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16:25:55  <rburton->re
16:26:29  <rburton->Hello from France! In a few weeks it'll be hello from Germany lol
16:27:12  * isaacsjoined
16:27:19  <isaacs>whassup party people?
16:29:01  <rburton->Trying to find a party :)
16:29:35  <rburton->I wonder if there will be a talk one day with node.js vs vert.x
16:30:34  <visnup>supp
16:31:31  * visnupis hungover
16:32:01  <rburton->Almost read that as 'is hung'
16:32:24  <visnup>hah
16:36:57  * ferloresjoined
16:38:10  <isaacs>rburton-: maybe on the vert.x podcast
16:38:51  <isaacs>but i'd be happy some day to rant about how "polyglot" is a bug rather than a feature.
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16:39:20  <isaacs>and how benchmarks are for analyzing your weak points, not for bragging about your strong points.
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16:42:16  <visnup>not skilled enough to make coffee right now
16:42:35  <visnup>so I reheated soup instead
16:44:50  <cianomaidin>soup for breakfast nice
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16:49:41  <isaacs>there are too many chats
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16:58:53  <dshaw_>sup
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17:02:13  <dshaw_>counting down
17:02:26  <dshaw_>http://mixlr.com/nodeup
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17:07:13  <Soarez>hello
17:08:11  <cjm>hey
17:09:28  <rburton->API frameworks should be much like Unix Programs
17:10:09  <rburton->Complexity, the by-product is an unfeed ego.
17:10:41  <dshaw_>https://gist.github.com/3681547
17:11:08  <dshaw_>npm avail
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17:13:17  <rburton->terminology is important. A lot of people don't read things in detail, they just browse for keywords
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17:16:22  <rburton->Sounds like a domain is a context object per request or event
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17:22:46  <rburton->I'm against null as a return value. It would be better to return an object the indicates the state is ready + the ability to read from it.
17:23:54  <_ritch>rburton-: that would have to block, readable has to be an event… or a callback
17:23:54  <rburton->/better/ is subjective and also a flame war
17:23:54  <rburton->)
17:25:37  <rburton->I see, and raising an exception would be overkill
17:26:15  <_ritch>if you have threads both of those ways are fine
17:26:57  <rburton->I guess my response to null being returned is that null is often abused due to a lack of design or thought.
17:27:11  <_ritch>mikeal: how are you doing SSL?
17:27:23  <mikeal>Stud
17:27:34  <rburton->mikeal he wasnt asking about me, but SSL :)
17:27:37  <mikeal>and stud-proxy, which is a node TCP load balancer i wrote
17:28:31  <_ritch>argh, i need sticky sessions, any suggestion?
17:28:47  <_ritch>just stud in front of a load balancer i guess
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17:32:07  <ccowan>I guess I missed the time change oops..
17:32:43  <rburton->ccowan There was a tweet sent out by dshaw_ today
17:32:54  <ccowan>yeah... I missed that
17:33:00  <rburton->ah
17:33:26  <rburton->There needs to be a good system to manage timing for podcasts etc. like a one to many subscriber model
17:33:50  <ccowan>rburton-: that would be awesome...
17:33:56  * aidanxyzpart
17:34:30  <adollaroutof15c>I am trying to convince my boss right now to switch to Node from a big PHP/JAVA mess
17:34:39  <rburton->That and a twitter like system that lets people interface with someone real-time would be valuable. Robert Scroble does a great job at using Facebook and Google+ for doing that
17:35:05  <rburton->adollaroutof15c What issues are you encountering that php/java can't handle that would require a big rewrite?
17:35:09  <ccowan>We are in the middle of swtiching from PHP to Node
17:35:31  <ccowan>We are doing it incrementally
17:35:49  <adollaroutof15c>Also trying to switch from MySQL to Cassandra at the same time
17:36:23  <rburton->Is the system pure Node.Js or do you guys look at having node speak to multiple backend systems and act as an orchestrator in the response
17:36:33  <rburton->adollaroutof15c That's a lot to bite off honestly
17:36:40  <ccowan>adollaroutof15c: I would do one thing at a time with the other in mind... SO maybe do the rewrite in Node first then go to casandra afterwards
17:36:44  <rburton->Not only are you switching langauges, but data store models etc.
17:36:45  <adollaroutof15c>Yeah it is
17:37:23  <ccowan>my plan is to get everything over to node then re-evaluate if I want to swtich from MySQL
17:37:25  <adollaroutof15c>I think at first we would have to throw node in front of everything and just make it the middle man and then slowly switch over one peice at a time
17:37:39  <rburton->Any plans on having Node support multiple cores?
17:37:51  <ccowan>rburton-: it does now
17:37:58  <ccowan>you just need to use the cluster support
17:38:05  <rburton->Nice, I recall the issue was V8
17:38:21  <adollaroutof15c>hmm i need to read up on cluster support
17:38:22  <ccowan>rburton-: checkout the cluster module in core
17:38:25  <rburton->Okay, so you'll just have to run a cluster on the same machine to handle using multiple cores
17:38:50  <rburton->At the moment, my application (almost ready to go live) is done using Rails 3 with Redis + MySQL
17:39:11  <adollaroutof15c>we were thinking of going the easy route and using Nodejitsu and just have them handling the scalability of Node
17:39:26  <rburton->For what I'm doing, that should be good enough since the system really is a layer on top of dropbox and box.com for social sharing of files
17:39:58  <rburton->Nodejitus was done by a guy who worked at a company I worked at lab49
17:40:19  <maxogden>mikeal: windows 98
17:40:22  <rburton->Then dshaw_ knows another friend (danny) i worked with at a prior company. Funny how small this world is
17:40:29  <cjm>lol max
17:40:34  <ccowan>oh god... tables and spacer gifs!
17:40:45  <cjm>97
17:40:51  <ccowan>I miss those days.. :P
17:41:04  <adollaroutof15c>i liked 3.1.1 for workgroups
17:41:46  <rburton->I remember the days of 98 and upgrading
17:41:47  <rburton->ah
17:42:12  <rburton->gasp node won't install via brew install node
17:43:14  <rburton->I guess the xcode cli tools isn't enough
17:43:16  <adollaroutof15c>Ugh Java
17:43:29  <visnup>windows nt 4eva!
17:43:34  <rburton->what's wrong with Java?
17:43:35  <ccowan>mikeal: I want to get a Node User Group setup in Phoenix but I'm not sure what the best approach is... What woudl be a good way to start?
17:43:42  <adollaroutof15c>it hurts my soul
17:43:51  <mikeal>ccowan: i've written a little about this
17:44:00  <ccowan>blog?
17:44:02  <rburton->adollaroutof15c sounds subjective :D
17:44:12  <adollaroutof15c>just a bit
17:44:23  <adollaroutof15c>I guess i am just a JS fanatic
17:44:25  * oren1joined
17:44:27  <mikeal>http://www.mikealrogers.com/posts/on-meetups.html
17:44:32  <rburton->They both have their place
17:44:33  <mikeal>ccowan: ^^
17:44:36  <oren1>what did i miss in the last 45 minutes?
17:44:42  <ccowan>mikeal: thx
17:44:54  <mikeal>also, if you have any questions
17:44:54  <rburton->oren1 SSL talks and a few other items basically 45 minutes of talks about node :)
17:44:59  <oren1>i thougth it's at 12 on sunday..
17:45:01  <mikeal>just email me and we can setup a skype chat
17:45:03  <rburton->mikeal you're based in SFO
17:45:09  <mikeal>yup
17:45:12  <mikeal>Oakland!
17:45:14  <maxogden>*oakland'
17:45:15  <rburton->Awesome, I'm moving out there myself
17:45:29  <rburton->At the moment, I 'live' in Utah, in France right now, moving to SFO
17:45:30  <mikeal>me, maxogden and isaacs are all in Oakland
17:45:33  <mikeal>and substakc
17:45:42  <rburton->awesome, Oakland a good area to move?
17:45:45  <adollaroutof15c>I am in NYC
17:45:50  <rburton->I was going to move into the SFO area for the startup community
17:45:57  <oren1>why is it early today?
17:45:59  <rburton->adollaroutof15c I lived in Jersey City for 5 years
17:46:05  <adollaroutof15c>Cool
17:46:23  <oren1>can you please send the guys github page
17:46:31  <rburton->Worked on Wall Street for a while as at Lab49
17:46:47  <mikeal>we're experimenting with this time slot
17:47:06  <mikeal>it's easier to get europeans and we don't lose like, a whole day since it's in the middle of the day
17:47:10  * hellopatjoined
17:47:10  <rburton->mikeal would you recommend oakland over SFO for doing a startup (living wise)
17:47:15  <adollaroutof15c>Wall Street also hurst my soul
17:47:19  <oren1>mikeal: that's great, maybe u can send email or something on time change
17:47:22  <mikeal>creating a startup or working at one?
17:47:24  <maxogden>https://twitter.com/enterprisestack/status/244854204252962816
17:47:28  <rburton->creating
17:48:04  <maxogden>i love listening to cian pronounce things
17:48:15  <dshaw_>Mikeal's actually gentrified up and moved to Emeryville. Don't let him fool you.
17:48:18  <rburton->At engineyard, I go to their office a lot in SFO
17:48:19  <ccowan>maxogden: that's why you chagned the time :D
17:48:23  <mikeal>hahahaha
17:48:30  <rburton->Emeryville? ha
17:48:40  <rburton->I'm just not sure where to live
17:48:49  <dshaw_>SF
17:48:56  <rburton->the biggest risk is I dont plan to work or support myself, so it'll eat into my retirement :)
17:49:02  <rburton->That's what i was thinking
17:49:04  <dshaw_>I love living in the city.
17:49:13  <rburton->dshaw_ You know Danny right
17:49:16  <rburton->voxer guy
17:49:20  <maxogden>dshaw_: dont spew your lies here
17:49:33  <maxogden>dshaw_: you live in the oakland of san francisco
17:49:36  * V1joined
17:49:46  <visnup>SF 4eva!
17:49:50  <adollaroutof15c>I love NYC too much to leave, even though rent hurts
17:50:02  <mikeal>rent in SF is nearly as basd
17:50:03  <mikeal>er bad
17:50:04  <rburton->adollaroutof15c: rent hurts in SFO more than NYC
17:50:10  <adollaroutof15c>Really? wow
17:50:14  * V1changed nick to `3rdEden
17:50:14  <rburton->studio for 2100
17:50:21  <adollaroutof15c>HAHA thats insane
17:50:25  <rburton->My friend pays 3,200 for a 1 bedroom in NYC on the water
17:50:35  <rburton->I was paying 2,200 in Jersey City
17:50:38  <rburton->for a 1 bedroom
17:50:39  <adollaroutof15c>I moved up to harlem got a 3br for 1800 a few years ago
17:50:47  <mikeal>SF prices are similar
17:50:51  <ccowan>We lived in the bay area and then moved to Phoenix and how we live in a big cheap house... I can say this I would rather be poor and live in the bay area then rich and live in phoenix.
17:51:03  <dshaw_>rburton-: sure dcoates is my deskmate.
17:51:04  <rburton->mikeal I'm looking at studios. It'll be great to be in the area
17:51:09  <adollaroutof15c>well on the water, i dont need that, I just need enough $$ to eat and run my startup
17:51:17  <rburton->dshaw_ yup dcoates :)
17:51:22  <mikeal>Oakland is much better in terms of price
17:51:24  <rburton->He use to sit near me in my old client
17:51:26  <maxogden>adollaroutof15c: you should meet substack
17:51:36  <mikeal>you can stay in maxogden's warehouse for 400 bucks :P
17:51:44  <maxogden>unless tmpvar moves in
17:51:45  <mrdnk>Really looking forward to nodedublin - my first node conference.
17:51:49  <maxogden>then it will be full!
17:51:54  <adollaroutof15c>hes in harlem?
17:51:55  <maxogden>though last night 2 rando noders crashed here
17:52:03  <rburton->Tell Danny, just because he's in CA doesn't mean he can have 'desk mates' ;)
17:52:12  <dshaw_>lol
17:52:28  <rburton->He's been loving being in SFO
17:52:33  <adollaroutof15c>man i want a warehouse
17:52:40  <rburton->It's great he left Utah to be there. Totally a good spot for him
17:52:41  <maxogden>mrdnk: i'll be at node dublin too!
17:52:53  <maxogden>mrdnk: ive never been to ireland before
17:53:10  <rburton->I so screwed up my MacBook Pro charger. Damn HyperJuice
17:53:11  <maxogden>SPOILER ALERT
17:53:20  <rburton->The wires touched and blew out the charge :(
17:53:38  <mrdnk>@maxogden Yeah looking forward to meeting all the node folk
17:54:23  <mrdnk>Been to Ireland a bunch to times - it's pretty cool. I live in Bristol in England, but my Mum lives in Ireland.
17:54:35  <rburton->I wish I spoke multiple languages. I can just write in them :)
17:54:40  <rburton->Right now I wish I spoke in French.
17:55:05  <ccowan>mikeal: can you have him speak some?
17:55:22  <oren1>i am playing with mandarin
17:55:31  <mikeal>have who speak
17:55:34  <cjm>Ta me ag N?dail?ocht
17:55:44  <ccowan>cian
17:55:47  <rburton->oren1 that's a tough one
17:56:05  <oren1>rburton-: only the sound. grammer is simpler than english/spanish
17:56:05  <adollaroutof15c>I speak Spanish! does that count anymore? its like 30% of the US now
17:56:17  <rburton->hm
17:56:24  <oren1>rburton-: they don't have past/future format.
17:56:43  <rburton->Right my buddy told me about that. eg., I eat, I eat and I eat ;)
17:56:48  <mrdnk>Irish cops are called Garda
17:57:03  <adollaroutof15c>NodeJS es el mejor lenguaje de programmacion para la red!
17:57:04  <mikeal>i saw that movie :)
17:57:13  <ccowan>HAYWIRE!
17:57:18  <mikeal>ccowan: he's speaking :)
17:57:19  <ccowan>I watched it yesterday
17:57:32  <rburton->I can't wait to get back to the states really
17:57:36  * jose_ejoined
17:57:38  <oren1>rburton-: so if you want to say you ate chicken in the past you just say: "yesterday i eat chicken"
17:58:10  <ccowan>mikeal: he spoke some gaelic.
17:58:12  <ccowan>thx
17:58:24  <mikeal>oh i see
17:58:28  * jos_equit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:59:10  <rburton->dshaw_ Tell danny I'll be in SFO Sept 27th. I'll ping him on Twitter
18:00:04  <rburton->I need to do some research on using EngineYard and having a background job uploading files to S3. I need to have a common shared storage like a NAS across all instances
18:01:13  <rburton->skype call :)
18:01:35  <dshaw_>rburton: cool
18:01:35  <cjm>damnit, why is that getting piped into the stream
18:01:39  <cjm>:)
18:02:04  <rburton->;)
18:02:08  <cjm>...it's set to go to another output
18:03:55  * `3rdEdenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:04:45  <rburton->It's like a hot girl vs. an ugly girl :)
18:04:50  <rburton->One is smart and one isn't
18:04:59  <rburton->We just make believe the hot one is both smart and pretty ;)
18:07:00  <rburton->Why not mechanical turk?
18:07:05  * _ritchpart
18:07:26  <rburton->Split it up into chunks number them and put out a job saying "Translate this 1 minute clip for 5 cent
18:07:57  <No9>dshaw_ are there any formats for the transcriptions
18:08:21  <No9>or do you just go wild?
18:09:12  * `3rdEdenjoined
18:10:16  <rburton->I think they should use use mechanical turk, split the audio file up into 1-2 minute chunks and then pay someone 5 cent per chunk. That'll keep it cheap to do.
18:10:58  * V1joined
18:10:58  * `3rdEdenquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:10:58  <rburton->I wonder how many people who don't know about evolution will take that ape thing incorrectly :)
18:11:17  <adollaroutof15c>talk to @andrewwarner he gets his show transcribed, I think it can be relatively cheap but I could be mistaken
18:11:38  * V1changed nick to `3rd-Eden
18:13:02  <rburton->Okay guys, I'm out. I need to charge this laptop via my HyperJuice now. it's at 9%. Remember, never blow out your charger while over in Europe.
18:13:12  <dshaw_>No9: still coalescing around the actual format. md or txt, probably md.
18:13:59  <rburton->There really should be a good peice of software to do this automatically.
18:14:12  <rburton->Detect a persons voice dynanically and then track the conversation
18:15:03  <maxogden>visnup: leonidas*
18:15:46  <adollaroutof15c>rburton there should be but there isn't any good ones yet
18:15:54  <adollaroutof15c>anyone going to empire JS?
18:15:58  <visnup>maxogden: ohhh
18:15:59  <oren1>links anyone?
18:16:22  <dshaw_>oren1: confs
18:16:24  <dshaw_>?
18:16:41  <oren1>dshaw_: yeah. i am trying to type it but it's a bit quick...
18:16:56  <oren1>i love the show, but please let us know what time!
18:17:02  <maxogden>oren1: there are show notes and downloadable audio for every show
18:17:10  <maxogden>oren1: and a twitter acccount that announces the time
18:17:16  <oren1>maxogden: ok. thanks!
18:17:33  <rburton->oren1 Create a Time notificaiton service for Twitter ;)
18:17:35  * jose_equit (Quit: Page closed)
18:17:39  <oren1>i still don't know how to use twitter..
18:17:48  <adollaroutof15c>lol
18:17:48  <rburton->Okay that's another issue :)
18:17:49  <oren1>too much noise
18:18:11  <adollaroutof15c>I only follow developers I like and entrepreneurs i like
18:18:15  <rburton->depends on how many people you file
18:18:16  <adollaroutof15c>or else it get too noisy
18:18:24  <rburton->I'm rburton and I only follow <300
18:18:30  <adollaroutof15c>@alldayhustle : )
18:18:40  <rburton->over 300 and it's a mess
18:18:45  <oren1>i use newsbeuter as my rss feed, maybe i can add a twitter feed? not sure if twitter support rss
18:18:46  <adollaroutof15c>i just got started like 2 weeks ago
18:19:04  <adollaroutof15c>anyone on app.net?
18:19:06  <rburton->Just trim who you follow ever so many months
18:19:08  * Soarezpart
18:19:42  <oren1>rburton-: i prefer to get my info on the console, that's why i use text-based tool like newsbeuter.
18:19:58  <rburton->I prefer to get my info from people with passion :)
18:20:12  <oren1>http://newsbeuter.org/screenshots.html
18:20:37  <rburton->http://twitter.com :)
18:20:43  <rburton->feel free to lynx it :)
18:20:48  <adollaroutof15c>lol
18:21:25  <rburton->Okay enough joking :) I got to run. Great show guys keep it up
18:21:49  * rburton-quit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
18:24:09  <adollaroutof15c>anyone here in NYC?
18:25:03  <isaacs>maxogden: You should go the old school hacker route like rms and esr and stuff, and use mbalho as your handle
18:25:21  <visnup>mbalho is an awesome handle
18:27:59  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
18:28:51  * adollaroutof15cpart
18:31:50  * `3rd-Edenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:33:38  * mikealjoined
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18:39:06  * ramitosquit
18:40:26  <maxogden>isaacs: OOOH
18:40:51  * maxogdenchanged nick to mbalho
18:40:55  <mbalho>isaacs: IT IS DONE
18:41:04  <isaacs>it's availabibble! https://twitter.com/mbalho
18:41:33  <isaacs>No match for "MBALHO.COM".
18:42:15  <mbalho>if i was going for a full corporate rebranding it would involve cats
18:42:22  * mbalhopart
18:42:37  * cianomaidinquit (Quit: cianomaidin)
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18:50:17  * mikealquit (Quit: Leaving.)
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