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14:27:23  <zenocon>owenb - you there?
14:27:50  <zenocon>having a strange issue with RedisStore and sessions
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15:01:47  <zenocon>is paul j. in here?
15:02:20  * paulbjensenjoined
15:02:52  <paulbjensen>hi, I'm at work atm, so I may be pulled into a meeting in a few minutes.
15:04:21  <paulbjensen>have to go, a skeleton app to replicate would be great.
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16:41:18  <ArxPoetica>lo peeps
16:41:35  <zenocon>hey
16:41:40  <ArxPoetica>sup zenocon
16:41:45  <ArxPoetica>how goes angular?
16:42:23  <zenocon>can't figure out angular equivalent of jquery $(function () { ... });
16:42:39  <ArxPoetica>mmm
16:42:45  <zenocon>controller code calls service which calls ss.rpc, but it fails unless i add setTimeout to delay the call
16:42:55  <ArxPoetica>no angular(function() {}) ?
16:42:56  <zenocon>so something isn't initialized yet before the call is made
16:43:18  <zenocon>i thought the purpose of d.i. was to inject dependencies, and one could assume that they are fully baked when injected
16:43:24  <ArxPoetica>Ah! You're finally running into the issues I was having over dom ready.
16:43:46  <zenocon>weird
16:43:57  <zenocon>never had this before -- also not in the demo project
16:44:05  <zenocon>so, you have to bootstrap it yourself, i guess?
16:44:13  <ArxPoetica>that's one solution
16:44:42  <ArxPoetica>I think I did actually figure out the methodology but it's been a while.
16:45:02  <ArxPoetica>Hold on and I can share w/ you one technique I'm using...
16:46:07  <ArxPoetica>https://github.com/americanyak/Tribe/blob/master/client/code/main/app-setup.js
16:46:25  <ArxPoetica>meh. not sure this is any different that ss-angular-demo, except I offed it to it's own file
16:46:42  <ArxPoetica>called from here: https://github.com/americanyak/Tribe/blob/master/client/code/main/entry.js
16:50:48  <ArxPoetica>Not sure that helps at all.
16:51:07  <ArxPoetica>The main problem I was having was when I was trying to use BOTH angular and jquery...
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17:07:47  <paulbjensen>back
17:14:12  <paulbjensen>@zenocon - I'm around to help you figure out this weird issue
17:14:33  <zenocon>paulbjensen - thx, i did resolve it, and closed the issue
17:14:42  <paulbjensen>oh sweet, what was it?
17:15:28  <zenocon>it was a case of an error being thrown from mongoosejs callback, which ended up being caught in the redis driver, and leading to a very bizarre state -- the effect being it destroyed the session context
17:15:54  <zenocon>the thing is, i stepped it through debugger, and dumped console.trace() so i could try to follow the thread of execution.
17:16:26  <zenocon>this one doesn't add up
17:16:49  <zenocon>but, the root cause was me feeding an undefined into mongoosejs which threw an error
17:17:01  <paulbjensen>ok
17:17:27  <zenocon>it just doesn't make any sense that the error would be caught in the redis driver, as they are totally unrelated...it ended up having weird, hard to follow side effects
17:25:41  <paulbjensen>Agreed, at least with CoffeeScript you can eventually gauge what line the error is on. This, it's way too misleading
17:28:22  <zenocon>well, it wasn't so much the line number, it was the thread of execution
17:28:33  <zenocon>i.e. process.nextTick()
17:29:34  <zenocon>the regular logic would assume that a tick was completed -- the thread of exec was done. then the next one starts, and an error is thrown and caught way down in the stack in a driver that shouldn't be interleaved with the current thread of exec at all...more weird like that
17:37:15  <paulbjensen>were you using domains?
17:44:10  <paulbjensen>gtg (gym). Will be back online later
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18:20:12  <zenocon>ArxPoetica i don't see you calling angular.bootstrap in your code at all
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21:17:31  <ArxPoetica>Zenocon — sorry had some emergencies today...
21:17:43  <ArxPoetica>Yeah, sorry, that was an example of *not* using bootstrap.
21:45:36  <zenocon>ah no problem. i was having a real issue with the websocket not being ready, and my angular rpc service trying to use it
21:45:49  <zenocon>i ended up finally resolving it, and manually bootstrapping angular
21:46:16  <zenocon>basically... var app = angular.module('app', ['dependencies']);
21:46:47  <zenocon>ss.server.on('ready', function () { angular.bootstrap(document, 'app'); }
21:46:48  <ArxPoetica>right
21:46:55  <zenocon>and strip out the ng-app directive
21:46:57  <ArxPoetica>that's what I did in another app
21:47:08  <ArxPoetica>right, and dynamically add it, yes?
21:47:21  <zenocon>no you don't have to with angular.bootstrap
21:47:21  <ArxPoetica>or do you even have to do that
21:47:21  <ArxPoetica>?
21:47:23  <zenocon>it handles it for you
21:47:28  <ArxPoetica>ah cool
21:47:32  <ArxPoetica>didn't realize that.
21:50:30  * zenoconquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:21:22  <ArxPoetica>Hey owenb…I have one other commit/pullrequest to add to socketstream 0.3.3 if you wand to hold off for just an hour :P
22:23:13  <paulbjensen>Owen is on holiday for a couple of weeks.
22:24:21  <paulbjensen>Don't let that stop you. I submitted a tiny pull request yesterday.
22:27:12  <ArxPoetica>He already left?
22:27:30  <ArxPoetica>I guess #355 was 2 days ago. :)
22:27:47  <ArxPoetica>https://github.com/socketstream/socketstream/pull/335
22:27:48  <ArxPoetica>:)
22:27:49  <paulbjensen>Yep
22:27:52  <ArxPoetica>k gotcha
22:27:55  <ArxPoetica>paul
22:28:04  <ArxPoetica>how do I run socketstream . . . I've pulled it down
22:28:13  <ArxPoetica>is their a "dummy" project?
22:28:23  <ArxPoetica>or do I have to go into the bin and do something?
22:28:42  <ArxPoetica>.4 is different methinks because it has an example_app folder or something like that for running.
22:29:07  <paulbjensen>I've yet to try 0.4 out yet, let me have a kick at it
22:29:09  <ArxPoetica>I have ss installed globally, so I want to make sure I'm only using this local build.
22:29:22  <ArxPoetica>wait, sorry
22:29:22  <ArxPoetica>I'm still talking about .3
22:29:44  <ArxPoetica>I just pulled it down and I'm going to make a suggestion as to how to pull in browserify files (like, if there are folders, allowing for that...)
22:30:01  <ArxPoetica>(Maybe browserify won't let you do that...?)
22:31:55  <paulbjensen>I'm confused, could you elaborate on what you mean by 'pull in browserify files'?
22:32:07  * gzmaskquit (Quit: gzmask)
22:33:40  <ArxPoetica>ha
22:33:44  <ArxPoetica>sorry
22:33:48  <ArxPoetica>the client folder
22:33:57  <ArxPoetica>uses browserify to package js files
22:34:25  <ArxPoetica>modularizes them so you can do front end like it was back end to a degree.
22:34:45  <ArxPoetica>exports.whatever = ...
22:35:12  <ArxPoetica>but to require those files, it's all relative to root:
22:35:16  <paulbjensen>I believe SS does that already, see this file for example https://github.com/Anephenix/dashku/blob/master/client/code/app/entry.coffee
22:35:39  <ArxPoetica>Oh, yes, I'm aware. I use it.
22:35:45  <ArxPoetica>I'm suggesting doing something like this though:
22:36:02  <ArxPoetica>require '/folder/file'
22:36:25  <ArxPoetica>right now it just walks all folders and searches for all files as though they were @ the root.
22:36:35  <paulbjensen>I see what you mean now.
22:36:54  <ArxPoetica>Maybe it's too expensive to be recursive, which is why the choice was made?
22:36:58  <ArxPoetica>Or maybe it was just easiest.
22:37:06  <ArxPoetica>But I'd really like the ability to organize.
22:37:14  <ArxPoetica>Since I'm a neat freak like that. :P
22:37:24  <ArxPoetica>Soooo… :P
22:37:42  <ArxPoetica>I'm wondering how to setup a dev build of ss 0.3.3 … or 3.2
22:37:44  <ArxPoetica>whatever it's on
22:37:56  <ArxPoetica>looks like it's still 3.2
22:38:05  <ArxPoetica>I've forked it, pulled it down to my local...
22:38:18  <ArxPoetica>I ran an npm install in the main folder.
22:38:33  <paulbjensen>cool. The procedure is to do your edits in the /src folder
22:38:33  <ArxPoetica>what now? :P
22:38:43  <ArxPoetica>ok lemme see...
22:38:48  <paulbjensen>then, when you've made your changes, run 'make build'.
22:39:00  <ArxPoetica>wait. MAKE ???
22:39:01  <ArxPoetica>ha
22:39:04  <paulbjensen>this compiles the /src folder into the /lib folder
22:39:09  <ArxPoetica>gotcha
22:39:21  <ArxPoetica>I think I might have uninstalled make in favor of homebrew :P ???
22:39:29  <ArxPoetica>I honestly can't remember what make is
22:39:36  <ArxPoetica>(I might be thinking of something else)
22:39:42  <ArxPoetica>I'll give it a go.
22:39:55  <paulbjensen>it's a build tool which you can grab from Apple if it's not on your machine
22:39:58  <ArxPoetica>which folder do I run make from?
22:40:20  <ArxPoetica>ope looks like it's still installed.
22:40:22  <ArxPoetica>good news
22:40:24  <paulbjensen>the folder containing SocketStream's code, at the root
22:40:29  <ArxPoetica>ok cool
22:40:56  <ArxPoetica>and once it's installed, how do I install a dev-only project (so it doesn't use my global socketstream command???)
22:41:05  <paulbjensen>npm link
22:41:15  <paulbjensen>run that inside of the SocketStream folder, at the root
22:41:26  <ArxPoetica>npm link lib/socketstream?
22:41:33  <paulbjensen>just npm link
22:41:34  <ArxPoetica>or just plain old npm link?
22:41:36  <ArxPoetica>ok
22:41:43  <ArxPoetica>(sorry weird q's I know
22:41:56  <paulbjensen>np
22:41:58  <ArxPoetica>so should I go ahead and delete my node_modules folder? Since I already ran npm install?
22:42:14  <paulbjensen>no, that's ok
22:42:43  <ArxPoetica>ok
22:42:56  <ArxPoetica>npm link won't work until I make build, yes
22:43:18  <ArxPoetica>hmm…yeah, I'm getting weird errors...
22:43:56  <ArxPoetica>https://gist.github.com/1b460d5ba499579fa77f
22:44:19  <ArxPoetica>oh nm I have to sudo
22:44:20  <ArxPoetica>weird
22:44:54  <ArxPoetica>yeah, that's not good
22:45:08  <ArxPoetica>when I sudo it links my global socketstream
22:45:09  <paulbjensen>use the force
22:45:25  <ArxPoetica>LOL
22:45:35  <ArxPoetica> — /usr/local/bin/socketstream -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/socketstream/bin/socketstream
22:45:35  <ArxPoetica> — /usr/local/lib/node_modules/socketstream -> /Users/americanyak/Documents/workspace/socketstream
22:45:54  <paulbjensen>this tells you where the npm symlink is pointing to
22:46:41  <ArxPoetica>right I get that.
22:46:57  <ArxPoetica>but it seems to be pointing my global socketstream build???
22:47:08  <ArxPoetica>I'm confused. :P
22:47:47  <ArxPoetica>well, if you say it's good...
22:47:56  <paulbjensen>run 'which socketstream'
22:48:13  <ArxPoetica> — /usr/local/bin/socketstream
22:48:19  <paulbjensen>I'm using nvm, so mine points to /Users/paulbjensen/nvm/v0.8.16/bin/socketstream
22:48:44  <ArxPoetica>so basically, this will now override my global installation of ss?
22:48:52  <ArxPoetica>I guess I'm fine with that???
22:58:47  <paulbjensen>sorry, was making tea. This bit: /usr/local/lib/node_modules/socketstream -> /Users/americanyak/Documents/workspace/socketstream
22:59:01  <ArxPoetica>yeah?
22:59:30  <ArxPoetica>oh I see…it's just linked it to THIS FOLDER.
22:59:31  <ArxPoetica>duh
22:59:32  <paulbjensen>If I know my NodeFu, that means require('socketstream') loads that.
22:59:44  <paulbjensen>yep
22:59:47  <ArxPoetica>NodeFu
22:59:48  <ArxPoetica>awesome
22:59:54  <ArxPoetica>Manits?
22:59:58  <ArxPoetica>*Mantis?
23:00:15  <paulbjensen>sorry, was talking about martial arts with housemate when making tea.
23:00:19  <ArxPoetica>(manits are definitely different than Mantis)
23:00:42  <ArxPoetica>I used to own kungfudesigner.com
23:00:51  <ArxPoetica>But figured I wasn't really a designer after all.
23:01:16  <paulbjensen>cool domain.
23:01:19  <ArxPoetica>ha
23:01:37  <ArxPoetica>so do I just install an example, say…anywhere in this folder?
23:01:48  <ArxPoetica>like… 'socketstream example_app' ?
23:02:05  <ArxPoetica>or is that what 'new_project' is for?
23:02:32  <ArxPoetica>Also, I found the file that handles the browserify loading
23:03:16  <ArxPoetica># /src/clients/system/index.coffee methinks...
23:03:30  <ArxPoetica>line 47
23:03:57  <ArxPoetica>Yay, I'm editing SS!
23:04:53  <paulbjensen>when you say you want to install an example, you mean generate an app from the edited SS folder's binary?
23:07:17  <paulbjensen>I think to do that without running into the issue of calling global ss, you could run ./bin/socketstream from your SS folder
23:08:36  <ArxPoetica>YES
23:08:45  <ArxPoetica>right
23:08:51  <ArxPoetica>that sounds about right and what I thought.
23:08:59  <ArxPoetica>cool NESS
23:09:08  <ArxPoetica>That's how we American's speak. :P
23:09:52  <ArxPoetica>(I was just talking to a New Zealander friend on the phone, also being arrogant/joking with him that way, but I digress…)
23:10:14  <paulbjensen>:)
23:18:26  * sberryma_changed nick to sberryman
23:33:06  <ArxPoetica>paulbjensen —> when I make changes, I don't have to re-link
23:33:09  <ArxPoetica>just re-build
23:33:11  <ArxPoetica>rebuild
23:33:14  <paulbjensen>yep
23:33:17  <ArxPoetica>cool
23:51:09  * audreyrjoined