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14:49:07  <paulbjensen>Afternoon, ss-stylus has been updated to 0.1.7, includes a fix for using @imports in your css files - https://github.com/socketstream/ss-stylus
15:02:47  <paulbjensen>Also, we're going to update the web site within the next 2 weeks.
15:03:05  <paulbjensen>For a preview, see here:
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16:42:35  <sberryma_>paulbjensen: you around?
16:43:33  <paulbjensen>yep
16:43:54  <paulbjensen>What can I do for you?
16:44:04  <sberryma_>what are the plans for asset management in the future?
16:44:38  <sberryma_>i'm about to work on a re-write of one of my projects and I can't decide what framework to use (i'm probably going to stick with SS though)
16:45:03  <sberryma_>i would love to be able to use bower in the future
16:45:26  <paulbjensen>Yes, this is a common request
16:45:53  <sberryma_>and it would probably make more sense to start using grunt to build the production version, SS_PACK just feels strange
16:45:53  <paulbjensen>So, there's some overlap between grunt,yeoman and SS's asset management capabilities
16:46:47  <sberryma_>both grunt and bower are quite popular and have quite a bit of community support, why re-create the wheel?
16:47:07  <sberryma_>i'm assuming owenb is pretty much done with SS?
16:47:15  * sberryma_changed nick to sberryman
16:48:12  <paulbjensen>I'd like to find a way to adjust the code for asset management so that people can choose to use it, or use grunt, yeoman and bower
16:48:44  <paulbjensen>The tricky bit is that it's not easy to completely decouple it just yet, especially as the app needs some test coverage
16:49:22  <sberryman>haha, don't doubt that
16:49:41  <sberryman>what are some things you are working on for SS right now?
16:49:47  <paulbjensen>Owen's pursuing a startup idea he's been wanting to do for some time, and doing that and trying to manage this project are V difficult to achieve
16:50:25  <paulbjensen>At the moment I've got a talk to deliver at Node.js Cambridge (UK) tomorrow
16:50:51  <paulbjensen>After that, I want to get the new site on.
16:51:20  <paulbjensen>I'd like to get test coverage on 0.3 in order to achieve 2 things:
16:51:41  <sberryman>i just saw that on twitter, congrats.. this project took off with all the talks owen gave
16:52:28  <paulbjensen>1 - Help provide an english language description of what exactly is going on under the hood
16:53:08  <paulbjensen>As SS is something of a black box to some
16:53:22  <paulbjensen>2 - Help map out the feature set that SS 0.4 needs to provide
16:53:44  <paulbjensen>And there's a 3rd thing - Help to document a language-neutral spec of SocketStream
16:55:47  <paulbjensen>Thanks
16:58:01  <paulbjensen>There's a lot of work to do.
16:58:15  <paulbjensen>I'm heading home now, I shall be online again in 45 min
16:58:21  <sberryman>thanks for the updates
16:58:33  <paulbjensen>NP, I'll be back in 45
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17:48:15  <paulbjensen>Back
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18:24:53  <sberryman>paulbjensen: what are you using for a single page framework? backbone+(marionette/thorax/etc.)?
18:25:20  <paulbjensen>At work we tend to use BackBone and Marionette
18:26:04  <paulbjensen>I've had fleeting glances at the other 2, hoping to get a chance to give Ember a deeper dive
18:26:12  <sberryman>seems to be the most popular (i've been using SS + backbone + marionette) for over a year now
18:27:54  <sberryman>i spent some time looking at thorax last night, it looks pretty nice
18:29:04  <paulbjensen>I've heard of it, haven't played with it though
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