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00:33:23  <mmckegg>I'm in Portland! /cc substack ogd
00:33:34  <substack>mmckegg: I will be there sunday late
00:34:26  <mmckegg>substack: will you be sticking around at all after the conference?
00:39:50  <ogd>mmckegg: nice where are you staying
00:40:30  <mmckegg>odg: at a hotel until wednesday, then gotta figure out something. Not flying back until the 3rd of July
00:41:41  <substack>aw you just miss explosion day
00:41:55  <mmckegg>yes, I did think about that :D
00:42:00  <substack>there will still be explosions, but not as many
00:42:15  <mmckegg>But flights suddenly get expensive the day after
00:42:27  <mmckegg>and cheap the day before
00:42:45  <mmckegg>conference was only covering up to $1000 of flights.
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02:02:42  <mmckegg>ogd: I'm at cartopia!
02:43:22  <ogd>mmckegg: ah crap you still there?
02:44:40  <mmckegg>ogd: coming back! Left about 2 mins ago
02:45:03  <ogd>mmckegg: oh hah I'm not there yet was gonna go if you wanted to meet up
02:45:14  <ogd>mmckegg: I'm 10 min away
02:45:32  <mmckegg>ogd: ah okay sweet!
02:45:45  <ogd>mmckegg: alright be there in a few
02:47:13  <mmckegg>Oh no lost my table
02:47:21  <mmckegg>Pretty busy!
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04:20:10  <substack>http://www.economist.com/news/business/21700642-slew-startups-trying-decentralise-online-world-reweaving-web?fsrc=scn/tw/te/pe/ed/reweavingtheweb
04:21:06  <substack>kind of hand-wavy bitcoin wash except for: "More fundamentally, an internet that eschews control points may be one that affords firms less opportunity to build profits."
04:26:34  <ogd>mmckegg: http://www.shift2bikes.org/cal/viewpp2016.php
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20:42:02  <emilbayes>Does a pull-stream specific channel exist?
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20:51:59  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: not that I know of
20:52:47  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Alright, have just noticed it coming up on my github feed more and more, and decided to look at it. It's really cool!
20:53:24  <yoshuawuyts>:D yay!
20:54:28  <yoshuawuyts>real excited for pull-stream to be a thing both in the browser and server; with stuff like nucleus coming along we might perhaps have a pull-stream only version of Node (maybe, perhaps - we'll probably try haha)
20:55:19  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Hehe, it still takes some getting used to. Back pressure and buffering is something I'm trying to grasp right now
20:56:08  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Mainly motivated by bundle size. Streams just makes it explode and pull-stream/pull.js is really cool. It's amazing how little it takes
20:59:28  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Oh, something different, mafintosh was sure you were from Australia originally?
21:00:22  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: haha, no I just lived there for the past year; I'm Dutch / Peruvian
21:00:34  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: lol
21:00:55  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: I can totally see why people would think that tho haha
21:01:00  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Where did you stay? I'm moving to Adelaide in 3 weeks
21:01:45  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Hehe, you definitely seem to have adopted the local lingo :p
21:02:13  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: ooh rad! Where are you from? I lived on Sydney's southern beaches for a while; in Sydney for a bit longer and then Melbourne for three months - together almost 11 months
21:03:25  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Denmark :) I lived in Adelaide previously though, so that's why I'm going back. But if I have the choice I'd go for Sydney. Love Sydney
21:04:42  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: haha yeah Sydney's pretty good; expensive af tho
21:05:24  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Yeah :/
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21:06:04  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Adelaide is fairly cheap, but I'm worried there's no community there. Do you have any clue?
21:09:30  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: ps about pull-streams; this package is probably a good one to keep in mind emilbayes: lol yeah, perhaps on paper - my accent's definitely not occa; closer to... American / Canadian with a hint of British? idk
21:09:34  <yoshuawuyts>oops
21:09:42  <yoshuawuyts>I meant to link to https://pull-stream.github.io/#pull-pushable
21:10:18  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Yeah, already read most of the packages on there. Thanks though!
21:10:40  <yoshuawuyts>^__^
21:10:56  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: I saw you linked to inu on #choo, do you know of other good code to read that use pull-streams?
21:12:07  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: I thought https://github.com/dominictarr/pull-http-client was smart because it shows how to add a secondary layer of error handling to a pull-stream abstraction
21:12:28  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Thanks, hadn't seen that one!
21:15:09  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: gehe, no worries
21:17:01  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: reason why I linked to pull-pushable earlier is because it casually retrofits the observable paradigm into pull-streams; in like 30 lines or so
21:25:32  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Not sure I follow. Like raynos/observ or MutationObserver?
21:26:19  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: yeah, pretty close
21:28:45  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Hmm, like in inu or?
21:29:08  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Not sure I see the connection yet :p
21:30:12  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: haha, so an example use case would be "keyboard events" - a user types in stuff, whenever - it's then internally buffered by pull-pushable and drained as fast as the pipeline can do it
21:30:37  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Arr yeah, so "array in time" -> "array in space"
21:31:05  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: and when all keyboard events are consumed, the pipeline simply waits for more keyboard events, making it like an observable
21:32:01  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: except it also still adheres to pull-stream, so error handling and cancellation will propagate elegantly; think it's real cool that this one package just tacks on this extra paradigm haha
21:32:16  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: not sure what the diff is between "space" and "time" haha
21:33:44  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Hehe, that's just what people always say about streams vs arrays. I will def. play around with it more now!
21:35:00  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Oh, you didn't know any developers in or around adelaide?
21:35:55  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Everyone seems to be in Melbourne or Sydney :/
21:36:52  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: haha yeah so I know a few people in Brisbane ... but that's it
21:37:14  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Haha, you're more of the hermit type programmer or ? :p
21:37:21  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: you should totally join http://view-source-radboats.herokuapp.com/; pretty much all of ANZ tech is on there
21:37:38  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Oh! Thanks!
21:38:36  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: no adelaide channel tho; there's Sydney, Melbourne and Brisvegas
21:38:45  <yoshuawuyts>(sic)
21:38:59  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Oh well, will have to do a bit of travelling then
21:39:21  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: From what I remember, everyone doing software in Adelaide works on submarines anyway
21:40:16  <yoshuawuyts>emilbayes: lol - is that their escape plan out of Adelaide?
21:41:04  <emilbayes>yoshuawuyts: Haha, when the bogans from Elizabeth decide to overthrow the SA government
22:01:48  <ogd>lol
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23:35:32  <yoshuawuyts>ogd: https://twitter.com/historylvrsclub/status/742011349169999872
23:36:30  <ogd>yoshuawuyts: haha nice. red jacket is the only one that knows what's up
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23:38:04  <yoshuawuyts>hahaha