <substack>how much data?
00:03:38  <jfhbrook>migs and megs!
00:03:42  <substack>in libraries of congress please
00:03:46  <jfhbrook>fuck
00:03:54  <jfhbrook>how big is a library of congress again?
00:03:55  <bret>LOL
00:04:12  <jfhbrook>I actually always have a bad grasp of data sizes, I can tell you I found a collection with 30b rows in it a few weeks back
00:04:15  <bret>how many pounds of data would you like sir?
00:05:03  <jfhbrook>but it's still medium data, like I'd guess hundreds of gigs rather than terrabytes, and that's only for the data that was stupid to collect in retrospect
00:05:28  <jfhbrook>basically, collecting hits level data from GA is dumb because it's stale as shit by the time you get it, so you might as well just ask *them* to do the sampling *for* you
00:06:03  <jfhbrook>so, medium data, but the data we actually *need* is probably small data
00:06:26  <jfhbrook>according to google a LOC is about 10tb
00:06:33  <jfhbrook>so a fraction of the LOC
00:06:38  <jfhbrook>but possibly a measurable one
00:06:51  <bret>substack: how much land did you get?
00:06:57  <substack>1 hectare
00:07:06  <jfhbrook>a hectare is pretty big no?
00:07:12  <bret>whoa!
00:07:15  <bret>dang
00:07:27  <mappum>according to google, 2.47 acres
00:07:47  <jfhbrook>ah--I actually thought a hectare was significantly larger hah
00:07:47  <mappum>or ~108k sq ft
00:07:56  <jfhbrook>I live in a 350sft apartment
00:08:06  <bret>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z7NN4n8CTY
00:08:09  <jfhbrook>I don't own it
00:08:20  <substack>I live on a platform now that is 96 sq ft
00:08:21  <jfhbrook>ah, the sacrifices I make for infinite delivery
00:08:33  <mappum>substack: what's your internet setup like?
00:08:45  <substack>mappum: tmobile lte, gets 1 or 2 bars
00:08:50  <bret>if you don't mind sharing, how much does that cost in hawaii right now?
00:08:59  <substack>the main problem is I'm on the cheapest plan that goes slow after 3gb
00:09:10  <substack>bret: the lot was $34k
00:09:23  <mappum>you could buy a repeater and put it up high to get better reception
00:09:24  <substack>mk30 and I split the cost and we're both on the title
00:09:35  <substack>you can get much cheaper lots that are smaller or farther out
00:10:10  <bret>would be fun to set up https://unifi-mesh.ubnt.com/ around the island
00:11:16  <mappum>^ ubiquiti hardware is pretty cheap and goes 10km+
00:11:31  <substack>for power we have 4 solar panels and a $100 deep cycle battery from walmart
00:11:42  <substack>all direct dc, we don't have an inverter
00:11:53  <substack>https://substack.neocities.org/writeups/fixing-some-mppt-corrosion/
00:12:11  <substack>those panels are now on the house instead of hung from some trees
00:13:34  <mappum>awesome
00:14:32  <substack>this lot is very skinny though, only 40m across
00:14:52  <bret>heh that is pretty skinny
00:15:42  <jfhbrook>are you planning on building more outbuildings?
00:16:08  <substack>plenty
00:16:38  <jfhbrook>hell yeah
00:17:03  <substack>the materials so far for this building were about $1300 or so
00:17:14  <substack>including some basic hand tools, so the next will be cheaper
00:17:46  <substack>2x4s are $5 each, good sheets of 4'x8' plywood are $45
00:17:52  <bret>substack: you are out there with mk30 and mikolalysenko ?
00:17:52  <substack>I guess on the mainland this is all considerably cheaper
00:18:11  <substack>bret: mk30 and i are on this lot, mikola is out in kalapana
00:18:25  <bret>sweet, sounds super fun
00:18:30  <substack>bret: if you check #hawaii on sbot I posted some pics of his house
00:19:05  <bret>i think i briefly saw them when sbotting with some new sbotters last week. i need to fix my sbot sometime its kinda borked right now
00:23:39  <mikolalysenko>it is nice out here
00:23:59  <mikolalysenko>currently living on the lava flows, it is really great
00:38:55  <bret>is that dangerous ?
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19:21:19  <ogd>substack: what part of hawaii are you all on?
19:31:00  <substack>ogd: puna district, east side of the big island
19:31:36  <ogd>substack: east side is always the hip side
19:31:43  <substack>mk30 and my plot is closer to kea'au and mikola is in kalapana
19:31:45  <ogd>substack: brooklyn, oakland, portland, hawaii
19:32:15  <substack>pretty much, the west side is the leeward side and it's full of fancy people because it rains less
19:35:26  <ogd>substack: my friend has some 80 year old japanese family friends that grow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myoga near puna
19:38:29  <substack>ogd: the north east coast of the big island looks like oregon it's very strange
19:38:36  <ogd>substack: whoa
19:38:40  <substack>because there are a lot of timber farms
19:39:53  <substack>I mean the wet part of oregon
19:40:54  <substack>it's raining really heavily right now and I'm sitting under a canopy that's "not meant for rain protection"
19:41:27  <substack>so I'm getting the occasional drip but it beats running to the house and getting heavily dripped on along the way
19:41:32  <substack>"house"
19:42:14  <substack>oh yeah and there's good coffee here grown and roasted on the island that is so cheap
19:42:27  <substack>when it's on sale it's $3.50 for a 10oz bag
19:43:28  <jfhbrook>holy shit
19:43:35  <jfhbrook>that's amazing
19:43:36  <substack>I should get a coffee bush, it grows in puna fine but the plantations are in kona or kau
19:44:20  <substack>the normal price is around $4.5-$5
19:45:29  <substack>another fun thing: some of the avocados you can get are the size of a coconut
19:45:43  <jfhbrook>wow
19:46:08  <ogd>substack: i wonder if you can transplant an adult coffee plant, cause otherwise they take 5 years to reach fruiting age i think
19:46:44  <substack>or maybe take a graft?
19:47:57  <substack>oh yeah and also there is a slug-borne nematode parasite that is sweeping the island
19:47:58  <ogd>hmm ya i dont have any experience there but could work
19:48:11  <ogd>solution: more pet ducks
19:48:17  <substack>http://www.malamaopuna.org/ratlung/needtoknow.php
19:48:22  <ogd>you could do a rent-a-duck service like the rent-a-goats in oakland
19:48:48  <substack>if you keep the rat population in check that can help stop the spread
19:49:01  <substack>we have a kitty at the rental who is an expert rat killer
19:49:04  <ogd>solution: more cats
19:49:07  <ogd>yes
19:49:35  <substack>the cat was living there when we got there and it just opens the door by itself and demands affection
19:50:07  <substack>it also feeds itself on a diet of lizards and rats, but it killed all the rats so I haven't seen a dead rat in a while
19:50:36  <ogd>"It would be wise for scientists to determine if mongooses also carry the parasite, as they are quite similar to rats." i know some mongeese who would object to this characterization
20:28:17  <substack>there is a lot of science that needs to be done on all the infectious diseases here
20:28:33  <substack>there's also leptospirosis which is very under-studied
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