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06:35:58  <anvaka>In native node extensions, can I save a reference to unwrapped object? Or is there a chance that it will be moved during garbage collection?
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17:33:36  <substack>finally https://github.com/substack/jpeg-marker-stream
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18:11:25  <rom1504>That's cool
18:19:47  <jfhbrook>this is annotation data substack ?
18:19:52  <jfhbrook>I didn't know jpegs supported that
18:20:16  <jfhbrook>like obviously I knew about exif data but this looks like it'd be useful for saying "this square is substack" "that square is the st louis arch" whatever
18:20:46  <jfhbrook>except none of these seem to have string fields except the exif one
18:21:03  <substack>it's a parser for the constituent parts of a jpeg file in pure js
18:21:35  <jfhbrook>hm
18:21:39  <substack>because most of the other things I could find were too incomplete, parsed the entire file from memory, or shelled out to an imagemagick command
18:21:57  <jfhbrook>yeah shelling out to im is sort of the standard
18:22:18  <substack>this will be running in browsers and on phones and on windows computers riddled with viruses
18:22:23  <jfhbrook>usually when it comes to image cutting servers in node, I think people start with that and then eventually write c++ bindings to im themselves
18:22:36  <substack>so pure js is a good catch-all to have
18:23:07  <jfhbrook>yeah, if you can do what you need to do---in practice I think most people only care about resizing and cropping and that sounds hard to do in a performant way in the browser
18:23:18  <jfhbrook>well, except I guess in the browser you'd just use canvas and oh well if it's slow
18:23:31  <jfhbrook>anyway, idk your use case
18:24:11  <substack>http://video.aljazeera.com/channels/eng/videos/amazon-tribes-use-latest-gadgets-to-battle-ecuadors-oil-giants/4903619810001
18:24:40  <substack>starting at 2:12 is a screen recording of one of the apps :D
18:24:46  <jfhbrook>that's a hell of a headline
18:25:07  <jfhbrook>oh man substack I just got country blocked on that
18:25:24  <substack>yes it doesn't work in america because of the deal AJE cut with the cable companies to be on TV
18:25:56  <jfhbrook>oh yeah, cable deals are garbage
18:26:13  <jfhbrook>like all these media companies like vice or fusion that do cable in a big way, have to basically have 2 apps for their content
18:26:31  <jfhbrook>because you can either pay $brand directly, or you can log in through $cable_provider
18:27:09  <jfhbrook>speaking of garbage
18:27:12  <jfhbrook>I bought trashfire.xyz
18:27:26  <substack>sweet domain
18:27:27  <jfhbrook>and I think I might make a site that shows something funny at {slug}.is.a.gd.trashfire.xyz
18:27:36  <substack>here's a screen grab from the video http://scratch.substack.net/dd_aje_screenshot.png
18:27:38  <jfhbrook>yeah, but nathan has trashfi.re so I got outclassed there
18:27:55  * substackis currently in romania
18:28:04  <substack>and anyways I downloaded the whole clip with youtube-dl
18:28:12  <jfhbrook>wait this app lets them coordinate attacks?
18:28:18  <jfhbrook>it looks like they're plotting routes and waypoints
18:28:32  <substack>it's for monitoring things like oil spills
18:28:39  <jfhbrook>oh *neat*
18:28:50  <substack>and also documenting natural resources that could get fucked by a spill
18:29:01  <jfhbrook>when I hear South America and battle in the same sentence my mind goes immediately to guerillas :(
18:29:25  <jfhbrook>that's way more relaxed
18:29:32  <substack>more info in https://github.com/substack/scotlandjs-p2p-off-the-grid
18:29:43  <jfhbrook>how's romania?
18:29:48  <jfhbrook>I never did travel in europe
18:29:50  <substack>pretty great, I'm in a park drinking beer
18:29:59  <jfhbrook>you still renting a home base in o-town or..?
18:30:07  <substack>not currently
18:30:48  <substack>I'm going to be in the bay area before the month ends though because I need to pick up some mail
18:31:02  <jfhbrook>how long are you gonna be out/about before you, idk, settle back in ???? again?
18:31:30  <jfhbrook>I bet renting in oakland's getting harder these days as compared to 2011/2012, I wouldn't blame you for just telling that to fuck off
18:31:32  <substack>no iea
18:31:39  <substack>yeah oakland is fucked
18:32:31  <substack>I've also been staying in the desert near san diego
18:32:57  <substack>but i think I might go to chicago for a bit after stopping by the bay area
18:33:20  <jfhbrook>that could be cool
18:33:43  <jfhbrook>also stay in brooklyn sometime, rather than harlem, and maybe for a few days XD
18:34:03  <jfhbrook>(sorry I missed you when you *were* in manhattan)
18:34:20  <jfhbrook>anyways, yeah, I've never been to chicago!
18:35:24  <substack>yeah I'll probably be through NY again
18:35:31  <jfhbrook>sweet
18:35:36  <jfhbrook>I'm probably gonna be here for a while
18:35:40  <substack>it's the best way to get to guyana from america
18:35:45  <jfhbrook>it's expensive as shit but not bay area fucked
18:35:47  <jfhbrook>guyana? :o
18:36:08  <substack>that's where I was working on some of this offline p2p mapping projects
18:36:22  <jfhbrook>oh word? I didn't know you'd spent time in SA
18:36:53  <substack>I was there for 2 weeks in april
18:37:19  <substack>and I've been to south america on 5 other trips previously
18:37:59  <jfhbrook>that's cool
18:38:09  <jfhbrook>as you probably know, I have rarely traveled outside the US
18:38:40  <jfhbrook>I gotta get ready to do some pairing with a friend, bbl
18:39:00  <substack>ok, I'll remember to stop through next time I'm in NYC!
18:39:08  <jfhbrook>cool! and enjoy your beer! XD
18:39:25  <substack>and maybe I will finally spend more than 24 hours in NY on a trip
19:03:29  <nathan7>jfhbrook: I don't
19:03:41  <nathan7>jfhbrook: I was suggesting you register it
19:05:15  <substack>people are talking about game of thrones in a language I don't understand
19:05:20  <substack>except for the word "game of thrones"
19:05:42  <substack>which they are saying very often
20:36:11  <jfhbrook>darvon: oh
20:36:14  <jfhbrook>nathan7: oh
20:36:17  <jfhbrook>darvon: you were a typo
20:36:44  <jfhbrook>nathan7: "make offer" ;_;
20:37:02  <jfhbrook>that's pretty funny substack
20:38:48  <nathan7>jfhbrook: aw
20:39:40  * ralphtheninjajoined
20:41:24  <jfhbrook>on the plus side nathan7 I won't feel silly building *.is.a.fucking.trashfire.xyz anymore
20:46:45  <jfhbrook>nathan7 I think I'm gonna just write something that is like a stock photo of a dumpster fire with a label, and make it *, so trump.is.a.gd.trashfire.xyz would say like, "TRUMP: [picture of flaming garbage]"
20:47:41  <nathan7>jfhbrook: lol
20:48:24  <jfhbrook>nathan7 for bonus points use some css to make an arrow, and more bonus points for a short dictionary to, say, map trump -> Donald Trump, or gg -> GamerGate
20:48:49  <jfhbrook>nathan7: also I think a reasonable candidate for my first go service, since I'm basically just serving a single templated index file
20:49:51  <jfhbrook>substack: how do you get blocked by mark andreessen?
20:49:57  <jfhbrook>o__o
20:53:13  * contrahaxjoined
20:55:38  <substack>I forget exactly
20:57:53  <jfhbrook>any general ideas?
20:58:06  <jfhbrook>what would get this ultra powerful vc dude to (a) notice you and (b) decide he doesn't like you?
21:03:30  <nathan7>jfhbrook: :D
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21:55:38  <owen1>is the VOLUME entry in the dockerfile the same as the -v in the run command?
21:57:03  <owen1>if i have -v /foo:/bar what's the point of VOLUME /bar in the Dockerfile?
21:57:52  <owen1>sorry. wrong channel
22:22:18  <yoshuawuyts>owen1: hah, believe it's fixed vs not; almost everything in the dockerfile can also be passed as a CLI argument
22:23:11  <owen1>yoshuawuyts: got it