01:32:26  <substack_>looking for a module that is like setting up masked layers with alpha channels in the gimp, but for plain text
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15:43:42  <jfhbrook>any y'all know if there's a cute library kicking around for encoding querystrings from objects?
15:43:51  <jfhbrook>so for example,
15:43:58  <jfhbrook>{ q: 'foo/bar', pony: 1 } => q=foo%2Fbar&pony=1
15:44:16  <jfhbrook>I can write a simple version of this, obviously
15:44:21  <jfhbrook>but a library would be slightly preferrable
15:45:13  <yoshuawuyts>substack: could you add me to cookie-cutter?; This PR would be neat for stuff I'm building rn - https://github.com/substack/cookie-cutter/pull/9
15:59:19  <substack>jfhbrook: querystring is part of node core
15:59:40  <substack>> require('querystring').stringify({ q: 'foo/bar', pony: 1 })
15:59:41  <substack>'q=foo%2Fbar&pony=1'
16:00:35  <jfhbrook>yeah I just found that and qs, and went with qs
16:00:42  <jfhbrook>I forgot those libs could stringify
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16:30:55  <yoshuawuyts>substack: thanks ^____^
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19:33:10  <substack>mikolalysenko: what do YOU want to see in a calendar app
19:33:34  <substack>I've got all the database and library pieces figured out for a p2p calendar, I just need to make the interfaces
19:33:37  <mikolalysenko>a way to break down where my time went
19:33:55  <mikolalysenko>like some kind of chart that says: you spent x hours doing y, z hours doing w, etc.
19:34:02  <mikolalysenko>and maybe a way to export calendar data to an invoice
19:34:14  <substack>oh that sounds more like time tracking
19:34:20  <mikolalysenko>for example: take all hours tagged with "client abc" and generate an invoice
19:34:23  <mikolalysenko>yeah, perhaps
19:34:25  <substack>I use https://www.npmjs.com/package/clocker for that
19:34:40  <substack>clocker start -t 'client abc'
19:34:42  <substack>clocker stop
19:35:02  <mikolalysenko>though I like having a calendar since I can go back and edit stuff if I forgot to log something right away
19:35:17  <mikolalysenko>also you can schedule around impending events
19:35:20  <substack>clocker data -t 'client abc' | invoicer ~/doc/invoices/client-abc/`%F`.pdf
19:35:57  <substack>you can also add records after the fact, all command-line though
19:36:23  <mikolalysenko>yeah, I like the gui thing part though
19:36:32  <mikolalysenko>also I track time for stuff like chores and non-work
19:37:19  <mikolalysenko>and I use it to set reminders to take the dog out, give him medicine, feed animals etc.
19:38:01  * saintedlamajoined
19:39:06  <mikolalysenko>but getting some break down of where all the time went would be pretty neat, and is the one thing that my current calendar doesn't do well
19:39:57  <mikolalysenko>right now I use apple icalendar because it has a better interface than google calendar
19:40:05  <mikolalysenko>for todo lists I just write them down in a notebook
19:47:01  <substack>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1od3t69KxRc
19:49:14  <jfhbrook>yo any protips for getting a "n latest touched" list out of level?
19:49:27  <jfhbrook>Like if I use iso timestamp for the key, is there a way to get the last 10 of them?
19:51:59  <substack>db.createReadStream({ limit: 10 })
19:51:59  <substack>and if that is in the wrong order, might need to `reverse: true`
19:52:57  <jfhbrook>what if I don't want a stream?
19:53:08  <substack>you'd have to use the underlying iterator api
19:53:30  <jfhbrook>cripes
19:54:27  <substack>or do you want an array of the records instead?
19:54:54  * nicolagrecochanged nick to nicolag
19:54:59  <substack>with collect-stream it's easy to do:
19:55:18  <substack>collect(db.createReadStream({ limit: 10, reverse: true }), function (err, docs) {})
19:55:33  <jfhbrook>works for me
19:55:49  <jfhbrook>I feel kinda dumb for not using sql here
19:56:18  <substack>the sql libs in node are all kinda crappy
19:57:59  <substack>I wish they had an actual spec instead of all inventing their own everything
19:58:46  <jfhbrook>is there a pattern for LRU stuff in level? Like I only want a buffer of a few hundred things and eject old stuff?
19:58:53  <jfhbrook>or am I best served with just using a ttl wrapper?
19:59:45  <substack>I've only used in-memory LRUs
20:00:15  <substack>if you only have a few hundred things, you could load data from previous runs into memory when the process starts up and periodically write snapshots out to disk
20:00:33  <substack>and then an in-memory LRU will do the trick
20:04:46  <substack>I kind of want to fork sqlite3 on npm and make a version with less features
20:04:50  <substack>too much cruft
20:05:13  <substack>it makes it harder to use and learn
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20:28:37  <mafintosh>mappum: your travis elecron script worked. thanks a bunch
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