00:00:01  <harbhub>that way, i can upload audio file, then click to play it from the app
00:00:18  <harbhub>would you be able to help me with the logic needed to accomplish this massive task?
00:00:32  <coderarity>well, it's probably not that hard
00:00:42  <coderarity>to be honest, i've never tried uploading stuff with nodejitsu
00:00:44  <harbhub>let's do it, then
00:00:47  <coderarity>but there's stuff out there to help with that
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00:02:18  <coderarity>in fact, if you're using express it does a lot for you
00:02:36  <harbhub>i use express :)
00:02:42  <coderarity>also this https://github.com/felixge/node-formidable
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00:03:24  <coderarity>harbhub: check this out for using express file upload stuff http://howtonode.org/really-simple-file-uploads
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00:15:02  * jesusabdullahtopic: Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud Status: Full sun! | Newest node_redis doesn't require bundling fyi
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00:33:55  <harbhub>anyone using a linode vps?
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00:46:09  <coderarity>harbhub: i was for a while
00:46:29  <coderarity>harbhub: i recommend it, though :D
00:46:47  <harbhub>heh
00:46:49  <Sly>I used MediaTemple's VPS for a while. They're pretty good.
00:46:50  <coderarity>i think joyent has smartos stuff
00:47:02  <coderarity>i wanted to try developing on a smartos machine just to see what happens
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00:49:40  <cronopio>coderarity: is awesome! I mean, SmartOS is wonderfull for develpment or local testing machine
00:58:23  <harbhub>hmm
00:58:29  <harbhub>the problem with my audio seems to be
00:58:33  <harbhub>the format that it is sent in
00:58:49  <harbhub>jplayer expects a certain format, and express is using a different formt
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01:12:13  <harbhub>grr
01:16:10  <coderarity>cronopio: i'll mess with it then :P
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01:28:39  <harbhub>i don't know how to parse to make the audio file correct :(
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01:41:03  <harbhub>can i use multiple cores and multiple threads for my nodejs app?
01:41:48  <coderarity>not multiple threads
01:42:06  <coderarity>you can make multiple processes to utilize multiple cores
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01:42:22  <coderarity>note that nodejitsu drones only have on core, so there's no reason to do that with nodejitsu
01:42:32  <coderarity>you would scale drones instead of processes
01:44:09  <harbhub>could you explain this further
01:44:21  <harbhub>i feel that it is literally the most important aspect of any programming language
01:44:27  <harbhub>the ability to scale
01:44:49  <harbhub>so a drone is a server with some ram
01:44:49  <coderarity>drones are basically little servers
01:44:53  <coderarity>256 MB
01:44:55  <harbhub>ok
01:45:07  <harbhub>so i can have unlimited drones hosting 1 app?
01:45:07  <cronopio>in the future you could increase the power of your drone. but not now
01:45:14  <coderarity>yeah, in the future
01:45:16  <coderarity>like, near future
01:45:19  <harbhub>not interested in vertical scaling cronopic
01:45:27  <harbhub>horizontal is more important i think
01:45:34  <coderarity>i misread that
01:45:35  <harbhub>what size will a big drone be?
01:45:40  <coderarity>you can sale horizontally in the near future :P
01:45:42  <cronopio>you can choose any of both, or both ;)
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01:45:56  <harbhub>my question is
01:45:59  <harbhub>lets say i make an app
01:46:02  <fg3>can I run any node app on nodejitsu
01:46:06  <harbhub>and a billion people use it every second
01:46:10  <harbhub>theoretically
01:46:14  <harbhub>if i had enough drones
01:46:21  <harbhub>could the app scale and work just fine?
01:46:34  <jesusabdullah>fg3: it needs to be an http server, that's generally the only restriction
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01:46:47  <Sly>jesusabdullah, <3
01:47:06  <Sly>I heard you laughed at my dog going through puberty.
01:47:23  <jesusabdullah>orite
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01:47:27  <fg3>jesusabdullah, it's a meteor app - so it has a server -- but how to move it to the server?
01:47:29  <cronopio>harbhub: the balancers will distribute the load between all your active drones
01:47:41  <Sly>I had to get coderarity to tell me, because I didn't have it in scrollback. xD
01:47:41  <jesusabdullah>fg3: have you seen our handbook?
01:47:44  <jesusabdullah>!3links
01:47:46  * jesusabdullahwonders...
01:47:49  <jesusabdullah>nope
01:47:53  <fg3>jesusabdullah, ok
01:48:01  <jesusabdullah>fg3: http://handbook.jit.su
01:48:24  <jesusabdullah>fg3: meteor may be tough, due to the node-proxy dependency
01:48:41  <fg3>thanks
01:48:45  <harbhub>cronopic: so that is a yes?
01:48:58  <cronopio>harbhub: yeah off course :)
01:49:06  <harbhub>yes!
01:49:18  <jesusabdullah>harbhub: biggest thing is shared state, in which case you use a database or a redis or something
01:49:28  <cronopio>harbhub: you need to calc how many drones you will need to handle your traffic
01:49:32  <AvianFlu>meteor won't work properly
01:49:40  <AvianFlu>and furthermore, using meteor is hazardous to your health
01:49:52  * fg3part ("Leaving")
01:49:52  <cronopio>lol yeah
01:49:58  <AvianFlu>it relies on a fibers abstraction that runs on a very naive coroutine implementation
01:50:03  <AvianFlu>which itself is just big fat pthreads
01:50:06  <AvianFlu>messily hacked into v8
01:50:10  <AvianFlu>just… don't
01:50:37  <harbhub>cronopio: in your judgement is my goal feasible: build an app that has a shared filebase that contains audio files, another shared filebase that contains image files, a shared database that lets users "follow/subscribe" to other user's published audio files, and audio player that can play the published audio files, the end.
01:50:55  <jesusabdullah>I would recommend either express, flatiron, or some combination thereof
01:51:04  <harbhub>i'm trying to make a web app that lets people record audio from their phone, comp, etc
01:51:07  <harbhub>then
01:51:14  <harbhub>they upload the audio file to the server
01:51:16  <AvianFlu>use any node framework you want
01:51:16  <harbhub>then
01:51:19  <AvianFlu>meteor isn't really node
01:51:21  <cronopio>well... you will need a large storage solution...
01:51:29  <harbhub>it is published to all the subscribers so that they could see it and play it
01:51:33  <cronopio>like amazon s3 or something
01:51:39  <harbhub>cronopic: yes
01:51:45  <harbhub>i was thinking of rackspace
01:51:53  <harbhub>since someone in hear said it uses akamaii
01:52:05  <harbhub>btw i love this chat and you guys :)
01:52:07  <jesusabdullah>we used cloudfiles, I want to say they generally work pretty well
01:52:13  <harbhub>so
01:52:20  <harbhub>i could have a cloud storage for the AUDIO files?
01:52:34  <harbhub>a mongoDB with mongoHQ to store username/passwords
01:52:35  <cronopio>harbhub: if you choose joyent, you have change to hit the same datacenter that nodejitsu servers and improve the reponse time
01:52:35  <harbhub>?
01:52:56  <cronopio>s/change/chance
01:53:15  <harbhub>how do you mean?
01:53:30  <jesusabdullah>harbhub: you can chose to host your mongohq in joyent's us-east-1, which is the same physical dc that our machines are using now
01:53:30  <cronopio>harbhub: that dependes of your architecture
01:53:32  <harbhub>i might hit the same datacenter that you guys are using?
01:53:47  <harbhub>i want to do everything with you guys
01:53:52  <harbhub>i want you to profit as much as i do
01:54:01  <harbhub>and you are the best
01:54:11  <harbhub>assuming the app takes off, which it should
01:54:18  <harbhub>i just need to make a working proof of concept
01:54:22  <harbhub>an "alpha"
01:54:31  <harbhub>but yea the file cloud storage
01:54:36  <harbhub>is something i would like a trial
01:54:47  <harbhub>so i can use it to see that my http requests to it actually work
01:55:09  <harbhub>i.e. it pulls the audio from the cloud and plays it in jplayer (my audio player of choice; used by pandora radio)
01:55:28  <harbhub>then all the db stuff with mongohq
01:55:44  <harbhub>joyent = cloud file storage ?
01:56:13  <jesusabdullah>joyent is a cloud infrastructure provider much like rackspace
01:56:14  <harbhub>mongohq in us-east-1 = document/data storage
01:56:29  <harbhub>yep
01:56:34  <harbhub>i set up a smart machine once
01:56:37  <harbhub>for like two hours
01:56:42  <harbhub>wasnt doing what i wanted lol
01:56:45  <harbhub>so i came to you guys
01:56:47  <harbhub>been happy ever since
01:56:48  <harbhub>:)
01:56:55  <harbhub>yes, i know you guys are partners with joyent
01:57:19  <harbhub>i just want to start making the alpha version of the app using the correct stack
01:57:24  <harbhub>i.e. the mongphq
01:57:31  <harbhub>hq* which i have set up already
01:57:38  <harbhub>using the free service for the alpha
01:57:42  <harbhub>just to get familiar
01:57:52  <harbhub>i used imgur for image uploads
01:57:56  <harbhub>and it works like a charm
01:58:20  <harbhub>sorry for hogging the chat, i'll shut up for now :)
01:58:26  <coderarity>:D
01:58:34  <harbhub>heh
01:58:42  <cronopio>:D
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02:10:12  * filipedeschampsjoined
02:10:23  <filipedeschamps>Hi guys, how are you?
02:10:31  <filipedeschamps>Are we having problems in deploy?
02:10:32  * copongcopongjoined
02:10:51  <chilts>filipedeschamps: I just deployed an app a few times and it was ok
02:11:04  <chilts>you should gist your output and one of the nodejitsu peeps can take a look
02:11:09  <filipedeschamps>"info: Starting app insiderNews" ... is taking forever :(
02:11:43  <filipedeschamps>chilts: last week it was returning a socket error whie deploying. Did you suffer this too?
02:12:02  <chilts>I wasn't doing any deploys last week I'm afraid, but I know the guys did a big update recently
02:12:08  <chilts>which has fixed a few problems
02:12:18  <chilts>does it do it repeatedly for you at the moment?
02:13:05  * joshonthewebjoined
02:13:14  <filipedeschamps>https://gist.github.com/3383782dba1f7f1adf76
02:13:23  <filipedeschamps>chilts: let me try to ^C and try again
02:15:27  <chilts>coderarity: jesusabdullah: ^^ ping for filipedeschamps :)
02:15:48  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
02:16:04  * russelh15joined
02:16:12  <filipedeschamps>Oh, now I received a "error: socket hang up"
02:16:26  <filipedeschamps>that's better, at least it returned me something :)
02:16:32  * jfsiiijoined
02:16:39  <blakmatrix>chilts: hey I'm here too :P
02:16:43  <blakmatrix>let me take a look
02:16:59  <filipedeschamps>trying to deploy again
02:17:02  <filipedeschamps>hi blakmatrix
02:17:03  <chilts>heh, sorry ... just saw the others recently :)
02:17:12  <chilts>filipedeschamps: you've got people on the case
02:17:14  <chilts>:)
02:17:24  <filipedeschamps>chilts: thank you mate
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02:17:48  * cjmquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
02:18:02  <chilts>I didn't help, just bounced some info :)
02:18:15  <filipedeschamps>that's help for me :)
02:18:37  <blakmatrix>filipedeschamps: taking a look at your latest deploy
02:18:42  <filipedeschamps>blakmatrix: app is up, even deploy not returning me nothing
02:19:13  <filipedeschamps>returned: error: socket hang up
02:19:28  <filipedeschamps>I think it's the same problem of last week, right?
02:19:33  <filipedeschamps>bouncers or something
02:19:59  <filipedeschamps>mirrors, I don't know the exact term
02:20:14  * bubbles1_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
02:20:53  <filipedeschamps>blakmatrix: you know what would be awesome for paid plans? Custom offline messages.
02:21:37  <blakmatrix>filipedeschamps: your app deployed
02:21:41  <russelh15>AvianFlu: Hey, any update on that socket issue?
02:22:11  <filipedeschamps>blakmatrix: yes I notice, received the socket error, but after this app was running
02:22:41  <blakmatrix>I think the issue is that the client times out before the npm install finishes
02:22:47  <filipedeschamps>blakmatrix: about the custom 404 for paid plans, I would love to setup a message in portuguese for my users saying the app is being updated.
02:23:16  <filipedeschamps>blakmatrix: hmm make sense
02:23:22  <garrettwilkin>Hey nodejitsu team
02:24:04  <blakmatrix>filipedeschamps: well in theory, with zero-downtime deploys, 404 messages dont make too much sense
02:24:05  <garrettwilkin>i'd like to offer help on any of your open source modules
02:24:11  * cjmjoined
02:24:24  <chilts>yeah, I just re-deployed again and it's all fine for me
02:24:25  <garrettwilkin>cause i think you're neat and I want to learn your ways
02:24:28  <chilts>(if that helps)
02:25:00  * jfsiiiquit (Quit: Leaving.)
02:25:01  <filipedeschamps>problem is, I'm trying to deploy for about 20 minutes I think
02:25:01  <garrettwilkin>any modules in particular that need help?
02:25:23  <filipedeschamps>but yes, zero-downtime deploys when it work it's an amazing feature
02:25:42  <filipedeschamps>chilts: thanks!
02:25:52  * kevindentejoined
02:25:53  <coderarity>wow
02:25:55  <coderarity>oven caught on fire
02:26:06  <filipedeschamps>how many modules does your app use?
02:26:14  <coderarity>and they sent the fire department
02:26:20  <chilts>coderarity: everyone ok?
02:26:25  <coderarity>chilts: yeah
02:26:30  * mdedetrichjoined
02:26:31  <chilts>:)
02:26:42  <coderarity>they went way overkil
02:26:46  <blakmatrix>coderarity: lol you're gonna get a rep for that
02:26:48  <coderarity>there's lights and a ton of peopleatching
02:26:56  <coderarity>watching*
02:27:00  <coderarity>blakmatrix: rep?
02:27:03  <harbhub>should i learn C?
02:27:06  <blakmatrix>reputation
02:27:08  <chilts>coderarity: blakmatrix: any limit on the number of domains you can put in your package.json?
02:27:09  <coderarity>harbhub: yeaaa
02:27:15  <coderarity>blakmatrix: oh, right
02:27:23  <coderarity>blakmatrix: everyone on our street is gonna come ask what happened now
02:27:27  <coderarity>lol
02:27:36  <coderarity>it was a TV tray or something
02:27:41  <harbhub>any good tuts for a beginner with C? i'm smart, know HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT and use libraries like NODE JQUERY and like to learn new API
02:27:43  <filipedeschamps>chilts: mine is with 6 dependencies. Maybe becoming to bloated? I dont know
02:27:54  <coderarity>harbhub: i learned C++ tbh, but there's a ton of great websites
02:28:02  <chilts>filipedeschamps: not talking about dependencies, am asking about domains :)
02:28:10  <coderarity>harbhub: try www.cprogramming.com
02:28:17  <blakmatrix>coderarity: i was thinking more somethign along the lines of making wise cracks all the time about you burning stuff down
02:28:18  <harbhub>coderarity: is C the most powerful, fastest language? does my question depend on context?
02:28:23  <filipedeschamps>yes I know. I asked you some lines ago about how many dependencies your app is using :)
02:28:30  <chilts>oh sorry :)
02:28:34  <coderarity>blakmatrix: we don't really know who put the TV tray there
02:28:43  <coderarity>blakmatrix: i think my friend doesn't know how to put away dishes
02:28:44  * kokotronquit
02:28:58  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
02:29:34  <harbhub>coderarity: why did you learn C++ instead of C?
02:29:49  <blakmatrix>garrettwilkin: my advice, would be to pick a project that intrests you, read its code work with it, then maybe work on a few issues if it has any
02:29:52  <mdedetrich>EQE
02:29:59  <mdedetrich>C++ IS TERRIBLE
02:29:59  <kohai>C has 21 beers
02:30:01  <mdedetrich>woops
02:30:02  <mdedetrich>caps
02:30:05  <coderarity>harbhub: because I was trying to make games at the time, and a lot of the libraries are written in C++
02:30:06  <mdedetrich>and unco typing
02:30:13  <coderarity>it translated to C pretty well
02:30:18  <mdedetrich>but its kinda annoying
02:30:28  <garrettwilkin>blakmatrix: thanks. I thought about changing the tests on the winston-loggly module
02:30:29  <mdedetrich>that C++ is the only high level language that gives you control over memory
02:30:33  * kevindentequit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
02:30:34  <mdedetrich>that has proper library support
02:30:46  <harbhub>C is the most powerful, lowest level language?
02:30:50  <mdedetrich>I mean D looks good, but there are like no great libraries for it
02:30:55  <mdedetrich>harbhub: pretty much
02:31:07  <mdedetrich>harbhub: C does what its meant to do very well, its a nice language
02:31:08  <harbhub>i want to test my C code, where do i test it?
02:31:15  <harbhub>what is C meant to do?
02:31:16  <mdedetrich>C++ on the other hand is a clusterfuck
02:31:16  <kohai>C has 22 beers
02:31:34  <mdedetrich>kohai: can I have a beer?
02:31:35  <kohai>I am Kohai, semi-useful communications-facilitating pseudointelligence!
02:31:46  <harbhub>*gives C one of my billion+ beers*
02:31:48  <garrettwilkin>blakmatrix here's where i got stuck i guess. The docs say that it should support EITHER a inputToken or an inputName as config parameters. In actuality, both configuration options are required. You must always have inputName. You cannot simply supply inputToken
02:32:11  <mdedetrich>harbhub: in any case, I wouldn't learn C
02:32:19  <mdedetrich>harbhub: unless you are planning to do something very low level
02:32:31  <mdedetrich>harbhub: however its a language that I would recommend everyone learn in their life
02:32:38  <garrettwilkin>mdedetrich: like programming arduino! but then we also have johnny-five for that
02:32:50  <harbhub>so i should learn it at some point, but i don't need it to make my audio messaging app?
02:32:59  <deoxxa>mdedetrich: that's a bit misleading
02:33:01  <mdedetrich>harbhub: probably not
02:33:08  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: in what way
02:33:12  <deoxxa>mdedetrich: C is perfectly suited to high level stuff just as well as low level
02:33:17  <Sly>deoxxa, :D
02:33:20  * filipedeschampsquit (Quit: nodejistu always with a perfect support :))
02:33:25  <coderarity>harbhub: you probably don't need C, but libuv is written in C and node.js is C++, so it's good experience if you're working with node.js
02:33:31  <chilts>coderarity: blakmatrix: sorry, can I ping again - any limit on the number of domains in your package.json? :)
02:33:31  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: well yeah
02:33:32  <blakmatrix>garrettwilkin: after you get a good feel start adding features and stuff if you feel like... but as a general rule when building rep make individual small changes... i mean like one agenda at a time, makes it easier on project maintainers to accept or reject a pull request
02:33:37  <chilts>I have an idea but just wondered if it'll fly
02:33:41  <coderarity>chilts: no, not afaik
02:33:45  <chilts>oh cool
02:33:52  <deoxxa>i do roughly 25% C and 75% JS at work, and they definitely have different uses, but low vs high level isn't the divide
02:33:52  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: but almost every other language does high level stuff better than C
02:34:00  <chilts>coderarity: thanks :D
02:34:03  <mdedetrich>I mean you can do OO in C by emulating a vtable
02:34:05  <coderarity>maybe memory limits if you have 2500 domains :P
02:34:07  <mdedetrich>but that is pretty much it
02:34:12  <coderarity>i mean, 250000
02:34:20  <blakmatrix>chilts: I would guess the limit of strings in a list
02:34:20  <chilts>heh, that should be plenty
02:34:28  <garrettwilkin>blakmatrix: so in this case i feel like i need some guidance. Which should be changed? the docs, so that the code matches what they say? Or should the code be changed to do what the docs says that it should?
02:34:48  <mdedetrich>node.js is pretty much as fast as C anyways
02:34:52  <mdedetrich>which is what makes it so sexy
02:35:00  <deoxxa>^^ this
02:35:16  <deoxxa>if you write your javascript properly, v8 can make it reaaaaally quick
02:35:20  <coderarity>i mean, it' pretty close
02:35:24  <mdedetrich>only google have the resources to make something like V8
02:35:32  <mdedetrich><3
02:35:33  <garrettwilkin>deoxxa: how do you know if you're writing it properly?
02:35:46  <deoxxa>garrettwilkin: profile all the things!
02:35:49  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: just make sure your code is as asynchronous as possible
02:35:54  <mdedetrich>and profiling
02:35:54  <chilts>coderarity: blakmatrix: maybe I should check with you ... I am always redirecting domains and hate setting up Nginx or something, so I've create this and wondered that if I offered it to the Node.js community, you guys would be happy with it? (note, it doesn't have any code yet except a few test redirects of mine) - http://redirects.jit.su/
02:35:55  <mdedetrich>as usualy
02:35:56  * benvquit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
02:36:02  <mdedetrich>*usual
02:36:07  <chilts>ie. it might be a lot of domains
02:36:07  <deoxxa>garrettwilkin: there's a bunch of tips and tricks you pick up, someone should put them into a list
02:36:27  <blakmatrix>garrettwilkin: i'd suggest getting a hold of mmalecki or dscape, I forget who has more experience with winston, but they'ed be better to talk to about the projects
02:36:32  <chilts>I'll either do it so people can add domains with a pull request, or some kind of admin interface
02:36:39  <coderarity>chilts: we're working on a domains API that will make that more reasonable :P
02:36:41  <deoxxa>garrettwilkin: the most important thing i've found is being nice to the JIT compiler - not freaking it out by changing the types you send to a function, for example
02:36:55  <coderarity>chilts: IE, don't need to redeploy and stuff for new domains
02:37:08  <chilts>righto
02:37:40  <garrettwilkin>blakmatrix: okie domes. I was also thinking that i could submit a failing test to demonstrate the issue. So that why when i reach out to mmalecki or escape, they have the code sitting right there
02:37:42  <chilts>not sure that'll work in this case though ... I'll need to add the domain whether through a deploy or the API
02:37:51  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
02:38:06  <garrettwilkin>deoxxa: I'm not skilled enough to do crazy stuff like that yet :)
02:38:07  <chilts>also, it's for people who might have sites hosted elsewhere
02:38:20  <chilts>so just something to redirect www.naked.tld or naked.tld to the other
02:38:27  <chilts>s/naked/nakeddomain/ :D
02:38:43  <coderarity>like a 300 redirect?
02:38:49  <chilts>301
02:39:01  <chilts>yep
02:39:12  <garrettwilkin>kind of same subject, do you have a node module that you use for monitoring?
02:39:15  <chilts>so I have a few domains on there now, but thought other people might find it useful
02:39:27  <chilts>which was why I was wondering the limit of domains
02:39:50  <garrettwilkin>for instance, my jitsu app is going down all the time, or inaccessible. Either cause I programmed something wrong, or the load balancers is acting up
02:40:15  <coderarity>chilts: i mean, there's no hard limit
02:40:18  <blakmatrix>chilts: is this like anything like jesusabdullah's mr302?
02:40:32  <chilts>heh, might be
02:40:33  <coderarity>chilts: it's all in couchdb, so if couchdb can handle it, so can we :P
02:40:34  <garrettwilkin>so i was thinking that i could run a node service somewhere else, like maybe amazon S3 and it could just do simple requests and if they fail, email me or something
02:40:45  <blakmatrix>chilts: https://github.com/jesusabdullah/mr302
02:40:50  <chilts>ta
02:40:59  <coderarity>garrettwilkin: i think there are some websites that have that service around
02:41:23  <garrettwilkin>coderarity: yea i just thought someone probably did it in node too
02:41:29  <chilts>blakmatrix: yeah, except I have a domain->otherdomain mapping
02:41:40  <garrettwilkin>i haven't' even searched NPM yet, just thought id ask
02:41:48  <chilts>so I need to add each domain to package.json (or the new domains API) for each one to redirect
02:41:55  <coderarity>yeah, people have done it in node
02:42:15  <coderarity>garrettwilkin: definitely should look around though
02:42:18  <chilts>coderarity: awesome, in which case I won't worry about the number of domains
02:42:22  <chilts>thanks guys
02:42:28  <chilts>I think I've used enough of your time :D
02:42:30  <blakmatrix>chilts could use enviroment variables instead
02:42:46  * cjmquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
02:42:47  <chilts>but your routers need to know which app the domain goes to?
02:42:55  <coderarity>indeed they do
02:43:02  <chilts>:)
02:43:09  <chilts>so env vars wouldn't work?
02:43:12  * cjmjoined
02:43:14  <chilts>(just checking)
02:43:17  <blakmatrix>ahh.. good point
02:43:26  <chilts>cool, ok, well I think I'm on the right lines
02:43:28  <coderarity>i'm not sure what blakmatrix means, but afaik no
02:43:39  * joshonthewebjoined
02:43:44  <chilts>that's ok, I didn't think they would, that was his suggestion :)
02:44:11  <chilts>I'll prolly just do pull requests for now, much like http://mit-license.org/
02:45:26  <blakmatrix>dont mind me I'm on a diet starting todAY s i'm battling through a headache and maybe a bit tired
02:45:39  <chilts>good luck :)
02:45:50  <blakmatrix>i think its cafeene withdrawls
02:46:01  <coderarity>i need to start oe of those diet things, except for life
02:46:19  <chilts>it probably will be, I hate coming off caffeine, though I'm pretty much caffeine free these days
02:46:26  <chilts>sleep like a baby now :)
02:47:37  <blakmatrix>caffeine has a mediocre effect on me
02:48:07  <blakmatrix>unless its too much, like 2 shots of espresso lol
02:48:32  <blakmatrix>then my body gets shaky and tries to rush it through my system
02:48:51  <russelh15>anyone else having socket hang up error when trying to deploy?
02:49:01  <blakmatrix>I actually whould drink coffe/tea TO go to sleep
02:49:03  * jfsiiijoined
02:49:11  <blakmatrix>russelh15: what is your username
02:49:21  <coderarity>blakmatrix: me too
02:49:22  <russelh15>russelh15
02:49:39  <russelh15>blakmatrix: russelh15
02:52:48  <blakmatrix>russelh15: bundle express and jade, example at http://package.json.jit.su
02:53:53  <blakmatrix>russelh15: the issue is that the nowjs framework requires A LOT of memory on the npm install, almost too much for a 256MB VM
02:55:09  * st_luke_joined
02:55:50  <blakmatrix>russelh15: unfortuneately you may have to redeploy several times if you get socket hang up errors
02:56:41  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
02:56:41  * kevindentejoined
02:57:13  <russelh15>blakmatrix: do you recommend against using NowJS? Should i just go with the basic Socket.io approach for Sockets?
02:58:34  <blakmatrix>russelh15: I would just use socket.io or ws if that was what was needed
02:59:04  * sreeharijoined
02:59:06  * st_luke_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
02:59:06  <blakmatrix>in my experience socket.io has been the easiest to work with
02:59:22  * garrettwilkinjoined
03:00:00  * luke---joined
03:00:27  * TooTallNatejoined
03:01:10  <russelh15>blakmatrix: ok. thanks. I removed NowJS and bundled jade and express. trying another deploy now
03:01:25  * st_lukechanged nick to st_luke_
03:01:29  * luke---changed nick to st_luke
03:02:14  * st_luke_quit
03:03:05  * DeathRayDragonL1joined
03:03:27  <harbhub>blakmatrix: have you made a simple chat using socket.io?
03:03:50  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
03:04:01  <mdedetrich>there is also sockjs'
03:05:19  * c4miloquit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:06:02  <DeathRayDragonL1>https://gist.github.com/609f8be8dea4d75a2352
03:06:02  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com"])
03:06:13  <DeathRayDragonL1>sockets hang up. is this a n00b problem?
03:06:18  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: thats a problem on their end
03:06:25  <mdedetrich>you have to bug one of the admins
03:06:27  <mdedetrich>i get that too
03:06:31  <DeathRayDragonL1>oh?
03:06:43  <mdedetrich>yup
03:06:48  <DeathRayDragonL1>one of the admins at Jitsu?
03:06:49  <mdedetrich>must be a bad drone again
03:06:54  <DeathRayDragonL1>ah...
03:06:56  <DeathRayDragonL1>hmm...
03:07:00  <mdedetrich>anyone with admin status in this channel
03:07:00  <DeathRayDragonL1>that doesn't sound good
03:07:05  <DeathRayDragonL1>okay
03:07:11  <mdedetrich>coderarity: ping
03:07:31  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: you can just spam deploy
03:07:35  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: thats what I do
03:07:41  <DeathRayDragonL1>how's that work?
03:07:53  <coderarity>mdedetrich: hi
03:08:03  <DeathRayDragonL1>(sorry, a little n00bish of me :P )
03:08:07  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1 is having socket hang up error
03:08:11  <DeathRayDragonL1>https://gist.github.com/609f8be8dea4d75a2352
03:08:17  <coderarity>i see
03:08:26  <DeathRayDragonL1>SHPROCKETS
03:08:46  <harbhub>“Node.js leads to I/O thrashing, when all the callback functions return at the same time.” is that true?!
03:09:17  <mdedetrich>harbhub: source?
03:10:25  <harbhub>http://www.realfreemarket.org/blog/2011/10/25/node-js-is-vb6/
03:10:37  <harbhub>i recommend skipping everything written in by the author in that
03:10:41  <harbhub>but i like the comments
03:10:51  * kmiyashiroquit (Quit: kmiyashiro)
03:10:56  <harbhub>you guys could probably write some good comments lol
03:12:59  * blakmatrixquit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:13:15  <mdedetrich>harbhub: the guy doesn't know what he is talking about
03:13:34  <mdedetrich>harbhub: either that or he hasn't heard of cluster.js
03:13:36  <russelh15>blakmatrix: I ran "npm uninstall now" then proceeded to deploy and I got this error, https://gist.github.com/3704042
03:14:24  <DeathRayDragonL1>mdedtrich what is spam deploy?
03:15:12  <harbhub>mdedetrich: yep you are right
03:15:28  <harbhub>i liked reading the people's comments though
03:15:30  <DeathRayDragonL1>sorry meant mdedetrich
03:15:37  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: run jitsu deply until it works
03:15:41  <harbhub>some had interesting stuff to say about scale/clojur
03:15:41  <mdedetrich>*deploy
03:15:43  * Domenicjoined
03:15:49  <mdedetrich>I used to code in scala
03:15:55  <harbhub>how was it?
03:15:55  <mdedetrich>beautiful language
03:15:59  <harbhub>cool
03:16:07  <mdedetrich>however none of the frameworks had the middleware that node.js has
03:16:10  <mdedetrich>especially socketstream
03:16:18  <DeathRayDragonL1>ha ha i see
03:16:39  <DeathRayDragonL1>word to yo motha
03:16:54  <mdedetrich>also using same code on client and server removes a lot of boiler
03:16:58  <mdedetrich>*boilerplate
03:17:07  <mdedetrich>and sbt is retarded
03:17:12  <mdedetrich>which probably hit the nail on the coffin
03:17:34  <coderarity>DeathRayDragonL1: use redis 0.8.1
03:17:38  <coderarity>DeathRayDragonL1: it fixes stuff :P
03:17:40  <DeathRayDragonL1>ah ok thx
03:17:50  <DeathRayDragonL1>yeah, i thought I remembered hearing about a redis bug
03:18:05  <DeathRayDragonL1>is 8.1 and official release?
03:18:45  <coderarity>yeah
03:18:45  * benatkinpart
03:18:54  <coderarity>DeathRayDragonL1: i mean, node_redis
03:18:57  <coderarity>:P
03:19:04  <DeathRayDragonL1>ohhh...
03:19:09  <DeathRayDragonL1>gotta look into that
03:19:40  * russelh15quit (Quit: Page closed)
03:21:29  * kevindentequit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:22:11  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:22:25  <harbhub>sbt?
03:22:34  <harbhub>mdedetrich: sbt?
03:22:49  <mdedetrich>its the main build tool used for scala (simple build tool)
03:22:56  <mdedetrich>unfortunately its anything but simple
03:23:12  <mdedetrich>have to learn some retarded type theory bs to do something really simple
03:23:13  <harbhub>lol
03:23:19  <harbhub>i love node :)
03:23:27  <harbhub>socketstream
03:23:32  <harbhub>what does "modular" mean?
03:23:35  <harbhub>i know that is IMPORTANT
03:23:44  <harbhub>but what is modular meaning in this context?
03:24:11  <davidbanham>Any of you chaps/chapettes ever dealt with fleet or propagit? I'm battling.
03:24:23  <harbhub>oh sweet! socketstream uses socketio
03:24:39  <harbhub>mdedetrich: what does 'modular' mean?
03:24:52  <harbhub>is that just referring to the node_modules?
03:24:58  <mdedetrich>its just a generic abstract term
03:25:05  <mdedetrich>modules are like putting things in a box
03:25:09  <harbhub>ok
03:25:16  <harbhub>modular means you put stuff in boxes
03:25:21  <harbhub>?
03:25:30  <harbhub>i.e. files
03:25:36  <mdedetrich>whats the context
03:25:41  <harbhub>socketstream
03:25:46  <harbhub>https://github.com/socketstream/socketstream
03:25:51  <harbhub>it is a modular approach
03:26:52  <mdedetrich>in that sense its referring to libraries
03:26:56  <harbhub>whoa socketstream looks like a monster; super powerful
03:26:58  * CIA-15quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
03:27:03  <mdedetrich>and splitting your js code into node modules
03:27:07  <harbhub>mdedetrich: thanks :)
03:27:10  <mdedetrich>harbhub: look at it this way
03:27:12  <harbhub>yep i get it now
03:27:13  <mdedetrich>harbhub: there are no routes
03:27:17  <harbhub>ok
03:27:20  <harbhub>no routes
03:27:20  <mdedetrich>so you have no granularity problem
03:27:22  <DeathRayDragonL1>socketstream rules
03:27:25  <mdedetrich>you just send data back and forth
03:27:28  <DeathRayDragonL1>I can vouch for that :)
03:27:30  <mdedetrich>which is js objects
03:27:32  <harbhub>granularity problem?
03:27:37  <harbhub>JSON
03:27:42  <mdedetrich>in a non trivial app
03:27:43  * CIA-12joined
03:27:51  <harbhub>wait a sec
03:27:57  * cjmquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
03:27:57  <mdedetrich>you have issues regarding how much info you can get from your routes which ties into a MVC model
03:27:57  <harbhub>so when i make a module
03:27:59  <DeathRayDragonL1>The modules thing I think is owenb's way of saying you can do front end modules, just like you do on the back end
03:27:59  <harbhub>and export
03:28:06  <harbhub>it is wrapped nicely into an object?
03:28:15  <DeathRayDragonL1>basically, yes
03:28:20  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
03:28:22  <DeathRayDragonL1>client side
03:28:27  <harbhub>oh my goodness
03:28:29  <mdedetrich>modules just refer to wrapping your JS files into proper node.js modules
03:28:30  <harbhub>i have a question
03:28:32  <DeathRayDragonL1>(am I getting this right, mdedetrich?)
03:28:33  <mdedetrich>for both server and client side
03:28:39  <harbhub>can i require('./mymodule')
03:28:42  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: yup basically
03:28:42  <DeathRayDragonL1>yeah, ok
03:28:50  <harbhub>on the client side
03:28:51  <harbhub>?
03:28:55  <mdedetrich>harbhub: yes
03:28:55  <DeathRayDragonL1>yes you can on the client side
03:28:59  <harbhub>omg
03:29:00  * sreehariquit (Quit: sreehari)
03:29:01  <harbhub>whoa
03:29:03  <DeathRayDragonL1>ha ha
03:29:09  <DeathRayDragonL1>i'm loving this revelation
03:29:13  <harbhub>that is huge
03:29:17  <DeathRayDragonL1>now go tell all your friends
03:29:17  <harbhub>that is insaneness
03:29:20  <harbhub>lol
03:29:23  <harbhub>my friends are retards haha
03:29:31  <harbhub>other than you guys
03:29:35  <harbhub>you are friends and smart
03:29:44  <DeathRayDragonL1>gush
03:30:06  <mdedetrich>*blushes*
03:30:10  * blakmatrixjoined
03:31:00  <harbhub>so hold on fellas
03:31:07  <harbhub>lets do something non-trival
03:31:21  <harbhub>we make a module with a function that takes two param
03:31:30  <harbhub>just numbers
03:31:33  <harbhub>and adds them
03:31:36  <harbhub>returns the value
03:31:36  <mdedetrich>harbhub: socketstream new <app name>
03:31:37  <DeathRayDragonL1>k
03:31:43  <harbhub>then
03:31:48  <mdedetrich>harbhub: creates a demo app
03:31:59  <harbhub>mdedetrich: like express?
03:32:06  <harbhub>express<app name>
03:32:06  * CIA-12quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
03:32:12  <harbhub>express <app name>
03:32:16  <harbhub>that creates me an app, too
03:32:26  <harbhub>does socketstream use/need express?
03:32:34  <DeathRayDragonL1>no, but it can work in tandem
03:32:39  <DeathRayDragonL1>which is what i do
03:32:42  <harbhub>sick
03:32:45  <harbhub>oh man
03:33:09  <harbhub>sadly i still do not know how to make my desired app
03:33:34  * ferloresjoined
03:33:53  * kevindentejoined
03:34:10  * slloydjoined
03:34:33  <harbhub>oh man
03:34:37  <harbhub>socketstream time
03:34:41  <mdedetrich>yeah I am mixing express with socketstream
03:34:41  * slloydquit (Client Quit)
03:34:53  <harbhub>guys
03:35:00  <harbhub>if i require('./mymodule')
03:35:07  <harbhub>which has a function called myFunction()
03:35:13  <harbhub>and then i cal myFunction()
03:35:18  <harbhub>it wont trigger, right?
03:35:33  <DeathRayDragonL1>hey mdedetrich — so coderarity told me to go with redis 0.8.1
03:35:34  <harbhub>require('./mymodule').myFunction(); <-- triggers
03:35:42  <DeathRayDragonL1>but socketstream goes with an earlier build
03:35:43  * jfsiiiquit (Quit: Leaving.)
03:35:45  <DeathRayDragonL1>way around that?
03:35:46  <harbhub>myFunction(); <--- doesnt trigger
03:36:05  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: use bundled dependancies
03:36:12  <DeathRayDragonL1>ah ok
03:36:15  <harbhub>bundled dependancies?
03:36:19  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: and delete hired is in your node_modules
03:36:26  <harbhub>like depends on both versions of redis?
03:36:33  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: and change the package.json for redid in node_modules
03:36:42  <DeathRayDragonL1>got it
03:36:47  * coderaritypart ("fire cleaning coderarity go!")
03:36:50  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: and remove the hiredis dependancy
03:37:00  <mdedetrich>*hires
03:37:09  <DeathRayDragonL1>forgive me — what is hires?
03:37:39  <harbhub>i just globally installed socketstream :D
03:37:42  <mdedetrich>hiredis
03:37:48  <mdedetrich>stupid auto correct on mac
03:37:54  <harbhub>whoa that has a lot of dependencies
03:37:58  <mdedetrich>its an optional library that is causing problem
03:38:10  <mdedetrich>with nodejitsu
03:38:11  <DeathRayDragonL1>yeah, ok
03:38:12  <harbhub>lol i feel like socketstream just took all the libraries and put it into one
03:38:13  <mdedetrich>in other words
03:38:18  <mdedetrich>add this to your package.json
03:38:29  <mdedetrich>"bundledDependencies": [
03:38:29  <mdedetrich> "socketstream",
03:38:31  <mdedetrich> "redis"
03:38:31  <mdedetrich> ],
03:38:37  <DeathRayDragonL1>:)
03:38:43  <DeathRayDragonL1>thx — I was trying to look it up
03:38:45  <mdedetrich>go into node_modules/socketstream
03:38:50  <DeathRayDragonL1>I knew I'd seen it somewhere...
03:38:53  <mdedetrich>then go into redis
03:38:59  <DeathRayDragonL1>k k
03:38:59  <mdedetrich>do npm uninstall hiredis
03:39:05  <DeathRayDragonL1>ah right
03:39:08  <mdedetrich>then edit the package.json (still in redis)
03:39:21  <mdedetrich>and remove the optional hires dependancy
03:39:24  <mdedetrich>than it should work
03:39:25  <DeathRayDragonL1>word up
03:39:43  <DeathRayDragonL1>fool of a took
03:39:54  <DeathRayDragonL1>(thx)
03:41:04  <harbhub>me and socketstream are getting along
03:41:06  <harbhub>i like the demo chat
03:41:29  <DeathRayDragonL1>Yeah. You should totally build a website with it. :P
03:41:33  <mdedetrich>hardhub: highly recommend you use jade/stylus
03:41:37  * shama_joined
03:41:38  <mdedetrich>harbhub: with socketstream
03:41:43  <harbhub>wait really DeathRay?
03:41:46  <harbhub>i love jade
03:41:46  <mdedetrich>hardhub: and coffeescrupt
03:41:52  <mdedetrich>*coffeescript
03:41:54  <harbhub>i never used coffeescript yet
03:41:59  <deoxxa>can't tell if trolling
03:42:00  <harbhub>why use it?
03:42:10  <harbhub>deoxxa: you don't like jade stylus?
03:42:16  <harbhub>i like jade for view engine
03:42:20  <mdedetrich>harbhub: http://coffeescript.org/
03:42:25  <mdedetrich>harbhub: that should tell you why
03:42:28  <harbhub>i like css for css, but will give stylus a try
03:42:34  <deoxxa>coffeescript is what i'm skeptical about
03:42:36  <mdedetrich>stylus is nice
03:42:40  <mdedetrich>because you can do css modules
03:42:42  <mdedetrich>and functions
03:42:42  <deoxxa>someone seriously suggesting its use
03:42:44  <mdedetrich>and mixins
03:42:44  <deoxxa>without being ironic
03:42:45  <DeathRayDragonL1>deoxxa, yur not alone
03:42:56  <harbhub>yes that tells me all i need to know
03:42:58  <deoxxa>like "lol coffeescript is da best!!!!!"
03:42:59  <harbhub>i will go coffee
03:43:12  <deoxxa>"bcuz semicolons r bad lol"
03:43:15  <harbhub>lol
03:43:21  <harbhub>well javascript, to me, is beautiful
03:43:23  <deoxxa>"compiled languages r fastr so coffeescript is better"
03:43:24  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: thats not why I recommend it
03:43:35  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: don't put words into my mouth
03:43:41  * shamaquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
03:43:41  * shama_changed nick to shama
03:43:44  <deoxxa>don't put words out of your mouth
03:43:49  <deoxxa>ZING
03:43:58  <deoxxa>seriously though, this is all just my opinion
03:44:00  * cjmjoined
03:44:02  <harbhub>lol mdedetrich: he isnt putting words in your mouth, i think he is saying that people in general say those comments
03:44:07  <harbhub>i could be wrong though lol
03:44:20  <harbhub>deoxxa: what about jade?
03:44:22  <harbhub>you like that?
03:44:31  <mdedetrich>the reason why coffee script is nice is it fixes all the retarded stuff in js, while keeping all the nice stuff
03:44:34  <deoxxa>i think jade is cool if you only ever need to do html templating
03:44:36  <mdedetrich>like type cohersion
03:44:38  <mdedetrich>proper classes
03:44:45  <deoxxa>"proper" classes
03:44:47  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: I do html templating
03:44:47  <deoxxa>i.e. "crippled" classes
03:45:02  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: you can blame js prototyping for that
03:45:11  <harbhub>lol why is it crippled?
03:45:15  <harbhub>does not perform well?
03:45:22  <deoxxa>mdedetrich: if you need to do anything other than html, jade won't help you and you'll have to use two templating libraries
03:45:30  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: thats false
03:45:33  <deoxxa>uh what
03:45:34  <deoxxa>ok
03:45:37  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: I use jade for tempting now
03:45:42  <deoxxa>tempting?
03:45:44  <mdedetrich>*templating
03:45:48  <deoxxa>yes
03:45:54  <harbhub>i've only used jade for html
03:45:56  <deoxxa>templating html, right?
03:46:03  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: yes?
03:46:12  <mdedetrich>I mean it is a html templating language
03:46:16  <harbhub>html --> css and javascript
03:46:17  <kohai>html has -1 beer
03:46:25  <harbhub>kohai
03:46:28  <deoxxa>mdedetrich: i use templates for html, emails, config files and markdown. you've got to be kidding me if you're going to tell me jade can do all that.
03:46:31  <harbhub>what is a better templating ?
03:46:53  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: you can use jade for html and emails
03:46:57  <harbhub>deoxxa: what engine do you use
03:46:59  <deoxxa>yes, HTML emails.
03:47:06  <mdedetrich>for config files and markdown you should use something else
03:47:12  <deoxxa>NO KIDDING
03:47:14  <mdedetrich>but I am talking about html templating
03:47:16  <deoxxa>this is what i've been saying, mdedetrich
03:47:20  <deoxxa>jade is fine FOR HTML
03:47:26  <DeathRayDragonL1>okay. annoying gripe of the day. why does nodejitsu rebuild your package.json file?
03:47:28  <mdedetrich>so what are you going on about
03:47:29  <harbhub>deoxxa: what engine for config files?
03:47:32  <DeathRayDragonL1>Is there any way to stop that?
03:47:46  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: I don't think so
03:47:51  <DeathRayDragonL1>meh
03:47:54  <DeathRayDragonL1>major annoyance
03:47:54  <deoxxa>harbhub: i wrote a templating library a while back to do general templating, https://github.com/deoxxa/node-ginger
03:47:56  <harbhub>deathray: you arent the first to complain
03:47:57  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: it does it to increase the version number when you don't do it yourself
03:48:14  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: not dry, so I don't use it
03:48:16  <DeathRayDragonL1>Right — the better thing would be to just change the number
03:48:19  <DeathRayDragonL1>not the whole file
03:48:21  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: or won't use it
03:48:32  <deoxxa>mdedetrich: you're the type who likes coffeescript, i don't expect you to use it
03:48:38  <deoxxa>gb/2 ruby plox
03:48:40  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
03:48:46  <mdedetrich>I cam from scala/java
03:48:49  <mdedetrich>and haskell
03:48:51  <mdedetrich>not ruby
03:48:55  <mdedetrich>lol
03:49:20  <harbhub>i came from nothing
03:49:23  <harbhub>straight to javascript
03:49:24  <harbhub>html
03:49:25  <harbhub>css
03:49:26  <harbhub>:)
03:49:43  <mdedetrich>harbhub: jade is nice because its dry, and it actually does make a difference when dealing with html
03:49:48  <DeathRayDragonL1>I came from earth, wind, fire.
03:49:50  <mdedetrich>harbhub: since it makes nesting of html really obvious
03:49:56  * towskijoined
03:49:58  <harbhub>lol at deathray
03:50:01  <mdedetrich>harbhub: and you write a lot less
03:50:05  <harbhub>mdedetrich: it is superior to html
03:50:09  <harbhub>yep
03:50:21  <harbhub>would you defend coffee as much as you do jade?
03:50:27  * blakmatrixquit (Remote host closed the connection)
03:50:33  <jesusabdullah>I do not like jade :(
03:50:35  <mdedetrich>harbhub: if you understand how retarded javascripts type cohesion is
03:50:38  <mdedetrich>among other things
03:50:39  <mdedetrich>yes
03:50:44  <Sly>Me either, jesusabdullah.
03:50:46  * adambraultjoined
03:50:54  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: what don't you like about it?
03:51:02  <jesusabdullah>well like
03:51:06  <harbhub>how do i bold a single word in jade
03:51:09  <harbhub>from a p
03:51:10  <harbhub>?
03:51:16  <harbhub>never figured that out
03:51:18  <jesusabdullah>I know html
03:51:19  <mdedetrich>b BOLD WORD
03:51:26  <harbhub>no
03:51:28  <harbhub>body
03:51:29  <jesusabdullah>I don't want to learn a dsl that I'm going to have to translate in my head
03:51:33  <harbhub> p Hey there sailor
03:51:44  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: the translation is very natural
03:51:46  <jesusabdullah>I can learn a touch but I get overwhelmed easily
03:51:47  <harbhub>how do i 'b' the 'there'
03:51:50  <jesusabdullah>I disagree, I've used it
03:51:53  <deoxxa>but jesusabdullah it's DRY and TDD and best practices and also webscale
03:52:03  <deoxxa>more buzzwords!
03:52:13  <jesusabdullah>deoxxa: tbh left to my own devices I'd use a combination of ejs and jquery
03:52:14  <DeathRayDragonL1>jade violates the DRY principle not as a language, but as a don't repeat your templates on the back end and front end
03:52:20  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: you may as well code your web server in C using that attidue
03:52:20  <davidbanham>Personally I love Jade just because I never again have to type </somecrap>
03:52:22  <mdedetrich>*attitude
03:52:34  <DeathRayDragonL1>There's no front end parser for Jade that I know of.
03:52:39  <mdedetrich>javascript is a much more dry version of C
03:52:42  <davidbanham>DeathRayDragonL1: There is.
03:52:46  <mdedetrich>why code in node.js
03:52:48  <harbhub>davidbanham: yup
03:52:49  <mdedetrich>zomgz!!!
03:53:00  <jesusabdullah>not really, javascript borrows syntax from c but not much else
03:53:08  <DeathRayDragonL1>davidbanham ?
03:53:09  <harbhub>wait
03:53:12  <deoxxa>lol mdedetrich i think you might be genuinely retarded, like with a real learning disability and everything
03:53:14  <harbhub>my question goes unanswered
03:53:19  <harbhub>how do i add the bold word
03:53:21  <harbhub>inside my p
03:53:22  <harbhub>?
03:53:34  <jesusabdullah>harbhub: see this is why I like html ;)
03:53:38  <harbhub>lol
03:53:39  <jesusabdullah>I *know* how to do the things
03:53:46  <harbhub>it is the only thing i havent figured out
03:53:58  <davidbanham>DeathRayDragonL1: https://github.com/visionmedia/jade#browser-support
03:54:07  <mdedetrich>harbhub: https://gist.github.com/bf4ea00690fa78bb01b5
03:54:21  <harbhub>mdedetrich: thank
03:54:23  <harbhub>s
03:54:29  <harbhub>why not use hogan?
03:54:36  <DeathRayDragonL1>meh — not quite what i meant
03:54:53  <mdedetrich>deoxxa: no I just don't like repeating myself to idiots
03:54:53  <DeathRayDragonL1>Personally, I'm of the moustachio flavah
03:54:59  <mdedetrich>harbhub: well it isn't dry
03:55:27  <davidbanham>We do sling a bit of moustache in anger, but I still have to write HTML closing tags. I hate HTML closing tags.
03:55:37  <mdedetrich>harbhub: as an exercise I converted the socket stream example app to use jade and stylus
03:55:39  <harbhub>so jade, coffee, socketsstream, express, connect, formidable, node core
03:55:42  <mdedetrich>harbhub: at least half the code
03:55:46  <harbhub>socketio
03:55:57  <harbhub>nide mdedetrich!
03:56:02  <harbhub>i will do that conversion now
03:56:09  <harbhub>wait
03:56:10  <harbhub>stylus
03:56:12  <mdedetrich>harbhub: I can send you the result
03:56:16  <harbhub>i am not familiar o.0
03:56:18  <harbhub>please do
03:56:19  <DeathRayDragonL1>I like the {{ kinky brackets }} and < easy to read half-french > angulars
03:56:32  <harbhub>it will be invaluable in accelerating my learning curve with socketstream, stylus
03:56:33  <mdedetrich>harbhub: whats your email
03:56:35  <harbhub>i know jade well
03:56:38  <harbhub>harbhub@gmail.com
03:56:43  <harbhub>what else would it be? heh
03:56:47  * anoemijoined
03:57:03  <mdedetrich>harbhub: i have to go after this
03:57:11  <DeathRayDragonL1>I just love how this debate goes on...
03:58:13  <harbhub>lol
03:58:22  <harbhub>why use stylus over less?
03:58:38  <harbhub>less has twitter bootstrap, is it any good?
03:59:10  <harbhub>using jade is like using html
03:59:20  <harbhub>it isnt any different, just makes nesting easier
03:59:32  <harbhub>stylus i have no experience, but i like standard css
03:59:38  <harbhub>coffeescript same thing
03:59:45  <harbhub><-- open minded, willing to learn new things
04:00:06  <mdedetrich>harbhub: less has bugs
04:00:12  <mdedetrich>less: its module system does not work
04:00:16  <mdedetrich>also
04:00:19  <harbhub>k
04:00:20  <harbhub>no less
04:00:20  <mdedetrich>stylus is more dry
04:00:22  <harbhub>thats fine
04:00:38  <harbhub>so the compiler for jade
04:00:41  <harbhub>is on the server
04:00:48  <mdedetrich>harbhub: and on client
04:00:52  <mdedetrich>for html templating
04:00:58  <harbhub>how do i integrate express with socketstream?
04:01:32  <mdedetrich>harbhub: thats in there as well
04:01:34  <harbhub>jade is only good for html templating (and email templating apparently; i don't know what that is though)
04:01:41  <harbhub>nice
04:01:42  <harbhub>:)
04:01:47  <harbhub>so i can make single page apps
04:01:53  <harbhub>and then route to other single page apps
04:01:56  <harbhub>i.e. make a website
04:01:59  <harbhub>that has epic pages
04:02:02  <harbhub>?
04:02:04  <mdedetrich>harbhub: well
04:02:06  <DeathRayDragonL1>a website of single page apps, sure
04:02:06  <deoxxa>i guess it's lucky that all content everywhere ever is HTML
04:02:08  <mdedetrich>harbhub: only make routes
04:02:12  <mdedetrich>when you are forced to
04:02:12  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
04:02:15  <DeathRayDragonL1>but sometimes you want to lock it all in one
04:02:16  <mdedetrich>like file uploading
04:02:21  <deoxxa>i can throw out all these text files now
04:02:23  <mdedetrich>or Facebook auth
04:02:30  * deoxxawipes brow
04:02:42  <mdedetrich>otherwise there is no reason to use routes
04:02:50  <harbhub>hmm
04:02:52  <harbhub>so you mean
04:02:52  <mdedetrich>just use roc for everything else
04:02:55  <mdedetrich>*rpc
04:02:59  <harbhub>all the 'pages' are in the one page?
04:03:15  <mdedetrich>harbhub: think if your web application
04:03:20  <mdedetrich>harbhub: as a desktop application
04:03:31  <mdedetrich>or as a server/client
04:03:45  <harbhub>cool
04:03:47  <mdedetrich>*of
04:03:47  <DeathRayDragonL1>okay, here goes next run on jitsu --
04:04:00  <harbhub>that is awesome
04:04:01  <DeathRayDragonL1>bundled socketstream and resid
04:04:03  <DeathRayDragonL1>*redis
04:04:17  <harbhub>would i be able to use that library i read about that turns a node app into a desktop (offline) app?
04:04:26  <DeathRayDragonL1>removed hiredis from redis in ss
04:04:33  <DeathRayDragonL1>still hanging...
04:04:38  <DeathRayDragonL1>hmmm
04:04:56  <DeathRayDragonL1>well, hopefully i get a useful error answer
04:05:00  <mdedetrich>harbhub: not sure what you are talking about
04:05:04  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: use jitsu logs
04:05:11  <DeathRayDragonL1>ok
04:05:31  <harbhub>mdedetrich: there was something on github that lets you run a node app on the desktop
04:05:36  <harbhub>i.e. you dont need internet to use it
04:05:46  <DeathRayDragonL1>damn, look at that
04:05:48  <harbhub>not sure how well it works or what exactly it does
04:06:31  <DeathRayDragonL1>oh that blue in the logs is hard to read
04:07:08  <DeathRayDragonL1>yeah, okay, those logs are really useful
04:07:24  <DeathRayDragonL1>okay all thanks for all the help tonight, esp mdedetrich
04:07:28  <DeathRayDragonL1>g'night
04:07:33  * ferloresquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:07:37  <DeathRayDragonL1>(getting up in 4 1/2 hours)
04:07:39  <mdedetrich>DeathRayDragonL1: gnight
04:07:49  * DeathRayDragonL1quit (Quit: Leaving.)
04:08:07  <harbhub>he left before i could say goodnight
04:08:19  <harbhub>i imagine you are leaving soon mdedetrich?
04:08:35  <mdedetrich>I will be here, just ignoring everything
04:08:40  <harbhub>lol
04:10:22  * SubtleGradientjoined
04:10:45  <mdedetrich>especially deoxxa
04:11:46  * SubtleGradientquit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:12:05  * tmpvarquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
04:12:42  * FUUFREENODESTOPBjoined
04:14:38  * kevindentequit (Remote host closed the connection)
04:16:03  * tmpvarjoined
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04:23:52  * FUUFREENODESTOPBquit (Quit: Leaving...)
04:23:55  * cjmquit (Quit: Leaving)
04:25:17  <harbhub>whoa
04:25:28  <harbhub>in html the {{time}} actually does something?!
04:25:52  <harbhub>i thought it would just print {{time}}, or does it actually call a function/return a value?
04:25:58  <harbhub>in pure html
04:27:06  * catshirt2quit (Quit: Leaving...)
04:27:29  * catshirt2joined
04:29:46  * brianritchiequit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
04:32:11  * catshirt2quit (Client Quit)
04:33:05  <harbhub>mdedetrich: the stylus express coffee socketstream default is not working
04:33:11  <harbhub>crashed on 'http'
04:33:34  * cjmjoined
04:34:23  <harbhub>mdedetrich: do i need to npm install coffee-script jade?
04:42:17  * mdedetrichjoined
04:43:43  <harbhub>mdedetrich: i need your help
04:43:49  <harbhub>i can't get your default to work
04:43:53  <mdedetrich>harbhub?
04:43:56  <mdedetrich>hmm
04:43:57  <mdedetrich>what doesn't work
04:44:08  <harbhub>it errors on node app
04:44:13  <harbhub>saying 'http'
04:44:20  <mdedetrich>you have to do
04:44:23  <mdedetrich>coffee app.coffee
04:44:31  <mdedetrich>its in coffeescript
04:44:39  <harbhub>oh i tried node app
04:44:41  <mdedetrich>install coffeescript globally
04:44:53  <mdedetrich>through npm
04:45:05  <harbhub>ok did that just now
04:45:31  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
04:45:47  <harbhub>it works :)
04:46:12  <harbhub>mdedetrich: thanks
04:46:21  <mdedetrich>harbhub: np
04:46:21  <harbhub>mdedetrich: will this run on nodejitsu?
04:46:37  <mdedetrich>yes, but you have to do the crap that DeathRayDragonL1 had to do earlier
04:47:00  <harbhub>isn't that just for redis? is redis part of socketstream?
04:47:03  * bradleymeckjoined
04:47:09  <harbhub>i do plan on using redis though
04:48:01  <harbhub>i'm going to play around with this for a while
04:49:01  * tmpvarquit (Read error: Connection timed out)
04:49:41  * tmpvarjoined
04:50:02  * mdedetri_joined
04:51:00  * standoojoined
04:51:46  * mdedetrichquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
04:51:46  * mdedetri_changed nick to mdedetrich
04:52:09  * hij1nxjoined
04:56:45  * st_lukequit (Quit: Lost terminal)
04:57:01  * st_lukejoined
04:58:01  <mdedetrich>harbhub: all good?
04:58:23  <harbhub>mdedetrich: yes, thanks
04:58:32  <harbhub>i'm reading socketstreams webpage
05:00:19  * sreeharijoined
05:00:32  <harbhub>mdedetrich: this is super-powerful
05:00:54  <mdedetrich>harbhub: indeed
05:02:50  <harbhub>mdedetrich: each slide is making me happier and happier from the socketstream.org website :)
05:03:39  <mdedetrich>harbhub: nice
05:03:46  <mdedetrich>harbhub: this is the next generation of websites
05:03:56  <harbhub>glad to be a part of it
05:04:07  <harbhub>i just got to the slide about client-side module requiring
05:04:07  <harbhub>:)
05:05:02  * FUUFREENODESTOPBjoined
05:06:23  * _ritchquit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:07:22  <harbhub>mdedetrich: you said to avoid using routes to get other 'single-page apps'
05:07:34  <harbhub>but i see that the socketstream.org website is actually doing that
05:07:34  <mdedetrich>harbhub: what do you mean
05:07:40  <harbhub>i don't know
05:07:44  <harbhub>i was asking you before
05:07:53  <harbhub>if i could make a website of singlepage apps
05:08:03  <harbhub>and each route was a single page (powerful page)
05:08:16  <harbhub>that is why i wanted to use express (easy routing)
05:08:23  <mdedetrich>the single pageapp IS THE WEBSITE
05:08:34  <mdedetrich>*singlepage app
05:08:35  <harbhub>but socketstream.org/deploy
05:08:51  <harbhub>that is not considered another page?
05:09:01  <mdedetrich>oh right, probably yeah
05:09:06  <mdedetrich>but you can do client side routing as well
05:09:09  <mdedetrich>using the # trick
05:09:21  <harbhub>i always see that href='#'
05:09:39  <harbhub>what exactly does that do in terms of the client side # trick?
05:10:09  <harbhub>client side routing :)
05:10:22  <harbhub>i'm still dazed by how awesome socketstream is
05:12:10  <mdedetrich>harbhub: http://backbonejs.org/#Router
05:12:16  <mdedetrich>harbhub: take a chill pill
05:12:19  <mdedetrich>harbhub: and some zen
05:12:28  <mdedetrich>harbhub: and bask in glory
05:12:35  * mapppumjoined
05:13:01  <harbhub>mdedetrich: i have lots of gratitude for you *spoken in a calm, soothing voice*
05:13:56  * barduquit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:13:58  <mdedetrich>anyways with client side roating
05:14:06  <mdedetrich>you only really need a single route for your entire website
05:14:09  <mdedetrich>which is the root route
05:14:15  <mdedetrich>i.e. '/'
05:14:46  * mappumquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
05:16:10  * FUUFREENODESTOPBquit (Quit: Leaving...)
05:17:08  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
05:17:46  <harbhub>stuff like this confuses me: this.route(/^(.*?)\/open$/, "open");
05:17:55  * sreeixjoined
05:18:18  <harbhub>where is all of that /^(.*?)\/open$/ logic coming from?
05:18:59  <mdedetrich>thats a regular expression
05:19:29  * blair_joined
05:20:21  <Sly>http://www.regular-expressions.info/tutorialcnt.html @ harbhub
05:20:55  <harbhub>thanks guys
05:21:01  <harbhub>i will bookmark and read that later
05:21:04  <harbhub>i think i need some rest
05:21:11  <harbhub>lots of stuff to digest from today :)
05:23:54  * blair_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
05:24:04  <Sly>Definitely take a look at regex when you get a chance. It's well worth it.
05:25:04  * kevindentejoined
05:25:45  * tmpvarquit (Read error: Connection timed out)
05:26:02  * lah_joined
05:28:25  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
05:29:20  * kevindentequit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
05:31:43  <harbhub>will do Sly
05:31:55  <harbhub>by mdedetrich, sly, and everyone
05:32:02  * harbhubquit (Quit: Page closed)
05:32:48  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:36:08  * shamaquit (Quit: shama)
05:44:45  <lah_>Hi, I'm getting a "socket hang up" error when trying to deploy. The app is <50MB and my port is set to 3000... any clues? Thank you!
05:45:27  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
05:47:21  <jesusabdullah>lah_: can you show me the output of jitsu in a gist, please?
05:47:35  * towskijoined
05:49:17  <lah_>Hi towski, here you go: https://gist.github.com/c372e437f80373091eff
05:49:44  <towski>what's that
05:50:07  * joshonthewebjoined
05:50:36  <lah_>sorry, does that link not work? or is it not the output you wanted to look at?
05:51:11  <towski>nope
05:51:50  <jesusabdullah>lah_: that was me, not towski
05:52:11  <lah_>oops, sorry about that. thank you.
05:52:49  <jesusabdullah>lah_: I'll check our logs in a minute (I need a snack) but I suspect your problem is bcrypt
05:53:14  <Sly>I'm off to bed.
05:53:18  <Sly>:P
05:53:42  <lah_>ok, thanks. take your time
05:54:09  * shamajoined
05:59:18  * Domenicquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
06:03:38  <mdedetrich>I feel like eating someone
06:05:08  * spolujoined
06:05:24  * theColequit (Read error: No route to host)
06:06:43  * dob_joined
06:08:02  <mdedetrich>jesusabdullah: is crypt still causing issues?
06:08:12  <jesusabdullah>unsure
06:08:15  <mdedetrich>*bcrypt
06:08:29  <mdedetrich>I thought that was fixed yesterday
06:08:42  <jesusabdullah>I may have missed the memo
06:11:52  * mesoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
06:13:12  * shamaquit (Quit: shama)
06:15:54  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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06:20:56  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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06:35:37  * andrewkoltsovjoined
06:35:42  <andrewkoltsov>Hi
06:36:32  <andrewkoltsov>I'm try to deploy app, app uses only port 80
06:36:50  <andrewkoltsov>bu get an error socket hang up
06:38:15  <andrewkoltsov>{ "name": "tron-htm5", "subdomain": "andrewkoltsov.tron-htm5", "scripts": { "start": "server.js" }, "version": "0.0.0-4", "engines": { "node": "0.8.x" }, "dependencies": { "express": "2.3.x", "look": "0.1.0", "socket.io": "0.9.10" } }
06:38:25  <andrewkoltsov>any ideas?
06:38:43  * booyaa_joined
06:39:16  <andrewkoltsov>can somebody help me&
06:39:20  <andrewkoltsov>?
06:39:34  * Faxtionjoined
06:39:34  * michaelmartinezquit (Quit: Check it, Wreck it http://www.caffeineindustries.com/blog)
06:40:16  * Faxtionquit (Client Quit)
06:42:49  <mdedetrich>andrewkoltsov: are you using redis?
06:43:05  <mdedetrich>andrewkoltsov: or is one of your packages using redis?
06:43:19  <mdedetrich>andrewkoltsov: also gist your logs (use jitsu logs to get them)
06:45:03  * booyaa_quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
06:49:00  * mesojoined
06:56:23  * stagasjoined
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07:08:22  <ljharb>hey guys - i'm not using redis, my deploys have been socket hang up for 3 weeks now, and there's no logs for my app. any ideas?
07:10:20  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
07:11:16  * booyaa_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
07:11:51  * Hebojoined
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07:20:09  * FUUFREENODESTOPBchanged nick to `3rdEden
07:21:03  <andrewkoltsov>HI
07:21:20  <andrewkoltsov>I get socket hang up on deploy too
07:21:29  * joshonthewebjoined
07:22:11  <andrewkoltsov>but I started my app from web dashboard
07:25:23  * jetiennejoined
07:27:38  <jetienne>hi
07:27:46  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
07:31:43  * jfsiiiquit (Quit: Leaving.)
07:32:39  * andrewkoltsovquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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08:25:27  * ruquay`part
08:30:18  * yawntjoined
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08:30:39  <yawnt>morning everyone
08:31:46  * Leeol2quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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08:36:13  * yawnjoined
08:37:45  <mdedetrich>yawn: your like 10 hours behind :)
08:38:05  <yawn>mdedetrich: i'm like 10 hours in europe :P
08:38:14  * yawnchanged nick to yawnt
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09:14:05  * lpinjoined
09:14:32  <lpin>yo
09:14:45  <yawnt>yo
09:15:33  <coderarity>hi
09:16:18  <yawnt>sup coderarity
09:16:57  * ruquayquit (Quit: ruquay)
09:19:20  * mdedetrichquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
09:19:53  <lpin>wow full js parser has been merged in node_redis
09:19:55  <lpin>huray
09:22:07  * Jace_joined
09:22:31  <coderarity>woah screen is brutalizing my irssi
09:22:40  * coderarityquit (Quit: leaving)
09:22:59  <Jace_>Anyone able to help me with this error: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
09:23:21  * coderarityjoined
09:23:46  <bmatschullat>is the error on redis_node?
09:24:10  <Jace_>i'm using mongo
09:25:00  <yawnt>bmatschullat: hiredis is now optional on redis
09:25:06  <yawnt>you shouldn't have that problem anymore
09:25:23  <coderarity>assuming it's up to date
09:25:37  <yawnt>assuming that
09:25:58  <bmatschullat>i hate only yesterday a problem with node_redis :) but this problem was fixed with null responses
09:27:02  * tmpvarquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
09:27:32  <coderarity>i'm never using a gas oven again
09:27:34  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
09:27:58  <Jace_>My nodejitsu app deploys ok but when I try to go to the url, I just get An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
09:28:09  <coderarity>Jace_: i see
09:28:20  <coderarity>Jace_: username/app name?
09:30:09  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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11:14:03  <chakrit>There's still problem with connect-redis though if you're using it
11:14:13  <chakrit>sincei it's locked to 0.8.0 which has that null response problem.
11:14:31  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
11:17:19  * cjmjoined
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11:29:10  <yawnt>uh
11:29:11  <yawnt>right
11:29:16  <yawnt>programmer's day
11:29:17  <yawnt>D
11:29:21  <yawnt>*D:
11:29:23  <yawnt>thanks mmalecki
11:32:27  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
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11:35:34  * ppcanojoined
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11:53:39  * papachanjoined
11:56:49  * therealkoopajoined
12:01:16  * Domenicjoined
12:03:43  <deoxxa>sweet, got CHDK running nicely on my camera
12:03:47  <deoxxa>http://i.imgur.com/fx893.jpg
12:03:58  <deoxxa>just took that outside, it's 10PM here
12:04:14  <deoxxa>that's a 1 minute exposure i think
12:04:40  <deoxxa>can't wait to get some more haikyo shots
12:05:11  * chakritjoined
12:05:11  * chakritquit (Changing host)
12:05:11  * chakritjoined
12:05:28  * deoxxataps yawnt
12:05:30  <yawnt>yeah
12:05:33  <yawnt>looking
12:05:37  <yawnt>MAN I'M SO FASt
12:05:46  <deoxxa>:o
12:06:01  <yawnt>you like abandoned stuff don't ya?
12:06:16  <deoxxa>i do
12:06:26  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
12:06:33  <deoxxa>i'm more excited about how nice this camera is though
12:06:48  <yawnt>you belong to the decadent movement
12:07:11  <yawnt>to be honest i don't really like this picture :(
12:07:17  <Sly>yawnt, <3
12:07:18  <Sly>deoxxa, <3
12:07:19  <yawnt>i mean.. it doesn't look anything extraordinary
12:07:24  <deoxxa>it was just me testing the camera
12:07:28  <yawnt>just a balcony
12:07:29  <yawnt>sorry
12:07:33  <yawnt>heya Sly
12:07:35  <deoxxa>yeah
12:07:35  <deoxxa>but
12:07:38  <deoxxa>it's dark outside
12:07:40  <deoxxa>i can't even see out there right now
12:07:45  <deoxxa>and that's what the photo turned out like ;)
12:07:56  <yawnt>really?
12:07:58  <deoxxa>yep
12:07:59  <yawnt>woah
12:08:01  * graeme_fjoined
12:08:03  <deoxxa>lemme take a normal picture out there
12:08:05  <deoxxa>bee arr bee
12:08:07  <yawnt>sure
12:08:14  <yawnt>watch out for the wasps
12:10:23  <deoxxa>http://i.imgur.com/uDB4N.jpg
12:10:26  <deoxxa>that's from the same angle
12:10:42  <yawnt>holy crap
12:10:46  <deoxxa>heh
12:10:48  <yawnt>what do you have? night vision sensors?
12:10:56  <deoxxa>nope, just long exposure mode
12:11:11  <yawnt>pretty cool
12:11:43  <deoxxa>http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK
12:11:45  <deoxxa>\o/
12:13:00  <yawnt>lol
12:13:02  <yawnt>you hacking your camera
12:13:03  <yawnt>hahah
12:13:29  <deoxxa>of course!
12:13:36  <deoxxa>actually this thing is really cool
12:13:41  <yawnt>i bet
12:13:46  <deoxxa>basically it works like a chainloader for the firmware
12:13:54  * iamdustanjoined
12:13:59  <deoxxa>but it overwrites some JMP targets in the firmware image in memory
12:14:08  <deoxxa>and from there it adds its own hooks in to do stuff
12:14:42  <yawnt>inb4 deoxxa codes on the canon
12:14:48  <deoxxa>it's arm...
12:14:58  <deoxxa>but it's DryOS, which is some weird RTOS made by canon
12:15:23  <yawnt>i see
12:15:35  <yawnt>custom os are the worst stuff ever
12:17:35  <chakrit>Do you guys specify exact version in your package.json dependencies?
12:18:25  <deoxxa>i use ~0.8.0 for node and ~1.1.0 for npm
12:19:10  <yawnt>chakrit: it depends
12:19:21  <yawnt>if it's stuff i trust, i just use latest version
12:19:44  <chakrit>just send a PR to connect-redis yesterday: https://github.com/visionmedia/connect-redis/pull/59
12:20:04  <chakrit>and then this guy came along and said I should use exact version
12:20:12  <chakrit>and send another PR =.=
12:20:29  <chakrit>so was just wondering if there's something i didn't understand correctly there
12:21:43  <yawnt>well basically
12:22:11  <yawnt>it just makes sure they really have 0.8.1
12:22:16  <yawnt>even in edge cases
12:22:17  <yawnt>:P
12:22:49  <deoxxa>i guess it could happen if redis 0.8.1 required a higher version of node than 0.8.0 and your current version satisfied 0.8.0 but not 0.8.1
12:22:59  <deoxxa>buuuuut that probably doesn't happen much
12:23:03  <deoxxa>and the solution is "upgrade node"
12:23:06  * yawntpunches deoxxa
12:23:11  <chakrit>lol
12:23:13  <yawnt>RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE
12:23:21  <deoxxa>such cruelty
12:23:21  <yawnt>i ate too much sugar :(
12:23:24  <deoxxa>haha
12:23:32  <yawnt>actually
12:23:34  <yawnt>it was pancakes
12:23:36  <yawnt>and nutella
12:23:47  <yawnt>now i'm like
12:23:52  <Sly>I can tell it's going to be a harsh winter when it's already 50 degrees in September.
12:23:54  <yawnt>- - - = = = ==( ;_;)//
12:24:00  <deoxxa>heh
12:24:07  <yawnt>\\(;_; ) == = = = - - -
12:24:36  <chakrit>yeah that's sort of what i was thinking. :/ if there's such patch-level problems then the user should just update his stuff first.
12:24:40  <yawnt>which is like 10 °C on the regular scale right?
12:25:11  <yawnt>uh wow
12:25:17  <yawnt>exactly 10
12:25:20  <yawnt>i got superpowers
12:26:28  * vekexasiajoined
12:26:32  <vekexasia>Hello
12:27:07  <deoxxa>yawnt: need less sugar
12:27:12  * hij1nx_joined
12:27:17  <yawnt>yes
12:27:19  <yawnt>i do
12:27:20  <yawnt>:(
12:27:41  <vekexasia>is there a way, within my application to know
12:27:53  <vekexasia>(or not withing the app)
12:28:05  <vekexasia>to know how many instances of my app are runnign ?
12:28:24  * bradleymeckjoined
12:28:38  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
12:28:39  <vekexasia>(i think the question could be rewritten. Can i know how many drones my app is using? )
12:31:13  * Domenicquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
12:32:38  <coderarity>vekexasia: it's still 1 drone at this point
12:32:58  <coderarity>vekexasia: unless you talked to someone who gave you more manually
12:33:07  <deoxxa>should make nodejitsu an mmorpg where you have to steal drones from other users
12:33:15  <yawnt>hahaahahahah
12:33:18  <yawnt>this is going on twitter
12:33:26  <deoxxa>yayyyyy
12:33:29  <deoxxa>i'm popular
12:33:39  <yawnt>lol
12:33:45  <yawnt>https://twitter.com/yawnt/status/245862475239653377
12:33:46  <yawnt>there
12:33:49  <yawnt>retweet
12:33:57  <deoxxa>haha
12:33:58  <deoxxa>ok
12:33:59  <yawnt>retweet is how you share me with the world (cit. Vooza)
12:34:14  * anucreativejoined
12:34:24  <yawnt>i wanna be a wizard though
12:34:43  <yawnt>i could cast my most powerful attack
12:34:45  <yawnt>'while true loop'
12:34:56  <deoxxa>no way, stack explosion ftw
12:35:06  <vekexasia>hmm silly question
12:35:13  <deoxxa>var f = function() { f(); }; f();
12:35:45  <coderarity>deoxxa: function f () { f(); }()
12:35:46  <yawnt>i have kernel protection for that
12:35:47  <chakrit>(function f() { f() })()
12:35:48  <yawnt>pf
12:35:50  <chakrit>:)
12:35:53  <deoxxa>coderarity: ooooh
12:36:38  <vekexasia>LEts assume i've to design an app which spawns more than 1 drone. How do I know on which drone the current code is being executed?
12:37:00  <vekexasia>assume i have a "cronjob" that each2 hours clean the old data
12:37:08  <vekexasia>and i want that cronjob to run only once
12:37:28  <vekexasia>is there a way I can solve this?
12:37:48  <bmatschullat>alternativ create a lockfile?
12:38:01  * chakritquit (Quit: leaving)
12:38:08  <deoxxa>eep
12:38:11  <deoxxa>bad irc client, no
12:38:47  <yawnt>i'm sleepy
12:38:50  <vekexasia>anyone ?
12:39:12  <yawnt>vekexasia: i'm not familiar enough with haibu's internals to tell that for sure
12:39:18  <coderarity>vekexasia: an app that spawns drones?
12:39:18  <bmatschullat>vekexasia : "alternativ create a lockfile?"
12:39:24  <yawnt>^ or that
12:39:26  <vekexasia>lock file ?
12:39:31  <Sly>It's amazing how anally stuck up some people in ##javascript are.
12:39:41  <deoxxa>vekexasia: seems like a bad solution to the underlying problem - you want a TTL on your data, so you should just do that
12:39:46  <coderarity>vekexasia: with the scaling of drones in nodejitsu, all the drones are running the same code
12:39:59  <yawnt>Sly: jquery people
12:40:04  <Sly>This one dude is bitching about people using document.head and document.body, because it's "not standard".
12:40:13  <deoxxa>yawnt: jquery is way better than javascript
12:40:20  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
12:40:39  <Sly>Okay.. Sorry, but just because IE had to wait until version 9 and Opera was version 11 before they implemented document.head and document.body, doesn't mean it's not standard.
12:40:40  <vekexasia>are the drones sharing the same "memory"?
12:40:46  <Sly>/rant
12:41:13  <deoxxa>vekexasia: no
12:41:36  <deoxxa>vekexasia: they're unrelated, as far as they know
12:42:20  <Sly>Oh, fuck.
12:42:22  <yawnt>deoxxa: >people
12:42:22  <Sly>It's a Texan.
12:42:25  <yawnt>not jquery itself
12:42:33  <Sly>They're notorious for being obliviously and aggressively ignorant.
12:42:33  * sreehariquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
12:42:36  <vekexasia>I mean, if I do a setTimeout(function() { console.log("whatever"); }, 10000 );
12:42:37  <vekexasia>and I've 2 drones
12:42:37  <vekexasia>will I get a "whatever" every 10 secs for each drone
12:42:37  <vekexasia>or only one ?
12:42:37  <vekexasia>so 2 "whatever" or only 1 ?
12:42:38  * Slyshould have known.
12:43:04  * graeme_fquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
12:43:04  * devdazedquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
12:43:04  * hourback1quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
12:43:04  <vekexasia>deoxxa: so I should take care of doin that setTimeout only once right ?
12:43:11  <deoxxa>vekexasia: you'll get "whatever" once every 10 seconds in the log for each drone
12:43:22  <vekexasia>so the question here is
12:43:25  * sreeharijoined
12:43:25  <deoxxa>vekexasia: just imagine it's the same code running on two computers side by side
12:43:25  <vekexasia>is there something like
12:43:29  <deoxxa>(since that's what it is)
12:43:49  * devdazedjoined
12:43:51  <vekexasia>if ( currentDroneID == 0 ) { setTimeout....... }
12:43:57  <deoxxa>no, no no no.
12:44:02  <vekexasia>or do you have something better?
12:44:18  * hourbackjoined
12:44:20  <deoxxa>yes. first, there's no way to know which drone you are.
12:44:28  <vekexasia>perfect :)
12:44:29  <deoxxa>second, that's just wrong. what if drone 0 dies?
12:44:42  <vekexasia>so how am i suppoused to fix that ?
12:44:46  <deoxxa>you don't
12:44:49  <deoxxa>it's not a problem
12:45:02  <deoxxa>you want your data to live for 2 hours or something, right?
12:45:08  <vekexasia>nope
12:45:11  <vekexasia>that was just an example :P
12:45:16  <nathan7>drone 0 shouldn't be special
12:45:19  <deoxxa>well, ok
12:45:20  <nathan7>any data goes in the database
12:45:27  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
12:45:30  <vekexasia>lets assume i want to send an email every 10minutes
12:45:33  <Sly>Why not make a third drone, and make the other two somehow send the data to it for handling. Then you don't have to worry about finding out where the data is.
12:45:35  <deoxxa>vekexasia: get yourself a task queue going on
12:45:40  <vekexasia>if my apps spawns 10000 drones
12:45:42  <vekexasia>:P
12:45:51  <coderarity>vekexasia: don't spawn 10000 drones on an app like that
12:45:52  * graeme_fjoined
12:45:57  <nathan7>I'd use postmark
12:46:06  <coderarity>vekexasia: if you need to send an email every 10 minutes start up a second app
12:46:06  <yawnt>by the way
12:46:15  * jetiennejoined
12:46:15  <yawnt>nodejs internal cronjobs are bad bad bad
12:46:21  <deoxxa>^^ this
12:46:23  <vekexasia>LOL you don't get me. that is just an example
12:46:34  <deoxxa>vekexasia: no, we get it... seriously
12:46:36  <vekexasia>I won't send email to anybody
12:46:41  <yawnt>i'm so faster than you deoxxa \ò/
12:46:48  <nathan7>One app handles one thing
12:46:53  <yawnt>vekexasia: it's just a cron job example
12:46:56  <nathan7>If you have email, spawn a spare app that handles that
12:47:02  <yawnt>if you need something that cleans up your db
12:47:08  * anucreativequit (Quit: anucreative)
12:47:11  <yawnt>spawn an app that does that
12:47:16  <deoxxa>vekexasia: the point is that for nearly every problem that a scheduled, synchronised cron job would fix, there's a way better way to fix it
12:47:29  <yawnt>and by the way setTimeout isn't reliable
12:47:31  <deoxxa>vekexasia: and for those where there isn't a better way, a task queue is your solution
12:47:34  <yawnt>it goes off after a while
12:47:35  * hij1nxjoined
12:47:44  * c4milojoined
12:47:48  * ircretaryquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:47:54  <vekexasia>ok so you're telling me. If i do need such behaviour I 'll need to create another app
12:48:04  <nathan7>You could do it some other way
12:48:04  <vekexasia>that basically clean up my database
12:48:06  * hexreelquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:48:12  * hexreeljoined
12:48:17  <vekexasia>using a setTimeout :P
12:48:25  <deoxxa>or you can choose a database that supports a TTL
12:48:30  <vekexasia>and make sure that app doesnt spawn 2 drones
12:48:42  <yawnt>redis redis redis redis
12:48:43  <yawnt>*coff*
12:48:44  <vekexasia>well now the real case example I have
12:48:45  * hij1nx_quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:48:48  <vekexasia>is
12:48:51  <deoxxa>yawnt: bingo :P
12:49:05  <vekexasia>every 2 hours i need to move my s3 data
12:49:10  <vekexasia>to another s3 bucket
12:49:22  <vekexasia>for this app i don't use any database
12:49:53  <yawnt>i think i'm gettin fever
12:49:54  <yawnt>crap
12:50:05  <coderarity>the part that does something every 2 hours doesn't need multiple drones and can be in it's own app
12:50:13  <deoxxa>vekexasia: why every two hours?
12:50:32  <deoxxa>vekexasia: is that significant, or is it just a number you've found that kind of works right now?
12:50:38  <vekexasia>cause the License of the uploaded content from this app users
12:50:53  <vekexasia>says that after 2 hours their content expires
12:51:06  <deoxxa>sounds like a job for a task queue
12:51:10  <deoxxa>(surprise)
12:51:23  <deoxxa>when you save a file to S3, put a job in the queue that becomes valid in 2 hours' time
12:51:46  <deoxxa>have your application just pick jobs off the queue (atomically) and do them
12:52:26  <vekexasia>any
12:52:29  <deoxxa>so you have an uploading application, a file moving application, etc
12:52:35  * anucreativejoined
12:52:36  <vekexasia>queue library or something i can use
12:52:51  <deoxxa>i've used beanstalkd before, it was easy enough to get started with
12:53:01  <deoxxa>i've also used redis as a task queue before
12:53:14  <deoxxa>redis is nice because it's got atomic push/pop operators
12:53:36  <vekexasia>would you use redis from the main app for something like
12:54:12  <vekexasia>sorry rephrasing
12:54:24  <vekexasia>would you use redis sorted sets and lists and get a priority queue
12:54:41  <vekexasia>where the priority is the time the job must be completed
12:54:51  <vekexasia>OR
12:55:01  <vekexasia>would you do it in a different way
12:55:05  <vekexasia>like
12:55:25  <vekexasia>push queue:12:sept:15 blabla
12:55:49  <vekexasia>where you've a queue for each hour ?
12:56:02  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:57:06  <deoxxa>not sure, but the queue-per-hour thing seems awfully arbitrary
12:57:12  <deoxxa>so i probably wouldn't do that
12:57:30  <vekexasia>so you'd go with the priority queue as I said?
12:57:59  <deoxxa>it sounds like it could work, yeah
13:00:35  <vekexasia>hmm sorry if I spam with new
13:00:43  <deoxxa>heh
13:00:47  <vekexasia>questions but I tried to search :)
13:00:51  <vekexasia>didn't find it
13:01:03  * jmpequit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
13:01:04  <vekexasia>assuming an app using socket.io
13:01:20  * anucreativequit (Quit: anucreative)
13:01:31  <vekexasia>the socket.io connection is persistent
13:01:40  <vekexasia>so i can assume it always go to he same drone ?
13:03:43  * hij1nxjoined
13:04:38  <nathan7>vekexasia: Yes
13:04:46  <nathan7>vekexasia: if it's a websocket
13:05:28  <nathan7>I'm not sure about the XHR methods having persistency
13:09:57  * garrettwilkinjoined
13:13:33  * thirdknifequit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
13:16:57  * spolujoined
13:17:23  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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13:27:00  * sreehariquit (Quit: sreehari)
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13:34:42  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
13:39:47  <garrettwilkin>okay, maybe this is blasphemy in the nodejitsu channel, but I'm still curious. Anyone have experience with Amazon AWS? I feel like I wanna try it out since I never have. My only other hosting aside from the free nodejitsu service is Linode.
13:41:56  * shiawuenjoined
13:48:12  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
13:48:12  <mmalecki>garrettwilkin: I never directly worked with AWS, but I think their APIs are still XML and stuff
13:48:34  <garrettwilkin>wait XML?
13:49:12  <mmalecki>indutny worked with them a bit, he may be able to confirm it
13:51:31  <yawnt>is there someone who still uses XML?
13:51:47  <mmalecki>ENTERPRISE
13:51:55  <coderarity>smartos
13:52:06  <mmalecki>and that, yeah :(
13:52:07  <indutny>yes
13:52:08  <indutny>xml
13:52:25  * jetiennejoined
13:52:32  * thirdknifejoined
13:52:33  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
13:52:48  <yawnt>:|
13:53:12  <yawnt>http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/209/945/D6PfW.jpg?1322673184
13:53:13  * hij1nxjoined
13:53:15  <yawnt>just sayin'
13:53:46  <garrettwilkin>lol
13:58:15  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
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14:18:39  * e-ralhajoined
14:18:41  <e-ralha>hello
14:19:40  <e-ralha>im trying to create a new app in jitsu and it is giving me an error "Rackspace Error (404): Item not found" can someone please give some insight?
14:22:37  * AvianFlujoined
14:22:58  <e-ralha>...
14:24:18  * yawntquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
14:26:06  * yawntjoined
14:26:44  <coderarity>e-ralha: hey
14:26:49  <e-ralha>problem solved, solution: in my package i had "node": "0.8.1" i changed it to "node": ">=0.4"
14:27:02  <e-ralha>in engines param
14:27:03  * yawntquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:27:03  <coderarity>e-ralha: i see :P
14:27:15  <e-ralha>=)
14:27:39  <coderarity>0.4 isn't supported anymore
14:29:42  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: rebooting)
14:29:49  <e-ralha>i just add what is in the hello world example
14:30:48  * sprzybylskiquit (Quit: Leaving)
14:32:14  * sreeharijoined
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14:32:45  * FUUFREENODESTOPBjoined
14:34:26  <e-ralha>how can i add new files to my aplication and modules? im used to heroku git checkouts
14:35:18  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
14:35:56  * FUUFREENODESTOPBchanged nick to `3rdEden
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14:52:27  * marshall_lawchanged nick to marshall_afk
14:53:38  <e-ralha>how can i add new files to my aplication and modules? im used to heroku git checkouts
14:54:52  * jmar777joined
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15:00:19  <tralamaz>nconf throws on null values ?!
15:01:03  * hij1nxjoined
15:02:51  * joshonthewebjoined
15:02:52  <tralamaz>flatiron has its own irc chan or we can ask here?
15:03:24  * kevwiljoined
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15:04:33  * yawntjoined
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15:04:50  <AvianFlu>tralamaz: this is the chan
15:04:58  * yawntquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:05:15  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: jitsu deploy uploads your whole app dir
15:05:28  <AvianFlu>we don't have a way to only add certain files just yet
15:05:49  <e-ralha>how do i check wich files are in the online branch?
15:06:11  <tralamaz>AvianFlu: any ideas when nconf will get updated? I saw a PR merged in
15:06:30  <kevwil>can I have my app handle its own SSL? I want to work with SPDY
15:06:33  <AvianFlu>tralamaz: we'll probably be releasing a new version soon
15:06:47  <AvianFlu>kevwil: it's all terminated by our load balancers at present
15:07:18  <tralamaz>thanks
15:07:40  <e-ralha>AvianFlu: deploying my app is giving me an error, "canot find module express"
15:07:46  <kevwil>AvianFlu: aww :(
15:07:46  <e-ralha>and the module is there
15:08:28  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: gist me your package.json
15:08:52  <e-ralha>AvianFlu: gist?
15:09:08  * mapppumquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:09:36  <AvianFlu>gist.github.com
15:09:39  <AvianFlu>it's like pastebin
15:09:40  <AvianFlu>or pastie
15:09:44  * lah_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:09:52  <AvianFlu>the point is, I want to see your package.json file, but please don't paste it into the channel :D
15:10:39  * yawntjoined
15:10:47  <e-ralha>lol how can i give it to you withount paste the link here?
15:11:02  * yawntquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:11:10  * jmar777quit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:11:13  <tralamaz>./msg
15:11:33  * jfsiiijoined
15:11:39  * jmar777joined
15:11:42  <e-ralha>sory im a total noob, first time around here
15:12:10  <AvianFlu>you can send me a private message
15:12:14  <AvianFlu>in pretty much every client
15:12:16  <AvianFlu>just like
15:12:19  <AvianFlu> /query AvianFlu
15:12:24  <AvianFlu>and it will open a window
15:14:41  <e-ralha>AvianFlu: its there
15:16:01  * jmar777quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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15:23:16  * calamaricojoined
15:24:01  <calamarico>hi all, may anybody helps me? i'm trying to deploy my first app and i have this error:
15:24:12  <calamarico>Error running command deploy error: Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error warn: Error returned from Nodejitsu error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED error: at errnoException (net.js:768:11) error: at Object.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:759:19)
15:24:15  * mattkrae34joined
15:25:11  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
15:25:28  <nathan7>AvianFlu: knock knock
15:25:34  * sprzybylskiquit (Read error: No route to host)
15:25:40  <AvianFlu>calamarico: try it again
15:25:42  <AvianFlu>nathan7: what's up
15:25:48  <nathan7>AvianFlu: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"} D=
15:26:04  <AvianFlu>nathan7: suddenly, or on deploy
15:26:09  <nathan7>AvianFlu: I asked coderarity (IIRC) the previous time
15:26:11  <AvianFlu>also, what's the url and the app name
15:26:23  <nathan7>and he said it wasn't the load balancer
15:26:36  <nathan7>AvianFlu: nathan7/notefaction
15:26:39  <AvianFlu>what's the url, what's the app name, and did it happen randomly or on a deploy
15:26:46  <nathan7>It has been down for a while
15:26:48  * _ritchjoined
15:26:49  * cronopiojoined
15:26:51  <AvianFlu>by itself?
15:26:55  <nathan7>Yes
15:27:00  <AvianFlu>okay, just a second
15:27:05  <calamarico>ok, i will try in a few mins
15:27:15  <nathan7>according to the person I asked the last time I triggered some odd bug
15:27:56  <nathan7>hrmpf, logs won't load
15:28:24  <nathan7>now they do
15:28:26  <nathan7>what the shit
15:28:42  * yawntjoined
15:29:02  <nathan7>AvianFlu: http://pastie.org/4708545
15:29:15  * yawntquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:29:34  <AvianFlu>nathan7: should work now
15:29:43  <nathan7>AvianFlu: Any idea what caused it?
15:29:51  <AvianFlu>nathan7: your app started to crash, a lot, and ended up on a very random port
15:29:58  <AvianFlu>still looking at why
15:30:02  <nathan7>okay
15:30:13  * marshall_afkchanged nick to marshall_law
15:30:28  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:18:44 +0200 <@mmalecki> now that was some weird condition, this app wasn't running for some reason
15:30:32  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:18:57 +0200 <@mmalecki> at least, haibu said so
15:30:34  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:19:01 +0200 <@mmalecki> I'm starting it
15:30:37  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:19:07 +0200 <@mmalecki> but not related to balancers
15:30:48  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:25:00 +0200 <@mmalecki> that actually triggered something interesting...
15:30:51  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:25:14 +0200 <@mmalecki> also, working on getting it back up :)
15:30:52  <nathan7>AvianFlu: ^
15:30:54  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:26:51 +0200 <@mmalecki> back up, had to give LBs a kick
15:30:57  <nathan7>2012-09-06 21:26:59 +0200 <@mmalecki> good news it, it helped me debug LBs
15:31:17  * hij1nxjoined
15:31:31  <AvianFlu>that stuff isn't relevant
15:31:36  <nathan7>mkay
15:31:45  <AvianFlu>your app ended up listening on 38 different ports
15:31:49  <AvianFlu>all >32000
15:31:53  <nathan7>o_O
15:31:53  <calamarico>Avian, the deploy still doesn't working, this error: Nodejitsu Error (500): Internal Server Error warn: Error returned from Nodejitsu error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED error: at errnoException (net.js:768:11) error: at Object.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:759:19) help: For help with this error contact Nodejitsu Support: help: webchat: <http://webchat.nodejitsu.com/> help: irc: <irc://c
15:31:55  <nathan7>what the shit
15:31:57  <AvianFlu>I haven't seen this happen before
15:32:03  <AvianFlu>calamarico: please don't paste output into the channel
15:32:05  <calamarico>my app: myserver, subdomain: calamarico.nodejs
15:32:06  <AvianFlu>it's very hard to read
15:32:09  <AvianFlu>use gist.github.com
15:32:10  <nathan7>either node-gcm is doing very odd shit
15:32:12  <calamarico>ok
15:32:22  <nathan7>or.. I have no idea what
15:32:30  <calamarico>https://gist.github.com/3707341
15:32:36  <nathan7>because I trust node-redis and express to not do those things
15:32:43  <e-ralha>AvianFlu can you please give so support here
15:33:10  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: http://package.json.jit.su
15:33:16  <AvianFlu>look at the dependencies field
15:33:19  <AvianFlu>that's what you want to copy
15:33:55  <tralamaz>calamarico: start a package.json from scratch, you have to follow the spec (not only be a valid json)
15:34:17  <AvianFlu>nathan7: error: Error: listen EMFILE
15:34:31  <AvianFlu>the ulimit -n on our drones is 1024 most of the time, since they're so small
15:34:31  <nathan7>AvianFlu: I'm not even sure what that error is
15:34:34  <AvianFlu>so that's what was happening
15:34:35  <nathan7>AvianFlu: mhm
15:34:36  * yawntjoined
15:34:39  <AvianFlu>it's "too many open file descriptors"
15:34:43  <nathan7>ah
15:34:52  <nathan7>EtooManyFILEs
15:34:52  <yawnt>i'm so killing my ISP
15:34:54  <AvianFlu>which was in turn messing with the .bind operation
15:35:06  <AvianFlu>which was leading to random ports
15:35:12  <nathan7>Express should only be listening on 80
15:35:37  <AvianFlu>nathan7: crashes will often lead to random ports. we watch, and update the db when it happens
15:35:50  * ppcanopart
15:35:51  <AvianFlu>but if it happens a lot, and there aren't file descriptors available for socket ops
15:35:53  <AvianFlu>things get dicey
15:36:52  <calamarico>tramalaz: this is my package.json: https://gist.github.com/3707490 what's wrong?
15:36:59  <e-ralha>oh men just a set away of giving up
15:37:15  <e-ralha>*setp
15:37:19  <nathan7>AvianFlu: Anything I can do to stop this from happening?
15:37:37  <AvianFlu>nathan7: yeah, figure out where your app might get 1,000 open file descriptors from
15:37:41  * _ritchquit (Quit: Leaving.)
15:37:42  * st_luke_changed nick to st_luke
15:37:49  <AvianFlu>I'm not sure what your app is doing, offhand
15:37:51  <nathan7>AvianFlu: It doesn't open a single file
15:37:56  <AvianFlu>sockets, though
15:37:57  <AvianFlu>s
15:37:58  <AvianFlu>sockets
15:38:15  <AvianFlu>file descriptors aren't always files
15:38:22  <nathan7>It only listens on 80
15:38:26  <nathan7>https://github.com/FrozenFire/notefaction/blob/master/server.js
15:38:28  <AvianFlu>client connections
15:38:36  <AvianFlu>every client connection is a new open file descriptor
15:38:55  <AvianFlu>calamarico: give me a moment
15:39:00  <nathan7>ah, of course
15:39:06  <nathan7>still, I shouldn't have that many clients
15:39:12  <calamarico>ok, no problem AvianFlu
15:40:23  * towskijoined
15:40:27  * sreehariquit (Quit: sreehari)
15:41:09  <tralamaz>calamarico: the file seems ok to, I dont know that memory-cache module though. Did you try with require analyzer off?
15:41:31  <tralamaz>*to me
15:41:34  * catshirt2quit (Quit: Leaving...)
15:41:38  * stagas_joined
15:42:53  * stagas_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:42:57  <AvianFlu>nathan7: it depends on a lot
15:43:10  <AvianFlu>there's one app we have that's set up in such a way that users get hundreds of images
15:43:12  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:43:19  <AvianFlu>each a separate request, each to the same drone server
15:43:32  <nathan7>AvianFlu: There are at most like four requests a day
15:43:34  <AvianFlu>something like that, you'd end up with tons of fds
15:43:51  <AvianFlu>nathan7: I'll look at your code in a minute
15:43:53  * stagas_joined
15:43:56  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:44:07  * stagas_changed nick to stagas
15:44:26  * thdjoined
15:45:53  <e-ralha>if i set this "bundleDependencies": [ "express" ]
15:45:58  <e-ralha>is it wrong?
15:46:05  * joshonthewebjoined
15:47:31  * joshonthewebquit (Client Quit)
15:47:33  <nathan7>AvianFlu: Every time someone installs the matching Android app, it registers to this app.
15:47:53  <nathan7>AvianFlu: Every time the Amsterdam hackerspace opens or closes, update is requested.
15:48:24  * adambraultjoined
15:48:26  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: no, that should work
15:49:04  <e-ralha>i wont work, it says on the logs: Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory '/opt/haibu/node-versions/0.8.8/bin/coffee'
15:49:38  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: what's your engines field, 0.8.x?
15:49:55  <e-ralha>"node": ">=0.4"
15:49:59  <AvianFlu>ok
15:49:59  * spoluchanged nick to spolu_away
15:50:00  <AvianFlu>just a sec
15:50:02  <nathan7>AvianFlu: The latter should generate two to four requests a day
15:50:27  <nathan7>AvianFlu: The former a bit more, but we have <100 members and about five installs of the app.
15:52:24  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: try making your engines "0.8.6" for now
15:52:26  <AvianFlu>that should do it
15:52:41  <e-ralha>ok just a sec
15:54:42  * jfsiiiquit (Quit: Leaving.)
15:55:10  <e-ralha>AvianFlu Error: ENOENT, no such file or directory '/opt/haibu/node-versions/0.8.8/bin/coffee'
15:55:20  <e-ralha>app doesnt start
15:55:27  <AvianFlu>you didn't change the engines if you saw that
15:55:34  <AvianFlu>if engines is 0.8.6, that wouldn't say 0.8.8
15:55:52  <AvianFlu>change the engines in your package.json and deploy again, it shouldn't hit that
15:55:59  <e-ralha>i changed it
15:56:06  <e-ralha>for shure i have the file open
15:56:21  <AvianFlu>what command did you run
15:56:22  <e-ralha>i deleted the app and created a new one
15:56:27  <e-ralha>jitsu deploy
15:56:30  <AvianFlu>if your engines field is 0.8.6
15:56:34  <AvianFlu>you won't see 0.8.8 in the output
15:56:47  <AvianFlu>can you gist me the terminal output from the deploy?
15:56:51  <e-ralha>ok i will delet this app creat a new one whit dif name
15:57:20  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
15:57:59  * stagasjoined
15:58:38  * fnumpjoined
15:59:21  * stagas_joined
16:00:02  <calamarico>AvianFlu, when you can, i still need some help
16:00:08  * sberryman_joined
16:00:25  <e-ralha>AvianFlu ok i changed the name deleted the app created a new on, jitsu deploy and now i dont have logs on jitsu developer page
16:00:41  <e-ralha>the deploy failed
16:00:45  <AvianFlu>calamarico: I fixed all the bad drone servers you were hitting
16:00:49  <AvianFlu>you should give it another go
16:01:26  <calamarico>doesn't work: https://gist.github.com/3707669
16:02:09  * spolu_awayquit (Quit: spolu_away)
16:02:09  * michaelmartinezjoined
16:02:14  <AvianFlu>calamarico: is this a new app, or an established one that you need the snapshot history from
16:02:18  * stagasquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:02:20  * bmatschullatquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:02:25  <calamarico>it's a new app
16:02:44  <AvianFlu>calamarico: just `jitsu destroy` it and deploy it again, then - that kind of error, it looks like there's a bad snapshot state somewhere
16:02:59  <calamarico>ok, i try again
16:03:46  <AvianFlu>make sure you destroy the app though
16:03:55  <AvianFlu>it's trying to pull a bad version out of cloudfiles
16:03:57  * spolujoined
16:04:08  <calamarico>if i run 'jistu destroy' it says this: https://gist.github.com/3707694
16:04:22  * stagas_quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
16:04:30  <calamarico>doesn't destroy, in fact, i log in in the web interface and here, i can delete ir
16:04:33  <calamarico>delete it
16:04:42  <calamarico>i do it, but i deploy again and i have the same error
16:05:04  <calamarico>rackspace error
16:05:41  * joshonthewebjoined
16:06:03  <calamarico>if it helps you, i create my account 2 weeks ago, but today i 've activate it
16:06:08  * stagas_joined
16:06:44  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
16:09:08  <e-ralha>AvianFlu now im using this web.js file http://pastebin.com/qGWsDXQA and this package.json http://pastebin.com/r0mnLKt9 and deploy not ok
16:09:51  <AvianFlu>neither of you should be using the web interface, first of all
16:09:57  <AvianFlu>jitsu is currently much more stable
16:10:12  <calamarico>its look like
16:10:14  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: once again, you've got no dependencies in your package.json
16:10:17  <AvianFlu>that's where we deploy from
16:10:26  <AvianFlu>rather, that's where we pull them from
16:10:47  * graeme_fjoined
16:11:36  * stagas_quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
16:12:27  <AvianFlu>nathan7: how long between the last time this happened to you and this time?
16:12:36  <AvianFlu>it's possible, sometimes, for very slow fd leaks to occur
16:12:41  <AvianFlu>they just kinda sit around open
16:12:50  <AvianFlu>and then eventually you want #1025 and it blows up
16:12:53  <e-ralha>AvianFlu but i have nothing to depend of, just node http base package
16:13:03  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: I thought you were still having the express error
16:13:14  <AvianFlu>what's it say now?
16:13:34  * stagas_joined
16:14:16  <calamarico>AvianFlu, i destroy my app ok, and i deploy it again, but doesn't work, same error again
16:14:26  * kokotronjoined
16:14:30  <calamarico>destroyed with 'jitsu destroy'
16:14:48  <nathan7>AvianFlu:
16:14:50  <e-ralha>AvianFlu i think it couldn´t find ../cloudfiles/common.js, (rackspace error item not found)
16:15:05  <e-ralha>i think that is generating some kind of cache here
16:15:09  <nathan7>AvianFlu: last time was on the 9th last month
16:15:17  <nathan7>no wait
16:15:23  <AvianFlu>nathan7: 9th of august?
16:15:28  <nathan7>it was on the sixth this month
16:15:36  <AvianFlu>okay
16:15:44  <nathan7>and it has been down for a few days
16:15:44  * jahajoined
16:15:44  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
16:15:51  <AvianFlu>how often is your /unregister route called
16:15:52  * kevindentejoined
16:16:16  <nathan7>I don't think it has been called yet
16:16:24  <AvianFlu>ever?
16:16:39  <AvianFlu>that was the only thing that stood out to me there, there's no res.end in that method
16:16:40  * slloydjoined
16:16:45  <nathan7>!
16:16:49  <nathan7>that's bad
16:17:45  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:18:32  <jaha>getting rackspace error on deploy: https://gist.github.com/3707803
16:19:02  <jaha>skeleton express 3 site
16:19:22  <e-ralha>AvianFlu im geting the same here as https://gist.github.com/3707803
16:19:29  <nathan7>AvianFlu: I'm pretty sure it won't get called 1024 times, or anywhere near that
16:19:46  * stagas_quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
16:21:04  <calamarico>ok, many people has the rackspace error, what's happening with the rackspaces???? xD
16:21:10  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
16:21:11  * shamajoined
16:21:38  <fnump>calamarico, here's one.
16:21:53  * thepumpkinquit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:22:09  <calamarico>and what should you do? wait?
16:22:37  <e-ralha>im one step of giving up
16:23:00  <fnump>calamarico, pet a kitten maybe.
16:23:10  <calamarico>xD
16:24:09  <calamarico>e-ralha you must to be pacient
16:24:18  <calamarico>trust in AvianFlu
16:24:23  <AvianFlu>calamarico: e-ralha: we're looking into this, just give us a few minutes
16:24:23  <calamarico>:D
16:24:23  * stagasjoined
16:24:30  <calamarico>np
16:24:35  <AvianFlu>this is new, but we'll be able to have it fixed shortly
16:24:46  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
16:24:58  <e-ralha>ok, i will give it a try tomorow
16:25:07  <calamarico>maybe some heads will be cut in nodejitsu xD
16:25:12  * blessYAHUjoined
16:27:25  * anoemiquit (Quit: anoemi)
16:27:54  <fnump>calamarico, yeah a climate of fear always helps! better code and people will come out admitting mistakes before there are consequences. sound strategy!! :)
16:28:10  <AvianFlu>hahahahaha
16:28:13  <AvianFlu>in my experience
16:28:18  <AvianFlu>a climate of fear leads to one thing:
16:28:22  <AvianFlu>people trying to hide mistakes
16:28:26  <AvianFlu>it's never good
16:28:45  <AvianFlu>this is just rackspace's API not cooperating, or a minor misconfiguration somewhere
16:28:48  <AvianFlu>shouldn't be serious
16:28:57  <AvianFlu>unless cloudfiles is down, then we might have a bad day
16:29:04  <jim_>You have a bad day.
16:29:06  <e-ralha>AvianFlu lol
16:29:09  <calamarico>hehe
16:29:20  <fnump>*smirk*
16:29:39  <AvianFlu>and cloud files is NOT down.
16:29:56  <AvianFlu>so just give us a few minutes
16:30:23  <calamarico>ok
16:30:24  <sberryman_>mmalecki: you around?
16:30:30  <e-ralha>ok if could migrate my app from heroku to here, you have a new costumer
16:30:43  <calamarico>here in spain, 1 work and the rest looks his screen
16:30:52  <AvianFlu>Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud Status: There are some ongoing issues with rackspace cloudfiles and snapshot uploads - we are working to resolve ASAP.
16:33:06  <calamarico>e-ralha, do you have problems with heraku?
16:33:18  <e-ralha>calamarico yes, the price
16:33:26  <e-ralha>im form portugal
16:33:33  <calamarico>i don't now their prices
16:33:36  <calamarico>know
16:33:52  <e-ralha>10x nodejitsu
16:33:55  <e-ralha>prices
16:34:02  <calamarico>wow
16:34:05  <e-ralha>and less drones
16:34:07  <mmalecki>sberryman_: epicly busy, what's up?
16:34:27  <sberryman_>mmalecki: never mind, i can wait for a slow down
16:34:48  <sberryman_>at the pace of this week not sure if that will ever happen though ;)
16:36:17  * papachanquit (Quit: Leaving)
16:36:21  * Hansejoined
16:36:22  * patricejoined
16:36:24  <mmalecki>sberryman_: what's up? I can get someone else on the issue
16:36:40  <calamarico>i did a free account, do you know, what time last free accounts?
16:37:08  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
16:37:46  <sberryman_>mmalecki: isn't really an issue.. just trying to figure out connreset i kept seeing in the logs with one nodejitsu drone connecting to another drone (api)
16:37:59  <sberryman_>i'm in a coffee shop right now, probably not the best time to look at it on my side either
16:38:10  <AvianFlu>if you see ECONNRESET, it means that your connection was made successfuly, and then got hung up on
16:38:16  <AvianFlu>crash on the other end, would be the first guess
16:38:26  <AvianFlu>but you got an RST packet at some point
16:39:03  <calamarico>XDDDD in amsterdam?
16:39:13  * ngoldmanjoined
16:39:17  <sberryman_>the api maintains a persistent connection to a mongodb server and a redis server and i see that it drops that connection fairly frequently and that connection drop was causing issues with my booking engine that i kept complaining about :)
16:39:17  <patrice>I am getting Rackspace Error (404): Item not found trying to do a jitsu deploy… I am apparently not the first one… do you know how to resolve this? thanks.
16:39:42  <calamarico>patrice you have to be pacient, they are working on it solve
16:39:54  <patrice>sorry… did not know that
16:39:56  * kenperkinsjoined
16:39:57  <sberryman_>i'm going to try and add some better error handling around retrying connections (figured that was already being handled for me by node_redis and mongoosejs but i guess not)
16:40:26  <calamarico>hehe, no problem, i have the same problem, loads of us have the same problem XD
16:40:44  <patrice>wow
16:40:49  <patrice>sorry
16:41:04  <mmalecki>folks with 404 problem, can you try deploying again?
16:41:25  <calamarico>sure
16:42:14  <calamarico>ok, the rackspace error no longer, now i have an error from my app
16:42:28  <mmalecki>calamarico: btw, cutting heads is terribly inefficient
16:42:56  <e-ralha>ok no rack space error
16:42:59  <patrice>Starting app… but nothing happening...
16:43:02  <e-ralha>app erro now
16:43:05  <calamarico>hehe
16:43:12  <e-ralha>lol
16:43:14  <calamarico>xD
16:43:16  <calamarico>me too
16:43:25  <e-ralha>some missing packages
16:43:29  <patrice>I am up
16:43:32  <patrice>woot
16:43:41  <calamarico>cannot find clone module...
16:43:42  <calamarico>mm
16:43:50  <patrice>what service!
16:43:53  <patrice>thank you
16:43:54  <jim_>deploy working
16:44:01  <e-ralha>mmalecki is there any way to tel jitsu to include all the modules under a folder?
16:44:38  <calamarico>and another question, if i have a preinstalled module on my node like 'clone' can i tell to jitsu to install?
16:44:39  * Lucidjoined
16:44:53  <mmalecki>you guys have to add them to package.json
16:45:56  <e-ralha>i know but is there any way to add all in the node_module folder?
16:45:58  <calamarico>thanks mmalecki, i'm up
16:46:11  <e-ralha>ohh app runing
16:46:18  <e-ralha>=)
16:46:19  * ectojoined
16:46:24  <e-ralha>the sun is shyning
16:46:27  <calamarico>xD
16:46:47  <Lucid>Hey, I'm trying to deploy a test app and getting a rackspace 404 error with jitsu deploy
16:46:49  * benvjoined
16:47:42  <AvianFlu>Lucid: it was an error we were hitting briefly, try it again
16:47:47  <AvianFlu>it should be resolved now thanks to mmalecki
16:47:49  <AvianFlu>mmalecki: ++
16:47:49  <kohai>mmalecki has 118 beers
16:47:52  <Lucid>ok
16:48:07  <patrice>+1
16:48:13  <e-ralha>mmalecki thanks a lot
16:48:33  <e-ralha>AvianFlu can i ask you some questions about drones?
16:48:38  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: sure
16:48:48  <calamarico>ok, i deploy it correct, with 2 dependencies, but when i run a curl to my server, it says that 'clone' module not found
16:48:53  <nathan7>they're not the drones you're looking for, e-ralha.
16:48:59  <calamarico>can you see on my logs?
16:49:12  <Lucid>sweet, deploy worked. thanks!
16:49:24  <AvianFlu>calamarico: sure, just a minute. gist your current package.json?
16:49:36  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
16:49:45  <mmalecki>AvianFlu: well, you pointed me in the right direction
16:49:46  <mmalecki>AvianFlu: ++
16:49:47  <kohai>AvianFlu has 146 gently-stirred manhattans
16:50:02  <calamarico>AvianFlu: here https://gist.github.com/3708040
16:50:14  <calamarico>AvianFlu is the best
16:50:15  <e-ralha>AvianFlu i have an app the will be supporting realtime messages, i will have one app for multiple connections lets say more than 2000 - 3000, how many drones will i need to support this trafic
16:50:33  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: at current drone sizes, 4-6 most likely
16:50:47  * patrice_joined
16:50:52  <AvianFlu>our tests have shown that socket.io can handle around 500 concurrents per drone
16:50:58  <AvianFlu>and those are ongoing, live connections
16:51:03  * ectoquit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:51:05  <AvianFlu>like on http://now.jit.su
16:52:10  <e-ralha>AvianFlu yes i use sockjs not socket.io, i know that sockjs is based on socket.io but much simpler, i will make a few test and for shure you have a new costumer
16:52:19  * sreeixjoined
16:52:31  * lpinquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:53:04  * towskijoined
16:53:11  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: yeah if it's simpler, you might get a few more out of it
16:53:27  <AvianFlu>also, now.jit.su 's connections are fairly constant with their data
16:53:32  <AvianFlu>yours might be a different kind of load
16:53:36  * blakmatrixjoined
16:54:27  <e-ralha>AvianFlu i will make call to an external mysql database to
16:54:37  <e-ralha>in a one minut period
16:54:42  * patricepart
16:54:53  <e-ralha>to update data
16:55:42  * sreeharijoined
16:55:53  * Hansequit (Quit: Page closed)
16:56:16  <AvianFlu>e-ralha: shouldn't be much of a problem, although we don't currently host our own mysql dbs
16:56:20  <calamarico>AvianFlu: have you seeing anything?¿
16:56:21  <AvianFlu>you'd need to find an external one somewhere
16:56:43  <AvianFlu>calamarico: not yet, it looks like this should just deploy
16:56:58  <AvianFlu>try to `jitsu apps start` the app, and let me watch the deploy as it happens
16:57:57  <e-ralha>AvianFlu and what about the security of my files?
16:58:13  <calamarico>i did it AvianFlu
16:58:14  <e-ralha>i will have password and secrets store in them
16:58:20  <calamarico>can you see anything?
16:59:43  * bradleymeckjoined
17:00:15  <AvianFlu>calamarico: it succeeded, but the drone you hit was unrelatedly unhappy
17:00:22  <AvianFlu>I think that the last time was a previous error, and this one was bad luck
17:00:24  <AvianFlu>try it one more time
17:00:31  <calamarico>xdddd ok
17:00:55  * yawntquit (Quit: Lost terminal)
17:01:44  <calamarico>ok AvianFlu, now everything is ok, thanks a lot!!!!
17:01:50  <calamarico>last question:
17:02:02  <calamarico>what time free accounts last?
17:02:05  * catshirt2joined
17:02:14  <AvianFlu>calamarico: 30 days from when billing starts
17:02:24  <AvianFlu>we needed to delay it to make sure of some tax things
17:02:35  <AvianFlu>so it'll be like, 30 days from when we activate it
17:02:40  <calamarico>ok, thanks!
17:02:45  <calamarico>bye
17:02:52  <AvianFlu>next week we start it I think? I don't remember the date offhand
17:02:54  * spolujoined
17:02:55  * AvianFludoes server stuff
17:03:03  <AvianFlu>calamarico: np, see you later
17:03:30  * patrice_part
17:03:35  * calamaricoquit (Quit: Page closed)
17:04:04  * joshonthewebjoined
17:07:05  * fatjonnyquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
17:08:05  * anoemijoined
17:08:29  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:09:01  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
17:10:21  * fatjonnyjoined
17:11:55  * eldiosquit (Quit: bye =))
17:14:05  * anoemi_joined
17:14:09  <sberryman_>iphone announcement time!
17:14:17  <sberryman_>basically any development should stop now ;)
17:14:51  * nathan7continues developing
17:14:51  * kevwiljoined
17:15:03  <sberryman_>lol
17:17:23  <mmalecki>I wonder if it has at least half of the computing power of my SGS3...
17:17:48  * anoemiquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
17:17:49  * anoemi_changed nick to anoemi
17:18:06  * tmpvarjoined
17:18:11  * fnumppart
17:18:42  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
17:19:09  * lah_joined
17:19:49  * spolujoined
17:20:20  <sberryman_>interesting solution.. run old apps letter boxed
17:25:20  <sberryman_>wtf do you need dual channel 802.11n on a cell phone for?
17:26:11  <AvianFlu>for running a leet AP?
17:26:15  * TooTallNatejoined
17:26:23  <AvianFlu>also, it might help you utilize the longer range of dual channel n
17:26:27  <AvianFlu>I forget how that works
17:27:25  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:27:35  <sberryman_>dual channel is 2.4 and 5 ghz i believe and thought you had to be pretty close to use one of those bands
17:29:39  <AvianFlu>well 5GHz is definitely shorter range per unit power
17:30:00  <AvianFlu>but I seem to remember reading about how the dual-channel was used for like, range and reliability extension
17:30:00  <`3rdEden>e-ralha sockjs is not based on socket.io, it's a completely different custom written realtime server
17:30:12  <AvianFlu>but if it just lets you use 802.11a, then I agree with your prior wtf
17:30:47  <e-ralha>`3rdEden it have some stuff of socket.io the developer say so on his git page
17:31:12  * toonketelsjoined
17:31:25  <nathan7>e-ralha: Yes, they do approximately the same thing.
17:31:38  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:32:08  <e-ralha>if you install sockjs you will see some socket.io components
17:32:10  <`3rdEden>e-ralha it was inspired by it, not copy pasted from the source :-)
17:32:29  <`3rdEden>e-ralha like?
17:32:31  <e-ralha>`3rdEden did i say that?
17:32:44  * graeme_fjoined
17:32:45  <`3rdEden>e-ralha nope, but i'm just saying it
17:32:59  <e-ralha>thank you capitain obvious
17:33:07  <e-ralha>=) btw i like it
17:33:30  <`3rdEden>captain obvious to the resque
17:33:35  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:33:38  <e-ralha>lol
17:33:56  <e-ralha>socket.io is a mess
17:33:59  <`3rdEden>no, but srsly, I don't see anything from socket.io in the sockjs source anymore
17:34:05  <`3rdEden>e-ralha iknow, i work on it
17:34:05  <`3rdEden>;D
17:34:09  <mmalecki>e-ralha: ++
17:34:11  * kevwiljoined
17:34:31  <e-ralha>`3rdEden i have a sockjs version from 5 months ago i must update it
17:34:40  <`3rdEden>e-ralha yeah probably
17:34:52  <e-ralha>mine still have some socket.io stuff
17:35:08  <e-ralha>mmalecki =)
17:35:39  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:35:55  <`3rdEden>but socket.io's internals will be replaced with engine.io soon
17:36:05  <`3rdEden>so that would be all nice and tidy again
17:36:21  <e-ralha>i hope so
17:36:38  <e-ralha>you guys should add a security layer to it
17:36:48  <e-ralha>preventing injections and stuff
17:37:03  <`3rdEden>e-ralha there is nothing to inject in socket.io
17:37:42  * joshonthewebjoined
17:40:06  <e-ralha>`3rdEden do you advice to switch from sockjs to new socket.io?
17:40:38  <`3rdEden>e-ralha: sockjs and engine.io solve different problems
17:40:59  <`3rdEden>for example, sockjs only has cross domain transports while socket.io also has some some domain transports
17:41:07  <`3rdEden>which can be a benefit.
17:41:22  <e-ralha>hmm i see
17:42:14  <`3rdEden>Also engine.io has been rewritten from the ground up based on our experiances in real-time, instead of downgrading to transports like sockjs and socket.io are currently doing, it's going to be an upgrade path.
17:43:32  <`3rdEden>The reason for this is increased connectivity. There are a lot of issues with WebSockets. They are blocked by fire walls and virus scanners in some cases they even crash your browser. So we try to avoid that by going from a jsonp connection to a websocket connection
17:44:34  <sberryman_>do you guys kill open connections by any chance?
17:44:45  <`3rdEden>while we are switching transports you will still have connectivity using the jsonp transprot, even if websockets fail. So no loss of the connection and increased connection times as we don't have to do any websocket handshaking etc
17:45:19  <e-ralha>i like the mindset behind it
17:47:27  <e-ralha>i will give it a try for shure
17:47:30  * jetiennejoined
17:47:38  <e-ralha>im allways searching for improvement
17:48:32  <`3rdEden>:)
17:51:00  <e-ralha>just a question why did you guys do all this stuff for free? i mean im a thankfull person but this tools have some value
17:51:17  <e-ralha>for me and for my clients
17:53:49  <sberryman_>what are they doing for free?
17:54:09  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
17:54:46  <e-ralha>sberryman_ free kisses
17:54:49  <e-ralha>=)
17:54:50  <sberryman_>lol
17:56:36  * adambraultquit (Quit: Laptop asleep)
17:57:35  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
17:57:39  * kevwiljoined
18:01:32  * hourbackquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:02:54  * catshirt2quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:03:11  * Lucidquit (Quit: <its_a_fire> is this the first time 'lets think this through' has ended in wearing a panda suit?)
18:03:13  * catshirt2joined
18:03:21  * Lucidjoined
18:03:39  * Lucidquit (Client Quit)
18:04:20  * Lucid|Workjoined
18:04:25  * shiawuenquit (Quit: shiawuen)
18:05:34  <mattkrae34>random question: can I us the postDeploy hook to add a cron job?
18:06:34  * jetiennejoined
18:08:02  * SubtleGradientjoined
18:08:08  <mmalecki>mattkrae34: on your local machine?
18:08:59  <mattkrae34>no I meant post jitsu deploy
18:09:07  <mattkrae34>any cron access
18:09:19  * lah_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:09:20  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
18:09:34  <mmalecki>postdeploy happens on your local machine
18:10:24  <mattkrae34>ah gotcha
18:12:50  * blakmatrixquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:13:27  * blakmatrixjoined
18:14:31  * Barakhyahujoined
18:14:32  * blessYAHUquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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18:14:47  * benvquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:17:46  * benvjoined
18:19:03  * hij1nx_joined
18:19:15  * hij1nx_part
18:19:18  * tazroverjoined
18:22:57  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
18:24:13  * sberryman_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:26:07  * Barakhyahuquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:26:17  * Barakhyahujoined
18:29:19  * mattkrae34quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:31:13  <kokotron>would you all say socket.io is the best available option for a realtime user experience and connection concurrency?
18:31:16  * cjmquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
18:33:22  <mmalecki>no
18:33:29  <mmalecki>I would say that websockets are
18:33:33  <mmalecki>socket.io is bullshit
18:34:06  <`3rdEden>and howmany real time websites have you build mmalecki?
18:34:56  <mmalecki>close to 0
18:36:15  <`3rdEden>that is not so much :9
18:36:35  <mmalecki>0 + C, then!
18:36:49  <mmalecki>#lamemathjokes
18:37:01  * yawntjoined
18:37:08  <mmalecki>anyway, polling is not realtime by any means
18:38:52  <`3rdEden>real-time isn't real-time either
18:38:57  <`3rdEden>it's soft real-time
18:40:32  * coderarityquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:41:33  * yawntquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:43:30  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: stop, hammer time)
18:43:37  * hourbackjoined
18:44:36  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:46:38  * graeme_fjoined
18:47:34  * bardupart
18:48:00  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
18:48:17  * yawntjoined
18:48:19  * yawntquit (Client Quit)
18:51:11  * tazroverquit (Quit: tazrover)
18:51:24  * e-ralhaquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:52:33  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
18:53:12  * yawntjoined
18:53:55  * adambraultquit (Quit: Laptop asleep)
18:54:10  * Sadinjoined
18:55:29  <kokotron>i'm worried about websocket compatibility, i've read that it can trigger firewalls, virus protection clients, etc.. (i am not too concerned about browser version compatibility because i feel that issue will solve itself within a reasonable period of time)
18:57:52  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:00:18  * kevwiljoined
19:05:11  * thirdknifejoined
19:09:08  * joshonthewebjoined
19:12:32  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:12:43  <kokotron>for the time being i've only been using websockets, but became concerned that i may be forced to use socket.io (or something like it) because of compatibility issues - and if that is the case, i may as well just start using socket.io sooner than later
19:13:01  <kokotron>opinions?
19:13:48  * Barakhyahuquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:14:18  <blakmatrix>kokotron: might ask in #Node.js they might be a larger sample
19:14:21  * Barakhyahujoined
19:14:54  * SubtleGradientquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:17:17  <jim_>Getting intermittent error just trying to connect to a running app: An error has occurred: {"code":"EMFILE","errno":"EMFILE","syscall":"connect"}
19:17:46  <blakmatrix>jim_: let me take a look at that what is your username and appname
19:17:52  <st_luke>kill me
19:17:58  <mmalecki>jim_: looking
19:19:06  <blakmatrix>st_luke: whats up?
19:19:09  <mmalecki>blakmatrix: chill out, I GOT THIS
19:19:13  * lpinjoined
19:19:19  <mmalecki>st_luke: will do when I', un NY
19:19:41  <st_luke>mmalecki: please be my angel of death
19:19:44  * yawntquit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:19:52  <mmalecki>st_luke: end of december works?
19:20:03  * SubtleGradientjoined
19:20:22  * Barakhyahuquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:20:24  <mmalecki>jim_: try now please
19:21:05  * lwicksjoined
19:22:55  * jmar777joined
19:23:13  * vekexasiaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:24:05  * bubbles10101joined
19:30:01  * SubtleGradientquit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:32:39  <jim_>no problems
19:32:50  <jim_>issue vanished, apparently.
19:35:24  * michaelmartinezquit (Quit: Check it, Wreck it http://www.caffeineindustries.com/blog)
19:35:26  * thirdknifequit (Quit: Leaving)
19:37:46  * suvashjoined
19:37:55  * SubtleGradientjoined
19:38:18  <suvash>Hi mmalecki
19:38:45  * kevwiljoined
19:38:57  <mmalecki>o hai suvash
19:39:15  <mmalecki>basically, just create a dummy http server
19:39:38  <mmalecki>http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.end('ok'); }).listen(8000)
19:39:43  * yawntjoined
19:39:56  <suvash>aha ! sure, that i can do.
19:40:40  * adambraultjoined
19:40:58  <suvash>but I intend to run my code more like a node.js cron thing. basically the code runs every process.env.POLL_MINUTES minutes and does stuff.
19:41:35  <suvash>the stuff being that it polls to see if there's any new pull request on Github(hence the use of redis for storing previous ids) and then spits out stuff in a campfire room.
19:41:49  * adambraultquit (Client Quit)
19:42:21  * yawnjoined
19:42:47  <suvash>mmalecki: am not quite sure, but I hope setInterval isn't blocking. that way the http server can be free as well.
19:43:13  <yawn>hellow
19:43:54  * sreehariquit (Quit: sreehari)
19:44:02  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
19:44:07  * yawntquit (Disconnected by services)
19:44:08  <suvash>would be really cool if you guys can explain how does a nodejitsu app works. and the sandbox capabilities.
19:44:09  * yawnchanged nick to yawnt
19:44:34  <jesusabdullah>setInterval is non-blocking.
19:44:47  <jesusabdullah>suvash: a nodejitsu app works the same as a node app, generally
19:44:52  <suvash>thx jesusabdullah
19:45:13  <suvash>will give it a shot again.
19:45:13  <jesusabdullah>suvash: we use haibu and haibu-carapace to integrate and monitor your app
19:45:50  <jesusabdullah>our handbook has a "hello world" tutorial you may find helpful
19:46:55  <suvash>hello world does sound good. I'd like to know more stuff, for eg. that i always need to listen to 8000 at minimum. what other ports could I use. websockets limitation/capabilities.
19:47:32  <jesusabdullah>generally you can listen to any port, though your best bet is for ports > 1024 (we're looking into that)
19:47:47  <jesusabdullah>You do need to host an http application (not a raw tcp app)
19:48:02  <suvash>also How do I manage/spawn background tasks/processes ? for eg. heroku uses a Procefile.
19:48:15  <jesusabdullah>websockets are plenty capable. We proxy them with sticky sessions so even if you crank up the drones you should be g2g
19:48:25  <jesusabdullah>you just use npm start, and we use forever and haibu to start your process
19:48:42  <suvash>I'll look into the haibu and carapace docs as you've mentioned.
19:48:42  <jesusabdullah>no real concept of "background" processes (such as cron jobs). Just do it in your app!
19:49:07  <jesusabdullah>really I think the handbook is the best place right now :)
19:49:41  <yawnt>jesusabdullah: how do you attach a session to a websocket?
19:50:03  <suvash>sure jesusabdullah ! thx for all the help.
19:50:06  <jesusabdullah>attach a session?
19:50:16  <yawnt>i mean
19:50:17  <jesusabdullah>good question, unsure
19:50:27  <yawnt>how do sticky sessions with websockets word?
19:50:29  <yawnt>*work
19:50:44  <yawnt>i know there was a trick with socket.io and express, but i'm missing the general picture
19:50:55  <yawnt>perhaps i should just look at the source anyway :P
19:51:03  * suvashquit (Quit: leaving)
19:51:13  <blakmatrix>yawnt some people use the cookies
19:51:29  * Bronsajoined
19:52:02  <yawnt>blakmatrix: makes sense i suppose
19:52:46  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
19:52:53  * Bronsapart
19:54:52  * catshirt2quit (Quit: Leaving...)
19:56:52  <yawnt>time to upgrade to .8.9
19:56:52  * appinsanity-mikejoined
19:58:49  * thepumpkinjoined
20:01:18  * pfewpepwepwpepwjoined
20:01:27  * pfewpepwepwpepwchanged nick to `3rdEden
20:03:01  * thepumpkinquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:03:09  <garrettwilkin>when using socket.io
20:04:19  <blakmatrix>garrettwilkin: ?
20:04:30  <yawnt>lol
20:04:46  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
20:05:05  <garrettwilkin>haha sorry… wrong channel! wanted to bug `3rdEden about app.server.connections in #node.js
20:05:22  <garrettwilkin>or maybe i was working on a haiku
20:05:36  <yawnt>blakmatrix: it was just good old suspence
20:06:08  <blakmatrix>ha
20:07:07  <yawnt>does anyone know of a cool sql builder module?
20:07:27  <yawnt>i've been evaluating a couple of them (sequel, sqlish, gesundheit), but maybe someone has suggestions :)
20:07:34  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
20:09:04  * schoffjoined
20:09:20  <schoff>anybody online who can help me with a socket hangup error?
20:09:32  * mappumjoined
20:10:02  * joshonthewebjoined
20:11:16  * michaelmartinezjoined
20:14:44  * ph0n3ticjoined
20:16:15  * lwicksquit (Quit: lwicks)
20:17:15  * hij1nxjoined
20:18:21  <blakmatrix>schoff: what is your issue?
20:18:40  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
20:18:48  <blakmatrix>i mean do you hae a gist of your output
20:20:55  * booyaa_joined
20:21:27  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
20:21:45  <nathan7>yawnt: Why not use mongoose, or mongodb itself?
20:21:49  * schoffquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:21:57  <nathan7>yawnt: If you're going to map it to an object, why use an SQL db?
20:22:22  * hij1nx_joined
20:22:29  * kernicPaneljoined
20:22:45  <yawnt>nathan7: wat?
20:22:46  <yawnt>wut?
20:22:47  <yawnt>where?
20:23:16  * booyaa_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:23:39  <yawnt>nathan7: i'm not following you
20:23:44  * hij1nxquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:24:38  * sreeixquit (Quit: sreeix)
20:25:29  <nathan7>yawnt: Why use SQL when you're gonna use an ORM?
20:25:40  <nathan7>yawnt: MongoDB stores objects
20:25:55  <nathan7>yawnt: if you want to restrict yourself, use Mongoose as an ORM
20:26:09  <yawnt>because i strongly dislike mongoose
20:26:10  <yawnt>:)
20:26:18  * bubbles10101quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:26:40  <nathan7>How so?
20:26:45  <yawnt>and because if you make heavy use of relationships, you probably don't want to use a non relational database
20:26:52  <nathan7>meh
20:26:56  <yawnt>nathan7: i don't like the way it's written, the way it works
20:27:05  <yawnt>plus i also don't like mongo because of various issues
20:27:11  <yawnt>process wide write lock
20:27:16  <yawnt>to say one
20:27:56  <yawnt>if i need a noSQL i'd probably go with riak
20:28:49  * kmiyashirojoined
20:28:50  * booyaa_joined
20:29:35  * `3rdEdenquit (Quit: Linkinus - http://linkinus.com)
20:30:11  <nathan7>yawnt: process wide write lock? wut?
20:30:39  <yawnt>http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6997835/how-does-mongodb-deals-with-concurent-updates
20:30:43  <AvianFlu>nathan7: it's true
20:30:44  <yawnt>http://blog.pythonisito.com/2011/12/mongodbs-write-lock.html
20:30:58  <AvianFlu>it's one of the things about mongo that needs accounting for when you use it at scale
20:31:11  <yawnt>plus people at basho are friendly :D
20:31:42  <nathan7>but writes are fast, no?
20:31:45  <yawnt>nathan7: also i'm seeing a lot of posts from startups "migrating from mongo to *"
20:31:57  <yawnt>which kinda frightens me
20:32:08  * hij1nxjoined
20:33:19  <yawnt>nathan7: yeah writes are fast
20:33:19  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:33:22  <yawnt>but why?
20:33:27  <yawnt>safe mode disabled by default
20:33:28  <jesusabdullah>hax
20:33:28  <yawnt>thanks, no
20:33:30  <jesusabdullah>ThAT'S HOW
20:33:35  <jesusabdullah>or like
20:33:36  <yawnt>wut?
20:33:37  <jesusabdullah>you play with it
20:33:39  <jesusabdullah>you put it away
20:33:51  <jesusabdullah>and come back and turn it on, and it demands that you run a bunch of repair shit
20:33:55  <jesusabdullah>fuck that, man
20:34:01  <yawnt>i'm confused
20:34:04  <yawnt>you're referring to?
20:34:10  <jesusabdullah>brongodb
20:34:15  <yawnt>broncodb?
20:34:16  <yawnt>ok
20:34:18  <yawnt>thanks
20:34:22  <jesusabdullah>naw, brongodb
20:34:26  <jesusabdullah>bro
20:34:27  <yawnt>yeah i know
20:34:27  <jesusabdullah>:)
20:34:28  <yawnt>just kiding
20:34:30  <yawnt>*kidding
20:34:34  * kevwiljoined
20:34:44  <jesusabdullah>everyone knows the denver broncos suck
20:34:46  <yawnt>it's just i have a story with broncos
20:34:55  <yawnt>not those broncos
20:34:56  <jesusabdullah>so hard they would NEVER make a database about THEM
20:35:05  <yawnt>the high school broncos in KS
20:35:06  * garrettwilkinjoined
20:35:07  <jesusabdullah>Ford Broncos are pretty sweet though
20:35:13  * hij1nx_quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:35:13  <jesusabdullah>I'd drive a Bronco
20:35:17  <yawnt>http://usd281.com
20:35:19  <yawnt>those broncos
20:35:25  <jesusabdullah>with a lift kit and boss-ass stereo n' shit
20:35:32  <jesusabdullah>guzzle gas like a motherfucker but that's cool
20:35:36  <yawnt>nice
20:35:47  <yawnt>i think we've just destroyed nathan7 's faith in mongo jesusabdullah
20:35:49  <yawnt>:(
20:36:01  <jesusabdullah>hey nathan7 at least there's couchdb
20:36:04  <yawnt>but really? safe mode off? back off
20:36:08  <jesusabdullah>ermagerd cerchdberg
20:36:13  <yawnt>hey nathan7 at least there's riak
20:36:24  <yawnt>couchdb is cool, but it's kinda slow compared to riak
20:36:35  <yawnt>( ≖‿≖)
20:36:51  * ph0n3ticquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:36:54  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:37:15  <jesusabdullah>couch is good for "medium data"
20:37:16  <nathan7>I like Mongo, I never write large apps
20:37:23  <nathan7>I'm going to be writing a large app though
20:37:27  <nathan7>and I'm considering Couch
20:37:38  <yawnt>use couch and resourceful
20:37:43  <yawnt>except if you use relationships
20:37:44  <nathan7>because we're having everything else communicate RESTfully over HTTP
20:37:58  <yawnt>(no offense but resourceful id's with relationships kinda suck)
20:38:10  <yawnt>you get like children/parent/parent2/random-string/id
20:38:13  <yawnt>:|
20:38:19  <jesusabdullah>relationships in resauceful need work
20:38:30  <yawnt>hater needs some word too
20:38:36  <jesusabdullah>I don't know resourceful well enough to drive this forward though
20:38:37  <jesusabdullah>oh also
20:38:38  <yawnt>i gotta add indexes and costraints
20:38:39  <jesusabdullah>ALSO
20:38:41  <yawnt>ALSO
20:38:43  <jesusabdullah>there's a mongodb engine
20:38:45  <yawnt>yeah
20:38:46  <jesusabdullah>that's almost done
20:38:48  <yawnt>coderarity told me
20:38:53  <jesusabdullah>yes
20:39:03  <jesusabdullah>we need to figure out the best way to wrap that up
20:39:05  <yawnt>we gotta get flatiron mainstream
20:39:12  <yawnt>and kick express' ass
20:39:25  <yawnt>*superman theme here*
20:39:52  <yawnt>we as the community
20:39:55  * kevwiljoined
20:39:59  <nathan7>yawnt: hmm, I might need those
20:40:08  <nathan7>yawnt: this is basically github for objects
20:40:10  <yawnt>if it's one or two is fine
20:40:23  <yawnt>when you start to nest stuff, that's when bad things happen
20:40:31  <nathan7>and I probably want to cache relationships between commits and trees
20:41:05  <jesusabdullah>we also need to take a look at the resources repo
20:41:27  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
20:41:35  <yawnt>resources?
20:41:46  <yawnt>like restful, socketful, commandful, formful?
20:41:51  <jesusabdullah>actually
20:41:53  <jesusabdullah>more like
20:41:57  <jesusabdullah>a "twitter" resource
20:42:04  <jesusabdullah>that maps the twitter api to a resource
20:42:12  <yawnt>mh
20:42:18  <yawnt>i'm not sure i'm following
20:42:27  <yawnt>an example? :)
20:42:33  <yawnt>like tweet 2 resourceful?
20:43:19  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
20:44:35  <jesusabdullah>yawnt: like, var twitter = new Twitter({ username: 'josh', password: password }); twitter.tweet('yo dawg');
20:44:43  <yawnt>oh
20:44:44  <yawnt>resourceful-rest
20:44:47  <yawnt>i was doing dat
20:44:54  <yawnt>https://github.com/yawnt/resourceful-rest
20:45:07  <jesusabdullah>well like, in this case its backend stuff is custom-written to map to twitter
20:45:20  <jesusabdullah>but it's also a Resource
20:45:23  <yawnt>yeah
20:45:23  <yawnt>i see
20:45:26  <jesusabdullah>it's a pretty sweet combo
20:45:31  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
20:45:37  <yawnt>yeah well
20:46:22  <yawnt>you integrate broadway with resourcefuò
20:46:31  <yawnt>and then release that stuff as broadway modules
20:48:03  * kevwilquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:50:27  <jesusabdullah>that's a whole 'nother thing
20:50:59  * happosadequit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:51:00  <jesusabdullah>if you look at the *ful libs (restful in particular) you can see that really all you have to do is define app.resources = [Some, Resources]
20:51:10  <jesusabdullah>the integration is pretty weak right now
20:51:19  <jesusabdullah>could definitely use some love
20:51:34  <yawnt>i've seen restful
20:51:44  <yawnt>but restful is more director than actual resourceful
20:52:14  <jesusabdullah>well
20:52:19  <jesusabdullah>it *reflects* resources
20:52:26  <jesusabdullah>not a resource itself
20:52:32  <yawnt>yeah
20:52:33  * happosadejoined
20:52:46  * kevwiljoined
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20:57:39  * hans_joined
20:58:11  <hans_>I'm trying to deploy an app that includes mongoose, but I'm getting error "Cannot find module 'mongoose'". Any ideas?
20:58:31  <st_luke>this guy I work with takes a nap every day like a total boss http://instagram.com/p/PfUaW2Q723/
20:58:50  <yawnt>hans_: is mongoose in your package.json?
20:58:59  * hij1nxjoined
20:59:08  <yawnt>lol st_luke
20:59:25  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
20:59:31  <hans_>it's in dependencies
20:59:36  * lwicksquit (Client Quit)
21:02:13  * kevwiljoined
21:03:01  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
21:03:24  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
21:03:58  * jmar777quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:04:33  * jmar777joined
21:04:49  <yawnt>that's weird
21:04:59  <yawnt>what's the version you specified?
21:05:07  * graeme_fquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:05:10  <nathan7>gist your package.json?
21:05:19  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
21:06:36  <svnlto>right, just restored to a snapshot and all i get now is No application found
21:06:38  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
21:06:50  <svnlto>evening btw
21:07:00  * benvquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
21:07:15  * appinsanity-mikequit (Quit: appinsanity-mike)
21:07:39  <svnlto>Starting app outofme-webapp Snapshot 0.0.2-47 is now running
21:07:51  <svnlto>not quite
21:09:38  * jmar777quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:09:48  <jesusabdullah>svnlto: where are you seeing "no application found" ?
21:09:53  <jesusabdullah>svnlto: can you show me/us with a gist?
21:10:02  * benvjoined
21:10:03  <svnlto>jesusabdullah: http://outofme.de/
21:10:03  <jesusabdullah>st_luke: I want to be that guy lol
21:10:12  <st_luke>jesusabdullah: you can be that guy
21:10:21  <jesusabdullah>svnlto: loaded for me brah
21:10:28  <st_luke>you're probably less than 4 feet from your bed right now
21:10:30  <st_luke>just take a nap
21:10:33  <svnlto>jesusabdullah: yah, justs started it manually
21:10:34  <jesusabdullah>pffffsht
21:10:52  <jesusabdullah>yeah but st_luke I need an office in order to totally boss it
21:11:01  <jesusabdullah>putting the laptop down and rolling over doesn't count
21:11:35  <svnlto>jesusabdullah: i was assuming that it would be up after doing a restore you know, bruv
21:12:13  <jesusabdullah>I see
21:12:36  <jesusabdullah>yeah, I don't know that this is the best assumption XD but it seems like a reasonable one to me
21:12:47  <svnlto>coz it says: Snapshot 0.0.2-47 is now running
21:12:54  <svnlto>:)
21:13:03  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
21:16:04  <hans_>works now
21:16:42  * iBooyaajoined
21:16:56  * anoemi_joined
21:18:47  * anoemi_quit (Client Quit)
21:19:08  * anoemiquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:19:24  * brettPeriscopicjoined
21:21:37  * lwicksjoined
21:21:40  * iBooyaaquit (Quit: doh!)
21:22:27  <brettPeriscopic>Trying to reset password for a nodejitsu account, executed command: jitsu users forgot <username> <shake> and received password and confirmation prompt. But after entering them I'm receiving back 'error: Unable to set new password' and 'error: Nodejitsu Error(403): Forbidden'
21:22:41  <brettPeriscopic>Anyone know why?
21:23:31  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
21:25:57  <jesusabdullah>brettPeriscopic: can you show me the full command and output in a gist?
21:26:01  <jesusabdullah>brettPeriscopic: also what is your username?
21:26:14  <jesusabdullah>brettPeriscopic: well, actually I should be able to see that if you show me the command you ran
21:26:40  * mmaleckiquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:26:44  * TooTallNatequit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:26:51  * hans_quit (Quit: Page closed)
21:28:52  <brettPeriscopic>@jesusabdjullah jitsu users forgot ghw <shake>
21:29:27  * iamdustanquit (Quit: went to sleep)
21:30:43  * TooTallNatejoined
21:30:58  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
21:31:02  * michaelmartinezpart
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21:37:24  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
21:39:41  * blakmatrixjoined
21:43:16  <jesusabdullah>brettPeriscopic: can you paste the full command and jitsu's output into a http://gist.github.com ?
21:47:34  * jmar777joined
21:48:34  * thdjoined
21:50:27  * lushiousquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:24:37  * robhawkesquit (Quit: Leaving...)
22:25:29  <brettPeriscopic>jesusabdullah: issue was related to a second 'forgot' command overwriting previously received shake. Thanks!
22:26:33  * jmar777quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:27:58  * spolujoined
22:29:21  <kokotron>i love it when you find ways to turn 15 lines of code into 2 :)
22:29:44  * brettPeriscopicquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:29:47  <kokotron>the simple pleasures in life
22:30:13  * hichaelmartquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:35:23  <blakmatrix>thats always nice
22:35:44  * bechteljoined
22:35:49  <yawnt>cool D:
22:35:53  <bechtel>is anybody online that can help me?
22:36:30  <bechtel>i'm getting a socket hangup while deploying an app
22:39:11  * CIA-15joined
22:39:17  * yawntquit (Quit: leaving)
22:39:22  * garrettwilkinjoined
22:39:35  * adambraultjoined
22:41:50  <sberryman>how did the build server deployment go?
22:43:22  <blakmatrix>sberryman: its going, there were a few hiccups, but we're working through them :)
22:43:44  <sberryman>are deploys hitting it?
22:44:46  <blakmatrix>they were for a bit but we had to take it offline last night, last i heard bradley was fixing the issue that popped up
22:49:45  <sberryman>too bad
22:49:58  * TheJHquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:49:58  <sberryman>excited to see them working
22:50:32  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
22:50:47  <blakmatrix>yeah def :) sucks to see eople complaining about socket hang up errors or ENOMEM errors due to npm eating up all the ram haha
22:51:41  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:55:33  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
22:56:02  * jacoscazjoined
22:56:11  <jacoscaz>Hello everybody
22:56:17  * kevwilquit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8)
22:56:49  <jacoscaz>Anyone here knows the defaut persistence setting of a redis db on reditogo created via jitsu?
22:57:26  <sberryman>if i had to guess it would be the free plan redistogo offers
22:57:55  <sberryman>"We also offer a free plan: 5 MB memory, 1 Database, but no backups. "
22:57:59  <chilts>sberryman: I'm not sure that was the question
22:58:08  <chilts>he was asking about the persistence strategy
22:58:11  <bechtel>"Evacuation Allocation failed - process out of memory" on npm install
22:58:43  <bechtel>is there any workaround or do i need to wait
22:58:54  <sberryman>chilts: true
22:59:00  <blakmatrix>bechtel: can i see your package.json
22:59:16  <sberryman>i couldnt quickly find any info about persistence on redistogo.com
23:00:21  <chilts>jacoscaz: on here (may be slightly different), it says that there is no persistence : https://addons.heroku.com/redistogo
23:00:32  <chilts>obviously that's through Heroku rather than Nodejitsu
23:00:37  <chilts>but I suspect it'll be the same
23:00:37  <bechtel>blakmatrix: http://pastebin.com/vnKAHriE
23:01:30  <sberryman>redistogo api is showing persistence of "aof" for their documentation samples
23:01:52  <sberryman>(append only file)
23:02:44  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
23:04:01  <jacoscaz>if it were true, that'd be a wonderful setting
23:04:19  <sberryman>my guess would be zero persistence for a free plan though
23:04:49  <chilts>sberryman: in their docs samples, it shows you can choose three different persistence choices, so their docs are only showing an example of one
23:04:55  <sberryman>right
23:04:56  <chilts>doesn't mean they all have it
23:05:05  <chilts>as I say, I suspect the free version has 'none'
23:05:25  <sberryman>i would be willing to take that bet along with chilts (zero persistence)
23:05:51  <jacoscaz>i'd tag along with tou guys
23:06:01  <jacoscaz>well, thanks a lot
23:06:18  <chilts>also, worth trying out and seeing anyway :)
23:06:19  <sberryman>you can always create your own instance on redistogo and use that
23:06:53  <jacoscaz>that I already did, I'm testing a simple web questionnaire right now
23:07:13  <sberryman>jacoscaz: https://redistogo.com/documentation/api at the very bottom is shows PUT /instances/:id and shows some properties with defaults in params. default shows plan of 'nano' with a persistence of 'none'
23:10:35  <jacoscaz>sberryman: i navigated through that not more than 10 mins ago. nodejitsu's probably using their default settings for the free plan
23:10:56  * mikey_p|afkchanged nick to mikey_p
23:11:14  <sberryman>i just use it for pub/sub so i didn't really care (at least at this point) if I lost the data
23:11:38  <sberryman>really easy for me to re-subscribe clients to channels
23:12:31  <jacoscaz>well, given that we can choose between that, mongodb and couchdb, redis probably is the worst of the bunch for data-gathering purposes
23:15:39  <sberryman>those are all just free options
23:16:00  <sberryman>they use mongohq for mongodb
23:16:17  <sberryman>you can create your own accounts on those services and get whatever you need for production use
23:17:17  * cjmquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
23:17:58  <jacoscaz>true, but right now I'm not interested in a paid account
23:19:51  <jacoscaz>which one is the best one in terms of persistence?
23:19:53  <sberryman>looks like mongohq allows you to setup automated backups using their "sandbox" plan
23:20:48  <sberryman>i personally use mongodb but it is really up to your requirements and personal preferences what you want to go with
23:21:15  <jacoscaz>well... i'm just exploring :). i'm pretty new to all this
23:21:36  <jacoscaz>btw, thanks for sharing your experience
23:22:03  <sberryman>i actually used mongolab.com for mongodb hosting for a while but have since moved to it my own joyent cloud instance
23:23:25  * appinsanity-mikejoined
23:23:48  <sberryman>mongolab doesnt yet have hosting for the shared plans in joyents east coast datacenter (us-east-1)
23:24:10  * bradleymeckjoined
23:25:44  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
23:26:06  * appinsanity-mikequit (Client Quit)
23:26:58  * stagasquit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88-rdmsoft [XULRunner])
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23:30:12  * rtgibbonschanged nick to rtgibbons[away]
23:33:47  * bradleymeckquit (Quit: bradleymeck)
23:35:32  <jacoscaz>well, time to hit the bed
23:35:40  <jacoscaz>thanks everybody for your time
23:35:52  <jacoscaz>I appreciate it
23:35:59  * bechtelquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:36:01  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
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