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03:05:43  <andrewreedy>Have you guys seen sails.js .. what are your opinions
03:07:12  <andrewreedy>I'm looking to build an ember.js app and i'm seeing that ember-data is looking for a rest api .. how does that sit with socket stream .. am i going to now build a rest api on the backend ..
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11:24:30  <paulbjensen>Hi @andrewreedy, I just read your q. There is a way to integrate a REST API into your SS app.
11:26:09  <andrewreedy>how so? is that the best way to integrate with ember
11:26:26  <paulbjensen>In the past, I've resorted to using a npm module called 'connect-route', as a lightweight alternative to using express
11:26:49  <paulbjensen>WRT Ember, I've yet to play with it, but I've implemented a REST API for Dashku
11:27:03  <paulbjensen>I can point you to the code where I did this
11:27:14  <andrewreedy>you built dashku?
11:27:19  <paulbjensen>yep
11:27:23  <andrewreedy>oh very cool
11:27:29  <paulbjensen>thanks
11:27:55  <andrewreedy>yea ill have to check out the code for that
11:28:28  <paulbjensen>let me find the file
11:28:46  <andrewreedy>how do you feel about meteor / sails .. all these similar frameworks keep popping up now
11:30:26  <paulbjensen>It's a good thing
11:30:44  <andrewreedy>yea deff . just hard to decide which is best to use :)
11:31:56  <paulbjensen>I have a similar dilemma with client-side frameworks
11:32:42  <paulbjensen>I'm going to refactor the front-end code to use a framework, but right now it's a toss-up between Backbone, Angular, and Ember
11:34:05  <andrewreedy>oh nice are you going to build it out more?
11:34:10  <paulbjensen>WRT competitions, the pond is big enough, and you can't improve without competition
11:34:28  <andrewreedy>yea true
11:34:34  <paulbjensen>post-April, yes
11:34:45  <andrewreedy>very cool
11:34:57  <paulbjensen>right now, work is going to consume my life.. that and a girl :)
11:35:06  <andrewreedy>lol i feel ya
11:36:03  <paulbjensen>There are some firms who want to do some really cool hardware integrations with it, but I haven't the time to dedicate to it, to them.
11:36:33  <andrewreedy>that would be rad!
11:37:16  <andrewreedy>are you using a charting library?
11:37:48  <paulbjensen>I've added a few to the app that you can include with headjs
11:38:50  <andrewreedy>nice I'm building an analytics app now for work going to need some customizable dashboards
11:39:06  <paulbjensen>so the list is d3, cubism, raphael, jquery knob, jquery spark lines, nvd3, peity, rickshaw, smoothie
11:39:19  <andrewreedy>LOL exactly my list
11:39:23  <andrewreedy>well a few extras
11:39:26  <andrewreedy>peity
11:39:29  <andrewreedy>knob
11:39:32  <paulbjensen>oh, and for data persistence, there is the parse.com API, they're interested in the app
11:40:26  <paulbjensen>if you click on the docs link in dashku.com
11:40:59  <andrewreedy>nice . you should check out ember pretty cool how it caches the data / with data binding
11:41:12  <paulbjensen>and find the doc called "Using 3rd-party JS libraries", under "Widget Editor", the list is there
11:41:42  <andrewreedy>ok cool
11:41:51  <paulbjensen>Yeah, once my company's 2 projects are out of the way, I'm going to sit down and try all of them.
11:41:56  <andrewreedy>I'm wanting to use backbone with some drag and drop functionality
11:42:09  <andrewreedy>high charts is nice too
11:42:31  <andrewreedy>not backbone
11:42:34  <andrewreedy>bootstrap
11:42:35  <andrewreedy>haha
11:43:02  <paulbjensen>I would include Highcharts, but there are licensing issues there.
11:43:27  <andrewreedy>oh yea
11:43:34  <paulbjensen>Dashku is built on bootstrap, believe it or not
11:43:43  <paulbjensen>an older version, but heavily stylised
11:44:14  <andrewreedy>oh nice .. not far off what I'm doing then :P
11:44:26  <andrewreedy>i love peity's mini pie charts
11:44:31  <andrewreedy>like Google analytics
11:44:43  <paulbjensen>Yeah, Ben did a great job, I used to work with him at New Bamboo
11:45:48  <paulbjensen>I've got the file links
11:46:00  <paulbjensen>So this file contains all of the api routes: https://github.com/Anephenix/dashku/blob/master/server/api.coffee
11:46:53  <andrewreedy>http://corner.squareup.com/2012/04/building-analytics.html
11:47:02  <andrewreedy>thanks
11:47:13  <paulbjensen>and in the main file where ss is loaded, this is how I load it into SS: https://github.com/Anephenix/dashku/blob/master/app.coffee#L14-L18
11:47:30  <paulbjensen>you're welcome
11:48:26  <andrewreedy>oh so you kind of build out your own api
11:48:59  <paulbjensen>yes, it's nice because it reuses the same business logic that the RPC actions use
11:49:44  <paulbjensen>Which has lead me to this amazing epiphany, that RPC and REST are essentially different communication methods for your API
11:50:17  <paulbjensen>I'm playing with this concept more in a WS library I had to build for work to replace NowJS
11:50:21  <andrewreedy>nice :) It would be cool if you could throw dashku on top of any database and it would auto generate the api
11:50:35  <paulbjensen>great minds think alike
11:51:00  <paulbjensen>so, I had a similar idea, but not database-based
11:51:24  <paulbjensen>I built this toy concept of listening for all the routes that your Backbone app would make to the server,
11:51:51  <paulbjensen>and at first they don't exist, but they would be logged in a admin interface
11:52:39  <paulbjensen>and then, you'd write the controller and action for it, then reload that server-side code in the app, and then map the route to that controller action, then boom, you build the API on the fly from the Backbone app
11:53:28  <andrewreedy>yea that would be really cool
11:53:45  <paulbjensen>the flip side to that is to use HATEOAS to communicate the API schema to your client-side app, routes, attributes, semantic details
11:54:26  <paulbjensen>then, the client-side would automatically generate the models, UI views to correspond to that API
11:55:11  <paulbjensen>I want to try it out with Backbone and Bootstrap, but like William Shatner in the Priceline Ads, "NO TIME"
11:55:49  <andrewreedy>https://github.com/balderdashy/sails its kinda cool how they have an automatic json api build out from your database
11:56:19  <andrewreedy>i guess you still have to define the models tho
11:57:26  <paulbjensen>yeah, it seems a lot like Rails and inherited_resources, a powerful combo
12:08:57  <andrewreedy>http://square.github.com/crossfilter/
12:09:12  <andrewreedy>square is legit at reporting
12:10:09  <paulbjensen>They are indeed, such a cool company.
12:14:07  <paulbjensen>they've open-sourced a lot of useful goodies
12:15:03  <andrewreedy>yeaaa love it
12:15:05  <paulbjensen>This is also good
12:15:06  <paulbjensen>http://square.github.com/cube/
12:18:34  <andrewreedy>need to get my head wrapped around that
13:18:05  <paulbjensen>There is so much cool stuff you could do, given enough time
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20:03:57  * andrewreedyis stoked on streams
20:15:36  <ArxPoetica>hey andrewreedy
20:15:45  <ArxPoetica>it's good stuff, eh?
20:19:06  <andrewreedy>yea very cool
20:19:40  <andrewreedy>watched owen's presentation at QCon and substacks
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20:22:22  <andrewreedy>the ability to stream json data to a client is really cool
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