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11:26:26  <mafintosh>mappum: around?
11:26:55  <mafintosh>mappum: i've figured out that why i try to run electron-webrtc on my ubuntu server it gives me this error, /tmp/test/node_modules/electron-eval/node_modules/electron-prebuilt/dist/electron: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
11:27:16  <mafintosh>mappum: i've installed xvfb
11:27:29  <mafintosh>is there something else i should do?
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16:32:06  <mappum>there are some other packages required for electron, but they have usually been already preinstalled on the Ubuntu servers I've tried. You can check out the .travis.yml for a list of packages to install: https://github.com/mappum/electron-eval/blob/master/.travis.yml
16:33:03  <mappum>In that case it looks like maybe libgtk2.0-dev?
16:33:29  <mappum>What version of Ubuntu and what provider are you on?
16:33:38  <mappum>mafintosh: ^
16:37:48  <mafintosh>mappum: 14.04 server
16:37:58  <mafintosh>on digital ocean
16:39:07  <mappum>Hm, that's what I use and usually most of the deps are installed already
16:39:23  <mappum>Did you create that droplet a long time ago or anything?
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19:01:49  <mikolalysenko>this module does streams wrong: https://github.com/fluent-ffmpeg/node-fluent-ffmpeg
19:02:37  <mikolalysenko>instead of returning a stream as some output that you can pipe or redirect or whatever, instead it has this crazy output() method in its complicated fluent interface
19:02:53  <mikolalysenko>so you have to pass your stream into output() then internally it pipes
19:02:59  <mikolalysenko>but you can only pass one stream in
19:03:23  <mikolalysenko>also it is weird, I can't figure out how it decides to execute the command
19:06:06  * toddselfchanged nick to toddself_zz
19:08:03  <mikolalysenko>before I was on the fence, but now I am convinced fluent interfaces are a terrible idea
19:08:12  <mikolalysenko>that module has pushed me over the edge
19:10:55  <substack>fluent interfaces were the "I heard react was good" of 2008
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19:24:34  <mikolalysenko>it is just dumb. you can pass a config object as input instead
19:25:04  <mikolalysenko>also fluent interfaces create more state, since they basically work by setting config flags and mutating switches
19:25:41  <mikolalysenko>they are a source of completely gratuitous complexity in the rich hickey sense of the term
19:25:58  <mikolalysenko>and honestly I don't even think they save you any key strokes when you are using them either
19:26:13  <mikolalysenko>so it is really debatable that fluent interfaces make life any easier
19:26:42  <mikolalysenko>I guess they look "cute"? that's pretty much the only thing to recommend them
19:27:19  <substack>you can make code poetry, see also: ruby
19:28:03  <mikolalysenko>oh yes, that is such a great idea
19:28:55  <mikolalysenko>like the more I think about it now, the more I realize that every fluent interface I've ever used has just made my code worse
19:29:37  <substack>programmers get bored at work and need something to play with that isn't bad enough to catastrophically affect their work output
19:32:24  <jfhbrook>I just do twitter when I'm bored at work
19:32:34  <jfhbrook>but I also just, kinda
19:32:36  <jfhbrook>stopped
19:32:39  <jfhbrook>being excited about code
19:33:46  <mikolalysenko>that sucks
19:33:51  <jfhbrook>yeah
19:34:02  <jfhbrook>and I'm pretty sure my team doesn't like me anymore too
19:34:15  <jfhbrook>I have to get out of here but I haven't really accepted that, and I'm skeptical that elsewhere can actually be better
19:34:22  <mikolalysenko>can you take a break?
19:34:34  <jfhbrook>I took a ragecation in march
19:34:42  <mikolalysenko>oh that's a new term
19:35:24  <mikolalysenko>where'd you end up going?
19:35:55  <noffle>jfhbrook: that's rough
19:36:03  <jfhbrook>nowhere mikolalysenko
19:36:09  <jfhbrook>well that's kind of a lie
19:36:14  <jfhbrook>my sister was in town the first weekend
19:36:32  <jfhbrook>so we made a trip to coney island, but it was too early for anything to be open and the aquarium got *fucked* during Sandy
19:36:38  <substack>code itself isn't very interesting, it's what you can do with code that is interesting
19:36:39  <jfhbrook>but we had a good time, it was a nice day
19:36:46  <jfhbrook>I build slideshows
19:37:14  <jfhbrook>I've engineered some decent stuff
19:37:20  <jfhbrook>but it's hard to do when nobody wants to work with me
19:37:28  <jfhbrook>or listen to my thoughts and concerns
19:37:49  <jfhbrook>it doesn't help that these things make me irritable and upset, and it shows, and just reinforces that
19:38:17  <mikolalysenko>are you in an open plan office?
19:38:24  <jfhbrook>yeah
19:38:28  <mikolalysenko>I tried working in one of those once, but only lasted like 3 months
19:38:40  <mikolalysenko>it was horrible, drove me crazy and I couldn't concentrate or work
19:38:42  <jfhbrook>I'm not the sort of person that gets upset by open office plans
19:38:45  <mikolalysenko>got really irritable and stressed out
19:38:46  <jfhbrook>I do good in them
19:38:57  <jfhbrook>it's not the open office plan, it's getting blown off and avoided by my coworkers
19:39:12  <mikolalysenko>maybe they're stressed out from the open plan office
19:39:36  <jfhbrook>maybe, but I think they're okay with it too
19:39:43  <jfhbrook>like, good example
19:39:45  <jfhbrook>this AM
19:39:54  <jfhbrook>2 coworkers start talking about a weird getter
19:40:07  <jfhbrook>like a ` get thing() { return {}; }` situation
19:40:27  <jfhbrook>I hear them talking and try to interject, and granted what I said was kinda lame, something like, oh you can totally have both a setter and a getter
19:40:34  <jfhbrook>"ya we know *ignore*" coworker says
19:40:56  <jfhbrook>later, 3 of them are talking and I'm like "wait why do we need a getter" and absolutely no acknowledgement that I said anything at all
19:41:12  <jfhbrook>and like, fine, I started talking while someone else is talking, and that's bad, and I get that
19:41:15  <jfhbrook>but jesus fucking christ
19:41:52  <mikolalysenko>offices just suck
19:42:05  <mikolalysenko>but at least if you got your own room you can just shut all that stuff out
19:42:19  <jfhbrook>but I don't *want* to just headphone up and ignore everybody
19:42:25  <mikolalysenko>well yeah
19:42:36  <jfhbrook>I've been doing that since my ragecation, excepting for the 3 weeks I grabbed the one nice coworker to help me with the uri lookup system
19:42:40  <mikolalysenko>and you kind of have to pay attention to that stuff in an open plan office because it is politically important
19:42:46  <jfhbrook>it makes it really hard to grab work because a lot of it is collaborative
19:42:56  <jfhbrook>and I *want* to collaborate, but not with people that fucking blow me off
19:43:03  <mikolalysenko>see, this is exactly why those environments are terrible though
19:43:12  <jfhbrook>it's not a function of open/closed though
19:43:17  <jfhbrook>it's a function of my teammates being shitbags
19:43:37  <jfhbrook>if we all had private offices we'd still have to find and talk to each other to get group work done
19:45:07  <mikolalysenko>shit baggery can still happen regardless how stuff is set up, but at least if you have your own space you can ignore it
19:45:36  <jfhbrook>only if you never want to work as a team on stuff
19:45:37  <jfhbrook>or pair
19:45:45  <jfhbrook>or design something collaboratively
19:45:54  <mikolalysenko>you can still do that if you want
19:46:04  <jfhbrook>but you *have* to
19:46:10  <jfhbrook>everyone acting like a lone wolf doesn't work
19:46:29  <jfhbrook>at least not if *everyone*'s acting like a lone wolf
19:47:19  <mikolalysenko>different strokes for different folks I guess
19:47:49  <jfhbrook>it's a matter of engineering
19:48:07  <mikolalysenko>for me the open floor plan stuff drives me crazy
19:48:10  <substack>same
19:48:12  <jfhbrook>but that's incidental
19:48:15  * toddself_zzchanged nick to toddself
19:48:19  <jfhbrook>you can have private offices and still have this problem
19:48:23  <substack>I feel like I get a ton of collaborative work done over irc and github
19:48:27  <jfhbrook>you can be entirely remote and still have this problem
19:48:35  <toddself>hi josh. i had the same problems there :)
19:48:37  <toddself>you can. i realized i didn't really like working with such large teams
19:48:42  <toddself>and that was my main issue
19:48:45  <jfhbrook>my team's only 4 people toddself
19:48:57  <toddself>you on a new team? or did it get smaller?
19:49:26  <jfhbrook>re-scoped toddself
19:49:32  <toddself>but even having to interact with a ton of various other teams
19:49:36  <toddself>each with their own agenda
19:49:41  <toddself>was getting me down
19:49:51  <jfhbrook>so like copilot itself is like 30 people at this point, but the immediate "api team" is me, ryan, aaren, trev and this dude matt you've never met
19:50:05  <toddself>then again, having only two developers for the entire project we work on is also hard, but like, i'd rather have that difficulty
19:50:13  <toddself>oh that's not so bad at least
19:50:28  <jfhbrook>well except that aaren and matt don't want to work with me
19:50:32  <toddself>ugh
19:50:39  <toddself>is ed doing what nick was doing now?
19:50:46  <toddself>(job wise not action wise)
19:50:57  <jfhbrook>I, uhh
19:51:00  <jfhbrook>not quite
19:51:11  <jfhbrook>but kind of
19:51:23  <toddself>hah
19:51:27  <jfhbrook>so like ed was originally in charge of "platform engineering" I think, now he's VPoE or whatever
19:51:42  <jfhbrook>maybe Director of Engineering? idk, titles, u noe
19:51:49  <jfhbrook>but it's like him, and then a director of product
19:52:02  <jfhbrook>and a "director of 'data'"
19:52:12  <jfhbrook>and those 3 report to the CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER
19:52:13  <toddself>hahah
19:52:23  <toddself>i direct data all day!
19:52:30  <jfhbrook>well like I get why that position exists
19:52:43  <jfhbrook>CN has data left and right and none of it can be cross-correlated and used to do anything interesting right now
19:52:47  <toddself>the most important question i have though
19:52:53  <toddself>is can you center text in copilot?
19:52:54  <jfhbrook>also we have our own event tracking framework/team now
19:52:58  <jfhbrook>hahahahahahahahaha
19:53:03  <jfhbrook>probably
19:53:04  <toddself>opooooh that's something i would have actually wanted to do
19:53:29  <jfhbrook>like obviously markdown doesn't have centering, but there's a concept of, like
19:53:34  <jfhbrook>sections with display hints
19:53:35  <jfhbrook>now
19:53:40  <toddself>oh cool
19:54:46  <toddself>did y'all end up open sourcing any of it?
19:54:53  <jfhbrook>fuck no
19:55:11  <toddself>oh man
19:55:13  <jfhbrook>open sourcing would mean we'd have to care about shipping a non-specific platform where features have to be decoupled from the start
19:55:25  <jfhbrook>Ed's talked a big line about it but I just don't buy it, I'll believe it when I see it
19:55:34  <toddself>ageed
19:55:43  <toddself>that was one of the big things that got me to work there
19:55:57  <toddself>so jason just let me take over the modules i cared about because he said it didn't seem like it was really going to hapopen
19:56:10  <jfhbrook>jason?
19:56:30  <toddself>my old boss. jason rodrigeuz. he's probably gone now?
19:56:38  <jfhbrook>oh, yeah he split some time ago
19:56:49  <jfhbrook>I think he got pushed out during a reorg
19:56:52  <jfhbrook>you know how it goes
19:57:02  <toddself>when i told him thorsten was leaving and the next day i was leaving he said he was looking too lol
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20:49:50  <jfhbrook>toddself: ryan just threatened to fire me
20:51:56  <toddself>ugh]
20:52:17  <jfhbrook>I'm basically not allowed to express anger
20:52:22  <toddself>jfhbrook that's ridiculous
20:52:30  <jfhbrook>so like, to be fair
20:52:35  <jfhbrook>what happened this morning was
20:52:49  <jfhbrook>my coworkers start talking about some getter in some pull request and I had a thought or two
20:53:01  <jfhbrook>I interject with "oh you can totally use getters and setters with the same thing"
20:53:06  <jfhbrook>"ya we know *ignore*" says aaren
20:53:31  <jfhbrook>later, I try to ask why we're using a getter, and I kinda fucked up by speaking out of turn but there wasn't even an acknowledgement that I spoke
20:53:38  <jfhbrook>so I'm like "god fucking damn it", under my breath
20:53:45  <jfhbrook>and close my screen and walk to the window for a minute
20:53:48  <jfhbrook>apparently that's not okay
20:53:54  <jfhbrook>and I guess on some level it's *not* okay
20:54:00  <jfhbrook>but like come on
20:54:03  <toddself>but like better than being super negative in the middle of the convo
20:54:09  <toddself>or arguing right there
20:54:18  <toddself>but also like aaren's response isn't ok either
20:54:18  <jfhbrook>I dunno
20:54:54  <jfhbrook>"this is the last time" is like the worst thing I could have heard though
20:55:48  <toddself>yeah
20:56:01  <toddself>i would get super frustrated there
20:56:12  <toddself>because i'd get told i wasn't being constructive
20:56:31  <toddself>because i was saying what we were being allowed to work with didn't allow us to easily make what they wanted
20:56:49  <toddself>i went off on paul one day (which i shouldn't have done)
20:56:55  <toddself>and got in a TON of trouble about that
20:57:02  <toddself>and got told copilot no longer wanted to work with me
20:57:05  <jfhbrook>heh
20:57:09  <jfhbrook>*I* wanted to work with you
20:57:19  <toddself>actually it was you who saved it iirc
20:57:21  <toddself>lol
20:57:22  <jfhbrook>but I remember that, and yeah I remember being like, wow todd didn't like that
20:57:31  <jfhbrook>don't worry, it's still gets all the way down
20:57:32  <toddself>i was really negative about having to do all this hydration work on the client
20:57:42  <toddself>and walk a ridiculously large network of objects
20:57:48  <jfhbrook>yeah
20:57:51  <jfhbrook>that's still a thing
20:57:52  <toddself>ugh yeah
20:57:55  <jfhbrook>our front pages are nuts
20:58:05  <jfhbrook>we have a new feature that does hydration for rivers specifically
20:58:12  <jfhbrook>but it's not generalized to galleries, or anything else in the graph
20:58:24  <toddself>yeah, it was specifically about galleries
20:58:25  <toddself>lol
20:58:32  <toddself>that was the first day i went home from conde really discouraged
20:58:38  <jfhbrook>again, something I was upset about but was unable to make any real headways on
20:58:39  <toddself>and started looking for a new job
20:58:41  <jfhbrook>yeah
20:58:47  <jfhbrook>I think maybe getting on hired is a good idea
20:58:54  <jfhbrook>should also ping that recruiter from that cool sounding agency
20:59:06  <toddself>i used to apply to jobs even when i wasn't super serious about getting a new job
20:59:10  <toddself>if something sounded really cool
20:59:13  <toddself>i would throw my resume in
20:59:17  <toddself>just like "what if..."
20:59:22  <toddself>of course that's why i had like 7 jobs in 2 years
20:59:25  <toddself>oops
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21:00:55  <jfhbrook>yeah
21:00:56  <jfhbrook>I mean
21:01:00  <jfhbrook>I don't actively want to leave
21:01:03  <jfhbrook>I just want to be *happy*
21:01:05  <jfhbrook>here
21:01:18  <toddself>julie (my wife) used to tell me that meant finding a new job -- even if it was at the same place
21:01:28  <jfhbrook>yeah
21:01:34  <jfhbrook>maybe I should try to get transferred
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