00:06:27  <dominictarr>http://npm.im/random-name
00:08:10  <substack>not yet on github
00:08:19  <substack>where'd you get the dataset?
00:08:34  <dominictarr>USA census
00:08:49  <substack>good place
00:09:11  <dominictarr>okay, pushed
00:09:58  <substack>oh excellent https://github.com/dominictarr/random-name/blob/master/index.js#L2
00:10:04  <substack>means this works in browsers
00:10:25  <substack>which will become rather important soon
00:10:36  <substack>so much progress on testling-ci
00:10:36  <dominictarr>yup
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00:19:33  <dools>hey if anyone has boats, "48 hours of coding FTW Literally (cannonade.net)" on http://news.ycombinator.com/newest needs YOU
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01:43:43  <substack>https://gist.github.com/3773764
01:44:16  <substack>testling-ci in action
01:44:21  <substack>doing git things and writing to couchdb
01:46:54  <st_luke>nice
01:48:10  <substack>I can hook into all the events with pushover now
01:48:14  <substack>to accept() or reject() requests
01:48:50  <substack>researching public ssh keys over http
01:48:58  <substack>if it's easy I'll just do that, otherwise basic auth
01:54:36  <st_luke>I need to buy a coffee machine so I have usable weekend coding motivation. I think that will fix that problem.
01:54:45  <substack>make it so
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05:04:01  <substack>st_luke: US citizens can travel to a lot of places without a passport
05:04:11  <substack>not *enough* places I say but then I dislike borders on principle
05:04:49  <substack>I quite like what the EU has with its borderless national travel in the eurozone
05:05:02  <substack>north america should do that
05:09:13  <st_luke>substack: I can really get into portugal without a passport?
05:09:28  <st_luke>I can't even get into canada without one
05:11:06  <st_luke>I mean I'm not a felon
05:12:19  <substack>oh you don't have a passport?
05:12:20  <substack>or a visa
05:12:23  <substack>they're different
05:12:42  <substack>you need a passport
05:13:02  <substack>takes a few months to get a passport but it's good for 10 years
05:20:29  <dools>echo "15:03 < substack> st_luke: US citizens can travel to a lot of places without a passport" | sed "s/passport/visa/"
05:21:01  <st_luke>ah yes that's what I figured
05:21:18  <substack>oh yeah that
05:21:25  <substack>if you have a passport you're good
05:21:28  <st_luke>stream editing ++
05:21:39  <substack>unless you try to visit an odd place like india or taiwan
05:21:44  <substack>s/taiwan/china/
05:21:52  <substack>taiwan is the good one that you can visit without a visa
05:22:06  <dools>haha the good one
05:22:35  <st_luke>hong kong too
05:22:53  <substack>hong kong requires a visa I thought
05:22:58  <substack>ever since the handover
05:23:42  <st_luke>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Hong_Kong#Visitors.27_visas_and_visa_exemptions
05:24:34  <substack>oh nice
05:25:06  <substack>if chinese citizens need a visit to enter hong kong that is so crazy
05:26:20  <st_luke>looks like they need to get approved
05:26:23  <st_luke>terrible
05:32:13  <substack>I can't wait until standards of living globally rise to the point where borders are completely pointless and we get rid of them for travel and work
05:32:17  <isaacs>substack: where can US citizens travel without passports?
05:32:34  <substack>isaacs: I misspoke, see the correction above
05:32:40  <isaacs>substack: oh, ok
05:32:50  <isaacs>right
05:32:52  <substack>isaacs: but like 50 states and a handful of territories, it's crazy
05:33:07  <isaacs>though, you CAN get from one side of the content to the other without a passport.
05:33:12  <substack>why aren't there checkpoints at every city crossing
05:33:36  <isaacs>compared with western europe, where there aren't 3000 miles in a row that you can go without papers.
05:33:38  <substack>uh oh crossing into contra costa county, better go get a visa approved first
05:33:46  <isaacs>yeah, that's bullshit
05:34:36  <substack>knowledge work will increasingly become the only kind of work as we automate all the service industries
05:34:45  <substack>and you can do most of that work from anywhere
05:34:53  <isaacs>yep
05:35:00  <substack>massive unemployment for all!
05:35:03  <isaacs>the first time i went to mexico, i didn't have a passport
05:35:05  <isaacs>didn't need one
05:35:08  <isaacs>pre-9/11
05:35:19  <isaacs>i got back into the US with my student id
05:35:33  <substack>why does shit happening on the unimportant side of the country affect the side that doesn't give a shit
05:35:35  <st_luke>isaacs: that's kind of related to one of my unrealistic goals
05:35:44  <st_luke>going into mexico without a passport/ID and trying to find a way to sneak back in to the US
05:36:02  <substack>really if the US were like 4 or 5 separate countries we could sandbox against those kinds of critical failures a little better
05:36:10  <isaacs>st_luke: the easiest way to sneak back into the US is to find internet access, and print out your birth certificate, then use it to get a fake drivers' license, then go to the embassy
05:36:13  <substack>versus now we're all stuck with the bullshit
05:36:21  <isaacs>er, use it AND a fake drivers' license
05:36:35  <st_luke>substack: what's the unimportant side, the east coat?
05:36:39  <substack>yes
05:36:49  <isaacs>no, the unimportant side is the lower right.
05:37:00  <isaacs>i mean that both figuratively, and based on its position on a map.
05:37:02  <substack>there can be more than one unimportant side
05:37:09  <st_luke>substack: don't tell that to the nyc enthusiasts
05:37:12  <isaacs>the northeast is wildly important to the US
05:37:26  <isaacs>for starters, a huge chunk of the US lives there.
05:37:33  <isaacs>there is no empty space there. it's all people.
05:38:04  <substack>I've only ever lived in far-western pacific rim states
05:38:18  <isaacs>so, in true american fashion, "Important" = "Where I live"
05:38:19  <isaacs>;P{
05:38:24  <substack>well except for those 2 months I was in south carolina
05:38:28  <substack>that one time
05:38:37  <isaacs>substack: and i'm sure you realized in the first week, that it was not important.
05:38:55  <substack>yes correct
05:39:48  <substack>isaacs: oh so I had an idea for a module like the package called `modules` on sourceforge that is actually highly excellent
05:40:13  <substack>it's like nave except for all the bin scripts you usually install with npm -g
05:40:31  <substack>so you can load particular versions of scripts and list all the installed versions
05:42:12  <st_luke>I would use that
05:43:02  <substack>I should work on my lisbon and berlin examples blarg
05:43:15  <substack>nah screw that I can whip this up in an hour or two
05:51:14  <jesusabdullah>substack: does pushover support nested directories? like, a repo on /jesusabdullah/repo, or just 1 level deep?
05:52:37  <jesusabdullah>substack: if no would you take that in a PR?
05:53:10  <substack>sure does
05:53:20  <substack>since yesterday
05:53:31  <substack>as much nesting as you want
05:53:39  <jesusabdullah>right on
05:53:53  <jesusabdullah>I have an idea for this :)
05:53:59  <substack>sweet
05:54:10  <substack>I should give a talk about all these crazy git experiments somewhere
05:54:11  <jesusabdullah>I'm gonna add a github-style http post hook, and make it trigger a git pull :)
05:54:23  <jesusabdullah>mildly silly I know
05:54:28  <jesusabdullah>but, y'know, github
05:54:41  <substack>I was just about to build that!
05:54:48  <substack>so awesome if so
05:54:49  <jesusabdullah>well build it then!
05:54:51  <jesusabdullah>haha!
05:54:52  <substack>because I need this for testling-ci
05:54:56  <jesusabdullah>yeah, let's see if I get to it tomorrow
05:54:56  <substack>well if you build it first
05:55:00  <substack>one less thing I need to build
05:55:01  <jesusabdullah>if you build it first I will not complain
05:55:02  <jesusabdullah>;)
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05:58:14  <dools>haha software field of dreams: if you build it, they will complain
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06:12:34  <substack>need this ci stuff in a place where I can demonstrate it by the 15th
06:12:46  <substack>so I can blow away folks at html5 dev conf
06:12:49  <substack>with AWESOME
06:12:58  <substack>it's pretty close right now
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07:42:54  <jesusabdullah>substack: https://github.com/jesusabdullah/pullover just a test app right now
07:43:04  <substack>looking
07:43:33  <substack>I actually need a thing that re-pushes after pulling
07:43:40  <substack>so maybe I can build on top of your module
07:44:09  <jesusabdullah>substack: lulz, a number of typos XD
07:52:48  * substackwill build the badge renderer
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09:07:12  <jesusabdullah>substack: https://github.com/jesusabdullah/pullover and https://github.com/jesusabdullah/hubhook
09:07:22  <jesusabdullah>substack: pull requests welcome, this is kind of a first pass
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09:24:05  <jesusabdullah>need to figure out how to show the post is coming from github
09:34:06  <jesusabdullah>also I think that method needs to be pullover.fetch and not pullover.pull, but whatever, can do it tomorrow
09:51:48  <substack>there's a list of IPs that github uses
09:51:59  <substack>just check against that whitelist
09:56:10  <substack>ok I got ie9 to go into standards mode finally
09:56:24  <substack>but now it's not emitting tap output like chrome is for some reason
09:58:04  <substack>the socket isn't even getting established and there are no errors
10:10:31  <substack>ok so inside shoe onopen never fires in ie9, only onclose
10:10:48  <substack>I should just rewrite this part to use ajax since that works reliably everywhere
10:10:57  <substack>doing that now
10:11:24  <substack>will be much easier to debug shoe once I have this tool
10:22:11  <substack>the annoying thing about ajax is the messages often arrive in a different order than they were sent
10:22:28  <substack>and they span multiple requests which is frustrating
10:23:04  <substack>hacking up a tiny ajax writeStream module
11:23:21  <dominictarr>substack, I think you can tell sockjs not to use ws, and to just use long polling.
11:24:39  <substack>could work
11:30:58  <substack>didn't work
11:31:05  <substack>ie9 just sits there
11:31:30  <dominictarr>could be a bug in sockjs?
11:31:50  <dominictarr>engine.io has a disable transport feature too, I think.
11:32:28  <dominictarr>(of course, need to wrap it in a stream api)
11:33:04  <substack>not sure but I'm only getting onclose events
11:33:11  <substack>onopen isn't firing
11:33:54  <substack>checking 1 other thing
11:35:40  <substack>nope, it isn't closed
11:35:46  <substack>it just doesn't fire onopen
11:35:56  <substack>so this could be a sockjs bug
11:38:22  <substack>except!
11:38:48  <substack>the shoe invert example works fine on ie9 in browserling
11:40:33  <dominictarr>so, like... it's still taking messages, it's just not telling you when the connection is confirmed?
11:40:57  <substack>I don't get any messages but I don't send any
11:41:05  <substack>I'll try sending some messages on an interval
11:41:22  <substack>well except I can't do that because the server-side listener never fires either
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11:42:08  <substack>I'm just using shoe to write messages to the server, not to receive anything
11:42:21  <substack>but it doesn't even get that far
11:44:51  <substack>verified that the /sock uri is correct and accessible
11:48:48  <substack>ok this is interesting: if I comment out the sock.install() part of my app I can intercept the /sock/info uri being requested
12:02:51  <substack>adding a ton of console.error()s into the sockjs source
12:02:58  <substack>so it's using xdr
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12:13:21  <substack>OH WAIT
12:13:39  <substack>so I just noticed
12:13:50  <substack>it's trying to connect to some ip, port 9009
12:13:57  <substack>but it's mounted at browserling.com:9009
12:14:09  <substack>could be some cross-origin bullshit
12:16:02  <substack>nope, still nothing
12:18:47  <substack>maddening
12:19:15  <substack>whatever, I'll just finish the xhr-write-stream module I already started
12:19:29  <substack>free from crazy fallback logic
12:43:30  <dominictarr>will it be long polling?
12:43:55  <substack>no
12:44:06  <substack>write-only
12:44:18  <substack>from the browser's point of view
12:46:15  <dominictarr>aha
12:46:45  <dominictarr>just ordered post requests.
12:50:52  <substack>yep
12:53:26  <dominictarr>this feels crazy. each iteration I do on my data replication stuff it's getting so much simpler.
12:53:41  <dominictarr>distributed programming is _actually_ easy.
12:54:34  <dominictarr>can't believe I started my re-implementing git as javascript.
12:55:53  <substack>I just use git for that
12:56:30  <substack>git is scarily prescient about accomodating strange use cases
12:56:48  <dominictarr>only problem is that it didn't run the the browser.
12:56:52  <substack>true
12:57:40  <dominictarr>it's simple anyway, it's just a secure time series of diffs, and a 3 way merge algorithm.
12:58:04  <dominictarr>it only took me like, six weeks to implement.
12:58:38  <dominictarr>six weeks to write about 500 lines
13:02:12  <dominictarr>substack, the other problem with git is that it is only suitable for list structured data, like text.
13:02:48  <dominictarr>it's merge algorithms don't work effectively for trees, or graphs, where the branches may move.
13:03:18  <dominictarr>but it's highly effective if you are using it for texty stuff.
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13:30:47  <substack>there's something about taking a really long time to write a very small amount of code that seems very correct
13:39:18  <substack>dominictarr: will you be in lisbon?
13:39:40  <dominictarr>substack, I arrive evening of the 27th.
13:40:10  <substack>neat! I leave tomorrow (the 25th)
13:40:27  <dominictarr>cool!
13:40:54  <dominictarr>I'm gonna be in lisbon until the 3rd, until berlin.
13:41:31  <substack>same
13:45:43  <dominictarr>are you going to nodecopter and/or reject js?
13:48:02  <substack>nodecopter
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13:49:35  <substack>reject.js tickets not currently available :(
13:50:17  <dominictarr>substack, I think reject.js is sold out now.
13:53:27  <substack>https://twitter.com/berlinjs/status/250172101028347904
13:54:03  <substack>which is in 7 minutes
13:54:11  <substack>coincidentally
13:55:48  <substack>oh wait, /tomorrow/
13:56:39  <dominictarr>very good
13:59:19  <substack>oh fuck
14:02:33  <substack>so it looks like the proxy on testling is messing up shoe in ie9 >_<
14:03:04  <substack>blarg
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14:07:36  <substack>probably because it sets connection: close
14:14:22  <substack>nope
14:18:42  <substack>bwahaha
14:19:46  <substack>fixed!
14:19:50  <substack>it was totally the proxy
14:21:16  <substack>so now I am running tap tests in ie9 and streaming the results back over shoe into couch
14:25:38  <substack>fleet is really being useful here
14:26:10  <substack>since I pushed changes to a new commit, spun that up to verify my hypothesis, then put back the old version
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14:47:24  <substack>bouncy's bounce() should be a duplex stream so I can implement transparent response filters
14:47:42  <substack>I need this for testling proxy hacks
14:49:32  <substack>grrr I should really not work on this until my lisbon stuff is completely done
14:49:41  <substack>and then jsconf materials
14:52:42  <substack>I have more crazy ideas to prototype for proxies now
14:53:12  <substack>req.createRawStream()
14:55:15  <substack>could return a stream that on the next tick will emit a buffer with all the header data then will start emitting the raw request body with any framing exposed
14:56:05  <substack>that combined with https://github.com/substack/http-noupgrade is all you need to turn a vanilla http server into an http proxy server
14:56:20  <substack>anything else could just be some sugar for routing
14:57:47  <dominictarr>substack, that is kinda how http://npm.im/badass works. it just proxies http as tcp, and just parses the headers with some regexps, and doesn't parse the body.
14:58:21  <dominictarr>relying on the fact the http 1.1 does not pipeline requests to different addresses on the same stream.
14:59:35  <substack>the problem is that what I actually need is a selective response proxy, not a request proxy
15:00:40  <substack>oh wait, there is already a mechanism in http for turning off framing!
15:00:42  <substack>upgrade!
15:00:51  <substack>req.upgrade() is all we need
15:01:05  <substack>right now the only way to enable upgrades is to receive an upgrade header
15:01:36  <substack>but all we need to be able to explicitly turn that on
15:01:48  <substack>*all we need is to
15:04:14  <dominictarr>so, you are gonna proxy to websockets?
15:04:53  <substack>just thinking about how the core api can evolve to make modules like bouncy and http-proxy mostly irrelevant
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15:17:41  <substack>ok this is seriously neat:
15:17:46  <substack>if you have an http server
15:17:53  <substack>you can server.on('connection', fn)
15:18:05  <substack>and the connection object you get back has the http parser attached
15:18:34  <substack>so you can inject around all the on{Headers,Body,MessageComplete}
15:22:55  <dominictarr>substack, is that new since you wrote bouncy?
15:23:06  * Madarsquit (Quit: reboot)
15:23:07  <substack>unsure
15:23:24  <substack>this has the potential to be much faster and simpler than bouncy and http-proxy I think
15:24:13  <dominictarr>very good!
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15:24:34  <substack>and it will be easier for me to implement response filtering
15:30:30  <mbalho>"Portugal is party to the Schengen agreement "i lolled
15:32:52  <Madars>mbalho: why? Portugal really is within EU's common border
15:33:21  <mbalho>sorry, was quoting one of substacks tweets out of context
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18:13:04  <isaacs>new rule: In talks, always put "data" in air-quotes.
18:13:05  <isaacs>people will go crazy trying to figure out what we're talking about.
18:13:43  <isaacs>"The challenge these days is that people are producing a lot of "data" and sending it around. If you want to move "data" through your app quickluy..."
18:13:46  <isaacs>and so on.
18:19:53  <mbalho>haha
18:20:00  <isaacs>In college, I used to get my "data" from the "database" at my school. But it was corrupted. It wasn't until I'd corrupted the "data" of my entire dorm that we realized the problem.
18:20:16  <mbalho>i have pretty big "data" if you know what i mean
18:20:40  <isaacs>mbalho: i very nearly used the term "chinamarket" in a slide for "data" week
18:21:03  <mbalho>what is "data" week
18:21:32  <isaacs>it's a week of pseudo-conference events and schmooze/snooze-fests regarding "data"
18:22:20  <st_luke>dater week
18:23:27  <mbalho> * JAVASCRIPT FOR CATS - here's a formula that anyone wanting attention online should learn. Cute and dumb + nerdy science = win. Previous examples include Britney Spears's guide to Semi Conductor Physics and the Bear That Shits Prime Numbers. Why not make Katy Perry Plays Pi To One Million Decimal Places On Bagpipes?
18:23:32  <mbalho>http://jsforcats.com/
18:23:33  <mbalho>from http://b3ta.com/newsletter/issue544/
18:23:36  <mbalho>LOL
18:25:40  <st_luke>hahaha
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18:50:01  <isaacs>i would watch Katy Perry play pi on the bagpipes to bazillions of decimal places.
18:52:29  <AvianFlu>yeah, I have to agree with you on that one
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18:56:48  <isaacs>(is that inappropriate? what are the *sfw guidelines for this room?)
19:04:45  <st_luke>THAT'S A GOOD QUESTION
19:04:46  <pkrumins>since we've loudbot in this channel
19:05:02  <pkrumins>SYRIA
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