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11:37:10  <mafintosh>yoshuawuyts: you in berlin now?
11:37:31  <yoshuawuyts>mafintosh: Amsterdam atm - Berlin in two weeks
11:37:44  <mafintosh>how long are you staying in berlin?
11:38:13  <yoshuawuyts>for a month, until Lisbon 21/06-21/07
11:38:51  <yoshuawuyts>should totes come kick it in Berlin - word has it juliangruber's gonna be there too 🙌
11:38:57  <mafintosh>okay cool. where are you staying?
11:39:05  <mafintosh>i'm hanging out with juliangruber today!
11:39:11  <mafintosh>in munich though
11:39:41  <yoshuawuyts>raddddd!
11:40:23  <yoshuawuyts>I'll probably try and get a place around Kreuzberg in Berlin, haven't booked anything yet tho
11:41:18  <mafintosh>yoshuawuyts: <100 usd round trip to go for me
11:41:32  <yoshuawuyts>yessssss
11:41:46  <yoshuawuyts>I'm basically without a job atm, wrapping up a contract next week
11:41:56  <yoshuawuyts>so gonna be doing OSS / exploring Berlin night life for a month
11:42:35  <mafintosh>whoa
11:43:18  <yoshuawuyts>I know right
11:43:33  <yoshuawuyts>wanna spruce up this puppy - http://yoshuawuyts.com/www-choo/
11:43:52  <yoshuawuyts>get my kubernetes / buildkite chops down
11:44:24  <yoshuawuyts>and build a lil server framework - merry - so I can start churning out applications like mad
11:44:56  <yoshuawuyts>#berlingoals
11:48:44  <mafintosh>ship ship ship :)
11:49:07  <mafintosh>substack: do you have a thing for doing lockfiles in leveldb?
11:50:24  <mafintosh>substack: use-case is using level-party but still wanning to enforce single master on certain parts of the program
11:59:37  <yoshuawuyts>⛵️⛵️⛵️
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15:19:52  <substack>mafintosh: how would that work?
16:14:45  <mafintosh>substack: unsure but maybe it would write a lock value to the db at some preknown location. like a lockfile.
16:15:11  <mafintosh>the value would be tied to a process so if that process isn't alive a new lock should be generated
16:15:21  <mafintosh>and you'd clean it up when you are done
16:44:18  <substack>mafintosh: I don't think I've done that because I've used an in-memory lock instead
16:45:09  <mafintosh>substack: yea thats what i usually do instead also. i think what i'm trying to do is an anti pattern after thinking about it
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16:59:31  <mappum>substack: i found a great hack to fix the appcache stuff
16:59:36  <substack>nice
16:59:51  <mappum>unfortunately it won't work for real apps/hyperboot
16:59:54  <substack>my cache for example.com is still working from last night
17:00:18  <mappum>hm interesting
17:00:31  <mappum>everything goes away after the first refresh for me
17:00:49  <mappum>but i discovered that we can just add an event listener to check for when the appcache checks for a new version
17:01:04  <mappum>and in the event listener just add an infinite loop, to prevent the request from ever happening
17:02:08  <substack>haha nice
17:02:58  <mafintosh>mappum: thanks for fixing the webrtc bug
17:03:08  <mappum>mafintosh: thanks for reporting it :)
17:07:03  <mappum>now i'm going to see if we can downgrade the https requests so they can get bricked too
17:14:21  <mappum>also, i tested with the toorcamp SSID/key and it works great >:)
17:14:36  <mappum>we could walk around with that on and people would get bricked
17:14:40  <substack>hahah nice
17:15:49  <substack>I'm thinking perhaps the captive portal could include a counter
17:16:10  <mappum>lol that would be sweet
17:16:17  <substack>and on the rpi it would write the count to a text file, 90s flat file style
17:16:35  <substack>I'll write something
17:16:46  <substack>hmm websockets for "live" count would be sweet too
17:16:51  <substack>that would be good for the presentation
17:19:00  <mappum>ok but idk if we can get that to work with the infinite loop
17:20:10  <substack>hmm
17:20:41  <substack>I think websocket connections might not apply to appcache
17:20:44  <substack>we can test that
17:21:55  <mappum>right, but i mean we have to always block the event loop, or else the browser will update to the real version of the website
17:22:22  <substack>hmmm
17:23:09  <substack>I have an idea
17:23:10  <mappum>but we could still check the number on load. "you're the 99th person to get captured by the portal"
17:23:39  <substack>we can sort of check if we're "online" or not by seeing if resolves to what we expect
17:24:01  <mappum>ah, only loop if we're online?
17:24:05  <substack>yes
17:24:08  <mappum>good idea
17:24:10  <substack>using synchronous xhr
17:24:16  <substack>so it's on the same tick
17:24:19  <mappum>whoa, they have that?
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17:24:51  <substack>actually, synchronous xhr would be a good way to block the event loop too
17:25:11  <substack>we could loop requests to
17:25:16  <substack>and update the dom in place
17:25:19  <mappum>yeah that would be sweet
17:25:35  <mappum>we're ddosing ourselves :P
17:25:46  <mappum>we could do a long for loop in between requests though
17:25:50  <substack>yes
17:25:56  <substack>like microcontroller programming
17:29:22  <substack>http://mdn.beonex.com/en/DOM/XMLHttpRequest/Synchronous_and_Asynchronous_Requests.html#Example:_HTTP_synchronous_request
17:29:29  <mappum>hm, i think the rendering waits for the event loop so we might not be able to render
17:29:37  <substack>we should probably make a git repo
17:29:40  <mappum>i can't even get it to render before the blocking
17:29:50  <mappum>yeah true
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17:32:48  <mappum>it's funny how in chrome you can't even close tabs that are blocking the event loop
17:32:57  <mappum>that just makes this more entertaining
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17:48:43  <substack>i have a counter working
17:51:50  <mappum>if you post a repo i'll add my update blocker
17:57:33  <substack>https://github.com/substack/captivating-portal
18:03:56  <substack>it could display a count or it could display which number a user got
18:04:03  <substack>right now it displays a count
18:04:11  <substack>easy to change, just need to remove /count.txt from the manifest
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18:26:57  <mappum>can i get commit access?
18:27:56  <mappum>oh, i see the invite
18:29:26  <mappum>we need another hack to be able to render the count when we block the event loop
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18:48:48  <substack>I think it makes sense to move this code back into the ESP, if it will fit
18:49:04  <substack>that way there is only one thing to run, and you can just power it up
18:57:30  <ogd>added cats http://maxogden.github.io/web-mpd/
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