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00:08:28  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: hey can you log into wzrdin
00:08:36  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: and read logs
00:08:41  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: just wondering if i did it right
00:13:44  <Raynos__>jden: o/ I'm thinking of writing a jsig grammar this weekend
00:13:54  <Raynos__>jden: Maybe even write a parser for it
00:19:26  <jesusabdullah>uhhh sure
00:19:53  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: asks for a password
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00:23:47  <jesusabdullah>what's a jsig?
00:24:57  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: hmm i put your pubkey in /home/jesusabdullah/.ssh/authorized_keys so i thought that woudl do it
00:25:18  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: ah try one more time, i reformatted it
00:28:59  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: totally works, gj
00:29:09  <jesusabdullah>now I just need to replace browserify.jit.su with a mr302
00:33:21  <mikolalysenko>ok. I have to rant, but the way chrome implements track pad events on os x is totally fubar
00:33:47  <mikolalysenko>I can't figure out for the life of me how to detect a right click. every time it emits an event with both left and right click down...
00:34:00  <mikolalysenko>somehow this works in firefox, but there everything else is broken
00:34:28  <mikolalysenko>honestly, I think that mouse events may be the single most fucked and broken part of the DOM. no one does anything right beyond the simple click() event
00:35:08  <mikolalysenko>and this is in the latest version of chrome and ff, not some out of date thing
00:40:28  <jesusabdullah>weak
00:46:02  <mikolalysenko>also I just realized that blur/mouseleave is broken in chrome too...
00:46:06  <mikolalysenko>grrr
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00:52:50  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: http://browserify.jit.su
00:58:12  <mbalho>haha
00:58:51  <jesusabdullah>mr302 might be the most useful nodejitsu app I've ever written
01:00:09  <jesusabdullah>https://github.com/jesusabdullah/browserify-cdn/blob/nodejitsu/mr302.js
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01:07:39  <jesusabdullah>so, cool
01:07:56  <jesusabdullah>next step is to get npm to a place where it doesn't do native stuff
01:08:16  <jesusabdullah>did isaacs ever suggest anything for api for that?
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01:24:21  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: nope
01:25:08  <jesusabdullah>oh well
01:25:30  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: if you come up with any good ways to do it, make an issue with the suggested api and I'll try to implement it
01:25:40  <jesusabdullah>I'm-a take a short nap, maybe work on a couchapp side project
01:27:14  <mbalho>https://github.com/maxogden/requirebin works
01:27:18  <mbalho>gotta deploy it now
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02:03:30  <mikeal>sometimes i forget how overly complex couchdb is
02:03:31  <mikeal>https://gist.github.com/mikeal/5938298
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02:18:07  <st_luke_>mikeal: heh
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02:30:16  <owen1>kenperkins: my nodeconf video - http://engineering.yp.com/post/nodeconf
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02:37:01  <Raynos__>owen1: did I bump into you at nodeconf?
02:40:46  <owen1>Raynos__: yes. i talked to a guy named ryan at the first night. i thought it's you and came to you during breakfest all excited.
02:41:08  <owen1>because the other ryan shared my view that we should find ways to stop using express for everything
02:41:46  <owen1>but it seems like u share similar opinion, so only after talking to you i realized you are not the same ryan.
02:42:38  <owen1>https://github.com/soldair
02:42:52  <owen1>i think it was Ryan Day
02:44:05  <owen1>interestingly enough he is also into leveldb, a fact that confused me even more..
02:52:56  <st_luke_>hahaha
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02:58:07  <owen1>oh. and u guys kind of look the same
03:00:42  <owen1>i also talked to your co-worker. very sharp dude
03:01:03  <owen1>i think i left when he got excited about generators (:
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03:12:54  <rvagg>owen1: so you were the dude that took the photo from the front of the bus that I managed to avoid (sitting in front seat)
03:16:45  <owen1>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZjO2cqNfH4#t=0m27s i am on the left, brown shirt
03:16:55  <rvagg>owen1: nice vid btw, some good shots you got there
03:17:27  <owen1>rvagg: were u on my buss?
03:17:29  <owen1>bus
03:17:51  <owen1>still pissed that i didn't find you after you gave the quick talk
03:17:52  <rvagg>owen1: yar, in that shot with you in it, I'm just down at the bottom right, out of shot
03:18:49  <rvagg>I was probably hiding after my little talk, too many people, the introvert within me probably needed to get some fresh air
03:19:19  <owen1>you faked it pretty well there. looked like u know what u'r talking about (:
03:19:29  <rvagg>heh
03:19:47  <rvagg>so, if anyone in here's interested in native addons and doing async work, I have an example! https://github.com/joyent/node/pull/5806/files
03:19:53  <owen1>with fancy charts of 8px fonts
03:19:53  <rvagg>code is here: https://github.com/rvagg/node-addon-examples/tree/v0.11/9_async_work
03:20:10  <rvagg>monte carlo approximation of pi, split across multiple threads
03:20:34  <rvagg>makes me think that node has a use-case in multi-threaded number-crunching orchestration
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05:04:30  <mbalho>http://requirebin.com/ :D
05:06:49  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: o/
05:07:02  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: (consider it pre-alpha)
05:10:16  <mikolalysenko>mbalho: sweet!
05:10:33  <mikolalysenko>I think this could be really huge
05:10:55  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: me too! im excited about it
05:11:34  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: its on nodejitsu right now but i wanna have it be a static site using https://github.com/prose/gatekeeper for the github integration
05:12:01  <mikolalysenko>yeah. I think if you get this stable enough I will make all of my demos link to this
05:12:08  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: that way the browserify-cdn and gist servers can be disconnected from the app
05:12:10  <mikolalysenko>or at least all the examples in my READMEs
05:12:27  <mikolalysenko>cool
05:13:04  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: gist publishing works, e.g. http://requirebin.com/5938733
05:13:28  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: it saves the compiled bundle on gist https://gist.github.com/maxogden/5938733
05:13:52  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: so when you embed/go to http://requirebin.com/play/5938733 it just evals the precompiled code
05:14:06  <mbalho>kumavis: check out o/
05:14:14  <mikolalysenko>this is really great
05:14:33  <mbalho>i also started prototyping a package.json editor
05:14:39  <mbalho>but it is complex so i was saving it for another day
05:14:57  <mikolalysenko>that is kind of an advanced feature
05:15:04  <mbalho>not in my opinion
05:15:10  <mbalho>it will just create it for yuo as you work
05:15:20  <mbalho>so there wont be any learning curve
05:15:23  <mikolalysenko>would be nice, but I think it isn't necessary to get the basic interface working
05:15:27  <mikolalysenko>yeah that is the right way to do it
05:15:44  <mbalho>at the very least i need to peg the versions so that code doesnt break
05:15:49  <mikolalysenko>man. this thing is going to blow jsfiddle and codepen right out of the water
05:15:53  <mbalho>the editor can even be read-only
05:16:06  <mikolalysenko>I would make the font size a bit smaller though
05:16:31  <mbalho>ah yea ill put it at 12
05:18:01  <kumavis>mbalho i'm not sure what i was supposed to look at exactly. but my mind is already blown.
05:18:48  <mikolalysenko>I think that once you have this ready and people see it, it is going to make a huge number of people switch over to commonjs/npm/browserify
05:18:50  <mbalho>kumavis: mostly the gist format
05:18:57  <kumavis>ah i see
05:18:59  <kumavis>3 files!
05:19:11  <kumavis>so you can even go in and edit the html eh
05:19:21  <mikolalysenko>though the package.json should be hidden by default
05:19:28  <mbalho>this is the code that runs in the browser when you visit the embed page https://github.com/maxogden/requirebin/blob/master/www/embed.js
05:20:03  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: its just gonna be a list of modules that are available, by default there will be none but as you require() stuff it will add modules to that list
05:20:11  <mikolalysenko>hmm
05:20:15  <mikolalysenko>is that really necessary to see?
05:20:28  <mikolalysenko>I think it would be better if the editor was just full screen
05:20:46  <mikolalysenko>with maybe one or two buttons on the top to run it/edit the package.json/save/etc.
05:21:24  <mikolalysenko>might also be nice to have a side-by-side code and output view too
05:21:39  <mbalho>yea
05:21:49  <mikolalysenko>but the default should be just the editor I think, since that is all most people want to see
05:22:33  <mikolalysenko>I think the main thing should be to emphasize how small and how simpler programs are when you build them out of modules
05:22:36  <mbalho>feel free to run it and send me patches :)
05:22:47  <mikolalysenko>ok, I will play around with it
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06:05:14  <mikeal>levelup.createReadStream
06:05:24  <mikeal>is there a reference to the snapshot that i can use for a get?
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06:29:48  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: is there supposed to be a box I can type in at requirebin?
06:30:10  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: oh siiick broken javascripts
06:30:51  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: 'window.webkitStorageInfo' is deprecated. Please use 'navigator.webkitTemporaryStorage' or 'navigator.webkitPersistentStorage' instead.
06:30:54  <jesusabdullah>Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function bundle.js:21825
06:30:56  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: using chrome beta
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06:35:14  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: shit I get breakage in ff too ;_;
06:35:27  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: Timestamp: 07/05/2013 10:35:01 PM
06:35:27  <jesusabdullah>Error: Error: Bad xmlhttprequest.XMLHttpRequest
06:35:27  <jesusabdullah>Source File: http://requirebin.com/bundle.js
06:35:28  <jesusabdullah>Line: 11346
06:36:51  <gildean>mbalho: is there a reason why you're trying to provide fallbacks to old IEs?
06:37:13  <gildean>just drop all the checks for that imo
06:38:55  <jesusabdullah>gildean: my guess is some other module is to blame here, this looks like browserified code
06:53:37  <kumavis>most language features in place now, http://imgur.com/2LHGRGt
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06:59:06  <jesusabdullah>holy shit
06:59:13  <jesusabdullah>please tell me that will get more simples XD
07:04:06  <jesusabdullah>my minecraft skin is awesome btw someday I will show y'all
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07:06:25  <kumavis>jesusabdullah yes absolutely, i'm just trying to make sure i have basic language feature coverage first
07:06:36  <kumavis>then i will introduce more macro blocks
07:06:53  <jesusabdullah>word
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15:20:00  <juliangruber_>mbalho: is requirebin auth supposed to work?
15:20:21  <juliangruber_>mbalho: i get alert("not logged in")
15:21:06  <juliangruber_>mbalho: hitting /save
15:21:54  <juliangruber_>mbalho: cookie user-id is empty
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16:05:40  <mbalho>juliangruber_: i hit that bug yesterday but then deleting all my cookies and logging in again fixed it
16:05:51  <mbalho>juliangruber_: i thought it was just a bug with my browser cause i was logged into the dev version
16:05:55  <mbalho>juliangruber_: but i'll take a closer look now
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16:07:33  <mbalho>https://github.com/quartzjer/alternative-internet
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16:40:02  <juliangruber>mbalho: cleared my cookies and tried again, but user-id still is blank
16:40:23  <juliangruber>mbalho: btw, when this works, requirebin is one of the best things ever!
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17:23:58  <isaacs>mbalho: do you know of a way to have a gist with a bunch of files, and then embed that on a website, but not as a bunch of files, as a slideshow kind of thing?
17:24:02  <isaacs>mbalho: so you click next to go to the next file
17:24:17  <isaacs>mbalho: otherwise, i might write that tonight
17:26:14  <mbalho>isaacs: maybe tmcw/big has that feature/
17:26:31  <mbalho>isaacs: https://github.com/tmcw/biggie
17:28:18  <isaacs>interesting
17:30:39  <isaacs>hm. too big, i think
17:31:00  <isaacs>i think i'm gonna just write something that loads the gist embed script, and then turns it into click-through divs or something
17:31:11  <isaacs>i want to embed my Substack-style slides from my presentation into a blog post
17:31:27  <isaacs>but the gist embed tag dumps them all there, and it's hard to follow the flow
17:32:40  * ralphtheninjajoined
17:34:34  <mbalho>isaacs: https://github.com/maxogden/requirebin/blob/master/www/embed.js
17:34:40  <mbalho>isaacs: thats how you can get gist file data
17:35:04  <mbalho>isaacs: ooh i dont actually use browser-request in there i should take that out
17:36:47  <isaacs>nice
17:38:21  <isaacs>mbalho: hm, i want the actual github prettyified versions though
17:38:55  <isaacs>mbalho: i'll probably just do it the gross way and see how that goes
17:39:02  <isaacs>mbalho: lots of document.write
17:39:06  <isaacs>old school
17:39:46  <isaacs>otherwise i have to put line numbers and stuff in there myself
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18:22:51  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: so this is a bit silly, but it's best to use indirect eval if possible
18:23:03  <chrisdickinson>i.e., `_eval = eval; _eval(minified)`
18:24:11  <juliangruber>i just noticed once more how big the fs api is: https://github.com/juliangruber/level-fs
18:26:53  * mcollinajoined
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18:30:35  <mbalho>chrisdickinson: is that so eval cant be globally overwritten or something?
18:30:51  <chrisdickinson>mbalho: it's a weird optimization hack
18:31:06  <chrisdickinson>basically, using direct eval can cause a deopt of the current function as well as all calling functions
18:31:35  <mbalho>ahhh
18:31:37  <chrisdickinson>indirect eval changes the behavior so that modifying local scope is impossible from within the eval'd text
18:33:58  <mbalho>ok http://requirebin.com/ is now 100% client side js
18:34:07  <mbalho>which means the urls are now like http://requirebin.com/?gist=12335345
18:34:27  <mbalho>but its easier to deploy
18:35:31  * defunctzombie_zzchanged nick to defunctzombie
18:36:02  <mbalho>juliangruber: can you see if requirebin works for you now? i basically rewrote it and switched from nodejitsu to gh-pages
18:37:35  <juliangruber>mbalho: works :)
18:37:37  <juliangruber>mbalho: http://requirebin.com/?gist=5940808
18:38:08  <mbalho>w00t
18:38:20  <mbalho>maybe i can use requirebin.com/#34829375
18:40:32  <juliangruber>mbalho: already added a link to a readme :P https://github.com/Wayla/spinning/blob/master/README.md
18:41:37  <mbalho>juliangruber: you can also do http://requirebin.com/embed?gist=5940808
18:41:48  <mbalho>man that is cool
18:41:55  <juliangruber>mbalho: sweeeet
18:42:25  <juliangruber>mbalho: <3
18:48:29  <mbalho>i should probably make the run button more prominent
18:53:05  <juliangruber>mbalho: yes
18:55:17  * johnkpaul_changed nick to johnkpaul
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19:03:23  * dominictarrjoined
19:03:27  * AvianFluquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:05:10  <juliangruber>mbalho: why doesn't concat-stream handle errors?
19:07:40  <mbalho>juliangruber: thats left up to the upstream streams
19:13:10  * shuaibquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
19:18:48  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
19:27:53  * owen1quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:28:38  * owen1joined
19:30:40  * shuaibjoined
19:32:00  <mikolalysenko>are there any libraries for npm that automatically generate color palettes?
19:32:08  <juliangruber>mbalho: i see
19:32:14  <mikolalysenko>or on npm I mean
19:33:54  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: https://npmjs.org/package/colormap
19:33:55  * mcollinaquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:34:28  * defunctzombie_zzchanged nick to defunctzombie
19:34:36  <mikolalysenko>mbalho: fantastic!
19:35:32  <mikolalysenko>that was exactly what I was looking for
19:36:17  * kumavisquit (Quit: kumavis)
19:40:21  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: http://requirebin.com/?gist=5940999 :D
19:41:08  <mikolalysenko>requirebin is going be very addicting
19:41:57  <mikolalysenko>also the font size still needs to be a bit smaller I think
19:42:15  <mikolalysenko>on my screen anyway it is about 2.5x the size of the default font in my text editor...
19:42:29  * kumavisjoined
19:43:52  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: patch welcome to add an options menu with font-size setting :D
19:44:02  <mikolalysenko>ah, good idea
19:45:25  <mikolalysenko>hmm
19:45:32  <mikolalysenko>I think it would clutter up the interface though
19:45:55  <mbalho>if it was a thing in the actions menu that said 'settings' that popped up a modal settings window or something
19:46:11  <mbalho>similar to the 'about' option in the menu of http://voxelbuilder.com/
19:46:21  <mikolalysenko>yeah
19:46:52  <mikolalysenko>though even without that the default font size is about twice is as big as jsfiddles
19:47:02  <mikolalysenko>and making the font smaller will make demos seem smaller/less complicated
19:47:12  <mikolalysenko>(at least that is my crackpot pscyhcological theory)
19:47:21  <mikolalysenko>but there is some satisfaction when a demo fits on a single screen
19:47:26  <mbalho>lol
19:47:54  <mikolalysenko>the goal should be to make an online editor that has maximum power/screen of code
19:49:02  <mbalho>oh oops it was still at 16px
19:49:04  <mbalho>i thought i lowered it
19:49:11  <mikolalysenko>maybe 11px?
19:49:14  <mikolalysenko>or 10...
19:50:22  <mbalho>give it a shot now
19:50:32  <mbalho>its at 13, which IMO is a good middle ground
19:51:07  <mikolalysenko>I think that this should fit on one page:
19:51:08  <mikolalysenko>http://requirebin.com/?gist=5941042
19:52:00  <mbalho>if you got rid of all those unecessary curly brackets it would :)
19:52:40  <mikolalysenko>yeah. I normally dislike unncessary syntax, but I've burned by leaving those out one too many times...
19:52:48  <mikolalysenko>I used to not put them in though
19:52:55  <mikolalysenko>now I do it out of habit
19:53:20  <mbalho>13 is as low as im goin, lower doesnt look right to me, sorry
19:54:24  <mikolalysenko>also, how does jsfiddle prevent os x chrome from bouncing when you scroll?
19:55:22  <juliangruber>substack defunctzombie: can I make browserify require x instead of y from the commandline? something like --swap fs:custom-fs ?
19:56:29  <Raynos__>o/
19:56:55  <juliangruber>Raynos__: oh hai :)
19:58:08  <juliangruber>if not, I'll write a transform stream for that
19:58:41  <mikolalysenko>ok. I guess I will just have to make all my examples take fewer lines...
19:59:39  * thl0joined
19:59:55  <mikolalysenko>also I tried running requirebin and got the error : Cannot find module: "toolbar"
20:00:07  <mikolalysenko>missing dependency probably
20:05:19  <jden>mbalho: requirebin is awesome.
20:06:49  <mikolalysenko>mbalho: at what point should I start using requirebin publically?
20:07:05  <mikolalysenko>like I am thinking about writing a blog post on mipmapping in minecraft type games
20:07:17  <mikolalysenko>and it would be awesome to put the demo as a requirebin thing
20:07:21  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: you can use it now
20:07:25  <mikolalysenko>ok
20:07:32  <substack>juliangruber: -r fs:custom-fs
20:07:40  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: only thing that might change is the url for gists/embeds but it will be backwards compatible
20:07:42  <juliangruber>substack: sweet, thanks
20:07:43  <mikolalysenko>hmm... though I am a bit nervous about the stability issue
20:08:08  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: the /embed urls load static files from gh-pages, there is no node
20:08:18  <mikolalysenko>like if I write a post, and hits the front page of hackernews/reddit will requirebin hold up?
20:08:55  <mikolalysenko>yeah, but my blog is on wordpress and it doesn't let you embed js :(
20:09:10  <mikolalysenko>(though it does do latex, so it is a tradeoff)
20:09:10  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: its an iframe
20:09:36  <mikolalysenko>hmm, I don't think you can embed those on wordpress.com though
20:09:45  <mbalho>you cant embed iframes in wordpress posts??
20:09:53  <mikolalysenko>not on the official site I think
20:09:57  <mbalho>ah
20:10:06  <mbalho>well the other thing you can do is just link to the file on gist.github.com using their embed
20:10:11  <mbalho>and then another link to the /embed url
20:11:36  <mikolalysenko>hmm
20:12:05  <mikolalysenko>yeah, that could work
20:12:22  <mikolalysenko>basically put a copy of the demo on github.io and another one that is editable on requirebin
20:12:50  <mikolalysenko>and if the requirebin one goes down under traffic, no big deal. people can just use the github one
20:13:04  <mbalho>well that would work too but its more work than what i was saying
20:13:34  <mikolalysenko>can github gists be executed directly?
20:14:47  <mbalho>no but you can link to the files in a gist e.g. https://gist.github.com/juliangruber/5940808/raw/6083a4c31945e32f2f83a95af1b1f5130ad1cdef/index.js
20:14:50  <mbalho>that file is created by requirebin
20:15:12  <mikolalysenko>ok. will it serve those with the right mimetype, etc.?
20:15:14  <mbalho>so you link to that/embed that etc and then for the demo you link to http://requirebin.com/embed?gist=5940808
20:15:28  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: i think it always serves it with text/plain
20:15:35  <mbalho>mikolalysenko: could be wrong though
20:16:04  <mikolalysenko>ok
20:16:34  <mikolalysenko>also can requirebin interface with the gist "star" functionality?
20:17:34  <mbalho>yea probably if its in the API
20:18:18  <mikolalysenko>alright. lots to think about
20:18:29  <mikolalysenko>but my battery is almost dead so I got to go
20:19:22  * defunctzombiechanged nick to defunctzombie_zz
20:19:37  * shuaibquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:22:52  * mikolalysenkoquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:23:06  <guybrush>mbalho: requirebin is very nice!
20:23:23  <guybrush>this is like *the* hot new thing haha
20:23:48  <mbalho>:)
20:25:55  <guybrush>does it support gitlinks too?
20:26:06  <guybrush>i would have to POST right?
20:26:56  <mbalho>what is a gitlink
20:27:03  <guybrush>a git-dependency
20:27:07  <mbalho>oh, not sure
20:27:29  <mbalho>custom dependencies is TODO
20:27:39  <guybrush>oh ok
20:32:21  * kumavisquit (Quit: kumavis)
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21:30:38  <dominictarr>isaacs: whats the bit in npm that compiles things?
21:37:05  * jcrugzzquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:48:20  <jesusabdullah>derf
21:54:35  <jesusabdullah>will be excited to get a browser that doesn't hate requirebin XD
21:54:41  <jesusabdullah>maybe opera will be the odd one out :P
21:55:20  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: relevant upstream issue https://github.com/iriscouch/browser-request/issues/12
21:56:57  <jesusabdullah>cool
21:57:16  <jesusabdullah>well, stale opera breaks too for me but I can't even figure out how to open the dev console so fuck opera
21:57:54  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: how about the chromium issue? I have that in chrome beta too :(
21:58:12  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: i cant reproduce that one
21:58:20  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: can you figure out where th ebug is?
21:58:44  <jesusabdullah>uhhh, kind of, I can probably tell you what's undefined
21:59:32  <jesusabdullah>it's also in xmlhttprequest
22:00:37  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: https://gist.github.com/jesusabdullah/38370bb4c7dc50760c68#file-butts-js-L34
22:00:52  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: doing those detection checks
22:00:55  <mbalho>ah
22:01:01  <mbalho>maybe it just needs to get upgraded
22:01:28  * jolissquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:01:29  * joliss_joined
22:02:19  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: bIE comes out truthy
22:02:30  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: apparently document.all is defined in chrome beta? o__o
22:03:00  <mbalho>https://github.com/ilinsky/xmlhttprequest
22:03:13  <mbalho>the one in browser-request is like h6 months old
22:04:26  <jesusabdullah>that oxmlhttprequest guy is not defined
22:04:30  <jesusabdullah>ahh
22:04:35  <jesusabdullah>yeah maybe bumping that will help
22:11:34  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: can you copy paste this into your firefox console and see what happens https://raw.github.com/ilinsky/xmlhttprequest/master/XMLHttpRequest.js
22:17:49  * jolissjoined
22:18:15  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: yeah sure one sec
22:18:58  <jesusabdullah>ahahaha
22:19:02  <jesusabdullah>missing } after function body
22:19:26  <jesusabdullah>I blame the ff debugger
22:19:30  <jesusabdullah>this thing is such a piece of shit
22:19:35  <jesusabdullah>do most people still use firebug?
22:19:49  * joliss_quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:20:12  <jesusabdullah>oh better
22:20:14  <jesusabdullah>okay
22:20:15  <jesusabdullah>weird
22:20:18  <jesusabdullah>there are TWO of them
22:20:22  <jesusabdullah>maybe this one's firebug
22:20:24  <jesusabdullah>either way
22:20:26  <jesusabdullah>mbalho: [14:20:05.550] ReferenceError: oXMLHttpRequest is not defined
22:20:32  <mbalho>hmm
22:20:41  <mbalho>maybe i should switch ajax libs
22:23:08  * jxsonjoined
22:26:07  * thl0quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:26:43  * thl0joined
22:27:42  <substack>is there a module that will toString Uint8Array data that I might get in a browser from concat-stream?
22:27:49  * jxsonquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:28:01  <substack>normalizing everything to strings would be pretty nice
22:31:34  * thl0quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:40:06  <grncdr>mbalho: just saw requirebin announce
22:40:15  <grncdr>:D
22:43:20  * jcrugzzjoined
22:47:05  * jcrugzzquit (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:51:57  <mikeal>dominictarr: JSONStream question
22:52:22  <mikeal>if the response is just one big array, how do i get a 'data' event per object in the array?
22:52:29  <mikeal>it's not an array that is a property
22:54:43  <dominictarr>JSONStream.parse([true])
22:54:51  <dominictarr>or JSONStream.parse('*')
22:58:26  <mikeal>i think i tried parse('*'), but [true] works great :)
23:04:22  * yorickquit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:06:34  <mikolalysenko>Substack: Array.prototype.slice(uint8array).join(",")
23:06:58  <mikolalysenko>err should be a .call
23:07:11  <mikolalysenko>Array.prototype.slice.call(typed_array).join(",")
23:14:43  <mikeal>https://github.com/mikeal/SLEEP
23:25:26  <substack>nice!
23:29:38  <mbalho>effing browser-request is broken in everything but chrome stable
23:29:48  <mbalho>damn you, jasonsmith!
23:30:19  <mbalho>i should just use hyperquest
23:30:25  <mbalho>substack: hyperquest browserifies, right?
23:33:16  <mbalho>substack: are there any testling tests for http-browserify ? or do you use an xmlhttpreqeust polyfill at all
23:40:19  * Kesslerjoined
23:41:52  <substack>it does indeed
23:42:03  <Kessler>hi! :)
23:42:10  <substack>mbalho: there aren't on account of the server component is still tricky to test
23:43:15  <mbalho>gotcha
23:51:57  <mbalho>jesusabdullah: can you try agin in firefox?