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16:34:52  <emilbayes>mafintosh: When inheriting from Duplexify and I want to access the readable stream from one of my prototypes, should I use `_readable` or `_readable2`? `.destroy` uses _readable, but events are attached to _readable2
16:35:16  <emilbayes>mafintosh: I think this comes down to my (still) shaky knowledge of streams1, right?
16:36:43  <mafintosh>emilbayes: you should track them yourself
16:37:38  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Oh okay, so bad idea using this._writable in my methods?
16:38:05  <mafintosh>emilbayes: yea no guarantees that wont change
16:38:26  <mafintosh>emilbayes: unless you peg the version
16:38:34  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Alright, lesson learned
16:39:10  <mafintosh>emilbayes: this is why subclessing is almost always a bad idea
16:39:28  <mafintosh>emilbayes: except in the one case hehe
16:39:52  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Arr okay, was just gonna as if keeping an internal _dup would be better :P mafintosh: Is it a new thing that you have a finalize method on readable streams?
16:40:36  <emilbayes>mafintosh: I mean, duplexify doesn't implement a finalize method, but multi-read-stream does (I know it's just a .push(null), but still)
17:02:15  <mafintosh>emilbayes: i don't like doing .push(null) as a public api
17:02:28  <mafintosh>emilbayes: that's all :)
17:17:52  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Arr ok
18:15:54  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Sorry to keep bugging you with my module, but I keep thinking I'm doing something stupid. I just realized that what I want to do is read/write to multiple duplex streams at once, as in, is this stupid? https://github.com/emilbayes/multi-duplex-stream/blob/338b52733bcbea3c880672916033d963fb57379b/index.js#L22-L25
18:17:07  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Can I just pass of the duplex streams to those two modules? My test keep failing because the writable sides never emit end, and when inspecting multi-write-streams, the streams array is just suddenly empty
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19:29:50  <mafintosh>emilbayes: writable streams don't emit end
19:29:54  <mafintosh>emilbayes: only finish
19:31:01  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Should have been more careful with my working. I meant finish. It's just the method is called ._end in multi-write-stream ^^
19:31:01  <mafintosh>emilbayes: you mean .remove here? https://github.com/emilbayes/multi-duplex-stream/blob/338b52733bcbea3c880672916033d963fb57379b/index.js#L35
19:32:25  <emilbayes>mafintosh: That's a brain fart, but I mean in the multi-write-stream. When I the read stream that I pipe ends, the ._end method of multi-write-stream is called, but this.streams.length is 0 :(
19:32:46  <emilbayes>mafintosh: And I can't figure out why, thought it was because what I'm doing was stupid
19:33:35  <mafintosh>emilbayes: i'm unsure what you mean. can you gist me a small example?
19:34:31  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Well my failing test case is what I have for now: https://github.com/emilbayes/multi-duplex-stream/blob/inherit/test.js#L36
19:34:45  <emilbayes>mafintosh: If that's too much to take in, I can try and condense it
19:36:43  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Piping "hello world" to the duplex-multi-stream never calls the concat callback, but if I hook into the write calls on concat, I can see data being written. If I hook into the .end function on concat it's never called. So I went into multi-write-stream to see what was going on, and on the first line of `MultiWrite.prototype._end`
19:36:43  <emilbayes>`this.streams.length` is 0 for some reason
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20:22:32  <mikolalysenko>this is good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRTfhkiAqPw
21:04:28  <mikolalysenko>and the prequel is good too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM1iUe6IofM
21:23:56  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Sorry for all the rambling. It was because I passed the exact same array to multi-read-stream and multi-write-stream, and they both mutated it
21:26:51  <emilbayes>mafintosh: And sorry for assuming you'd be able to remember every little detail of a module you wrote months ago
21:27:51  <mafintosh>emilbayes: lol no worries. it probably shouldnt mutate i guess
21:28:40  <emilbayes>mafintosh: Well, idk. For now I just .slice each of them and keep track of the streams myself. If you'd take another look when I've done with test, then I'd be so happy ^^
21:30:53  <emilbayes>mafintosh: (mostly because I'm sneaking the module in under your naming convention)
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22:03:53  <mafintosh>emilbayes: sure
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