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18:01:32  <mhr>When will the other sections of the socketstream site be filled in?
18:06:30  <mhr>Wait! There is documentation! Why isn't it up there? https://github.com/socketstream/socketstream/tree/master/doc/guide/en
18:08:36  * paulbjensenjoined
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18:15:55  <paulbjensen>Hi mhr. For now the documentation lives at the url you found. There is an unofficial project to build a SS documentation app here. https://github.com/Anephenix/ss-docs
18:16:49  <mhr>It might be advantageous to link to what I found on the website
18:16:55  <paulbjensen>Would also recommend checking out the google group for announcements and Q&As
18:16:57  <paulbjensen>https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/socketstream
18:17:20  <paulbjensen>Agreed.
18:24:11  <paulbjensen>In my opinion, that SS homepage would benefit from a bigger update, both content and design.
18:26:48  * ArxPoeticajoined
18:26:58  <ArxPoetica>lo
18:27:15  <paulbjensen>hi Arx
18:29:26  <ArxPoetica>what's up pbj
18:29:57  * ArxPoeticaquit (Client Quit)
18:30:03  <paulbjensen>just saying hi
19:07:11  <mhr>it looks like the https://github.com/socketstream/socketstream-0.4 project has become static - what's the status on that?
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19:35:15  <paulbjensen>Owen is resuming work on that in the coming weeks. He's not been able to do much recently.
19:36:29  <paulbjensen>A 0.3.3 release is to arrive shortly.
19:36:35  <mhr>okay cool
19:36:57  <mhr>paulbjensen: are you one of the main devs of socketstream?
19:39:55  <paulbjensen>technically yes. It's mostly Owen's work, but I've made contributions, bounced ideas and built apps on it.
19:41:11  <mhr>cool
19:41:31  <paulbjensen>I was working for Owen at AOL
19:41:55  <mhr>wow I haven't heard that name in a long time
19:42:51  <paulbjensen>:)
19:43:24  <mhr>kind of off topic, but what direction is aol headed in?
19:45:00  <paulbjensen>AOL wants to be a media empire, basically get as many eyeballs gawping at its various sites, then make money via online ads.
19:45:24  <paulbjensen>They have a display advertising division (advertising.com). That's the bit I used to work in.
19:46:09  <mhr>I didn't know about that. pretty slick looking website
19:46:20  <mhr>you still work at AOL?
19:46:37  <mhr>I noticed you said "was working"
19:46:41  <paulbjensen>No. I left about a year ago.
19:48:43  <paulbjensen>There are great people at AOL, but the company's management is flawed.
19:49:03  <mhr>where you at now?
19:49:55  <paulbjensen>I work at a small web broadcasting firm called Axisto Media. Great people, and I get to work with Node.js in my day job.
19:51:58  <mhr>awesome. do they support socketstream, or is that on your own time
19:53:23  <paulbjensen>No. I'm working on it for the sheer love of it, especially now that AOL aren't involved.
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20:10:01  <paulbjensen>I've been able to add some useful libraries over the past 6 months: ss-cucumber for writing Cucumber tests for your SS app as one example
20:10:26  <paulbjensen>another is ss-engine.io, which uses Engine.io for the Websocket transport library
20:10:51  <paulbjensen>I also open-sourced Dashku, a dashboard app built on SS.
20:11:45  <paulbjensen>My plan next is to start building plugins for doing CRUD, multi-transport controllers, auth.
20:12:41  <paulbjensen>as well as the docs app
20:20:41  <mhr>awesome. I'm dissatisfied with current mvc libraries/frameworks, so I'm planning on making one with socketstream as a base
20:21:03  <mhr>I never got the point of tdd. seems like a waste of time
20:22:23  <paulbjensen>It is a time sink, but if you don't have QAs to check the app for you all the time, it's a lifesaver for when you think you've managed to refactor your app without breaking anything.
20:25:04  <paulbjensen>I learnt it when I was doing RoR at a web agency called New Bamboo. It was very handy; I went on holiday for 3 weeks, some of the chaps did some great work on the search feature, but they didn't maintain the test suite, and the feature introduced a bug that the test suite would have caught if it was maintained.
20:26:49  <paulbjensen>I say if you're prototyping an app, don't bother with tests.
20:27:25  <paulbjensen>But if the app becomes a serious tool that people will depend upon, then put the tests in, and to TDD from that point onwards.
20:29:48  * mhr_joined
20:30:03  <mhr_>whoops my internet went haywire. I'll keep what you said in mind if my apps ever become large
20:30:58  <paulbjensen>cool.
20:31:14  <paulbjensen>What's your background, are you Python? PHP?
20:31:43  * mhrquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:31:45  <paulbjensen>Curious to see what languages Node.js devs are coming from
20:32:55  <mhr_>right, so a year or so ago, I was on gmail and it dawned on me that I had no idea how the whole thing worked
20:33:11  <mhr_>so I decided, hey I want to learn to make one of these apps, how hard can it be?
20:33:53  <mhr_>so first I learned html, then css, then php because I need to learn a real web programming language (I hated it), then js, I've spent the last year working on getting my skills better
20:34:16  <mhr_>I later became interested in different programming languages, and I now know scheme fairly well, not as well as js though
20:34:35  <mhr_>I'm learning ocaml and smalltalk currently
20:35:09  <mhr_>I'm just doing this all for fun/to expand my mind, if I have a successful app then that's secondary to me
20:38:36  <mhr_>I'm not so good at making GUIs, so I program, and my brother makes the uis of whatever project I'm working on
20:46:57  <paulbjensen>awesome. I was a self-starter too in terms of programming, learnt Ruby first, then discovered Node 2 years ago. Haven't looked back.
20:48:09  <paulbjensen>I've seen OCaml was used by a Hedge Fund in NY somewhere, they were raving about it.
20:51:16  <paulbjensen>yeah, here it is: https://ocaml.janestreet.com
20:59:19  * ins0mniaquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:59:51  <mhr_>I dunno if I want to program for a career (I'm in high school currently), but it's certainly a lot of fun
21:04:47  * Golesquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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21:28:47  <paulbjensen>I see what you mean. Sometimes I wonder what I would be doing if I wasn't a programmer (I studied Management Science at uni).
21:30:48  * ins0mniajoined
21:37:12  <paulbjensen>Also you can apply your programming skills in ways you'd never imagine: http://www.rafabenitez.com/web/index.php?act=mostrarContenidos&idioma=in&co=1407
21:38:02  <paulbjensen>Rafa Benitez (soccer coach) actually wrote programs in Visual Basic to help him manage football clubs like Liverpool FC.
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23:12:15  <mhr_>wow
23:30:28  <paulbjensen>?
23:30:34  <paulbjensen>oh