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01:36:09  <kumavis>looking for some mnemonic binary encoding
01:37:13  <kumavis>found a few things but github is down so hard to quickly evaluate
01:37:35  <kumavis>suggestions appreciated, ill post my fav
01:43:52  <kumavis>what im actually looking for is how to get about 40 bytes off an air gapped machine
01:43:58  <kumavis>often
01:44:10  <kumavis>= once a week
01:44:21  <kumavis>best suggestion i heard was qr code
01:49:21  <mappum>kumavis: you could do audio http://smus.com/ultrasonic-networking/
01:49:40  <kumavis>hah - yeah thats true
01:52:56  <mappum>btw, i think i saw you mention toorcamp a while ago. i'm in the seattle area so i was thinking of going to that
01:53:09  <kumavis>oh awesome
01:53:23  <mappum>they have a pretty sweet community meshnet over there on orcas island, i bet that's where our connection will come from
01:53:25  <kumavis>i arrive in seattle next week
01:53:41  <mappum>nice, welcome :)
01:54:07  <mappum>arriving from where?
01:54:53  <kumavis>bay area
01:55:06  <kumavis>oakland
01:55:40  <mappum>enjoy the sun while you can
01:57:44  <domanic>kumavis, https://www.npmjs.com/package/proquint-
01:58:14  <kumavis>domanic nice
02:01:39  <domanic>kumavis, this is also worth considering: https://www.npmjs.com/package/base32
02:03:28  <kumavis>not bad
02:04:06  <kumavis>trying to optimize for lowest amount of times looking between two screens
02:04:24  <kumavis>bip39 is not bad
02:04:43  <kumavis>my sample data comes out as "stamp inner intact weather spring gap crush tackle talent dilemma inquiry fit leopard shift together indicate anchor maple broken master guard lizard confirm buddy novel drum despair tonight earth dentist blind"
02:05:17  <kumavis>maybe if it were more sentence-like my monkey brain could hold it better
02:05:43  <domanic>kumavis, pass it through a markov chain from alice in wonderland
02:05:47  <domanic>or some standard text
02:06:16  <kumavis>"purple ape likes house. fast fruit is forever. painful bike is valuable"
02:06:30  <domanic>kumavis, exactly
02:07:01  <domanic>for extra points, maketh it rhyme
02:09:04  <domanic>but that would be a little bit more complex to decode, because you'd have to backtrack i think
02:09:14  <domanic>so you'd end up encoding less data
02:11:30  <kumavis>would help making it memorable tho!
02:12:43  <pfraze>interesting to think what would happen if you did that with people's public keys
02:13:28  <kumavis>yep
02:13:53  <kumavis>here im moving a signed message off of an airgapped key manager
02:14:17  <kumavis>but it could just as well be a subroot of key tree
02:14:53  <kumavis>i know tor has a pluggable transport that looks like normal text
02:16:33  <pfraze>this is making me think of tropes about long names
02:16:46  <kumavis>mm?
02:17:09  <kumavis>ah found it "bananaphone"
02:17:18  <pfraze>people call me "little square," but my full pubkey is "little square around the circle drive, tree on the plain to the left"
02:17:22  <kumavis>ut github is down
02:19:23  <kumavis>pfraze: yeah idk have many identifiers based on the same material? name + randomart
02:23:06  <domanic>and now npmjs.com is weird too
02:39:44  <domanic>kumavis, a secret poem would be a great trope in a cyberpunk book
02:40:11  <kumavis>someone wrote about secret hand signs
02:40:24  <kumavis>like a secret handshake but just by yourself
02:40:36  <kumavis>maybe they called it "3d signatures" or something
02:41:04  <domanic>kumavis, you could probably try a few to get one that is more beautiful, but it would be dangerous because you might be reducing the randomness, and it might be hard to tell by how much
02:41:13  <kumavis>the joke was that on some group signature, one guy's was really long so everyone had to find something to do while he finished
02:43:30  <kumavis>my brain is tired -- if i have 1024 words, how many bytes do i get per word?
02:44:53  <kumavis>seems like between 3 and 4?
02:44:58  <kumavis>i need to eat something
03:15:03  <domanic>kumavis, 10 bits
03:15:41  <domanic>256 words would be 8 bits, 512 is 9 bits, 1024 is 10
03:16:19  <kumavis>yes thank you
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13:26:26  <grncdr>kumavis: idea to make it more memorable for your monkey brain: classify your dictionary words as noun/adjective/verb/adverb then define a complete set of sentence patterns for 2-4 "content words" where the other words will be skipped by the decoder
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18:33:01  <feross>i mentioned some of the ideas that we've discussed in #stackvm before in my Node Board election Q&A, specifically ideas for how to help maintain the "commons" of packages in the ecosystem using money from the foundation
18:33:35  <feross>just wanted to share in case folks have further ideas about how the node foundation could put all that money from corporate sponsors to good use
18:33:40  <feross>https://github.com/nodejs/membership/issues/28#issuecomment-176292487
18:33:52  <substack>this is a very worthwhile discussion to have
18:34:16  <substack>it's very hard because new packages are always popping up, and it's not clear in advance which ones are going to be the most important in the future
18:34:40  <substack>and the bulk of the work happens before anybody thinks the packages are important usually
18:35:40  <substack>I wouldn't mind working on more handbooks and fixing up existing handbooks if there was money to do that
18:37:33  <feross>substack: i think a lot of people feel the same way
18:37:57  <substack>but it's also such a lot of work to drum up money for a project
18:38:09  <substack>and the overhead of that doesn't map well to small projects
18:39:37  <feross>one model that might work well is paying a flat fee for guides, with a list of good topics for people to get inspiration from
18:40:01  <feross>Linode, a hosting company, offers $250 one time to folks who write a guide for them
18:40:24  <feross>their docs are really good: https://www.linode.com/docs/
18:40:32  <feross>info about how it works: https://www.linode.com/docs/linode-writers-guide/
18:46:09  <substack>how do they ensure quality control?
18:53:28  <jfhbrook>substack: qa engineers? :v
18:53:47  <substack>the quality of the docs I mean
18:54:22  <feross>substack: they don't accept every submission
18:54:56  <feross>substack: so i imagine that it would be a PR to the nodejs.org website and people would have a chance to discuss if the guide is good enough
18:55:04  <feross>if it gets merged, the primary author gets rewarded
18:57:21  <jfhbrook>substack: interns :D
19:00:00  <feross>i just noticed that only 156 people have voted in the board election
19:00:10  <feross>https://vote.linuxfoundation.org/helios/elections/7902462c-beda-11e5-b690-52540038f031/voters/list?page=1&limit=50&q=
19:00:38  <feross>if you haven't voted, you should because your vote has a HUGE chance of actually deciding the election results :)
19:01:33  <substack>I don't even know how the whole process works
19:01:47  <substack>how many people are applying for how many spots?
19:04:41  <feross>substack: there are 2 spots, and there are 12 people running
19:04:58  <feross>more info: https://nodejs.org/en/foundation/members/#becoming-an-individual-member
19:05:07  <feross>https://nodejs.org/en/blog/community/individual-membership/
19:06:24  <feross>here's the ballot: https://vote.linuxfoundation.org/helios/elections/7902462c-beda-11e5-b690-52540038f031/questions
19:13:08  <feross>it could definitely be a simpler process
19:25:54  <feross>pro-tip: if you can see this issue (https://github.com/nodejs/members/issues/1) then you can vote for free
19:26:25  <feross>if you've contributed to core, but haven't been added as a collaborator yet, lmk or tweet to @mikeal on twitter
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21:05:19  <thealphanerd>@feross you were nominated today
21:05:20  <thealphanerd>:P
21:05:46  <feross>thealphanerd: lol i don't really understand what that nomination means
21:06:00  <thealphanerd>basically it is a nomination to add you to the collaborators group
21:06:03  <thealphanerd>give you a commit bit
21:06:05  <feross>oh lol
21:06:16  <feross>i got a commit into core back in 0.11
21:06:27  <thealphanerd>well this would allow you to push to master
21:06:38  <feross>hot dang!
21:06:40  <thealphanerd>:D
21:06:51  <thealphanerd>the main idea is to continue to bring in more collaborators
21:07:07  <thealphanerd>help with everything from managing prs / labels to landing your own code if it is reviewed
21:07:27  <thealphanerd>people were overall very impressed with all the buffer stuff and I think would like to see you more invovled
21:07:37  <thealphanerd>(there is no commitment to it though :p)
21:08:35  <thealphanerd>feross have you heard the term "commit bit" before?
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21:23:03  <feross>thealphanerd: yep!
21:23:05  <feross>thealphanerd: cool :)
21:23:09  <thealphanerd>right on
21:23:23  * thealphanerdI had never heard of that particular term before joining IBM, now I hear it all the time.
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