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19:52:49  <owenb_>hey sberryman. any particular patches you're thinking of?
19:53:20  <owenb_>happy to publish a 0.3.3 if there's a good reason to
19:55:07  <sberryman>nah, was just trying to stay up to date with the latest
19:55:15  <sberryman>how is 0.4 coming along?
19:56:03  <owenb_>today is my first day working on it in a few weeks. just been responding to emails and pull requests. using it on my own project now and realising the next thing to do is template support
19:56:40  <sberryman>sweet, dogfooding!
19:57:32  <sberryman>too bad there are about a million templateing solutions out there
19:57:44  <owenb_>exactly. it's a nightmare
19:57:54  <owenb_>what we had in 0.3 worked
19:57:57  <owenb_>but i think it can be better
19:58:04  <owenb_>want to experiment with a few ideas
19:58:34  <owenb_>but i'm building a real product now, so I want to deliver something working and stable sooner than later - as time permits
19:58:48  <sberryman>have you played around with backbone marionette? (https://github.com/marionettejs/backbone.marionette)
19:59:13  <owenb_>i know of it yes
20:00:00  <owenb_>do you use it?
20:00:05  <sberryman>yeah
20:00:20  <sberryman>i'm stuck on an older version and would like to upgrade I just dont have the time
20:00:59  <owenb_>yup i've been feeling that problem over the last few weeks hehe
20:01:02  <sberryman>i was so lost with single page apps until i came across marionette
20:01:25  <owenb_>web development is just getting more and more fragmented every day sadly
20:02:05  <sberryman>i think it is a good thing, people are creating easier/faster/better solutions to every day problems and making everything open source
20:02:15  <owenb_>i've realised it's more important than ever to have a clear and opinionated vision and accept the fact not everyone is going to like it
20:02:22  <owenb_>true
20:02:39  <owenb_>still i wouldn't like to be entering the industry today afresh.
20:02:49  <sberryman>but for socketstream you are probably right.. go the rails approach and pick a structure but allow some flexibility for people willing to write it
20:02:58  <owenb_>exactly
20:03:30  <sberryman>plus it is a waste of brain cells to come up with a directory structure for every project :)
20:03:39  <owenb_>yup
20:06:12  <sberryman>you should add this to your github docs: https://www.gittip.com
20:08:28  <owenb_>appreciate the thought :) one of the reasons why I've been so busy over the last few weeks is I've been forming a new company to do consulting around the realtime web, and of course around SocketStream in the future once it's production ready
20:11:28  <sberryman>are you enjoying the free time?
20:12:01  <owenb_>i've been doing some contract work recently, so not had any sadly
20:12:31  <owenb_>but it's all good. things are setup well for next year. and i'm happier doing this than in a full time job
20:13:18  <sberryman>always, it is such a great feeling to be in control
20:15:52  <owenb_>yes. i'm enjoying it. and the chance to work on my own startup ideas
20:18:31  <sberryman>still going to speak at conferences?
20:19:28  <sberryman>my goal is to make it to at least one this year
20:20:20  <owenb_>maybe, certainly not as many as last year
20:23:33  <owenb_>most likely at node dublin
20:24:43  <sberryman>haha, probably wont make it overseas for a conference
20:26:10  <owenb_>sure i'll be doing a US one next fall
20:28:49  <sberryman>by far the best command i've found on my mac so far "purge" :)
20:32:07  * strikeoutquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:32:18  <sberryman>owenb_: what do you use for a text editor?
20:33:25  <owenb_>sublime or macvim
20:33:35  <owenb_>alternate between them both a lot at the moment
20:46:04  <sberryman>didnt notice you wrote back.. is sublime that much better than textmate?
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