00:02:50  <mikeal>SubStack: exceptions in processes that fleet is keeping up with spawn
00:02:54  <mikeal>where do they go?
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00:03:21  <SubStack>they should be in the stderr stream
00:03:24  <SubStack>check out bin/monitor.js
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00:08:21  <mikeal>monitor is showing me an exception in fleet :)
00:08:31  <mikeal>https://gist.github.com/2004263
00:10:33  <SubStack>mikeal: is that the most recent version of everything?
00:10:39  <SubStack>including the drones
00:10:48  <SubStack>that part of the api has been in flux recently
00:11:10  * SubStackcoffee &
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00:26:03  <mikeal>SubStack: i just did a fresh git pull from you
00:26:07  <mikeal>and that's what it's from
00:26:19  <mikeal>that exception is after my process exception
00:26:24  <mikeal>btw, i love you SubStack :)
00:26:43  <mikeal>monitor is fuckin amazing
00:33:28  <chapel>this monitor? https://github.com/lorenwest/node-monitor
00:39:52  <SubStack>mikeal: well it seems like the obvious way of doing it
00:39:57  <SubStack>not sure why this didn't exist already
00:40:21  * SubStackis at awaken cafe
00:40:53  <SubStack>reminds me a bit of public domain in portland
00:42:29  <SubStack>mikeal: anyways as a work-around (proc.command && proc.command.join(' '))
00:42:37  <SubStack>not sure why proc doesn't have a command though
00:42:57  <SubStack>chapel: fleet monitor
00:43:06  <chapel>saw, after I read up a bit more
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01:08:46  <SubStack>haha starting to get spam bots leaving comments on browserling
01:12:17  <SubStack>70 shirts sold woo!
01:12:31  <niftylettuce>:D :D :D
01:13:08  <SubStack>at 73 there's supposed to be some kind of price break where I make more money I guess?
01:13:18  <SubStack>that's what wiwillia was saying
01:15:14  <SubStack>mikeal: did you find out what was wrong?
01:15:57  <niftylettuce>man Teespring charges too much
01:16:03  <niftylettuce>i def know what im doing with my tee.ly domain now
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01:17:43  <niftylettuce>they can get tons of VC funding etc. but when it comes to value they are greedy
01:18:22  <niftylettuce>either they are printing the shirts themselves and have a screenprinter who prints like 1 shirt every 10 minutes, or they have someone nickel and diming them
01:19:25  <mikeal>SubStack: i found out what was wrong with my app
01:19:32  <mikeal>it could be that fleet is not the latest
01:19:36  <mikeal>on the drones
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01:54:22  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) gabriel@... successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
01:54:22  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
01:55:38  <SubStack>holy crap
01:55:40  <SubStack>so many signups
01:56:00  <niftylettuce>:D
01:58:14  <chapel>tis a good thing
01:58:20  <chapel>its awesome seeing it happen
01:58:23  <chapel>happy for you guys
02:00:30  <dak1n1>SubStack: you guys have probably already seen this, but just in case: https://gist.github.com/2001456
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02:02:32  <SubStack>dak1n1: yep! in fact the npm maintainer isaacs is right here in this channel!
02:02:42  <isaacs>hello
02:03:01  <dak1n1>oh nice
02:03:05  <dak1n1>well good :)
02:03:22  <dak1n1>I figured you'd be in the loop
02:03:39  * isaacsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
02:04:24  <SubStack>dak1n1: also check this project out! https://github.com/substack/fleet
02:05:05  <SubStack>commands to upload code to a bunch of services at once for continuous deployment
02:05:13  <dak1n1>sweet
02:05:14  <SubStack>and run them and manage the processes
02:05:28  <SubStack>here's an example that sets up a local hub for instance https://github.com/substack/fleet/blob/master/example/local-cluster/start.sh
02:05:46  <SubStack>a local hub and some local drones for demonstrative purposes
02:06:09  <SubStack>but any of those processes could live anywhere on the network
02:06:44  <dak1n1>very nice
02:07:17  <dak1n1>ooh, I like the monitor command
02:08:04  <dak1n1>looks kind of similar to the parallel ssh type stuff I use
02:08:21  <dak1n1>but with added fancyness
02:08:35  <SubStack>yeah this thing integrates with git out of the box
02:08:50  <guybrush>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc
02:08:51  <SubStack>fleet deploy does a `git push` to a custom server it sets up
02:09:03  <dak1n1>oh wow
02:09:06  <dak1n1>that is fancy
02:09:16  <SubStack>and then the code gets checked out into an entirely new directory
02:09:35  <SubStack>so the old processes can still run as you bring up new ones
02:10:18  <SubStack>since new code is risky so you'll probably want to test it before putting it into production
02:11:14  <dak1n1>yeah. Unfortunately I'm not doing any prod stuff at the moment.. I'm just a simple test monkey.
02:12:04  <SubStack>contract work or something salary?
02:12:16  <dak1n1>contract at Intel
02:12:23  <SubStack>oh neat
02:12:24  <dak1n1>cool company, but I dont like the work much
02:12:44  <dak1n1>still, a chance to play with clusters is good
02:13:46  <dak1n1>"multi-server continuous git-based deployment and process management" ... hmm, that kind of reminds me of Puppet or Chef. I'll have to give this a try when I start learning that type of thing
02:14:08  <dak1n1>I've been wanting to get into that type of thing for my servers
02:14:34  * dak1n1bookmarks
02:14:45  <SubStack>yeah except with this you need to configure 0 things
02:14:53  <dak1n1>that sounds awesome
02:14:55  <SubStack>just run the hub somewhere and the drones on your workers
02:14:58  <SubStack>and pow everything works
02:15:25  <dak1n1>I think I'm sold on this now, heh
02:15:32  <SubStack>awesome
02:15:34  <dak1n1>zero config for a deployment tool.. that's something
02:15:52  <SubStack>yeah I don't like configuring things
02:16:17  <dak1n1>I love configuring, and learning how things work, but then I like to script it away
02:16:22  <dak1n1>anything repetitive is annoying
02:16:26  <SubStack>well the only configuration is setting up an optional remote on your git repo
02:16:34  <dak1n1>easy!
02:16:37  <SubStack>fleet remote --secret=beepboop --hub=localhost:7000
02:16:42  <SubStack>that makes a fleet.json
02:16:45  <SubStack>but that's it!
02:16:50  <dak1n1>sweet deal
02:17:11  <SubStack>oh I mean fleet remote add --secret=beepboop --hub=localhost:7000
02:17:26  <dak1n1>I'll share this with my sysadmin friends right now.. I'm excited :)
02:17:33  <SubStack>bwahaha
02:18:17  * SubStackhas been iterating on this idea for a long time
02:19:03  <dak1n1>so.. I could use this to install and configure packages on remote machines, yeah?
02:19:10  <dak1n1>maybe it would grab configs from git or something
02:19:26  <SubStack>hmmm maybe
02:19:46  <SubStack>you could check your configs into git
02:19:52  <dak1n1>oh. maybe I misunderstood things.. I should go rtfm before spouting off about it on G+
02:20:12  <SubStack>oh yeah actually
02:22:11  <SubStack>if you had a repo with code that fetched, configured, and installed packages
02:22:22  <SubStack>then you could deploy that repo and tell the drones to build the new stuff
02:22:23  <SubStack>PLUS
02:22:29  <SubStack>if you installed into the cwd
02:22:34  <SubStack>into a ./build
02:22:56  <SubStack>then all your installations would be versioned according to your repo versioning!
02:23:04  <SubStack>that actually sounds like a really good way to do it
02:24:09  <dak1n1>so the git repo would contain a package installation script + configs? Then drones go set it up for me?
02:24:38  <dak1n1>it might also need a script to tell it how to update the configs, in case I push out a configuration change to the git server
02:24:40  <SubStack>yep I think that would work
02:24:51  <SubStack>well you have to tell the drones to run some commands
02:25:09  <dak1n1>I guess I was thinking of "configuration management tool" when I read "continuous deployment"... I was off. I dont know much about programmer-type things like that.
02:25:28  <SubStack>but after you `fleet deploy` you could `fleet spawn --drones=\* -- ./build.sh`
02:25:43  <dak1n1>ok, that sounds easy enough
02:26:09  <SubStack>oh actually, bad idea >_<
02:26:14  <SubStack>fleet exec instead of fleet spawn
02:26:18  <SubStack>but otherwise
02:26:27  <SubStack>because spawn restarts the process when it dies
02:26:33  <dak1n1>ah ok
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10:53:07  <SubStack>check out the new ui as I hack on it! http://browserling.com:9000/encoder.html
13:36:48  <pkrumins>now at 79 users
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14:38:31  <wiwillia>SubStack and it's all in the works now!
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15:04:59  <Altreus>pkrumins: stalking mai twitters
15:07:23  <pkrumins>wasn't me
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15:19:21  <Altreus>k
15:19:25  <Altreus>stealth kit
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15:28:57  <pkrumins>new blog post http://www.catonmat.net/blog/why-vim-uses-hjkl-as-arrow-keys/
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16:18:39  <pkrumins>#1 spot in hacker news secured
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16:50:51  <Altreus>pkrumins: cool article mr
16:51:44  <pkrumins>thanks sir
16:51:56  <Altreus>left a comment for your enjoyment
16:52:21  <pkrumins>see hacker news discussions for an answer!
16:52:26  <pkrumins>http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3684515
16:52:33  <pkrumins>top comment is the best one
16:53:40  <Altreus>cool
16:54:24  <Altreus>there's so much in computing history to know
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17:35:30  <pkrumins>Altreus: updated the post with bonus
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19:43:17  <pkrumins>the simplest articles are the most popular ones
19:44:19  <pkrumins>my latest article is at 26,000 views in 3hrs.
19:45:07  <pkrumins>and over 200 pts on hacker news!
19:47:46  <ryan_stevens>pkrumins: nice!
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21:06:34  <rook2pawn>pkrumins: crazy awesome
21:12:11  <SubStack>73 oakland js shirts told \o/
21:12:13  <SubStack>*sold
21:19:42  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) paid account successfully upgraded /!\
21:19:43  <rowbit>/!\ ATTENTION: (default-local) josh.l@... successfully signed up for developer browserling plan ($20). Cash money! /!\
21:20:57  <pkrumins>80!
21:24:46  <SubStack>wowsy
21:24:55  <SubStack>^5
21:25:24  <pkrumins>o/
21:28:38  <pkrumins>32,000 visitors to catonmat!
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21:29:27  <chapel>nice
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21:55:24  <wiwillia>nice pkrumins
21:55:47  <pkrumins>39,000 now
21:55:59  <wiwillia>what's driving in the traffic?
21:56:13  <pkrumins>100,000 is my record for a single blog post in 24hrs
21:56:34  <pkrumins>wiwillia, hacker news, osnews, reddit, and twitter!
21:56:54  <wiwillia>congrats - that's crazy
21:56:56  <pkrumins>twitter search for hjkl is funny
21:57:10  <pkrumins>i want my daily traffic to be like that :)
21:58:15  <wiwillia>haha
21:58:17  <wiwillia>don't we all
21:58:25  <wiwillia>still, 39,000 is amazing
21:58:29  <wiwillia>and it's early
21:58:31  <wiwillia>still 3rd on HN
21:58:48  <pkrumins>this post will set a new record
22:01:20  <wiwillia>Teespring shirt?
22:01:21  <wiwillia>:)
22:01:30  <wiwillia>hjkl?
22:01:48  <pkrumins>ahaha.
22:02:02  <pkrumins>SubStack: wanna help me out and draw art for hjkl t-shirt? :)
22:02:13  <wiwillia>SubStack: do it! monetize those visits.
22:02:58  <pkrumins>let's do it while it's hot
22:03:09  <chapel>well you should have it be the keys
22:03:13  <chapel>the hjkl
22:03:15  <chapel>with the arrows
22:03:17  <chapel>and be the keys
22:03:24  <chapel>I'd buy it
22:04:08  <wiwillia>okay
22:04:11  <wiwillia>let me mock something up
22:04:20  <wiwillia>what color?
22:04:22  <wiwillia>black?
22:04:29  <pkrumins>yeah black
22:04:40  <pkrumins>no wait, maybe white with black keys
22:04:43  <pkrumins>no keys are white.
22:04:46  <pkrumins>so black shirt, white keys.
22:04:54  <pkrumins>SubStack: where you at
22:04:59  <pkrumins>let's do this quick!!
22:05:44  <wiwillia>pkrumins just the 4 keys?
22:06:00  <wiwillia>problem is I don't have that cool cartoonish style that SubStack has, mine would actually look like keys
22:06:02  <chapel>not a great shirt, but an example http://www.zazzle.com/wasd_real_gamers_use_keys_tshirt-235539001982449205
22:06:31  <pkrumins>wiwillia: yeah just the 4 keys, and i guess we also need the arrows
22:06:40  <pkrumins>wiwillia: http://www.catonmat.net/images/why-vim-uses-hjkl/adm-3a-hjkl-keyboard.jpg
22:06:57  <pkrumins>keys and arrows exactly like that
22:07:23  <wiwillia>kk
22:08:01  <chapel>:)
22:08:50  <SubStack>beep!
22:09:15  <SubStack>pkrumins: on it
22:09:39  <pkrumins>now we have a race condition!
22:09:45  <pkrumins>wiwillia and SubStack both doing design
22:09:57  <pkrumins>ok we'll choose the best :)
22:10:54  <wiwillia>SubStack wins
22:10:56  <wiwillia>prediction made
22:10:57  <wiwillia>lol
22:13:25  <wiwillia>pkrumins if you want to think of a description, title, tipping point and url (www.teespring.com/hjkl probably) we can get this thing moving
22:13:34  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:13:49  <pkrumins>url is good
22:14:13  <pkrumins>q about tipping point - what happens if it's reached quicker than deadline?
22:14:47  * mikealjoined
22:15:52  <pkrumins>let's set it to 30
22:16:13  <wiwillia>you can keep selling until deadline
22:16:18  <wiwillia>you oversell = you get the extra savings
22:16:52  <pkrumins>title: hjkl vim t-shirt?
22:17:24  <chapel>nop arrows
22:17:28  <chapel>thats what it should be
22:17:29  <chapel>:P
22:17:36  <pkrumins>so unicode arrows?
22:17:39  <chapel>or arrows nop
22:18:03  <wiwillia>http://i.imgur.com/QFBwh.jpg
22:18:20  <wiwillia>that's my boring attempt
22:18:25  <wiwillia>I'll focus on the campaign details for now
22:18:37  <pkrumins>looks pretty awesome
22:18:42  <pkrumins>let's see what substack got
22:18:49  <pkrumins>wiwillia: help me write title and desc
22:18:53  <chapel>I like it
22:18:54  <wiwillia>will do
22:18:58  <chapel>maybe bigger keys?
22:19:34  <chapel>arrows are wrong btw
22:19:39  <chapel>k = up
22:19:42  <chapel>l = right
22:19:56  <pkrumins>oh snap
22:19:57  <pkrumins>nice catch
22:20:53  <wiwillia>can you tell I'm not a vim man?
22:20:55  <wiwillia>haha
22:20:59  <chapel>why not?
22:21:03  <chapel>vim is the best
22:21:38  <wiwillia>the devs here don't even let me touch anything besides the html/css anymore haha
22:21:46  <pkrumins>wurr
22:24:30  <chapel>vim works great with html/css
22:24:45  <pkrumins>all ready to put it on my site
22:25:30  <wiwillia>http://teespring.com/hjklsample
22:25:33  <wiwillia>okay lets work on a title and copy
22:25:52  <wiwillia>the margin is going to be great on these at $15
22:25:55  <wiwillia>only 1 color
22:26:57  <pkrumins>let's change the title to just "hjkl vim t-shirt"
22:27:09  <wiwillia>k
22:27:10  <pkrumins>looks too obscure right now
22:27:17  <pkrumins>all the deals will be through my post anyway
22:27:28  <wiwillia>refresh
22:28:09  <pkrumins>let's upper case first letters: HJKL Vim T-Shirt
22:29:05  <pkrumins>now description
22:30:11  <wiwillia>kk
22:30:40  <pkrumins>umm just Vim
22:30:43  <pkrumins>not VIM
22:30:49  <pkrumins>alright now description
22:31:57  <pkrumins>chapel: help us out with description
22:32:02  <pkrumins>i'm not good at this
22:32:13  <chapel>the writer is not good at writing :P
22:32:21  <pkrumins>hah
22:32:50  <pkrumins>Bill Joy wore this t-shirt when he created vi. Now you can too.
22:32:58  <pkrumins>wiwillia: change Vim to Vi actually
22:33:02  <wiwillia>kk
22:33:31  <wiwillia>done
22:33:41  <pkrumins>so far so good
22:33:50  <pkrumins>SubStack: how is progress going with the drawing?
22:34:13  <pkrumins>wiwillia: at the moment we can put your drawing on the shirt
22:34:18  <pkrumins>just fix the arrows
22:34:58  <wiwillia>aight
22:35:25  <chapel>The original way to code, as Bill Joy intended.
22:35:30  <pkrumins>should the descr be funny or descriptive or how?
22:36:24  <wiwillia>http://i.imgur.com/hX5q1.jpg
22:36:30  <SubStack>pkrumins: I have the key outlines done
22:36:41  <wiwillia>SubStack's graphics are going to be better
22:36:43  <wiwillia>I'm sure
22:36:52  <pkrumins>SubStack: awesome, carry on!
22:38:22  <pkrumins>bill joy took arrow in the knee.
22:38:28  <pkrumins>hmm
22:39:30  <wiwillia>haha
22:39:31  <wiwillia>love it
22:40:16  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:40:25  <pkrumins>wiwillia: change the link
22:40:27  <pkrumins>wiwillia: Learn why VIM uses the HJKL keys as arrows
22:40:28  <pkrumins>to
22:40:37  <pkrumins>Learn why Vi uses the HJKL keys as arrows
22:40:54  <pkrumins>no wait
22:40:58  <pkrumins>Learn why vi uses the HJKL keys as arrows
22:40:59  <pkrumins>there
22:41:35  <pkrumins>in the descripting
22:41:38  <pkrumins>in the description
22:42:24  * tilgovijoined
22:42:41  <pkrumins>Description: Bill Joy took arrow in the knee in early career. Ever since then he used hjkl as arrow keys. If you don't want to take arrow in the knee get this t-shirt!
22:43:09  <pkrumins>Description: Bill Joy took arrow in the knee in early career. Ever since then he used hjkl as arrow keys. If you don't want to take arrow in the knee, get this t-shirt now!
22:45:29  <pkrumins>---
22:45:46  <pkrumins>shrug.
22:46:14  <pkrumins>Description: Everyone who uses vim will know what this shirt means.
22:46:26  * mikealjoined
22:46:33  <pkrumins>Description: Want to troll emacs users. Get this shirt and go to emacs conf.
22:46:55  <pkrumins>Description: Emacs too much? Learn vim!
22:47:13  <SubStack>http://substack.net/images/hjkl.png
22:47:17  <pkrumins>Description: Borat uses vim for devops. So should you.
22:47:19  <SubStack>http://substack.net/images/hjkl.svg
22:47:51  <pkrumins>wiwillia: put it on the shirt
22:48:42  <SubStack>merch!
22:49:34  <wiwillia>kk
22:49:35  <wiwillia>on it
22:50:12  <pkrumins>i have no idea about description
22:50:30  <pkrumins>i dont think it matters
22:50:32  <wiwillia>you want that brown?
22:50:34  <wiwillia>or the black?
22:50:36  <pkrumins>black
22:51:01  <pkrumins>wiwillia: can you convert bg to black easily?
22:51:35  <wiwillia>ya
22:54:05  <pkrumins>description: when bill joy designed vi he chose hjkl for moving the cursor around. this shirt represents that. <a href="">Learn why vi uses the HJKL keys as arrows</a>
22:54:10  <wiwillia>http://i.imgur.com/tlhk5.jpg
22:54:33  <pkrumins>chapel: which one do you like better http://i.imgur.com/tlhk5.jpg or http://i.imgur.com/hX5q1.jpg
22:55:22  * tilgoviquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:55:53  <wiwillia>I like SubStacks
22:57:02  <chapel>hmm, first one
22:57:03  <wiwillia>I think we might want to go a little funny with the description, increases the % of people who share it out
22:57:10  <chapel>but bigger keys
22:57:28  <wiwillia>k on it
22:58:05  <wiwillia>one thing is, on a ghosted shirt it always looks like the art is going to be small
22:58:17  <wiwillia>that's like 7" across
22:58:55  <pkrumins>i actually like wiwillia's version better
23:00:23  <chapel>which is who's?
23:00:28  <wiwillia>http://teespring.com/hjkl
23:00:47  <wiwillia>mine is the flat representation
23:01:26  <pkrumins>let's go with wiwillia's flat representation
23:02:25  <wiwillia>you sure? even I like substack's more haha - but this is your campaign, your call
23:02:39  * prsnjoined
23:02:58  <prsn>hey, random other teespring dev here: I vote for the raised keys design :P
23:02:58  <pkrumins>ok can you make one modification
23:03:04  <pkrumins>make H aligned with JKL
23:03:10  <pkrumins>in the substack's design
23:03:14  <prsn>i agree with ^ too
23:03:16  <pkrumins>and make the letters HJKL a bit fatter
23:03:38  <wiwillia>aight, SubStack, you on that or should I try and do it?
23:03:49  <pkrumins>alright let's go with substack's but with these 2 changes
23:03:57  <SubStack>aligned?
23:04:17  <pkrumins>H is a bit above JKL
23:06:14  <SubStack>http://substack.net/images/hjkl.png
23:06:21  <SubStack>http://substack.net/images/hjkl.svg
23:06:31  <pkrumins>:D
23:06:47  <SubStack>oh wait
23:06:55  <SubStack>arrow is too far up
23:06:56  <SubStack>fixing
23:07:07  <wiwillia>k
23:07:16  <pkrumins>oh yes
23:07:35  <wiwillia>I tinkered with the description, but it's completely your call what to put for it
23:07:45  <SubStack>fixed http://substack.net/images/hjkl.png
23:07:56  <pkrumins>nice
23:08:17  <pkrumins>wiwillia: haha. i like it
23:08:18  <prsn>it still feels like there's this general progression downwards to the right.. not so much with the letters but the keys. it's not terrible but i kinda wish it were more even
23:08:19  <wiwillia>can I get the SVg SubStack
23:08:22  <pkrumins>need to change 1st sentence perhaps
23:08:37  <SubStack>http://substack.net/images/hjkl.svg
23:08:46  <pkrumins>i cant tell if it's not put on a t-shirt
23:09:07  <SubStack>prsn: there is a small amount of perspective as you go from left to right
23:09:10  <SubStack>is why
23:09:36  <SubStack>the keys are at the same vertical position across, it's just a cloned element with the inner rectangle shifted
23:09:41  <pkrumins>Bill Joy doesn't use arrow keys. He uses HJKL. Following in the footsteps of greatness, we put HJKL on this beautiful, limited edition t-shirt. Bonus: Great for trolling emacs users.
23:09:52  <wiwillia>great
23:09:55  <wiwillia>love it
23:10:16  <wiwillia>http://imgur.com/VL4Bs
23:10:17  <pkrumins>alright i got my blog post setup
23:10:21  <pkrumins>jsut need tshirt img
23:10:31  <pkrumins>SWEET
23:10:32  <pkrumins>lov eit
23:10:40  <wiwillia>description is up
23:10:42  <wiwillia>adding new images
23:11:28  <SubStack>wiwillia, prsn: feature request: the ability to upload tshirt campaigns entirely over curl with http basic auth
23:11:43  <wiwillia>I think making the title a word or two longer would help
23:11:49  <wiwillia>haha SubStack don't give prsn any ideas
23:11:58  <prsn>that would be nice..
23:12:34  <pkrumins>I'm done
23:12:39  <pkrumins>ready to push publish
23:12:45  <pkrumins>to push out updates command
23:13:08  <pkrumins>SubStack: why would a tshirt company need that?
23:13:15  <SubStack>because it's awesome!
23:13:33  <pkrumins>it's awesome for testling
23:13:38  <pkrumins>not for a tshirt company!
23:13:43  <SubStack>pfft!
23:13:58  * stlsaintjoined
23:14:03  <prsn>it's true it would probably not be in very high demand :P
23:14:07  <SubStack>curl -sSNT shirt.svg 'http://substack@teespring.com/create?title=beep+boop&desc=Beeptiy+boop!'
23:14:24  <prsn>you forgot price
23:14:28  <SubStack>oh right
23:14:29  <prsn>and duration
23:14:29  <pkrumins>wiwillia: eta?
23:14:34  <wiwillia>2 minutes
23:14:37  <pkrumins>ready to push it out to 100 visitors per min.
23:14:42  <wiwillia>nice
23:14:45  <tm604>pkrumins: what, you mean your tshirts *don't* have built-in http servers?
23:15:07  <chapel>why not just use put
23:15:07  <pkrumins>tm604: no
23:15:20  <SubStack>chapel: -T does a put implicitly
23:15:27  <chapel>and http://teespring.com/url
23:15:35  <chapel>well put goes against a known url
23:15:36  <chapel>not create
23:15:40  <pkrumins>proggit spot #1
23:15:41  <pkrumins>328 upvotes
23:16:48  <chapel>http://teespring.com/hjkl << still shows sample tee for me
23:16:58  <wiwillia>hard refresh
23:17:00  <wiwillia>it's up
23:17:19  <pkrumins>pubishign
23:17:27  <prsn>should "Vi" really be caplitalized?
23:17:43  <prsn>looks weird to me
23:17:46  <pkrumins>it's live
23:18:02  <pkrumins>prsn: i just capitalized it as a title
23:18:12  <prsn>yeah, it makes sense
23:18:18  <pkrumins>http://www.catonmat.net/blog/why-vim-uses-hjkl-as-arrow-keys/
23:18:24  <chapel>wiwillia: think I could get a 5x version again?
23:18:31  <wiwillia>yessir
23:18:34  <wiwillia>email me so I remember
23:18:34  <chapel>:D
23:18:46  <chapel>whats your email?
23:18:51  <wiwillia>walker (at) teespring (dot) com
23:19:21  <pkrumins>and on monday this post will be sent to 7000 people as well
23:19:27  <pkrumins>at 9am est
23:19:31  <pkrumins>7600.
23:19:53  <wiwillia>haha awesome
23:20:02  <wiwillia>should I comment it on the proggit/hn posts?
23:20:08  <wiwillia>slash tweet
23:20:15  <pkrumins>tweet yeah
23:20:21  <pkrumins>thinking about if commenting is necessary
23:20:35  <pkrumins>like it's totally noticable
23:20:39  <pkrumins>no need for extra comms
23:20:41  <pkrumins>just tweets
23:20:43  <pkrumins>tweeting too
23:21:27  <pkrumins>show me how your tweet looks
23:21:40  <pkrumins>i wrote this but didnt yet tweet Get your own HJKL vim t-shirt! http://teespring.com/hjkl
23:22:18  <pkrumins>perhaps i should go 'HJKL vim t-shirts are now available! http://teespring.com/hjkl'
23:22:25  <pkrumins>yeah this is better
23:22:40  <pkrumins>wiwillia: what's your twitter handle
23:22:44  <wiwillia>teespring_
23:22:46  <wiwillia>ha
23:22:56  <wiwillia>a nice grandma won't let us have teespring
23:23:02  <wiwillia>I don't have a ton of followers unfortunately
23:23:24  <pkrumins>hah, nice resposne to @qrush
23:23:55  <pkrumins>retweet! https://twitter.com/#!/pkrumins/status/178259694392049664
23:24:05  <pkrumins>chapel, SubStack, please retweet https://twitter.com/#!/pkrumins/status/178259694392049664
23:24:39  <niftylettuce>bahhh nice!
23:24:39  <niftylettuce>lol!
23:24:45  <pkrumins>niftylettuce: retwet
23:24:47  <pkrumins>and get a shirt!
23:24:49  <prsn>664
23:24:49  <prsn>18:24 < niftylettuce> bahhh nice!
23:24:59  <niftylettuce>663
23:25:02  <niftylettuce>what is this madness
23:25:12  <niftylettuce>prsn: explain yourself
23:25:43  <pkrumins>Pinging Google.
23:25:44  <pkrumins>Successfully pinged Google. Response: Thanks for the ping.
23:25:58  <prsn>niftylettuce: middleclick :(
23:26:04  * ryan_stevensjoined
23:26:07  <niftylettuce>lol
23:26:07  <pkrumins>7!
23:26:08  <pkrumins>9!
23:26:08  <niftylettuce>haha
23:26:14  <niftylettuce>i just retweetessies
23:26:21  <niftylettuce>$15? im gonna be poor with all these t-shirts
23:26:22  <ryan_stevens>pkrumins: those shirts are great!
23:26:25  <wiwillia>pkrumins: you should tweet qrush he might think I'm trying to make money off your post
23:26:28  <niftylettuce>i might be poor, but at least I have some cool shirts!
23:26:34  <niftylettuce>:D
23:26:50  <pkrumins>man this might go into 1000 t-shirt sold
23:27:06  <niftylettuce>probably
23:27:44  <wiwillia>pkrumins if it gets to 1,000 shirts you're going to walk away with $5-6,000
23:27:54  <pkrumins>ahahah.
23:28:38  <pkrumins>10 now.
23:28:50  <ryan_stevens>this is the moment in time where pkrumins and substack pivoted stackvm into a t-shirt company
23:28:54  <pkrumins>we'll split the revenue with substack
23:28:57  * tilgovijoined
23:29:00  <niftylettuce>wiwillia: are you behind teespring?
23:29:02  <chapel>whats my cut?
23:29:02  <pkrumins>ryan_stevens: ahaha.
23:29:04  <wiwillia>well I don't need any of it
23:29:08  <wiwillia>but you two can split it
23:29:11  <wiwillia>we make like ~$2 a t-shirt
23:29:13  <SubStack>ryan_stevens: I know right?
23:29:14  <wiwillia>so you're making me money
23:29:22  * xaqjoined
23:29:38  <chapel>wiwillia: did you get my oakjs shirt sorted?
23:29:43  <wiwillia>yep!
23:29:46  <wiwillia>on its way to the printer now.
23:29:54  <chapel>awesome :)
23:30:07  <chapel>wish you guys were around a few years ago
23:30:33  <chapel>a dj friend of mine didn't have merch, so I had him get some artwork from his albums and stuff, and setup a shirt shop for him
23:30:34  <wiwillia>niftylettuce: me & prsn are part of the teespring team
23:30:45  <niftylettuce>coolio
23:30:46  <pkrumins>awesome job
23:30:51  <wiwillia>chapel: well now you can recommend us to all your friends :P
23:31:06  <chapel>but had you been around, it would have been easier to setup
23:31:16  <chapel>and more fun
23:31:33  <wiwillia>for sure
23:31:36  <wiwillia>who likes paying for things up front?
23:31:37  <wiwillia>no one
23:33:04  <SubStack>ryan_stevens: it's like how airbnb sold obama Os and cap'n mccain
23:33:48  <pkrumins>13 shirts!
23:35:23  <niftylettuce>14
23:35:36  <pkrumins>o/
23:37:35  <pkrumins>17!
23:38:27  <pkrumins>21!
23:39:01  * sorensen__quit (Remote host closed the connection)
23:39:39  <wiwillia>pkrumins when Browserling is as big as Airbnb - are you going to tell people how you self-funded through Teespring?!
23:40:22  <chapel>lol
23:40:39  <pkrumins>haha yup.
23:41:15  <pkrumins>25!
23:42:20  <SubStack>wiwillia: I'll write a book about my wacky adventures
23:42:54  <SubStack>it will also teach javascript why not
23:42:58  <pkrumins>wiwillia: if I want to cc teespring, should I then use @teespring_?
23:43:00  <pkrumins>just confirming
23:43:01  <chapel>http://geekli.st/chapel/micro/8286
23:43:07  <pkrumins>SubStack: :D
23:43:09  <wiwillia>yeah
23:43:10  <wiwillia>for sure
23:43:21  <pkrumins>wiwillia: responding to this https://twitter.com/#!/lilconga/status/178264172700766208
23:43:38  <wiwillia>yeah we ship everywhere
23:43:44  <wiwillia>we had to remove Iran and North Korea, but DHL ships to both
23:43:50  <wiwillia>4-8 days as well
23:43:54  <wiwillia>for $5
23:44:02  * AvianFlujoined
23:44:12  <pkrumins>NICE
23:44:26  <wiwillia>tipped
23:44:42  <pkrumins>30 shirts now
23:45:17  <wiwillia>We should add an update
23:45:21  <wiwillia>encouraging people to keep buying
23:45:26  <pkrumins>what does that mean?
23:45:26  <wiwillia>to the description
23:45:33  <pkrumins>can we increase the goal?
23:45:37  <wiwillia>we can keep selling
23:45:40  <wiwillia>they can still buy
23:45:43  <wiwillia>for a week
23:45:49  <wiwillia>but its nice to add an update saying "keep buying"
23:45:52  <pkrumins>oh yeah defs.
23:46:09  <pkrumins>what about after the week is over, i bet this post will generate sales continously
23:46:17  <wiwillia>UPDATE: We reached our goal in under an hour! Now let's see how much we can beat it by!
23:46:23  <pkrumins>can we set another campaign up then and keep setting the up all the time?
23:46:24  <wiwillia>you can relaunch the campaign
23:46:26  <wiwillia>yeah
23:46:29  <pkrumins>AWESOME
23:46:29  <wiwillia>28 days
23:46:38  <pkrumins>pkrumins: sounds good, let's add an update
23:46:44  <pkrumins>emm
23:46:48  <pkrumins>wiwillia: sounds good, let's add an update
23:46:51  <wiwillia>talking to yourself again eh!?
23:46:57  <wiwillia>added
23:46:58  <wiwillia>check it out
23:47:35  <pkrumins>seeing it
23:47:43  <pkrumins>looks good
23:48:24  <chapel>wiwillia: why not have a feature that lets the shirt keep selling indefinitely?
23:48:34  <chapel>like once its been proven, it could be added to a store front
23:48:39  <chapel>or just be continuous?
23:49:00  <chapel>or is it due to cost of doing individual ones, and its cheaper to do bulk ones?
23:49:10  <SubStack>probably the economics only work out in batch mode
23:49:16  <chapel>yeah
23:49:22  <SubStack>but maybe some sort of auto-renewal would be sweet
23:49:40  <chapel>or, maybe there have to be at least 30 before a shipment goes out
23:49:44  <SubStack>yeah
23:49:45  <SubStack>buckets!
23:49:47  <chapel>yep
23:49:54  <chapel>and it just continues to roll over
23:49:56  <ryan_stevens>substack: pkrumins: when people ask how many paying users you have, the calculation must Paying Browserling Users + Paying Testling Users + People who've paid for T-Shirts
23:49:59  <chapel>if in continuous mode
23:50:01  <wiwillia>we can only hold the credit cards for 28 days
23:50:11  <SubStack>ryan_stevens: indeed!
23:50:21  <chapel>wiwillia: well, have the buckets reset after 28 days
23:50:38  <wiwillia>chapel: not a bad idea at all
23:50:52  <SubStack>wiwillia: maybe you could just have it so that anybody could reopen a shirt design
23:50:55  <chapel>and if it doesn't go through once or twice, then stop it, and tell the owner
23:50:57  <wiwillia>chapel: when we deal with enterprise clients, they always ask us to do their storefront as well
23:51:24  <chapel>Your payment of $18.8533 has been processed
23:51:26  <chapel>interesting
23:51:31  <chapel>$18.8533
23:51:36  <pkrumins>st_luke: +1 :)
23:51:46  <wiwillia>chapel what was that for?!
23:51:51  <wiwillia>that's not good
23:51:53  <chapel>from the teespring email
23:52:01  <wiwillia>hmmm
23:52:02  <st_luke>w00t
23:52:06  <wiwillia>checking it now
23:52:21  <pkrumins>34 shirts!
23:52:24  <st_luke>pkrumins: sick!
23:52:30  <st_luke>this one looks awesome
23:52:39  <st_luke>and I can't wait for the oaktown js one
23:52:39  <pkrumins>yah
23:52:49  <pkrumins>ends today!
23:53:01  <SubStack>oakjs ended yesterday
23:53:10  <wiwillia>speaking of which
23:53:23  <SubStack>or rather, early today
23:53:35  <chapel>wiwillia http://cl.ly/19073m19092b1O2t1J0C
23:54:53  * tilgoviquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:54:53  <pkrumins>35
23:55:01  <wiwillia>chapel our fault, the base price for whatever reason ended up as $15.0003 in the DB - fixed it
23:55:57  <ryan_stevens>has chapel exposed a diabolical plot to steal fractions of a penny?
23:56:20  <SubStack>wiwillia: also pretty sure when I sent pkrumins a shirt internationally from my US card it only charged ~$3 for shipping, not $5
23:56:50  <pkrumins>it was $3.85 or something like that
23:56:56  <SubStack>that's that one
23:56:58  <wiwillia>hmmm it should have figured it out - are you sure?
23:57:06  <pkrumins>yup
23:57:07  <wiwillia>Let me file a bug
23:57:09  <ryan_stevens>true story, I used to write core software to run banks and credit unions. The fist thing i did when I checked out the code base on my first day is to find where all the fractions of the pennies go. I wasn't going to steal them, but I like having the "option" to steal them.
23:57:12  <wiwillia>prsn: are you hearing this?! haha
23:57:24  <pkrumins>Shipping $3.85
23:57:26  <ryan_stevens>I was bumbed when I found out banks just use simple rounding (which makes sense)
23:57:30  <pkrumins>Total $18.85
23:58:17  <SubStack>ryan_stevens: bwahaha awesome
23:58:47  <ryan_stevens>substack: I was pretty upset. So many great movies were based on shaving off fractions of pennies
23:58:49  <ryan_stevens>sneakers
23:58:53  <ryan_stevens>superman 3
23:58:56  <ryan_stevens>office space