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21:27:01  <ogd>mappum: i wanna write a thing that spiders web pages and was thinking of using electron-eval so i could have it manage spawning electron for me
21:28:06  <ogd>mappum: but im noticing its not set up for running the renderer<->window ipc on arbitrary window urls, e.g. if i wanted to load foo.com in the browser window and still have the ipc get hooked up correctly
21:28:23  <ogd>mappum: is that a use case youve thought about?
21:31:17  <mappum>ogd: i've built some web automation stuff on it so i did explore that use case a little bit, but i never ended up making a nice library for it
21:32:18  <ogd>mappum: i think all i need is a way to load a url and reliably inject the code in here https://github.com/mappum/electron-eval/blob/master/app/index.html
21:32:40  <ogd>mappum: might try to hack something up then
21:33:02  <mappum>i'll have to look at that code again because i can't remember exactly what i did, but i remember having a solution
21:36:15  <mappum>here's what i had back then: https://gist.github.com/mappum/f790b3b648464b0aa2452db499a28cd3
21:36:22  <ogd>mappum: thx
21:36:35  <mappum>could probably be improved a lot
21:37:10  <ogd>i did the webview approach in my last attempt at this https://github.com/maxogden/electron-microscope/blob/master/index.js
21:37:39  <ogd>was kind of annoying having to proxy things over 2 ipc channels
21:38:21  <ogd>but now i cant remember if i decided i wanted to go many browser windows or one browser window with many webviews for parallelizxation
21:38:43  <ogd>i think at the time electron only supported sandboxing in webviews but i think you can sandbox a browser window now
21:40:05  <mappum>what's the difference between a webview and a window?
21:40:26  <ogd>webview is more like an iframe
21:40:39  <ogd>shows up in the dom as <webview> and is rendered on the browser windows canvas
21:41:18  <ogd>im not sure in current electron if theyre executed differently anymore but webviews used to have more sandboxing
21:43:41  <mappum>i never had parallel webviews in my code, so i don't know if that changes anything
21:44:35  <mappum>but i remember i was pretty happy with the api only being `window.eval('js')` and having window emit events to send back data
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23:39:28  * substacktopic: Unofficial browserling/testling mad science channel. For official help /join #browserling
23:40:08  * substacktopic: Unofficial browserling/testling mad science channel. For official help /join #browserling
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23:51:03  <substack>the people adding things to Buffer should go bug tc39 to get those things into DataView
23:51:41  <feross>also, does anyone have an idea why there's now a new url implementation?
23:51:53  <feross>i haven't been following it too closely
23:52:22  <feross>i know it's supposed to be the same as the browser window.URL implementation
23:52:33  <feross>it's gonna be painful if they deprecate the 'url' module though
23:53:40  <feross>substack, jfhbrook, terinjokes: you guys are already automatic individual members of the node foundation
23:53:47  <feross>"Contributors to the Node.js project, including all Working Groups and sub-projects, are eligible for free membership."
23:54:12  <substack>ah that's cool
23:54:14  <substack>didn't know that
23:54:24  <feross>you can just message mikeal and ask him to make you a member
23:54:32  <feross>so ya'll can run for the board for free :)
23:54:54  <terinjokes>i don't recall contributing to any of those
23:55:13  <substack>terinjokes: maybe you had a patch a long time ago or something?
23:55:23  <feross>yeah, if you've ever had a PR merged in any node repo you're good
23:55:30  <substack>I think I sent 2 patches to core at some point
23:55:51  <feross>we need to balance out the corporate interests, so i am personally hoping that someone who is not traditionally employed wins
23:56:20  <feross>it's not that much work, maybe 2-4 hours per month, mostly just being on conference calls
23:56:29  <substack>what do they use for conference calls?
23:56:50  <feross>Go2Meeting, but there's a dial-in number so you don't need to install anything on your computer
23:57:00  <feross>and it's live streamed to youtube too
23:57:06  <substack>they should use mikeal's new thing
23:57:23  <substack>or anything that works in a web browser over webrtc
23:57:36  <feross>yeah!
23:58:09  <feross>mikeal: are there any features that your thing is missing that would prevent switching to this?
23:58:23  <substack>it would be really great to build a recorder for webrtc chats to be uploaded to youtube etc later
23:58:26  <substack>(and also p2p networks)
23:59:13  <terinjokes>substack, feross: thought I had one to nan at one point, but git tells me otherwise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯