00:00:47  <tanepiper>your node philly talk - you can see some of it
00:01:16  <tanepiper>basically i want to do a similar live code thing, although i have 30 mins to fill :)
00:02:19  <mikeal>you don't have to fill the whole slot
00:02:25  <mikeal>people should learn to make the slots smaller
00:02:29  <mikeal>shorter talks are better talks
00:02:51  <tanepiper>mikeal: true - although for ScotlandJS thats a stipulation - every session is 40 mins
00:03:08  <tanepiper>this'll be a practice run so i can keep it short
00:03:11  <mikeal>i will be doing my ice cream bit
00:03:24  <mikeal>i'll do my talk, then run out the time by eating ice cream, live!
00:03:53  <tanepiper>i hope you're sending some sticker shwag :)
00:03:58  <tanepiper>i need some more for my mac
00:04:06  <mikeal>nah
00:04:15  <isaacs>mikeal: eventually your talks are going to be just one word;
00:04:16  <SubStack>just do 2 talks if you have to fill out a slot
00:04:23  <SubStack>rather than do one big talk
00:04:24  <SubStack>more interesting
00:04:26  <isaacs>mikeal: and you'll finally achieve your dream of being andy kaufman.
00:04:30  <SubStack>I did 3 talks basically at node philly
00:04:31  <mikeal>isaacs: or no words, just slides :)
00:04:34  <SubStack>in 10 minutes
00:04:40  <isaacs>mikeal: walk onto stage. "Streams." then sit down and stare at the audience.
00:04:43  <mikeal>isaacs: i have some fuckin crazy ideas for talks
00:04:49  <mikeal>i think i'm going to do one in NYC
00:04:55  <isaacs>extraneous
00:05:02  <isaacs>;P
00:05:03  <SubStack>mikeal: oh goodness just wait til you see the stuff I'm working on
00:05:06  <mikeal>i'll just read The Great Gatspy
00:05:06  <tanepiper>isaacs: i agree - if i can just drop slides, yay
00:05:42  <tanepiper>i want to get node in my company - we're basically deploying smartos
00:05:47  <SubStack>slides are more about keeping pace and drawing attention than about conveying content
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00:06:05  <mikeal>you're missing something tho
00:06:07  <tanepiper>isaacs: we're about to use smartos on a lot of servers :)
00:06:10  <mikeal>if there were NO words
00:06:14  <st_luke>SubStack: ++ on the 2 talk thing
00:06:15  <mikeal>it would be like a silent film
00:06:22  <isaacs>mikeal: ohhhhh
00:06:24  <mikeal>and the slides could convey all the content
00:06:31  <isaacs>mikeal: AND THE CONTENT COULD BE JUST PICTURES
00:06:37  <mikeal>and people would pay attention
00:06:51  <mikeal>did you see coda's recent talk?
00:06:54  <isaacs>mikeal: with your gestures, and pictures, and eye direction, the entire concept could be conveyed
00:07:00  <mikeal>it's just slides and his voice, no video of him, and it's great
00:07:10  <mikeal>and it's mostly words, but he really does shit with the words
00:07:40  <st_luke>mikeal: is the microphone at tacoconf stationary or hand held?
00:07:49  <mikeal>lavalier
00:07:53  <mikeal>wireless
00:08:00  <SubStack>oh shits, inkscape panning is totally fucked in the latest version on apt
00:08:03  <mikeal>we'll pin it to you and you can walk around
00:08:11  <SubStack>as in it's completely backwards and stupid now
00:09:58  <isaacs>mikeal: yeah, i like word-slides
00:10:05  <isaacs>mikeal: but like, not enough to read.
00:10:08  <isaacs>not a "deck"
00:10:26  <isaacs>if there's enough to read, it's not boiled down enough
00:10:36  <mikeal>that coda talk is real fuckin good
00:10:48  <st_luke>I like slides with < 1 sentence
00:10:54  <tanepiper>mikeal: link?
00:12:02  <mikeal>http://eng.yammer.com/blog/2012/5/1/coda-hale-the-programming-ape.html
00:12:26  <tanepiper>ta
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02:15:50  <st_luke>is the map on tacoconf.com not loading for anyone else?
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02:39:51  <isaacs>st_luke: it's funny, right after you tweeted about php.js, i recommended it to someone
02:39:59  <isaacs>just the strtotime function, though
02:40:05  <isaacs>and only for educational purposes :)
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03:33:12  <st_luke>isaacs: haha really?
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03:34:04  <isaacs>st_luke: yeah
03:34:07  <isaacs>in #Node.js
03:34:23  <st_luke>some of it is *interesting* because of the approach they take
03:34:48  <isaacs>https://gist.github.com/2657362
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03:44:41  <st_luke>I like it as a "hey look what we did" except for the global stuff, and it makes me sad when companies say "we made a js api client library!" and it depends on php.js
03:45:20  <st_luke>but toy language, etc
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04:09:06  <SubStack>beep boop
04:13:55  <chapel>bop bep
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04:19:03  * blahblah123changed nick to niftylettuce
04:19:05  <niftylettuce>beeeeep
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04:19:49  <niftylettuce>SubStack: you try new gimp?
04:20:17  <dominictarr>hey guys
04:21:14  <SubStack>ahoy
04:21:37  <SubStack>dominictarr: I made sure event-stream got a plug on today's nodeup
04:21:42  <SubStack>even though my skype wasn't working
04:21:54  <dominictarr>SubStack, cool.
04:23:54  <SubStack>node-charm is now just a regular stream too
04:23:59  <dominictarr>SubStack, I GOT SOME NEW MAD SCIENCE
04:24:08  <SubStack>it was silly how it wasn't a readable/writable stream before
04:24:17  <SubStack>science you say!
04:24:20  <SubStack>of the mad variety
04:24:34  <dominictarr>yup, we can use it to make seaport PEER2PEER
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04:27:19  <SubStack>sea2sea
04:27:31  <SubStack>sea2shiningsea
04:28:33  <SubStack>I am busying myself with silly ansi hacks
04:28:52  <dominictarr>or maybe a pirate theme?
04:28:55  <dominictarr>freeport
04:29:00  <dominictarr>or portroyal
04:37:29  <chapel>what is the best way to close a process but finish handling whatever open connections are open, in the case of express or a http server for instance?
04:39:25  <SubStack>.close()
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06:00:12  <st_luke>is janitor derogatory?
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06:02:02  <st_luke>nah
06:13:27  <jesusabdullah>custodian
06:29:11  <st_luke>janitor kinda sounds cooler though
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09:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 28]
10:01:00  <tanepiper>ooh i was thinking of something similar to dominictarr when i was out walking the dog
10:01:27  <tanepiper>line a CDn/Dropbox clone with file watchers than send files between instances
10:01:46  <tanepiper>a bit like fleet, but with file and net streams
10:11:05  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) francois@... successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
10:11:05  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
10:17:44  <SubStack>yay
10:58:40  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [developer: 4, free: 16]
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11:55:25  <SubStack>sending some patches to tap
11:55:37  <SubStack>special case for buffer equality
11:55:59  <SubStack>using this https://github.com/substack/node-buffer-equal/blob/master/index.js
11:56:10  <SubStack>which is really simple code but I still don't trust it without tests
11:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 32]
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12:05:17  <SubStack>pow sent yay
12:05:23  <SubStack>https://github.com/isaacs/node-tap/pull/46
12:05:34  <SubStack>isaacs: ^^^
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12:30:43  <tanepiper>anyone know in iterm how to get a new tab to open in the same directory as the current tab?
12:41:00  <SubStack>updated binary for a nice streaming api https://github.com/substack/node-binary
12:44:22  <tanepiper>hmm SubStack trying fleet - i've create a really simple express server that listens on port 8001, and i deploy it to my drones, but they keep crashing
12:44:23  <SubStack>since that module is from before pipe was a thing
12:44:24  <tanepiper>(spawned 3ad6d1#base.6829f884c1f4327be0a7c8d9a0cccc59 : )
12:44:26  <tanepiper>(exited 3ad6d1#base.6829f884c1f4327be0a7c8d9a0cccc59 with code null from signal SIGSEGV: )
12:44:54  <SubStack>how are you spawning them?
12:45:03  <tanepiper>(that happens when i do a spawn)
12:45:21  <SubStack>all fleet is doing is child_process.spawn()
12:45:34  <tanepiper>oh typo i have --node rather than -- node
12:46:01  <tanepiper>also i need to pass in the port - do'h
12:46:18  * SubStackis making streamable ansi containers
12:51:10  <tanepiper>man once i got this working, :D
12:51:39  <tanepiper>now - need to figure out how to have one port (i.e. 80) that proxies to all these other ports (I assume bouncy is good for this?)
12:52:27  <tanepiper>can bouncy auto-get a list from fleet, or seaport in any way so I don't have to think about it?
12:52:47  <tanepiper>(like your benjemin franklin example?)
12:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 23]
12:59:47  <SubStack>sure just write something like this https://github.com/substack/airport-cluster-example/blob/master/bouncer.js
13:06:24  <SubStack>tanepiper: https://github.com/substack/toy-company-cluster-example
13:06:36  <SubStack>https://github.com/substack/toy-company-cluster-example/blob/master/bouncer.js
13:08:06  <tanepiper>awesome :) I'm watching that again right now
13:09:03  <SubStack>the toy company bouncer is even simpler
13:41:37  <Raynos>SubStack: Can I call require("..") in my test folder to get index.js and it will "just work" with testling
13:43:35  <Raynos>SubStack: Why do I feel like testling not being updated in 6 months is a bad thing? :(
13:46:31  <SubStack>not being updated?
13:47:10  <SubStack>last commit I made to the repo was 9 days ago
13:47:18  <SubStack>oh do you mean the npm module testling?
13:47:25  <SubStack>yeah getting to that part
13:47:47  * ITprojoined
13:48:40  <SubStack>getting this new browserling stuff out the door then getting the new testling url driver stuff live
13:48:58  <SubStack>then getting feature parity in the npm module
13:49:00  <SubStack>is the plan
13:50:48  <Raynos>I see
13:51:08  <Raynos>I'm trying to swap node-tap out for testling and I expected it to "just work" :P
13:51:53  <Raynos>it prints out my error twice >_<
13:52:28  * ITproquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
13:53:30  <Raynos>maybe it's because I call test twice
13:53:41  <Raynos>does testling complain if I have multiple test blocks
13:54:32  <Raynos>yes it does :)
13:55:21  <SubStack>the hosted version is fine with those
13:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [developer: 1, free: 59]
14:01:24  <SubStack>tanepiper: oh one thing that fleet still needs is http basic auth for the git http server
14:01:42  * st_lukejoined
14:03:01  <Raynos>I want to use testling locally too :(
14:03:27  <SubStack>yep it's in the works
14:08:37  <Raynos>" error: Cannot find module '..'"
14:08:55  <Raynos>what's the quick fix for using a standard test folder with testling?
14:09:03  <Raynos>I gues require("moduleName") and sym link
14:09:44  * st_lukequit (Remote host closed the connection)
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14:28:49  <SubStack>an isaacs appears!
14:31:53  <Raynos>https://gist.github.com/974112459044eeb6a821
14:31:58  <Raynos>SubStack: How do I debug that?
14:32:27  <SubStack>right that is pesky
14:32:38  <SubStack>Raynos: try running your file with node to catch where the parse error is?
14:33:10  <Raynos>that falls over at window is not defined :P
14:33:15  <Raynos>there is no parser error
14:33:19  <Raynos>jshint says its fine
14:33:45  <Raynos>is this where i should turn instrumentation off?
14:37:05  <Raynos>https://gist.github.com/75d1e7eb3a56c670a3bd
14:37:09  <Raynos>progress for some value of progress
14:38:36  <isaacs>hello!
14:38:58  <SubStack>isaacs: I sent you a pull request for tap earlier today
14:39:20  <SubStack>it adds a special case for buffer comparisons
14:39:40  <SubStack>so you can do t.same(buf1, buf2)
14:40:00  <SubStack>also added .notSame() since .same() needed a friend
14:40:18  <isaacs>hm.
14:40:24  <isaacs>can that be done in .equivalent and friends?
14:40:32  <isaacs>.deepEqual etc
14:40:49  <SubStack>deepEqual is the same as same() I thought?
14:41:45  <SubStack>'["isEquivalent","looseEqual","looseEquals","isDeeply","same","deepEqual","deepEquals"]'
14:42:11  <SubStack>the logic is just in equivalent() and inequivalent()
14:42:48  <isaacs>yes
14:42:59  <isaacs>oh! you mean you just added buffer logic there
14:42:59  * ITprojoined
14:43:06  <SubStack>yep
14:43:11  <isaacs>sorry, i just woke up, i'm on grown-up time ;P
14:43:22  <SubStack>if both a and b are buffers then it does a bufferEqual() instead of deepEqual()
14:43:33  <isaacs>i see
14:43:42  <isaacs>seems like the important bit there is skipping the .parent member
14:43:44  <SubStack>and buffer-equal is its own module with tests
14:43:59  <SubStack>does .parent() matter for comparing buffers?
14:44:05  <SubStack>s/\(\)//
14:44:36  <SubStack>I don't think I've ever had an issue where I cared what the .parent was
14:44:43  <isaacs>no
14:44:45  <isaacs>that's what i'm saying
14:44:49  <isaacs>that's why a normal deepEqual wont' work
14:44:54  <isaacs>because you'll compare the whole parent slab
14:45:05  <isaacs>actually, it'd be nice if that was just non-enumerable or something
14:46:03  <SubStack>oh yeah
14:46:55  <SubStack>but waiting for that to happen is a bit silly :p
14:47:33  <isaacs>oh, of course :)
14:49:43  <Raynos>SubStack: do you have a solution for a debugging workflow with testling?
14:49:57  <Raynos>i.e. a tests fails how do I make I figure out why it failed on browser X
14:50:41  <SubStack>well stack traces can help a little bit with that
14:50:57  <SubStack>you can also log messages with t.log()
14:51:04  <Raynos>t.log will do :)
14:51:06  <SubStack>I do that quite often just like how I debug node programs
14:51:11  <SubStack>great!
14:51:25  <Raynos>ill figure out how to address visual debugging later :P
14:51:39  <Raynos>t.doesScreenLookLikeThisGif(gif)
14:52:04  <SubStack>I have a prototype of the screenshot api working already
14:52:31  <SubStack>it's just tricky to integrate these working prototypes with all the other subsystems
14:52:47  <Raynos>curl asks me for my password all the time
14:52:58  <Raynos>how do I tell I automate that
14:52:59  <SubStack>-u you@you.com:password
14:53:03  <Raynos>oh
14:53:06  <Raynos>dero
14:54:44  <Raynos>error: "No servers running for browser: chrome/17."
14:54:51  <Raynos>Am I in the queue or do I need to terminate and run again?
14:55:10  <Raynos>oh wait fail -.-
14:55:21  <SubStack>chrome/canary
14:55:34  <SubStack>oh wait we have 17.0
14:56:45  <Raynos>I failed because I did 17. instead of 17.0
14:57:00  <Raynos>I also think testling punishes me every time I make a mistake and dont quickly terminate the connection by eating my minutes :D
14:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 59]
14:59:06  <Raynos>SubStack: is the data in localStorage and indexedDB clean ?
14:59:19  <SubStack>on testling?
14:59:22  <Raynos>or is my chrome/17.0 instance shared with other people and thus the data is not clean
14:59:30  <Raynos>by clean I mean sharing a database with others
14:59:40  <SubStack>not sure!
14:59:44  <Raynos>awesome :D
14:59:59  <SubStack>I think it should be clean, pkrumins wrote some nifty scripts to clean everything up between sessions
15:00:15  <Raynos>i think the idea is that if you open the same browser on the same PC on the same domain the data is persisted
15:00:28  <Raynos>so in theory the data in my database should persist between my test runs and only my test runs :P
15:00:58  <SubStack>well the account data gets cleared
15:01:11  <SubStack>every time the browser starts up
15:01:53  <Raynos>fair enough
15:02:17  <SubStack>but if you need to test persistence you could open some t.createWindow() iframes
15:03:09  * hij1nxjoined
15:04:19  <Raynos>true
15:08:36  <Raynos>I like how t.log is not documented :D
15:11:42  <SubStack>it is!
15:12:05  <SubStack>oh wait crap you're right!
15:12:23  * _sorensenjoined
15:12:39  <SubStack>hah and it's used all over the place in the examples too
15:12:50  <SubStack>and output=log even mentions it directly
15:13:26  <Raynos>does testling have a way to terminate tests
15:13:29  <Raynos>that take too long
15:13:33  <Raynos>otherwise it consumes minutes
15:15:02  <SubStack>you can use -m in curl
15:15:15  <SubStack> -m/--max-time <seconds>
15:15:24  <SubStack>Maximum time in seconds that you allow the whole operation to take.
15:15:59  <SubStack>also if you run out of minutes feel free to bug me and I'll get you more
15:16:08  <Raynos>awesome
15:16:13  <SubStack>since you have some useful feedback!
15:16:14  <Raynos>I'll upgrade to dev when I run out
15:16:24  <Raynos>then when I run out of dev ill bug you :D
15:16:29  <SubStack>hah ok
15:16:32  <Raynos>also the issue with the bundle.js magically dissappeared
15:16:40  <Raynos>I think it was because I bundled .
15:16:45  <SubStack>oh maybe
15:16:47  <Raynos>and it grabbed all the junk that was in my directory
15:17:08  <Raynos>and then something blew up somewhere, like I was sending makeFiles, README, LICENCE and other non-JS files
15:17:18  <SubStack>it should ignore all the non-js stuff
15:17:19  <Raynos>so it may have had a syntax error on those :P
15:17:31  <SubStack>but the more stuff there is the more things could go wrong
15:17:52  <SubStack>maybe tar -cf- $(find -name \*.js) | curl ... or whatever
15:18:10  <Raynos>what are the odds you can get an instance of IE10 pp up on testling?
15:18:24  <Raynos>`tar -cf- index.js test.js test lib` is good enough
15:18:51  <SubStack>I'm not sure about ie10 but pkrumins has a good idea
15:21:44  <Raynos>can I access t.log somehow in the code through some kind of magic global ?
15:22:23  <SubStack>in the code?
15:22:33  <SubStack>it's specific to the test
15:22:46  <SubStack>but there is a push thing
15:23:40  <SubStack>t.log() does a require('/push')('log', { testId : t.id, message : '...' })
15:24:00  <Raynos>I see
15:24:18  <Raynos>I just like having console.log in my code so I can debug the code whilst im testing
15:24:33  <Raynos>Can you just do console.log = t.log :P
15:26:11  * wiwilliajoined
15:26:26  <SubStack>well that would interfere with code that has console.log() in it
15:26:33  <SubStack>that should rightfully break on old browsers
15:27:19  <Raynos>Ah I see
15:47:54  * hij1nxquit (Quit: hij1nx)
15:48:08  <Raynos>I now have a case where the tests do nothing when I throw an error
15:48:14  <Raynos>but the tests work when I try catch it
15:49:18  <Raynos>SubStack: I suspect you have err instanceof Error code somewhere which fails for dom errors
15:51:02  <Raynos>https://gist.github.com/b1f5369fdc9707547e78
15:55:23  <Raynos>SubStack: Authentication server temporarily down. Try again soon.
15:56:05  <SubStack>oh craps
15:56:27  <SubStack>dammit where is pkrumins
15:56:40  <SubStack>his screen session died like mine I think
15:56:57  <Raynos>?
15:57:20  <SubStack>for irssi
15:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 29]
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16:03:46  <Raynos>SubStack: For cases where the server is down, is there an easy way to run my testling suite in my own browser
16:06:35  * ryan_stevensjoined
16:12:29  <SubStack>http://substack.net/images/taco_conf_front.svg http://substack.net/images/taco_conf_back.svg
16:12:36  <SubStack>Raynos: not yet
16:12:46  <SubStack>that's something I'm going to work a lot on once the new stuff goes live
16:15:05  <Raynos>https://gist.github.com/8025a746627f02467789
16:15:37  <Raynos>SubStack: I literally just need the testling file and change my require("testling") to some global reference
16:15:48  <Raynos>that would be sufficient to run it in my own browser
16:19:33  * hij1nxquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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16:31:00  <tanepiper>yay, my talk for next week can be *much* simpler than i hoped :D less techy people
16:31:24  <tanepiper>(well, less node techy)
16:31:39  <SubStack>simpler?
16:33:15  <tanepiper>yea, instead of being a specific topic it's going to be more broad base of npm + some ecosystem stuff (like express, request, and some core modules fs/http, etc)
16:33:32  <tanepiper>turns out 2/3 of the audience will have never used node before
16:34:03  <SubStack>broad talks can be pretty boring
16:34:33  <tanepiper>yea, keeping it to 20m with some live examples
16:35:15  <SubStack>maybe just keep it interesting!
16:35:32  <tanepiper>tbh less pressure on me with the book outline due as well this week :)
16:37:24  <tanepiper>that's the challange :) (for me anyway)
16:38:48  <tanepiper>this is *not* me: http://memegenerator.net/instance/19337759
16:41:15  * hij1nxquit (Quit: hij1nx)
16:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [developer: 2, free: 35]
16:58:56  <Raynos>SubStack: eta on auth server?
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17:20:01  <SubStack>Raynos: whenever pkrumins gets back online
17:21:01  <Raynos>I would need some kind of test in browser solution when testling is down alternative before I can recommend testling to my company
17:21:19  <Raynos>anything I can do to help write that?
17:53:39  <guybrush>SubStack: with trumpet it would be cool to be able to do `trumpetB.select('b'); trumpetA.select('a').pipe(trumpetB); xmlStream.pipe(trumpetA);`
17:54:37  <guybrush>so tr.select returns a new stream (only the html of current selected nodes)
17:55:00  <guybrush>so one can do "nested" selector-streams
17:56:28  <guybrush>or maybe this would be just wrong :D
17:56:50  <SubStack>you could just do tr.select('a b')
17:56:57  <guybrush>i am trying to normalize various xml to 1 data-schema-thing
17:57:00  <guybrush>right
17:57:06  <SubStack>or a > b
17:57:31  <guybrush>like tr.select('feed > entry, channel > item')
17:57:35  <guybrush>for rss/atom xml
17:58:04  <guybrush>but i would have to parse each node again
17:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 34]
17:58:39  <guybrush>write the node.html to another trumpet :DD
18:00:29  <SubStack>html() could just be a readable stream
18:00:36  <SubStack>then you could do whatever with it
18:02:18  <guybrush>then i can do `tryY.select('y',..); trX.select('x',function(n){n.html().pipe(trY)}); xml.pipe(trX)`
18:03:33  <guybrush>* then i can do `trY.select('y',..); trX.select('x',function(n){n.html().pipe(trY)}); xml.pipe(trX)`
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18:11:30  <ik>sup nerds
18:12:04  <SubStack>hoy
18:15:04  <ik>spanish for 'today'!
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18:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [developer: 3, free: 34]
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19:06:08  <ik>rowbit: Dear Valued Customer,
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19:13:08  <wiwillia>Yo SubStack, thoughts on color? http://i.imgur.com/VLX8O.jpg vs. http://i.imgur.com/WrItc.jpg
19:14:31  <ryan_stevens>wiwillia: those are great!
19:17:04  <wiwillia>ryan_stevens coming soon!
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19:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [developer: 2, free: 15]
19:58:38  <rowbit>Daily usage stats: [developer: 14, free: 698]
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20:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 33]
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21:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 20]
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22:31:47  <tanepiper>mikeal: hmm, weird - i'm using watch and for some reason when i create a file .on('created' gets called twice :/
22:32:11  <mikeal>i thought we fixed those
22:32:25  <mikeal>node's file watchers are super broken
22:32:31  <mikeal>all watch is a big layer of fixes
22:32:32  <tanepiper>https://gist.github.com/37c01250130bbdfd5347
22:32:55  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:33:58  <tanepiper>just doing .once fixes it at least
22:34:11  * mikealjoined
22:34:22  <tanepiper>oh eh, ignore that :/
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22:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 17]
23:09:16  <tanepiper>hmm SubStack with aiport is there a way to have methods on the 'listener' ? when it connects my remote object is empty
23:10:12  <SubStack>tanepiper: gist it
23:12:00  <tanepiper>i realise the socket stuff won't work, but i was just trying to throw stuff together - but I would expect to see this.socket as a function in the remote object in the watcher.js https://gist.github.com/83b0dfa4ab98cbcadf25
23:12:47  <tanepiper>just wanting to play around with some ideas around building a simple dropbox clone with seaport/airport and streams
23:13:05  <SubStack>what are you even doing?
23:13:11  <SubStack>net.createServer?
23:13:35  <SubStack>oh I sort of get it
23:13:45  <tanepiper>SubStack: i wrote this in about 5 minutes - i just wanted to see what each side could see, but it's not working as i expect with dnode
23:14:23  <SubStack>connection.on('ready', fn)
23:14:31  <SubStack>put your console.log in there
23:14:51  <tanepiper>yea, i'm thinking i need some kind of port negotiation between net streams, on the watcher end when it sees a file change i want the listeners to basically pull the file via streaming sockets
23:14:51  <SubStack>or maybe connection.on('up')
23:14:59  <SubStack>anyways upnode isn't really designed for symmetric clients
23:15:00  <tanepiper>similar to fleet, but without git
23:15:04  <SubStack>best to just pass a callback
23:15:31  <SubStack>like ftp?
23:15:37  <SubStack>couldn't you just put that data in seaport?
23:16:23  <tanepiper>can i? :) I'm litterally just sitting down to play with it now and get a feel for it properly
23:17:03  <SubStack>well if you're using airport to start with
23:18:00  <tanepiper>so basically a seaport script could sit in the middle and act as the stream negotiator?
23:18:56  <SubStack>it could just be where you store the port
23:19:33  <tanepiper>gotcha
23:31:14  <tanepiper>my last freelance job that was supposed to be 4 weeks and ended up being 4 months took me so far out the loop, my current coding with node could be described as 'throwing shit against a wall to see what sticks'
23:36:52  <SubStack>I could swear one of those contractors remodeling downstairs has been speaking in arabic and spanish
23:54:40  <tanepiper>ahh i get it, so when i require seaport - i still create a seaport server via command line - my code is connecting to it, and ports.service gives me an available port to use
23:57:54  <SubStack>sure
23:58:38  <rowbit>Hourly usage stats: [free: 28]