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18:08:22  <avnerus>Hello! I've just started developing with SocketStream/Angular.js and it's a lot of fun. I have some problem though. Can anyone help?
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21:10:29  <avnerus>hello again, anyone here for a quick socketstream question?
21:11:38  <owenb>hey
21:11:45  <owenb>what's up?
21:12:41  <avnerus>oh hi owen. All is well. I've started experimenting with ss+Angular.js a few days ago and I really like it
21:13:52  <avnerus>Looking forward to v0.4 but in the mean time I'm using 0.3. I'm having this issue that makes me thing I'm probably doing something wrong because I haven't found any documentation about it
21:15:16  <avnerus>Using angular.js, I'm running an rpc call to my server the moment the controller is loaded. The problem is that it seems the ss interface is not ready and the rpc call is just ignored.
21:15:39  <avnerus>I've tried waiting for the server to be ready using ss.server.on('ready') and then it worked
21:16:23  <avnerus>but I don't know if that's a good solution because this is a controller which may or may not be loaded as the first thing in the session. For example if I'm not logged in it would be loaded only after ss is ready
21:16:42  <avnerus>(because I login first and only then access that controller)
21:46:07  <owenb>hey, sorry, i got called away
21:46:09  <owenb>just reading now
21:47:50  <owenb>ok i understand the problem
21:48:35  <owenb>normally the best thing to do is put all your angular controllers outside of SS, but then call a command in one of them to init() your app once the connection has been started
21:48:45  <owenb>regardless of whether or not the user has logged in
21:50:47  <avnerus>hmm I see..but then how would the other controllers wait for that init() before loading?
21:51:09  <owenb>they can still load, but they shouldn't call any ss.rpc() methods until they have the OK to do so
21:52:24  <avnerus>I see. so you mean I should use some kind of internal event. Is there any standard way in javascript to do such a thing? something like 'if the app is not ready yet, wait for init'
22:00:20  <owenb>not really. it's about the connection being up and open, rather than the app being ready as such
22:00:47  <owenb>btw i'm hoping for a much smoother SocketStream + Angular integration in the near future
22:00:49  <owenb>with plenty of demo apps
22:00:59  <owenb>just taking one step at a time. need to finish the core server first
22:02:17  <avnerus>yeah don't rush it :) how about since ss-angular is already encapsulating rpc, I can add there that if app is not loaded (some global var) it will wait for ss.server.on('ready') and only then fire the rpc?
22:04:50  <owenb>well basically something must always make the first call the server. typically this will be to see if a user is logged in
22:05:08  <owenb>all you need to do is disable your app (hide a div etc) until that first call is made
22:05:24  <owenb>and only make the first call when the ready event fires
22:08:50  <avnerus>ah yes I already do that actually. only that it loads simultaneously with the other contoller. hmm yeah I guess I should just that the app at something like /sessionCheck and then redirect to / once all is good
22:09:09  <avnerus>*start the app at
22:11:06  <avnerus>ss-angular is built in such a way that you append an [auth] module to your controller and once it loads it makes the login check. so I guess I should just have a separate controller for the initialization and not append it to my main controller
22:17:03  <owenb>yes indeed. that should help
22:17:21  <owenb>sorry it's all a bit unclear and like the wild west at the moment. it will get better for sure
22:18:00  <avnerus>it's ok. I'm happy to be at the beginning of a new generation of web apps :)
22:19:48  <avnerus>We have considered using Derby or Meteor but each had its own problems which made it too risky. With socketstream we can still use proven technologies and backed projects like Angular.js and still achieve a real time app
22:26:34  <avnerus>ok I'm afraid have to go. Thanks for help! I will probably be visiting with some more questions in the near future. gn
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