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01:05:23  <tomx>github down
01:05:29  <tomx>the mayans were right.
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01:49:02  <moyo>Hello streamers... I am just getting started with this exciting technology and hope that someone can help me with a problem I'm experiencing. I'm building from the chat demo app and trying to include a few JS libraries on my app. As I view the result in the browser, I am not seeing any errors in the console and the JS seems to be included just fine. However, the only JS that is working is the actual chat.
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02:05:39  <moyo>I am not sure this is the case but I started to migrate my JS functions over to the app.js file in code/app and it looks like its working. The stuff I had defined in my own JS file was wrapped in the document.ready function...
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10:38:53  <DaseinFiasco>hey, does anybody have an idea of the status of the project? i assume things are just quiet for the holidays, but the master branch on github hasn't shown much activity lately
10:39:21  <DaseinFiasco>google groups is also fairly quiet. :/
10:41:12  <DaseinFiasco>https://github.com/socketstream/socketstream-0.4 also seems very inactive for the (if i understand correctly) the public dev branch for the next incarnation of ss
10:42:11  <DaseinFiasco>would love to jump in with some pull requests to get 0.4 closer to release, but it's not clear what the status of things is right now, or even where to check for the status of the project
10:46:08  <DaseinFiasco>would also love to put some of my discoveries and working notes into the docs, but reluctant to do so if things have changed or are about to
11:19:30  <tomx>docs is always great! :)
11:19:35  <tomx>*are
11:19:48  <tomx>esp. for a noob like me
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15:57:36  <tomx>can/should I work with Ember .outlets when using ember.js as frontend?
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18:18:01  <fern4lvarez_>hi there, just a tiny proposal: why don't move this IRC chat to a realtime chat powered by SocketStream? What could be a better way to talk about SS within a SS software? It could bring some authentication with GitHub or Twitter and would be totally open sourced, so it may be a great real-life example. Just saying, thanks for the awesome work so far,
18:21:30  <DaseinFiasco>nice idea, but it will be hard to match the features of a true irc client (chat history, user profiles, etc)
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18:23:35  <DaseinFiasco>here is an 'interesting' problem. only on chrome, and only in a production environment, i can force the "Welcome to socket.io" error simply by rapidly refreshing any page with socket.io scripts, even if not actually connecting.
18:24:13  <DaseinFiasco>not sure if this is a socket.io issue or a byproduct of some interaction with socketstream
18:25:08  <DaseinFiasco>waiting a few seconds and refreshing causes a normal page load.
18:25:19  <DaseinFiasco>nothing appears in the console output that indicates an attempt to load a page was ever made
18:25:29  <DaseinFiasco>works fine in firefox, safari, iPhone, and ie
18:25:56  <DaseinFiasco>anybody ever seen something like that???
18:28:52  <DaseinFiasco>can somebody do me a favor and load this page in chrome and see if it actually loads?
18:28:53  <DaseinFiasco>http://www.trailofsecrets.com/game
18:29:07  <DaseinFiasco>if so, can you rapidly refresh a few times and see if it *still* loads?
18:30:02  <DaseinFiasco>once it loads correctly it continues working in perpetuity. only the first load has problems, and only after refreshing a few times
18:30:28  <fern4lvarez_>Hi, I get "Welcome to socket.io." at first load
18:30:56  <fern4lvarez_>at second, i get into the game
18:31:33  <fern4lvarez_>When refreshing many times, i get back to the message
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19:13:23  <DaseinFiasco>thank you @fern4lvarez. at least a little sanity is restored knowing it's reproducible by others. still, incredibly strange. O______O
19:15:56  <fern4lvarez_>no problem
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19:55:28  <paulbjensen>@fern4lvarez_ - I like the idea, in fact we built a very basic chat demo for SocketStream within AOL, it was very basic but very beautiful. One of the AIM guys posted this in the chat thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1TXsYy3jQw
19:59:03  <paulbjensen>I guess the question that would be asked is, how would you improve on what already exists in IRC?
20:00:05  * Golesquit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:01:34  <paulbjensen>Some initial thoughts are 1) - Rethink the UI of a chat app. It's easy to replicate what already exists, but that's kind of like cheating ourselves out of thinking hard about how an app's UI should work for the user.
20:04:06  <fern4lvarez_>maybe it is because I'm not an IRC user, but for me i would just ask for a clean interface, some way to buffer all the chat history, a simple way to see or access the chat members' github or twitter accounts and a way to interact directly, privately with all of them
20:04:51  <paulbjensen>sounds like a plan.
20:05:21  <paulbjensen>for buffer chat history, I guess you could use the infinite scrolling to handle that.
20:06:02  <paulbjensen>I guess the other thing is keeping track of where user's last read up to.
20:07:12  * sberryma_changed nick to sberryman
20:07:22  <fern4lvarez_>yeah, but I mean, if you have been away for a while, you may want to read what happened then, i guess that's something that redis could do
20:09:07  <paulbjensen>yep, either via timestamp of messages
20:09:20  <paulbjensen>or a chronological id
20:12:22  <fern4lvarez_>i'm just starting to get to know socketstream and the realtime web itself, so excuse me if i sound kind of naive: with the actual status of SS, is it possible to implement easily different chat rooms with different people, within the same Node process?
20:13:46  <paulbjensen>yes
20:13:55  <paulbjensen>pubsub
20:14:07  <paulbjensen>let me dig out a relevant doc
20:14:53  <paulbjensen>https://github.com/socketstream/socketstream/blob/master/doc/guide/en/pub_sub_events.md
20:18:00  <fern4lvarez_>pubsub... ok, thx, i'll give it a read
20:18:42  <fern4lvarez_>looks like what i was looking for
20:20:40  <fern4lvarez_>wow, i'm willing to find time enough to play around properly
20:21:06  * colinsullivanjoined
20:21:10  <fern4lvarez_>now i kind of regret spending time with Meteor... chateor.meteor.com
20:28:55  <paulbjensen>I'll say this about Meteor, they have a tremendous amount of momentum behind the project, and Matt's a nice chap too.
20:30:48  <paulbjensen>I don't want to call any year the year of the real-time web (lesson learned from the Linux desktop), but it has to happen soon.
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21:14:27  <paulbjensen>@fern4lvarez may be worth a shameless plug, but the source code behind Dashku.com is open source, and available on github https://github.com/Anephenix/dashku. It might be worth a look for ideas about how you can approach auth, pub sub channels, etc.
21:15:46  <paulbjensen>and I believe there is a ss-angular demo repo floating around somewhere, if Angular.js is your client-side framework of choice.
21:17:26  * paulbjensenquit (Quit: paulbjensen)
21:17:45  <fern4lvarez_>yes, i've read about that ss-angular example on the google group, but i'm more for ember
21:18:10  <fern4lvarez_>thx for the dashku link, i visited their web app but didn't know they had it opensourced
21:28:56  <tomx>hands up, who is using ss with ember? :)
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22:35:58  <ArxPoetica>lo
22:36:17  <ArxPoetica>hey owenb_ you around?
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