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01:25:53  <Jay_>Any discussion around iriscouch.com in here?
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08:56:29  <mmaa>Is it possible to get an exact date for when you are going to close the private npm registry service, and when you will publish the product as open source? Can you confirm that the nodejitsu private npm registry will be open sourced BEFORE the nodejitsu service will close?
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12:41:07  <jasedr>getting "Invalid rev format" when trying to log in to the web interface of our private npm
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13:24:01  <braytak>Will NodeJS hosting as we know it today still be available after GoDaddy merge is complete?
13:58:44  <jasedr>don't think so
13:58:55  <jasedr>https://blog.nodejitsu.com/nodejitsu-joins-godaddy/
13:59:08  <jasedr>"Continuing to operate all of our products for seven months to ensure everyone has adequate time for any and all changes related to the transition."
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18:00:31  <PON>Hello - having an issue getting a new user setup on my registry. When he logs in with valid credentials the following error occurs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfktgxmbt76fo6f/Screenshot%202015-03-24%2010.57.25.png?dl=0
18:00:49  <PON>I've set up multiple users successfully on the registry in the past - so not sure what is different here
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18:18:06  <sheldon>hey, is anyone having issues reaching their private npm server?
18:34:31  <sheldon>ping
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18:44:10  <adborden>sheldon: my registry seems to be fine
18:44:35  <Stephanie>Hi there, is there anyone from the Nodejitsu support team here? I'm getting an error deploying and would really appreciate some help.
18:46:30  <adborden>sheldon: oh yeah, but having trouble logging in through the web ui. claims invalid username/password.
18:46:43  <Stephanie>Or does anyone know how to fix this error? "Error: You must have a confirmed account to start an app, please check your email"
18:47:03  <Stephanie>We might be getting the same problem - I'm able to login to the website but can't deploy because it says my account isn't confirmed...
18:47:41  <adborden>Stephanie: is this a new account? You might need to click a confirm link in your email.
18:49:11  <Stephanie>I'm new on the development team, but this is an admin account that they've had for a while. I resent the activation email and clicked on the confirm link but it didn't fix the problem. Do you know of any other ways to fix it?
18:51:12  <adborden>Stephanie: sorry, I don't know.
18:51:31  <adborden>do you have an account on npmjs.org?
18:53:14  <Stephanie>I don't think I do - do I need one?
18:53:28  <braytak>Thanks @jaserd... would be nice to have someone from Jitsu say so explicitly though...
18:54:07  <sheldon>My account login gives me an invalid rev error...
18:54:31  <sheldon>npm installing public modules through my private registry is also not functioning
19:04:26  <adborden>Stephanie: I'm not exactly sure how it works, but my nodejitsu user is tied to my public npmjs user.
19:04:46  <adborden>for example I used the same credentials to log into nodejitsu for the first time
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19:10:01  <Stephanie>hmm interesting. I wonder if the trouble is that I installed all the modules on my personal account but am deploying through the admin account. Do you think that could be an issue?
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19:19:14  <adborden>Stephanie: npm is keeping track of your auth in `.npmrc`. Installing modules won't record which login you were using when you installed. You can `npm login` to re-login to your different accounts. You might also want to add the registry option to your .npmrc or on the command line to talk to the private or public registry
19:21:54  <Stephanie>That makes sense, thanks. It seems like npm shouldn't be my problem with having a confirmed account with nodejitsu
19:22:05  <Stephanie>I think it must be a different problem
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19:33:34  <michaelgoodeggs>hey all, we're having authentication issues suddenly
19:34:06  <michaelgoodeggs>e.g.
19:34:07  <michaelgoodeggs>npm ERR! Error: unauthorized Name or password is incorrect.: chai-webdriver npm ERR! at RegClient.<anonymous> (/home/travis/.nvm/v0.10.36/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/npm-registry-client/lib/request.js:308:14) npm ERR! at Request._callback (/home/travis/.nvm/v0.10.36/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/npm-registry-client/lib/request.js:246:65) npm ERR! at Request.self.callback (/home/travis/.nvm/v0.10.36/l
19:35:48  <michaelgoodeggs>also can't login at: https://goodeggs.npm.nodejitsu.com
19:35:53  <michaelgoodeggs>seem to be getting an error straight from couchDB:
19:36:02  <michaelgoodeggs>Invalid rev format
19:47:14  <adborden>michaelgoodeggs: yeah, several reports of auth issues today :/
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22:21:24  <nooooooo>I'm trying to log into my company's private npm, and am getting "Invalid rev format" from the web front end. I've created an npmjs account, and my user name has been added to the private npm. Any ideas about the error message?
22:43:30  <sheldon>this is kinda ridiculous...
22:44:16  <sheldon>is there anyone from nodejitsu actually on here? a large part of our team has been blocked for a majority of the day and we can't push our code out to production
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23:08:41  <adborden>chjj: any status update? our support emails have gone unanswered
23:10:56  <adborden>nooooooo: you are not alone, several reports of issues, haven't heard anything from nodejitsu :/
23:13:22  <nooooooo>adborden: thanks for the info
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