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00:14:10  <Sly>Sorry, cronopio. Was afk for a minute there.
00:14:17  <Sly>Food > *
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00:15:01  <cronopio>Sly: sure :)
00:16:02  * hillctjoined
00:16:38  <Sly>https://github.com/explore
00:16:43  <Sly>Anyone else get a server error on that page?
00:17:17  <hillct>Sly: yup
00:17:19  <AvianFlu>yep
00:17:39  <cronopio>Oops octocat is falling down jajaja
00:18:09  <Sly>Posted it in #github. Maybe it'll get fixed soon.
00:18:10  <Sly>:|
00:18:35  <hillct>I was looking at the nodejitsu deployment tools and conspicuously missing (maybe only from the documentation) is handling of nom installation of custom packages from for example my private Git server which would require an SSH key and passphrase
00:19:21  <jesusabdullah>hillct: that's because there is no handling of your ssh keys at this time
00:19:27  <jesusabdullah>hillct: use bundledDependencies
00:19:50  <hillct>jesusabdullah: thanks. I'll check it out
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00:22:02  <jesusabdullah>you're welcome hillct
00:22:36  * marshall_afkchanged nick to marshall_law
00:25:41  <hillct>jesusabdullah: I take it in this context bundleDependencies independent of nom get stuck in package.json similarly, but I don't see docs on their use in nodejitsu deployments. … (minutes later) I found http://package.json.jit.su/ but referenced only via a stack overflow question. No mention of it in nodejitsu docs. Could be my saturday evening ineptitude, but that URL should be easier to find, directly from within nodejitsu docs
00:26:22  * TheJHquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
00:26:35  <hillct>hmm, ok, it iS saturday evening ineptitude
00:27:08  * marshall_lawchanged nick to marshall_afk
00:30:14  <hillct>jesusabdullah: when using dependency definitions of this form, will it pull from anywhere that doesn't require authentication? How are binary dependencies, for example, node-GD has a dependency on libgd and it's child dependencies
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00:57:43  <hillct>er, I guess that should have been a complete sentence: How are binary dependencies of node modules handled? I suppose an exhaustive list of available libraries is overkill, but is there any way of knowing if a binary dependency will be met in the nodejitsu environment, other than just deploying and testing? The issue there being there are lost of other steps to deployment prep that would be pointless if the binary dependencies to node
00:57:43  <hillct>modules used by a given app are not met.
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01:01:39  <AvianFlu>hillct: if it's a library that makes sense to run on our drone servers, we'll install it upon request
01:01:41  <ag4ve>can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong here? https://gist.github.com/3681689
01:01:44  <AvianFlu>some don't, though
01:01:48  <AvianFlu>like webkit
01:01:51  <AvianFlu>it's just too damn big
01:01:56  * katjangjoined
01:02:13  <ag4ve>also, i tried var router = plugins.http.Router(routes);
01:02:23  <ag4ve>... just in case, which of course didn't work :)
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01:03:34  <hillct>AvianFlu: In my case it's libgd in particular. I've not yet done the rest of my deployment prep and won't likely have that done for a few days, but can you let me know if libgd is installed?
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01:05:17  * illumntrpart
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01:05:54  <hillct>AvianFlu: alternatively, I guess I can prep my app, test then submit a ticket
01:07:34  <AvianFlu>yeah
01:07:37  <AvianFlu>remind me what that lib is for?
01:07:48  <AvianFlu>so many c libraries, such short names, so little time :)
01:08:01  <hillct>the GD graphics library, the node bindings are in a package called node-gd
01:08:30  <AvianFlu>okay, I'll have a look
01:08:51  <hillct>it's for manipulating all the basic graphics formats. Much smaller than imagemagick, or graphicsMagick which is why we went with it
01:09:27  * marshall_lawchanged nick to marshall_afk
01:09:30  <AvianFlu>so it's available in the smartOS package manager, but not currently installed
01:09:39  <AvianFlu>we can start adding it though, it doesn't look like it should be a problem at all
01:09:51  * Domenicquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
01:10:14  * Slyjoined
01:10:34  <hillct>That'd be awesome. Thanks
01:11:58  <hillct> My business partner is a big fan of your setup, though he's the business guy. I've always been wary of cloud offerings due to the lock-in risks, but the more I look at your setup, the more impressed I am.
01:12:45  <AvianFlu>don't worry, it will only get cooler as time goes on :D
01:12:45  * travis-cijoined
01:12:45  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/nconf#56 (merge-null - da39d3c : Bradley Meck): The build passed.
01:12:45  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/nconf/compare/6c4fa61d8eea...da39d3cac3de
01:12:45  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/nconf/builds/2382808
01:12:45  * travis-cipart
01:12:47  <AvianFlu>thanks though :D
01:13:44  <hillct>AvianFlu: I was just now looking over the require-analyzer tool which it seems would be a handy place to implement an optional "Check binary dependencies against nodejitsu"
01:13:47  * travis-cijoined
01:13:47  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/nconf#58 (master - f9b24f1 : Bradley Meck): The build passed.
01:13:47  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/nconf/compare/f21557e78323...f9b24f1aa617
01:13:47  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/nconf/builds/2382822
01:13:47  * travis-cipart
01:14:00  <Sly>AvianFlu, who keeps up with the pull requests for flatiron?
01:14:11  * __lucasquit (Quit: __lucas)
01:14:16  <AvianFlu>Sly: lots of people, but not generally me
01:14:30  <AvianFlu>pksunkara, marak, jesusabdullah, mmalecki, bmeck to name a few
01:14:52  <hillct>such that a dev could run require-analyzer against their app and know instantly if there are any issues with running it within nodejitsu as regards binary dependencies
01:16:08  <hillct>That would allow you to gather data and preemptively address library requirements for potential clients
01:16:26  <AvianFlu>hillct: I like the idea, but the require-analyzer, thus far, has been more general and less just for our hosting
01:16:35  <AvianFlu>the feature should exist somewhere, but I'm not sure if that's the place
01:16:39  <AvianFlu>I'll give it some thought
01:16:50  <hillct>maybe within jitsu itself
01:18:05  <hillct>There's probably also some data to be gathered from @Isascs on the most common binary dependencies among the most widely used packages
01:19:16  <AvianFlu>we already support all the most common ones, pretty much :)
01:21:16  <hillct>While I'm asking random questions, what's the story with the github user node-migrator-bot?
01:21:52  <AvianFlu>it was a random idea I had one day, and I gave it to blakmatrix as his first code project after we hired him
01:21:57  <AvianFlu>and the rest, as they say, is history
01:22:26  <hillct>So, what's it meant to do? Some sort of merge management?
01:22:35  * TooTallNatejoined
01:22:55  <hillct>I saw it pulled from some project I was examining so got curious
01:24:29  <AvianFlu>it's meant to help the 0.6->0.8 transition
01:24:40  <AvianFlu>by fixing the most common and simplest warning message one might encounter
01:24:54  <AvianFlu>it was something of a social experiment
01:25:09  <hillct>Oh, so fork, lint and clean...
01:25:14  <hillct>neat
01:27:23  <hillct>well, back to the grind… AvianFlu Thanks for the help. I'll try and get the rest of my app prep done in the next week to so and see how it works out
01:27:45  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
01:31:21  <AvianFlu>cool, good luck
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01:50:30  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/nconf#55 (merge-null - 6c4fa61 : Bradley Meck): The build is pending.
01:50:30  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/nconf/compare/f6e55154af97^...6c4fa61d8eea
01:50:30  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/nconf/builds/2382795
01:50:30  * travis-cipart
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01:50:45  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/nconf#55 (merge-null - 6c4fa61 : Bradley Meck): The build failed.
01:50:45  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/nconf/compare/f6e55154af97^...6c4fa61d8eea
01:50:45  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/nconf/builds/2382795
01:50:45  * travis-cipart
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02:09:27  <ag4ve>does broadway have way to define 'view engine'?
02:09:52  <ag4ve>(i think that would be broadway i should be looking at)
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02:10:31  <jesusabdullah>ag4ve: look at flatiron/viewful
02:11:20  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
02:11:37  <ag4ve>jesusabdullah: heh, right, thanks ... shouldn't use such obvious names so i don't feel so stupid when i miss it
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02:48:36  <st_luke>agile is retarded
02:50:07  <ag4ve>better than scrum
02:51:21  <AvianFlu>I'm still in disbelief that scrum is a real word for anything
02:51:55  * Slyjoined
02:52:36  * thomasfrjoined
02:52:55  <st_luke>I think it's this: http://pbfcomics.com/archive_b/PBF020-Skub.gif
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02:57:17  <st_luke>may 2010 classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-sc73Y-zQA
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03:00:56  * voodootikigodjoined
03:01:27  <voodootikigod>hey
03:01:36  <voodootikigod>i keep getting a socket hangup
03:01:40  <voodootikigod>when trying to deploy an app
03:01:46  <voodootikigod>tornados?
03:02:22  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
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03:13:53  <coderarity>voodootikigod: tornadoes?
03:14:07  <coderarity>voodootikigod: i wil investigate in a second
03:14:14  <coderarity>voodootikigod: username/app name?
03:15:29  * ryan_stevensjoined
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03:36:34  <Leeol>Is there a flatiron specific way to close the http server? Or is `app.server.close()` how it's done?
03:38:13  * joshonthewebjoined
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03:41:11  <jesusabdullah>Leeol: that'll do it
03:41:23  <Leeol>k
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06:17:04  <deoxxa>mmalecki: is this guy for real
06:17:47  * YoYquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
06:17:57  <mmalecki>deoxxa: I'm afraid he is
06:18:07  * deoxxasighs
06:18:26  <mmalecki>apparently, objects are boring nowadays, if you don't fill them up with setters and getters
06:18:52  <mmalecki>that actually reminds me of c# ORM
06:19:01  <deoxxa>i just don't get the motivation behind shoving a layer of indirection in between everything
06:19:11  * YoYjoined
06:19:14  <deoxxa>if you want to call a function when you set something, call a function when you set something
06:19:16  <deoxxa>seems pretty easy to me
06:20:02  * cjmjoined
06:20:07  <deoxxa>oh man
06:20:10  <mmalecki>well, it is easy :)
06:20:12  <deoxxa>now i know where i recognise him from
06:20:16  <deoxxa>he's a php dude
06:20:29  <mmalecki>ahahahaha, that's kind of expected
06:20:35  <deoxxa>he hangs out in another channel, #silverstripe, and he gives the same kind of stupid advice there
06:20:54  <mmalecki>I could write a little bench script to show him memory effect of getters/setters
06:21:05  <mmalecki>but I actually have a real world code to write
06:21:10  <deoxxa>yeah
06:21:26  <deoxxa>i don't really care if people are doing silly things, i mean, people are going to do that
06:21:34  <deoxxa>but spreading that kind of misinformation to people who are learning is harmful
06:22:21  <deoxxa>i wonder if promoting #coffeescript as an alternative to javascript, instead of an addition, would help
06:22:33  <deoxxa>where did that # come from
06:22:36  <mmalecki>haha
06:22:39  * AvianFluquit (Quit: AvianFlu)
06:22:46  <deoxxa>basically use coffeescript as a tarpit for architecture idiots
06:23:02  <mmalecki>oh, yeah, he seems to be a coffeescript folk too
06:23:15  <deoxxa>he is, he keeps typing examples in it
06:23:16  <mmalecki>I guess they are all for 'nice code' and 'sweet APIs'
06:23:19  * adambraultquit (Quit: Laptop asleep)
06:23:37  <mmalecki>I do in fact enjoy sweet APIs, but I do enjoy being sane too
06:23:57  <deoxxa>now i'm going to have to stop you there
06:24:01  <deoxxa>you're obviously not sane
06:24:12  <deoxxa>:P
06:24:26  <mmalecki>oh damn, I forgot :D
06:24:28  * edjafarovquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
06:25:07  <mmalecki>> autorequirer
06:25:12  <mmalecki>auto
06:25:14  <deoxxa>yeah
06:25:14  <mmalecki>requirer
06:25:17  <mmalecki>node
06:25:18  <mmalecki>what.
06:25:23  <deoxxa>another php thing
06:25:28  * adambraultjoined
06:25:28  <mmalecki>actually, jesusabdullah did that
06:25:32  <mmalecki>it's called hoarders
06:25:35  <deoxxa>haha
06:25:39  <Sly>Ohai, mmalecki.
06:25:45  <mmalecki>o hai Sly
06:25:52  <Sly>How are you tonight?
06:25:53  <deoxxa>hoarders relies on a couple of my modules :P
06:25:58  <Sly>Or, this morning?
06:26:02  * edjafarovjoined
06:26:05  <mmalecki>Sly: you asked me to review something but I was busy with the cloud, link me again please?
06:26:12  <mmalecki>it's like 8 AM
06:26:21  <Sly>2:24 here.
06:26:23  <mmalecki>and I'm still kind of drunk so things are pretty cool
06:26:25  <Sly>(am)
06:26:27  <deoxxa>"sorry i have to attend to the cloud, brb"
06:26:31  <deoxxa>"cloud business to do"
06:26:41  <mmalecki>deoxxa: yeah, lol
06:26:45  * edjafarovquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
06:26:51  <deoxxa>"yes it appears the cloud is still a cloud, all is well. no leaks."
06:27:02  <mmalecki>on the related news, no ECONNREFUSED since like, forever, so
06:27:30  <mmalecki>Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud Status: all is well!
06:27:42  <mmalecki>er, ugh
06:27:48  * mmaleckitopic: Nodejitsu - Host applications. Keep them up. | Cloud Status: all is well!
06:27:52  <deoxxa>\o/
06:30:06  <mmalecki>deoxxa: actually, there was one moment where I could have used the "cloud business to do" line
06:30:12  <deoxxa>haha
06:30:28  <mmalecki>I got gchat'ed by Bradley
06:30:38  <mmalecki>there was some major issue, don't remember waht
06:30:41  <mmalecki>*what
06:30:45  <deoxxa>poopcloud - "business" as a service
06:30:49  <mmalecki>I ended up sprinting home
06:30:54  * lpinjoined
06:31:22  <deoxxa>wow
06:31:25  <mmalecki>Dominic Tarr was here back then
06:31:26  <lpin>morning
06:31:26  <deoxxa>that's some dedication
06:31:36  <mmalecki>he was quite surprised when I almost knocked the door down
06:31:45  * cjmquit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
06:31:47  <sberryman>mmalecki: i cant reach my site!
06:31:53  <sberryman>you guys are killing me!
06:32:02  <mmalecki>sberryman: which app?
06:32:08  <sberryman>https://500club.golf.teeleader.com/ (sberryman / teeleader-be)
06:32:28  <sberryman> isnt responding
06:32:46  <sberryman> isnt responding
06:32:50  <deoxxa>mmalecki: you can be precipitation man, the cloud crimebuster
06:34:11  * edjafarovjoined
06:34:33  * edjafarovquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
06:34:48  * edjafarovjoined
06:34:53  <sberryman>cloud status all is well? ;) you guys have been down frequently
06:35:57  <mmalecki>I just restarted all balancers, nothing changed, I'm looking at your drone right now
06:36:11  <sberryman>did i break something?
06:36:52  <mmalecki>kill -s USR1 10172
06:36:59  <mmalecki>ugh
06:37:00  <mmalecki>fuck
06:37:11  <mmalecki>not that terminal, obviously
06:37:15  * edjafarovquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
06:37:18  <Sly>rofl
06:39:23  * clarkfischerjoined
06:39:33  <mmalecki>sberryman: appears to be fine when I restarted the process
06:40:33  <mmalecki>balancer dump looks good, it was in a good state before the restart
06:40:36  <sberryman>so something with my app?
06:40:44  <sberryman>i dont see anything in the logs
06:40:58  <sberryman>i see one cant set headers errors
06:41:06  <mmalecki>could be running oom, unfortunately. smartos is a bitch in that regard
06:41:25  <sberryman>i see requests after that though
06:41:47  <mmalecki>after you were unable to access it?
06:41:56  * cjmjoined
06:42:00  <sberryman>i just tried to access it
06:42:06  * bubbles10101joined
06:42:13  <sberryman>i've been drinking like crazy all night
06:42:26  <sberryman>just tried to check on it before bed and it was down
06:42:40  <mmalecki>sberryman: well, I'm still drunk from last night. the ECONNREFUSED kind of down?
06:44:35  <mmalecki>that massive econnrefused problem was caused by balancers getting into bad state due to a problem with couch view
06:44:57  <mmalecki>now, when you see econnrefused, it can mean your process crashing
06:45:09  <sberryman>i didnt see an error though
06:45:13  <sberryman>it was just sitting there waiting
06:45:21  <mmalecki>idle?
06:45:36  <sberryman>waiting for a response
06:46:15  <mmalecki>I'm really wondering what could that mean, actually
06:46:29  <sberryman>it's annoying because that app is the only source of revenue for the company and it seems like that is the only app (of the 3) that keeps crashing
06:46:29  <mmalecki>cause, if it was down, it'd error out with the econnrefused thing
06:47:26  <sberryman>i would wait a few seconds and then command + c to exit out on curl -v testing
06:48:41  <sberryman>i had the problem last night as well and listed a few of the LB's in this channel and then by the time AvianFlu came around things started to work again
06:48:49  <sberryman>slowly the LB's started responding
06:48:53  <sberryman>but it was one by one
06:49:04  <mmalecki>now, the most wtf thing is
06:49:16  * bubbles10101quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
06:49:18  <mmalecki>I see a core file on one of those you mentioned
06:50:20  * barduquit (Quit: Leaving.)
06:52:16  <sberryman>this exact same source never crashed on my personal smartmachine on joyent
06:52:49  <sberryman>i really really want to host everything on nodejitsu but i'm actually getting clients emailing me recently saying the site is down
06:54:41  * thomasfrjoined
06:55:55  <mmalecki> fe90a336 ???????? (31e3e5f5, 200000, 4be0aded, 4be0aded, 2, fe921a01)
06:55:59  <mmalecki>THANKS PSTACK
06:57:21  <sberryman>i feel like all i do is complain on this channel, sorry guys
06:57:34  <mmalecki>it's fine, it's our fault, most likely
06:57:41  <mmalecki>I'm trying to find out what's up
06:58:28  <sberryman>at least i have mr hotfix looking into it now ;)
06:59:04  * thomasfrquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:02:06  <sberryman>i hate to leave on this note but i've been drinking since 11am and it's 12 am right now
07:02:20  <sberryman>and you got the site back up.. from what i can tell
07:03:30  * cjmquit (Remote host closed the connection)
07:03:35  <mmalecki>sberryman: I got it
07:03:46  <mmalecki>I'll have some heavy monitoring
07:03:49  <mmalecki>also
07:03:56  <mmalecki>anyone knows how to decode _ZN4node6Buffer3NewERKN2v89ArgumentsE+0x1a6?
07:04:12  <sberryman>ummm
07:04:33  <sberryman>that looks like you are digging into hell right now
07:05:29  <mmalecki>yeah, I got a stack right up to uv_run
07:06:44  <mmalecki>0x80477af: ***ERROR--unknown op code***
07:06:53  <mmalecki>YEAH THANKS THAT'S HELPFUL
07:06:56  <sberryman>ha
07:07:04  <mmalecki>also, turns out knowing assembly helps a bit
07:07:15  <sberryman>well you can count me out on that one
07:08:04  * adambraultquit (Quit: Laptop asleep)
07:08:06  <st_luke>KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE
07:10:12  * thepumpkinquit (Remote host closed the connection)
07:31:18  * ramitosquit
07:32:15  * towskijoined
07:32:18  * dob__joined
07:34:26  * dob_quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
07:34:40  * spolujoined
07:36:57  * lpinquit (Quit: Leaving)
07:37:04  * dob__quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
07:37:18  * fb55joined
07:43:34  * thepumpkinjoined
07:44:06  <mmalecki>wtf
07:44:16  <mmalecki>I'm disassembling the buffer constructor
07:44:28  <mmalecki>and fdivs is the first instruction...
07:44:37  * dob_joined
07:45:19  * joshonthewebjoined
07:46:12  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
07:46:17  * mdedetrichjoined
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07:55:12  * thomasfrjoined
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08:01:56  * lemonadjoined
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08:02:53  * bubbles10101joined
08:05:50  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:06:09  * st_lukequit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:07:58  * V1joined
08:08:29  * V1changed nick to `3rdEden
08:15:40  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:17:05  * yawnjoined
08:18:11  <ag4ve>has anyone used resourceful with mongodb? ... i assume so but i don't see any documentation on it?
08:19:19  <yawn>hellow
08:19:49  <yawn>ag4ve: i know coderarity has been developing an adapter
08:21:22  <ag4ve>hummm, ya got anything else? google didn't bring anything (hoping maybe that was a github user as well as irc)
08:22:03  <mmalecki>I think there's resourceful-mongo
08:22:08  * bubbles10101quit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:23:39  <yawn>https://github.com/flatiron/resourceful/tree/mongodb-support-2
08:23:40  <ag4ve>i'm also half thinking that mongoose might be the better option due to the maturity and community. but, part of me is thinking that it would better to use a general purpose orm as i'm probably going to have to move this to elastic search for better word index and scale
08:23:41  <yawn>https://github.com/flatiron/resourceful/tree/mongodb-support
08:23:51  <yawn>i don't know if that works though
08:24:45  * jetiennejoined
08:26:57  <ag4ve>so, why does the doc: https://github.com/flatiron/resourceful/blob/master/README.md say it supports mongodb if i need code changes in order for it to do so?
08:27:53  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
08:30:34  * louissmitjoined
08:32:17  <yawn>because it does support mongo lol
08:32:46  <yawn>it doesn't say out-of-the-box :D
08:32:58  <yawn>i'm guessing
08:38:04  * spolujoined
08:43:35  * spoluquit (Quit: spolu)
08:47:08  * clarkfischer_joined
08:49:28  <jetienne>hi
08:49:29  * clarkfischerquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
08:49:29  * clarkfischer_changed nick to clarkfischer
08:49:49  <mmalecki>sup jetienne
08:50:39  <jetienne>mmalecki: still doing 3d :) lots of work at the moment. what about you ?
08:51:17  <ag4ve>yawn: heh, that's one way of looking at it :)
08:52:46  <mmalecki>jetienne: still doing devops :)
08:55:00  * bubbles10101joined
08:55:13  * `3rdEdenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
08:55:28  <coderarity>ag4ve: it's gonna support mongodb soon
08:55:38  <coderarity>ag4ve: look at the pull request, there's a problem with it not closing connections
08:55:44  * thomasfrjoined
08:55:49  <jetienne>mmalecki: :)
08:56:12  <mmalecki>jetienne: I might be attending the speakers dinner btw
08:56:32  <jetienne>mmalecki: cool!
08:56:38  <jetienne>mmalecki: do you talk ?
08:57:10  <mmalecki>jetienne: nope
08:57:37  <jetienne>mmalecki: btw did you move ?
08:58:19  * standoojoined
08:58:27  <mmalecki>jetienne: yup, I'm living on my own now :)
08:59:32  <jetienne>mmalecki: nice :)
09:00:30  * thomasfrquit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
09:03:14  * toonketelsjoined
09:03:56  <ag4ve>coderarity: ah, yeah i guess i could see how that might be an issue :)
09:04:45  * fb55joined
09:05:34  <mmalecki>jetienne: where are you going to stay in Warsaw?
09:05:51  <jetienne>mmalecki: talker hotel i believe is there several ?
09:06:08  <mmalecki>jetienne: ah. not sure :). I got this little thing https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/659744
09:06:17  <jetienne>Hotel_Metropol_-_fasada
09:06:22  <jetienne>mmalecki: from my emails
09:07:02  <jetienne>mmalecki: comfortable to sleep in ? :)
09:08:15  <mmalecki>jetienne: no idea, it's going to be my first time in there
09:08:53  * thomasfrjoined
09:09:01  <mmalecki>yawn: I boiled an egg!
09:09:03  <jetienne>mmalecki: and you are a big guy :) experimentation mode on
09:09:14  <jetienne>mmalecki: a cuisine chief :)
09:09:21  * thomasfrquit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:09:30  <mmalecki>hell yeah :D
09:13:51  <yawn>mmalecki: hahaha
09:14:00  <yawn>did you do the pasta sauce i told you?
09:14:52  <mmalecki>not yet
09:15:05  <yawn>i went to the supermarket yesterday
09:15:16  <yawn>and in italy there are recipes behind pasta boxes
09:15:31  <yawn>i started stealing 'em from Barilla (pasta brand)
09:15:34  <yawn>i felt bad :(
09:15:54  <yawn>i was turning boxes to get pics of recipes, people looking at me like O.o
09:15:55  <yawn>lol
09:16:16  <yawn>now i got 10 fresh new recipes :D
09:16:55  <mmalecki>hahaha
09:16:56  <mmalecki>nice
09:17:08  <mmalecki>also, turns out that I made hot dogs yesterday
09:17:22  <yawn>aaand you don't remember
09:17:28  <mmalecki>(reading chat log)
09:17:32  <yawn>haah
09:17:41  <mmalecki>for some reason I was heavily drunk
09:17:52  <yawn><yawnt> i'm starting to think you polish get baptized in vodka
09:17:55  <yawn><mmalecki> MAYBE
09:18:01  <yawn><mmalecki> i don't really remember
09:18:05  <yawn>that was the best part ever.
09:18:17  <mmalecki>ahahahaha, didn't get to #nodejitsu yet
09:18:21  <mmalecki>but yeah, epic
09:22:54  * mdedetrichquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
09:23:10  <mmalecki>yawn: do you think that we should rename #nodejitsu to #cooking.js?
09:24:52  <Sly>I do.
09:25:08  <Sly>And yawn can cook for all of us.
09:25:24  <yawn>mmalecki: i was thinking yesterday
09:25:30  <yawn>we should do an eboook
09:25:35  <yawn>"practical cooking for coders"
09:25:43  <yawn>"recipes from the US, Italy and Poland"
09:25:52  <yawn>and oh yeah.. vodka can't be a recipe mmalecki >.<
09:26:23  <yawn>Sly: saw what i did last evening :3?
09:26:29  <yawn>*did you see
09:26:40  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:26:58  <Sly>Nah, I haven't really been paying attention in here. I'm out of things to make me... non-sober..
09:27:03  <Sly>Thus my night went from good to boring. :'(
09:27:18  <yawn>https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A2SoLAgCEAAVxgS.jpg:large
09:27:39  <Sly>Looks like pork chop. :x
09:28:13  <xerox>chicken schnitzel
09:28:16  <yawn>no
09:28:22  <yawn>that's viener schnitzel
09:28:25  <yawn>*wiener
09:28:25  * meso_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:28:27  <yawn>:(
09:28:35  <yawn>with potato salad
09:29:04  <xerox>a what?
09:29:39  <xerox>ah, veal?
09:30:06  <yawn>veal?
09:30:19  <yawn>yes
09:30:20  <yawn>veael
09:30:20  * toonketelsquit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:30:21  <yawn>*veal
09:30:33  * meso_joined
09:31:37  <yawn>http://ricette.giallozafferano.it/Cannelloni-di-melanzane-alla-birra.html
09:31:40  <yawn>this is next up
09:31:49  * fb55joined
09:32:00  <xerox>stuffed pasta alla norma
09:32:06  <yawn>nop
09:32:35  <xerox>sì è un sugo di melanzane e un ripieno alla ricotta :P
09:32:39  <yawn>pasta alla norma doesn't have sausages
09:32:52  <yawn>or basil
09:32:58  <yawn>bella, di dove sei?
09:33:05  <xerox>nord ovest
09:33:08  <yawn>orly
09:33:09  <yawn>io venezia
09:33:09  <yawn>:D
09:33:14  <xerox>nice to meet you hehe
09:34:15  * fb55_joined
09:35:16  <yawn>i love seeing good guys in tv series playing bad guys in others
09:35:18  <coderarity>wow, it's 4 AM!
09:35:27  <yawn>looks so weird
09:35:30  <yawn>hallo coderarity , sup
09:35:36  <coderarity>hi
09:35:38  <mmalecki>yawn: what do you mean by "vodka can't be a recipe mmalecki"
09:36:05  <yawn>well
09:36:10  <coderarity>i feel like making really american food since i'm not in europe
09:36:10  <yawn>coderarity: can bring american recipes
09:36:15  <yawn>i can bring italian recipes
09:36:21  <coderarity>oh, i see you have a good idea
09:36:23  <yawn>you can bring polish recipes, just not vodka
09:36:33  <coderarity>i'm gonna buy a grill some time
09:36:37  <coderarity>and make burgers and stuff
09:36:43  <yawn>"typical polish food: VODKA" hehe
09:37:17  <yawn>coderarity: do that, you have the right ingredients :(
09:37:24  * fb55quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
09:37:27  <mmalecki>http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/136738
09:37:32  <mmalecki>typical american food
09:37:47  <mmalecki>OR HEARTH ATTACK IN 25 EASY STEPS
09:38:09  <yawn>hahaha
09:38:13  * katjangjoined
09:38:15  <yawn>yea when i read that yesterday
09:38:34  <yawn>"uh oh cool", scrolls down.. "well that's fried" ... >fried coke.. "okay enough"
09:38:44  <ag4ve>just curious what y'all use for authentication? i'll probably stick to passport, but just curious what the nodejitsu way of auth was.
09:38:46  <yawn>fried coke.. seriously?
09:38:56  * meso_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
09:39:01  <mmalecki>ag4ve: simple basic auth and db lookup :)
09:39:09  <yawn>i like passport
09:39:57  <yawn>https://github.com/jed/authom#why-not-just-use-everyauthpassport-how-is-authom-different
09:40:18  <yawn>i like the fact that he doesn't even mention passport lol, it's all about everyauth
09:40:36  <yawn>which, quite frankly, sucks
09:43:27  <coderarity>in all seriousness, america's got a ton of not-fried fod
09:43:29  <coderarity>food*
09:44:11  <fb55_>is there any good api for login stuff? all current implementations suck pretty much
09:44:38  <fb55_>speaking of passport/authom/everyauth
09:44:39  <coderarity>it's just stolen a lot of the time :P
09:45:09  <mmalecki>yawn: is italy a good place for holiday in november/september?
09:45:22  <coderarity>mmalecki: i would eat every one of those and enjoy them :D
09:45:26  <fb55_>good morning btw :)
09:46:06  <coderarity>fb55_: morning!
09:47:19  <ag4ve>yawn: yeah, i didn't really like everyauth - too structured and a pita to get shit done
09:47:50  <mmalecki>fb55_: morning :)
09:48:04  <ag4ve>otoh, i didn't like mongoose-auth either. back when i looked, passport was the only thing that provided just enough and didn't make life suck
09:49:22  <mmalecki>coderarity: *and* get a hearth attack
09:49:32  <mmalecki>s/hearth/heart/
09:49:41  <coderarity>mmalecki: you'll just get heartburn
09:49:52  <ag4ve>an attach of the rug, indeed :)
09:49:55  <fb55_>i don't feel like this multi-auth solutions are user-friendly, either. google + facebook auth, okay, and for code-related stuff github, but yelp, srsly?
09:50:04  <coderarity>mmalecki: i had fried oreos and they were ridiculously delicious, though
09:50:09  <coderarity>mmalecki: never eaten anything better in my life
09:50:36  <yawn>mmalecki: can you ski?
09:50:46  <mmalecki>yawn: yeah
09:51:01  <mmalecki>well, I could 2 years ago
09:51:08  <yawn>end of november
09:51:13  <yawn>first of december
09:51:15  <yawn>ski season opens
09:51:24  <mmalecki>I mean, I want a warm place
09:51:45  * coderaritywants a deep frier now
09:51:52  <coderarity>fryer?
09:52:15  <ag4ve>fb55_: well, i mean, all you should need is local, oauth, and i guess the proprietary fb one if you want. but yeah, i think the bloat and structure of everyauth sucks
09:52:24  <yawn>and i'm going to be here mmalecki http://www.obereggen.com/typo3temp/pics/7c63b02da7.jpg
09:52:34  <yawn>which is like 20 mins away from my uni, and that's an awesome place
09:53:14  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
09:53:41  <yawn>but if you want a warm place, italy isn't that warm.. i mean, sure warmer than poland probably, but it's not like hot :P
09:53:46  * fb55_changed nick to fb55
09:53:48  <ag4ve>coderarity: what's the point of a deep frier? i made fries the other day in a pan with a bit of oil that were the shit - best damn fries you ever had
09:53:55  <mmalecki>how about Greece?
09:53:58  <mmalecki>I WANT WARM
09:54:04  <mmalecki>and https://www.airbnb.pl/rooms/570681
09:54:06  <yawn>mmalecki: let's go to campjs
09:54:09  <coderarity>ag4ve: oh yeah, you can fry stuff like fries like that
09:54:11  <yawn>australia, end of october
09:54:15  <yawn>it's summer there
09:54:16  <yawn>\ò/
09:54:27  <mmalecki>campjs?
09:54:37  <coderarity>ag4ve: but when you're doing stuff like dipping cookies in pancake batter and frying it, you need something deeper
09:54:43  <ag4ve>coderarity: do chicken similar, but in a glass dish in the oven
09:54:48  <yawn>mmalecki: campjs.com
09:55:04  <coderarity>ag4ve: unless you can do it in a pot?
09:55:05  <mmalecki>wait, I'm kinda losing track of my conferences
09:55:09  <yawn>lol
09:55:31  <mmalecki>yawn: if you can find a flight from Dublin, sure
09:55:32  <yawn>fb55: well it's always better to keep stuff flexible
09:55:33  <yawn>i mean
09:55:37  * `3rdEdenjoined
09:55:47  <ag4ve>coderarity: ya know, i might try that next time - put a pot in the oven on broil and see what happens
09:56:06  <coderarity>my oven doesn't have that stuff
09:56:08  <coderarity>:\
09:56:15  <yawn>it's just a matter of your user base
09:56:23  * stimblequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
09:56:33  <yawn>if you're doing some music sharing stuff, you wouldn't use linkedin as a login provider
09:56:50  <yawn>on the opposite hand, if you're doing some sort of daily planner.. linkedin or yammer might be a good choice
09:57:04  <coderarity>oooh, http://allrecipes.com/recipe/deep-fried-oreos/ i need to go to walmart
09:57:12  <ag4ve>coderarity: ? i thought i was not very well equipped in the kitchen, what's your oven?
09:57:17  * TheJHjoined
09:57:22  <coderarity>ag4ve: one of those cheap gas ones
09:57:26  <yawn>lol
09:57:28  <fb55>yawn: but when you're not doing anything with the connected services, it's simply stupid
09:57:29  <yawn>coderarity: do want.
09:57:35  <coderarity>ag4ve: it only has a temperature, and half the time it doesn't even work
09:57:39  <yawn>fb55: what do you mean?
09:57:51  <yawn>like if you use them to login only?
09:57:59  <ag4ve>oh, i guess i'm two up on you there then :)
09:58:07  <ag4ve>i've got broil and it works
09:58:08  <fb55>yawn: let your user login via a service and then not add any value based on them
09:58:10  <coderarity>okay what if i deep fried brownies
09:58:15  * kmiyashiroquit (Quit: kmiyashiro)
09:58:30  <yawn>fb55: think of this
09:58:32  <yawn>you're a user
09:58:36  <yawn>you discover a new website
09:58:46  <yawn>"OHEY COOL, let's find out how it works"
09:58:52  <yawn>provider login -> one click, you're on
09:59:11  <yawn>custom signup -> mail, validate, complete, you're on
09:59:14  <fb55>yeah, i get it: collect the user info from the login
09:59:17  <yawn>which one would you choose?
09:59:35  <fb55>but i don't want to see a bazillion options when only two are interesting
09:59:38  <yawn>no other password
09:59:40  * micha_joined
09:59:45  <yawn>no other email
09:59:47  <yawn>no other é
09:59:48  <yawn>*
09:59:50  <yawn>it just works
09:59:53  * `3rdEdenquit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
09:59:55  <yawn>people love simplicity
10:00:07  <yawn>when you use passport
10:00:20  <yawn>you choose the providers you want, you don't have to implement everything
10:00:43  <yawn>but if you need anything else
10:00:50  <micha_>hey guys I get an error when executing sudo npm install jitsu -g
10:00:52  <chilts>yawn: would you choose passport over everyauth (and why)?
10:00:59  <yawn>well. than you know it's cool and you have that available
10:01:20  <fb55>micha_: please create a gist with the error
10:01:21  <yawn>chilts: passport because everyauth has horrible APIs and it works 1 out of 10 times
10:01:45  <chilts>I haven't had problems yet, but maybe I should look at passport more to see how it all fits together :)
10:01:48  <chilts>thanks
10:01:52  <fb55>yawn: my main issue is that all those wrappers have terrible apis ;)
10:01:53  <yawn>you're welcome
10:01:54  <chilts>that's all I need to go and compare more
10:02:07  <yawn>fb55: do you mean like the 3rd party services?
10:02:23  <micha_>fb55: ok
10:02:29  <fb55>yawn: no, the node apis feel wrong
10:03:05  <yawn>example?
10:03:12  <yawn>this is starting to get interesting
10:03:48  <coderarity>micha_: just because i'm about to leave, you probably need to update node to 0.6.21 or 0.8.8. if node's up to date, then update npm like so: `npm i npm -g`. if that doesn't work, `npm cache clear`
10:03:59  <coderarity>one of those is probably your problem, in a nutshell :P
10:04:16  <fb55>authom creates a "server" for each service, which is like the worst name for it
10:04:58  <yawn>lemme see, i've never had a look at authom's internals
10:05:00  <ag4ve>yawn: thanks for confirming my belief that passport was the way to go
10:05:07  <yawn>:)
10:05:26  <fb55>passport has some weird callback style that at least isn't documented well enugh for me
10:05:26  <yawn>fb55: totally right, that feels horribly wrong
10:05:49  <yawn>especially the .on / .createServer part
10:06:01  <ag4ve>fb55: you need that gist, i've probably got some decent boilerplate stuff bookmarked somewhere?
10:06:36  <yawn>fb55: actually passport has some nice docs over at passportjs.org
10:06:54  * coderaritygoes to walmart to buy AMERICA food
10:07:06  <yawn>coderarity: don't forget stars n stripes
10:07:51  <ag4ve>coderarity: what tz are you in?
10:08:00  <fb55>yawn: but all examples use express, which i won't use
10:08:08  <coderarity>ag4ve: tz?
10:08:13  <ag4ve>timezone
10:08:14  <coderarity>ag4ve: oh, i'm in CDT
10:08:32  <coderarity>it's 5 AM that's walmart time :D
10:08:44  <ag4ve>oh... well, i guess it doesn't matter since walmart is open 24/7 anyway :)
10:08:54  * shiawuenjoined
10:09:02  <coderarity>yeah i usually go to walmart in the middle of the night because I can
10:09:05  <ag4ve>yeah, it's 6 here
10:09:13  <ag4ve>hehe
10:09:16  * jetiennejoined
10:09:19  <coderarity>i'm super nocturnal right now and I really don't know how to fix it :P
10:09:43  <micha_>@coderarity thx I'll try that
10:09:53  <ag4ve>they don't have one here in dc ... sorta sucks. or, it might be a blessing as i'd go poor raiding the $5 dvd bin
10:10:05  <coderarity>ag4ve: really?
10:10:14  <coderarity>ag4ve: i thought they had walmarts EVERYWHERE
10:10:25  <coderarity>walmart is like a staple of american society
10:10:41  <ag4ve>not *in* dc - the closest is like ~30 miles from here
10:10:49  <coderarity>oh, i see
10:11:22  <ag4ve>if it were *in* dc, it would be convenient. as it is, it's not and i don't go on a whim
10:11:33  <coderarity>micha_: in case it doesn't work I should be back in ~30 minutes, but someone else might be able to help before then
10:12:22  <coderarity>ag4ve: the problem of over-convenience plagues me
10:12:36  * coderarityleaves
10:13:29  <fb55>i guess i'm the only european with a hulu addiction -.-
10:13:55  <ag4ve>i like over-convenience. it's why i live in dc ... though, moving to boston or ny might be better.
10:14:28  <ag4ve>fb55: they allow you to view that now or you vpn over?
10:15:04  <fb55>ag4ve: no, ssh tunnel
10:15:47  <ag4ve>stunnel, vpn, same difference :)
10:16:54  <ag4ve>actually, now that someone made it easy to crack chap2, ssh and ssl are pretty much the only decent vpn solutions
10:18:02  <fb55>i don't care about security, i connect over https anyway
10:20:35  <ag4ve>*shrug* for the purposes of streaming, pptp would do you just fine, i agree, but if i'm going to implement something, i'm going to do it right
10:22:40  <yawn>fb55: express is mainstream
10:22:44  <yawn>you have to deal with it
10:22:46  <fb55>ag4ve: isn't a https connection secure enough already? you can get the ip address to which i'm connecting, but that's all
10:22:51  <yawn>and flatiron is pretty much compatible
10:22:54  <yawn>so it's no big issue
10:23:02  <yawn>well union is
10:23:56  <fb55>yawn: just because it's popular, i don't need to use it
10:24:04  <yawn>you have to DEAL with it
10:24:05  <yawn>not use it
10:25:06  <fb55>yawn: i deal with it by ignoring everything that depends on it
10:25:25  <yawn>pretty much nothing depends on express
10:25:41  <yawn>they just show up express examples because they know the vast majority of people uses that
10:26:27  <yawn>and the vast majority of coders use express themselves
10:26:34  <yawn>so it's natural to see that kind of code
10:26:58  <yawn>the only way of getting flatiron out of that circle is to make it express compatible 100%
10:27:04  <yawn>to fork well known project
10:27:08  <yawn>and to add flatiron to the docs
10:28:22  <fb55>yawn: well, most people use express, but all people use node's http sever, so that's the way i expect such a thing to present itself
10:28:33  * katjangquit (Quit: katjang)
10:29:10  <yawn>and the way would be?
10:30:17  <ag4ve>re-implementing 90% of express code
10:30:43  <ag4ve>... or connect (which express has pretty much overtaken) so pick your poison there
10:31:35  <yawn>nah i was just trying to understand how fb55 wants code to appear
10:31:47  <ag4ve>though, i do like how flatiron seperates out the middleware and router functions which express doesn't
10:32:02  <yawn>flatiron has a superior underlying structure
10:32:17  <yawn>but it's not usable yet
10:32:32  <ag4ve>how do you mean?
10:32:43  <yawn>that i've started developing an app using flatiron
10:32:51  <yawn>because i like the way it works
10:32:54  <fb55>yawn: i would have liked something that returns a function that accepts a req and a resp object ^^
10:33:02  <yawn>more than i like express
10:33:15  <yawn>but in the end i swtiched to express because coding took too much time
10:33:19  <yawn>there was no view integration
10:33:31  <yawn>most middlewares didn't work
10:33:47  <yawn>it was lacking some functionalities (eg: res.redirect on Union)
10:34:24  <yawn>don't get mee wrong, i'm not saying express is better.. it's the opposite.. but flatiron is still very young imho
10:34:27  <yawn>*me
10:34:50  <ag4ve>yawn: i can still fairly easily implement that part of express if i want, no?
10:35:02  <ag4ve>... or just send the 300 code myself
10:35:37  <yawn>exactly
10:35:46  <yawn>do that for every single issue you encounter
10:35:51  <ag4ve>but, it shouldn't be too hard if i wanted to go back to express i suppose
10:35:56  <yawn>and the amount of time you spend coding will be more on flatiron itself
10:35:58  <yawn>than on the app
10:36:12  <ag4ve>i see
10:36:46  <yawn>everything's getting better though
10:36:50  <yawn>viewful
10:36:55  <yawn>for example :)
10:37:12  <ag4ve>i guess if i keep hitting blocks, i'll either use express or they'll start getting pull requests :)
10:37:54  <yawn>yeah i went with pull requests
10:38:07  <ag4ve>shit, i stopped using node for a few months (~0.6) and now i come back and my mind is blown yet again
10:38:08  <yawn>but in the end i wanted to get this app running :P
10:38:25  <yawn>but yeah if you can do pull requests, that's way better :D
10:39:55  <ag4ve>but, this app is fairly simple on the server end. just need some socket.io (or dnode or whatever) and a few static js pages and i should be good
10:40:31  <yawn>oh yeah... in that case it should be great
10:40:33  <ag4ve>my main issue is going to be, after this thing is up, figuring how best to do smarter searches
10:41:00  * mAritzquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:41:59  <ag4ve>oh, and i'm not sure if i want to keep my perl scraper that is populating the db or turn that into js
10:42:13  <ag4ve>... probably the later
10:42:17  <yawn>cheerio is cool
10:42:24  <yawn>to do stuff like web scrapping
10:42:26  <yawn>*scraping
10:42:53  * ag4vegoogles
10:43:17  <yawn>it's jquery server side
10:43:23  <yawn>long story short
10:43:55  <ag4ve>so nquery?
10:45:35  <ag4ve>interesting little project
10:46:04  <deoxxa>cheerio is awesome
10:46:05  <yawn>we're using it for jerry
10:46:07  <yawn>deoxxa: !
10:46:12  <yawn>WHERE WERE YOU
10:46:23  <deoxxa>well, show that shiiiiit
10:46:41  <deoxxa>re: cheerio: https://github.com/deoxxa/gaijinpot-apartments/blob/master/index.js
10:46:49  <deoxxa>cheerio + request = <3
10:46:57  <yawn>http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/912/imageplk.jpg <- deoxxa
10:47:06  <deoxxa>haha
10:47:09  <micha_>@coderarity thx man not it works
10:47:22  <yawn>deoxxa: costed 4 $ that shit
10:47:23  <yawn>better be good
10:50:19  * ankurjoined
10:50:19  * ankurquit (Client Quit)
10:55:17  <micha_>How long does it normaly take to create a app?
10:56:47  <deoxxa>couple months of planning, 6 months or so of coding, then a year of bug fixes
10:57:57  <micha_>deoxxa I meant when executing jitsu deploy
10:58:28  <micha_>I'm waiting for 5 minutes now and I good a very very simple testing app
10:58:37  <mmalecki>micha_: can I see your jitsu log?
10:58:50  <jetienne>1 Japanese yen = 0.0100 euros it makes computation easy :)
10:59:20  <deoxxa>0.0123 aud :<
11:00:08  <micha_>@mmalecki where is it located? or do you just mean the terminal thing? I stuck at this point info: Creating app test
11:00:36  <mmalecki>micha_: can you retry?
11:00:43  <mmalecki>^C and retry
11:00:55  <micha_>I'm not that stupid :)
11:01:37  <mmalecki>micha_: looks like it create the app tho
11:01:46  <mmalecki>info: app:show:success app=test, username=micha, event=app:show:success
11:02:33  <micha_>?
11:02:44  <mmalecki>app is in the db
11:02:56  <micha_>cool so where can I accesss it now?
11:03:05  <mmalecki>when you do `jitsu deploy` again, does it get stuck on the same step again?
11:03:14  <Sly>Ugh.
11:03:23  <Sly>My dog has an obsession with killing things that he knows he's not going to eat.
11:04:38  <micha_>@mmalecki no it's automaticly analyzing application dependencies in /node/server.js
11:04:53  <micha_>it doesn't even get to that point
11:05:20  <mmalecki>please try jitsu deploy --noanalyze
11:05:24  <yawn>Sly: aw :|
11:05:47  <Sly>Yeah, yawn. It wouldn't be so bad if he actually ate what he killed. At least then, I wouldn't feel guilty about him killing it.
11:06:09  <Sly>Like.. a couple of weeks ago, he was looking around in the yard.. and I didn't see anything..
11:06:17  <Sly>So, jokingly, I was like "Go get it!"
11:06:31  <Sly>Damn dog took off after a bird and jerked it out of mid air when it tried to get away from him.
11:06:44  <Sly>Then all he did was toy with it.
11:07:17  <yawn>ahahaha
11:07:44  <Sly>Few minutes ago, he saw the frog that has been sharing his water bowl.. Like, hiding up under it during the rain and stuff.
11:07:56  <Sly>He was about to try to kill it.. then he flipped it over and licked it..
11:08:01  <yawn>lol
11:08:02  <Sly>And just the look on his face was like "What the fuck?"
11:08:16  <yawn>it'd be cool if it was one of those poisounous frogs
11:08:22  <yawn>you'd have a stoned dog by now
11:08:28  <yawn>natural LSD
11:08:30  <yawn>:P
11:08:37  <Sly>Maybe that's why he's roaming around randomly now.
11:08:43  <yawn>just kidding btw
11:08:50  <micha_>@mmalecki now it says: "Skipping require-analyzer because noanalyze option is set" and does nothing again
11:08:52  <yawn>i'm not being serious (BACK OFF ANIMALISTS)
11:10:51  <Sly>He was super pissed yesterday, cause it was bath day. ;x
11:11:35  <micha_>@mmalecki jitsu apps list says that the state of my app is unknown
11:11:56  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
11:12:56  <micha_>@mmalecki I destroyed the app and tryed again... I stuck at the same point
11:13:11  <coderarity>hey
11:13:23  <Sly>Hey, coderarity.
11:13:38  <mmalecki>hm, last thing I'm seeing is `info: app:destroy:success app=test, username=micha, event=app:destroy:success`
11:13:53  <coderarity>today, we explore finer american culture, and by that I mean cooking burgers, frying oreos and watching football. :P
11:14:02  <coderarity>Sly: hi
11:14:02  <yawn>got your stars and stripes food coderarity ?
11:14:03  <deoxxa>frying oreos
11:14:07  <coderarity>yawn: yes
11:14:07  <yawn>ooh football
11:14:09  <yawn>i miss that
11:14:12  <yawn>who's playing?
11:14:12  <deoxxa>frying
11:14:13  <deoxxa>oreos
11:14:22  <coderarity>deoxxa: yeah man it's gonna be delicious
11:14:27  <deoxxa>it sounds awesome
11:14:29  <deoxxa>i want it
11:14:31  <yawn>lol
11:14:39  <Sly>Today's my mom and stepdad's birthday.
11:14:40  <yawn>deoxxa: wrap 'em in pancake after they're done
11:14:42  <Sly>And one of my friends, too.
11:14:44  <deoxxa>mmmmmmm
11:14:57  <yawn>coderarity: who's playing today?
11:15:33  <Sly>Fried oreos reminds me of the fair.. which makes me want a blooming onion..
11:15:35  <yawn>i mean.. who are you watching
11:15:38  <Sly>And a huge pretzel...
11:15:44  <Sly>And one of those big turkey legs..
11:15:52  <Sly>And zomg.. I'm ready for the fair this year. ;x
11:15:56  <coderarity>yawn: colts vs bears!
11:16:07  <coderarity>yawn: my dad's a bears fan and i'm a colts fan, so this is one of THOSE games
11:16:25  <yawn>hahah
11:16:44  <micha_>can I clear cache somehow? because when I start jitsu deploy after destroying the app it rebuilds the app without asking me anything about it
11:16:56  <Sly>coderarity, play beer pong with him. Neither of you will be disappointed about losing if you're both too shitfaced to remember.
11:17:12  <yawn>i'm a huskers, coderarity
11:17:19  <coderarity>Sly: i'm only 18, my dad won't do that
11:17:28  <Sly>Oh. I thought you were older. :x
11:17:34  <yawn>college football
11:18:33  <coderarity>yawn: oh, well, i'm at texas a&m right now
11:18:36  <coderarity>yawn: they lost
11:18:41  <yawn>:(
11:18:46  <yawn>maybe i have NFL on eurosport
11:18:47  <yawn>no clue
11:18:49  <coderarity>yawn: i think i'll go back to VA and go to Virginia Tech, they were owning
11:19:22  <coderarity>my friend might want to watch miami at houston, meh
11:19:25  <yawn>yeah but it's more than just a team
11:19:26  <Sly>Le sigh. I should have gotten used to Arch a while back instead of getting lazy and putting it off.
11:19:31  <yawn>there's a story behind the reason i cheer huskers
11:19:32  <yawn>:P
11:19:40  <coderarity>Sly: arch users unite!
11:19:44  * therealkoopajoined
11:19:56  <Sly>coderarity, I take it you're on Arch?
11:20:00  <coderarity>yawn: i like colts because i lived in indianapolis as a kid
11:20:12  <coderarity>Sly: yeah, on my netbook
11:20:15  <yawn>sigh
11:20:17  <coderarity>Sly: i'm on my mac right now though
11:20:22  <yawn>no NFL on Eurosport
11:20:31  <coderarity>yawn: you can prolly watch it online though
11:20:44  <yawn>coderarity: yeah i was about to ask
11:20:47  <yawn>do you know of any website?
11:21:16  <Sly>coderarity, the install is insane to me.. but then again, it's nothing compared to Gentoo's shit storm.
11:21:36  <coderarity>Sly: i love the new installer, it's basically a bunch of scripts
11:21:50  <Sly>I didn't see any "scripts".
11:21:51  <coderarity>a minimal installer for a minimal distribution, it feels right
11:21:55  <yawn>agreed
11:22:00  <yawn>it's also quite straightforward
11:22:04  <Sly>I kept seeing shit about "scripts", but I never saw any scripts.
11:22:45  <coderarity>Sly: like pacstrap and arch-chroot
11:22:46  <yawn>they're all scripts
11:22:54  <yawn>every single step of the install process
11:22:59  <yawn>lol
11:23:06  <yawn>http://www.colts.com/fanzone/downloads/browser.html coderarity
11:23:20  <coderarity>:P
11:23:37  <coderarity>yawn: if i didn't have a pony theme, i might use that :D
11:23:46  <yawn>lol ponies
11:23:52  <yawn>i still have my super background
11:24:24  <yawn>http://i.imgur.com/o4jxI.jpg
11:24:26  <Sly>yawn, I consider a "script" a shell script. Thinks like `mkfs.ext4` aren't scripts. When they said "install scripts", I was thinking that it would actually perform most of the steps with as minimal user interaction as possible.
11:25:30  <coderarity>yawn: justin.tv might have some football streams
11:25:50  <coderarity>yawn: :P
11:26:19  <yawn>rainbow dash > *
11:26:27  * shiawuenquit (Quit: shiawuen)
11:26:27  <coderarity>pinkie pie is best pony
11:26:35  <yawn>sujre.
11:26:36  <yawn>*sure.
11:26:41  <coderarity>she's funny and cute
11:27:09  <yawn>can pinkie pie do the sonic rainboom?
11:27:10  <yawn>not.
11:27:14  <yawn>get over it..
11:27:16  <yawn>:>
11:27:27  <coderarity>yawn: but she does have pinkie sense, and in one episode she was faster than rainbow dash
11:27:33  <yawn>lol
11:27:45  <Sly>yawn, what window manager are you using there?
11:27:46  <yawn>i've never really seen my little pony
11:27:49  <yawn>just youtube videos
11:27:51  <yawn>:(
11:27:59  <coderarity>yawn: they have the whole series on youtube
11:28:15  <yawn>haha
11:28:28  <yawn>i'll pass.. they're cool but i'm not sure i wanna see the whole series
11:28:35  <yawn>Sly: monsterwm
11:28:44  <yawn>plus some of my scripts
11:28:47  <yawn>two dzen2 bars
11:28:49  <yawn>one with conky
11:28:53  <yawn>customized dmenu
11:29:12  * micha_quit (Quit: Page closed)
11:29:42  * micha_joined
11:30:26  * micha_quit (Client Quit)
11:31:14  <Sly>Yeah. Everything you just said except for conky = gibberish.
11:31:22  <Sly>xD
11:31:27  <yawn>yeah
11:31:34  <yawn>consumes a lot of ram
11:31:37  <yawn>i should take it out
11:33:04  <deoxxa>https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/X7n-or_J2Q74dGaiHKlRGlB0IkKDTFzRRI1jBB-ioFYsR-q8aQyc7mYnsj0_NOcvcZw7ybsKtz8
11:33:08  <deoxxa>this is where i went this morning
11:33:10  <deoxxa>was awesome
11:33:17  <yawn>lol?
11:33:40  <yawn>it looks like one of those rave parties
11:34:04  <deoxxa>i need to brighten some of the other photos
11:34:09  <deoxxa>and get CHDK working on my camera already
11:34:26  <mmalecki>deoxxa: what country is that?
11:34:31  <deoxxa>australia
11:34:35  <mmalecki>ah :)
11:34:47  <deoxxa>why so?
11:34:58  <deoxxa>looks like some crazy wasteland heh
11:35:06  <yawn>i mean
11:35:13  <yawn>was there a party when you went there?
11:35:23  <deoxxa>nope
11:35:25  <yawn>oh
11:35:25  <mmalecki>ircretary: tell micha_ that there's no cache - is everything ok with your net connection?
11:35:26  <ircretary>mmalecki: I'll be sure to tell micha_
11:35:26  <deoxxa>it was like 5am
11:35:29  <yawn>then it's cool
11:35:31  <deoxxa>i just went to take photos
11:35:41  <yawn>i don't like raves.. too many people on acids
11:35:45  <deoxxa>haha yeah
11:35:55  <yawn>yeah desert places in the morning are the best
11:35:59  <yawn>picture is really nice though
11:37:43  <deoxxa>that's like one of the only ones that turned out good
11:38:05  <deoxxa>that was a 15 second exposure too
11:38:10  * AndreasMadsenjoined
11:38:28  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
11:40:25  <deoxxa>https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/URa91U9DkU5tu0hhP53MlHfKf3dl5Rwl-DeJcFSQxVN68ifT5J0iC--qT6f5J_gJpn7votn2wBY
11:40:35  <deoxxa>horrible photoshop job brightening that
11:40:39  * YoYquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
11:40:41  <deoxxa>i really wanted it to turn out nicer
11:41:02  <deoxxa>i took that from the roof of the tower you can see in the first picture
11:41:36  * YoYjoined
11:44:17  <Sly>I get a 404 on the first picture.
11:44:21  <Sly>*403
11:45:00  <deoxxa>oh
11:45:21  <deoxxa>silly google drive
11:45:51  <Sly>lol.
11:46:04  <Sly>I'm still sitting here, debating on whether learning how to work Arch is really worth it..
11:46:08  <deoxxa>https://docs.google.com/a/fknsrs.biz/open?id=0Bwvg0eZm19j6aWp0dkV1NjR6d2c
11:46:19  <deoxxa>not even sure how sharing works with google drive
11:46:48  <Sly>You need permission to access this item.
11:46:48  <Sly>You are signed in as edu****@gmail.com, but you don't have permission to access this item. You can request access from the owner or choose a different account.
11:46:53  <yawn>deoxxa: 's trying to phish me
11:47:01  <deoxxa>:<
11:47:10  <deoxxa>http://i.imgur.com/fhEM8.jpg
11:47:14  <deoxxa>thanks, imgur
11:47:27  <Sly>I like that one.
11:47:31  <yawn>HEY
11:47:35  <yawn>THERE'S A MAN
11:47:38  <yawn>I SEE A SHADOW
11:47:45  <deoxxa>http://i.imgur.com/fVfiu.jpg and the second one
11:47:49  <deoxxa>yawn: ha that's my friend
11:47:59  <yawn>second one not
11:48:04  <yawn>first one is cool
11:48:05  <deoxxa>yeah the second one is horrible
11:48:14  <yawn>with some effects could be my next desktop background, really like it
11:48:16  <deoxxa>had to turn the brightness up in photoshop to see anything at all
11:48:41  <deoxxa>there's also http://i.imgur.com/YD259.jpg
11:49:24  <coderarity>deoxxa: man your 5 AM is bright
11:49:28  <coderarity>it's still dark and it's almost 7 here
11:49:36  <deoxxa>that was a 15 second exposure
11:49:42  <deoxxa>it looked a lot darker than that irl
11:49:45  <Sly>If that last one wasn't so blurry, it'd be a nice one to play around with.
11:50:46  <deoxxa>yeah
11:50:55  <deoxxa>i kind of want to go buy a really good camera
11:51:14  <Sly>What kind of camera do you have now?
11:51:22  <Sly>I would just identify --verbose, but imgur strips EXIF.
11:51:40  <deoxxa>canon sx260 hs
11:51:48  <deoxxa>just bought it on saturday
11:52:05  <deoxxa>http://www.fknsrs.biz/pics/2012-04-01/ << this is from an earlier, similar expedition
11:52:18  <deoxxa>lots more photos, they all turned out much better
11:52:23  <deoxxa>that was with my last camera
11:52:30  <deoxxa>(which was stolen :<)
11:55:02  <coderarity>:\
11:55:09  <coderarity>i wonder if you can walk into canon and buy a camera
11:55:19  <yawn>lol
11:55:27  <yawn>hello good sir, i'd love a camera
11:55:42  <yawn>my dream is to walk into apple's store and ask for fruits
11:55:50  <yawn>gonna do that, as soon as i find an apple store :|
11:56:10  <coderarity>yawn: my parents actually live right next to a canon factory
11:56:28  <Sly>http://i.imgur.com/sUtng.jpg
11:56:42  <Sly>Compared to http://i.imgur.com/YD259.jpg
11:56:56  <Sly>Not much of a difference.
11:58:17  * jetiennejoined
12:01:12  <Sly>$300 for that camera, and it's only 12.1MP? O_o
12:01:34  <deoxxa>yep
12:01:39  <Sly>My camera was $243 like 3-4 years ago, and it's 12.1MP.
12:01:55  <deoxxa>apparently this model has a pretty good sensor in it
12:01:59  <deoxxa>but it's crippled by software
12:02:03  <deoxxa>thus, CHDK
12:02:19  <deoxxa>problem being that it uses a new version of dryos that doesn't work perfectly with CHDK yet
12:02:26  <deoxxa>so i'm going to have to do some work getting it running stable
12:02:33  <deoxxa>then i'll be able to do awesome stuff with it
12:02:42  <Sly>http://store.sony.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&partNumber=DSCW290
12:02:45  <Sly>That's the one I have.
12:03:10  <deoxxa>nice
12:03:14  <mmalecki>well, it isn't about that many MPs, really. if the sensor is shitty you're going nowhere
12:04:21  <Sly>True, mmalecki. I was just saying.. $300 for a 12.1MP camera is pretty steep, considering there are 14.1MP for around the same price by Sony.
12:04:23  <Sly>https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-qsYUTsNnv64/TonrPb53doI/AAAAAAAAAzM/eu4XS6c2l9Q/s1900/DSC00333.JPG
12:04:27  * ankurjoined
12:04:29  <Sly>A picture taken with my camera.
12:04:56  <deoxxa>the depth of field there is pretty shallow
12:05:04  <coderarity>Sly: lol, is that your car?
12:05:38  <Sly>deoxxa, I kept forgetting to change my settings when I was taking those pictures.
12:05:43  <deoxxa>heh
12:05:45  <Sly>coderarity, no. That's not my car.
12:06:24  <coderarity>Sly: i don't think it's meant to be driven :P
12:06:41  <Sly>Yeah, it is. It was for sale when I took that picture, too.
12:06:46  <coderarity>maybe raced
12:06:47  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
12:06:48  <Sly>If I had $68,000, I would have bought it.
12:07:10  <coderarity>Sly: that's a really nice car to be driving around places
12:07:19  <Sly>Oh. You mean street legal.
12:07:22  <Sly>Yeah, that's not street legal.
12:07:25  <deoxxa>seems impractical
12:07:26  <Sly>https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-PS269QTw50s/TonxVY9Np3I/AAAAAAAAAs4/KYGVyb_UdVo/s1900/DSC00373.JPG
12:07:28  <coderarity>yeah, lol
12:07:30  <Sly>That's our car.
12:07:43  <Sly>It *could* be street legal again, but it was never drove on the street before it was turned into a drag car.
12:07:48  <Sly>I've raced it a few times.
12:07:54  <deoxxa>higher ISO!
12:07:58  <Sly>^
12:08:08  <coderarity>nice
12:08:09  <Sly>Like I said, kept forgetting to change my settings. xD
12:08:20  <deoxxa>lol there's a text editor for CHDK
12:08:27  <deoxxa>wonder if i can port node to run on my camera
12:08:47  <Sly>That'd be pretty sweet.
12:09:40  <Sly>Oh, and another reason that picture is so blurry is because it wasn't mounted on a tripod.
12:10:02  <deoxxa>http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=6465.0 lel
12:11:13  <Sly>Trying to figure out what WM I want to install for Arch. xD
12:11:42  * LiamBjoined
12:12:32  <LiamB>Hey, Is there any way to choose the location of the NodeJitsu app?
12:12:51  <mmalecki>LiamB: hey. no, not yet
12:12:57  <mmalecki>we'll be providing that soon tho
12:13:04  <LiamB>Are the servers all US located?
12:13:15  * shiawuenjoined
12:13:30  <mmalecki>yeah, in us-west-1 DC
12:13:40  * toonketelsjoined
12:14:10  <yawn>uhm
12:14:14  <yawn>i gotta parse regexes
12:14:16  <yawn>what do i use?
12:14:18  <LiamB>Ok thanks for quick reply. Love NodeJitsu but getting 4 times the ping response time than our traditional servers. I'll await to here
12:14:28  <yawn>yo dawg, i heard you like regexes, so you parse regexes with regexes
12:14:43  <Sly>rofl
12:14:44  <mmalecki>yawn: why do you have to do that?
12:15:04  <yawn>crazy idea i have
12:15:10  <yawn>you know hater?
12:15:12  <yawn>my orm?
12:15:15  <mmalecki>yeah
12:15:20  <yawn>it'd be super cool if the LIKE
12:15:28  <mmalecki>yawn: also, http://codziszjemnasniadanie.tumblr.com/post/25715534901
12:15:29  <yawn>was a complete regex
12:15:31  <yawn>right know
12:15:42  <yawn>it's a regex but doesn't support stuff like
12:15:46  <mmalecki>it's in polish, but look at these photos dawg
12:15:48  <yawn>\w or \d etc
12:16:00  <yawn>sql has its own way to do regexes on like
12:16:11  <yawn>so it'd awesome if you could translate the js regex
12:16:13  <yawn>into a sql one
12:16:18  <mmalecki>ah, well, lol
12:16:37  <mmalecki>sounds crazy, I like it :)
12:16:40  <yawn>yeah
12:18:54  <yawn>:O
12:18:54  <yawn>do want
12:19:05  <yawn>now i just need to learn polish
12:19:07  <yawn>piece of cake
12:19:27  <yawn>jak się masz mmalecki?
12:21:47  <mmalecki>hahaha
12:21:54  <mmalecki>dobrze :)
12:22:03  <yawn>i heard how it sounds in google translate
12:22:07  <yawn>"IS THIS EVEN A LANGUAGE?"
12:22:22  <yawn>it's all SH and K
12:22:25  <mmalecki>nope
12:22:29  <mmalecki>we're fucking you over
12:22:35  <mmalecki>in fact, we all speak english
12:22:52  <Sly>RoFL
12:22:59  <Sly>If you think Polish is bad, try learning Arabic.
12:23:24  <yawn>in the fact
12:23:28  <yawn>i was thinking about that
12:23:54  <yawn>i asked this chan what language should i learn next
12:24:02  <yawn>because uni language courses are free
12:24:10  <yawn>Arabic Russian Chinese Spanish Ladin
12:24:15  <yawn>(ladin not latin)
12:24:21  <Sly>Ladin?
12:24:27  <Sly>Never heard of that before.
12:24:29  <yawn>it's a language they speak in north italy
12:24:35  * fb55joined
12:24:44  <yawn>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladin_language
12:24:47  <Sly>I would totally go for Ladin, just because I'm part Italian.
12:24:48  * toonketelsquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:24:58  <Sly>Even though I have no clue about anything related to the Italian culture. xD
12:25:15  <yawn>well
12:25:15  * LiamBpart
12:25:25  <yawn>i'm 100% italian, so i'm avoiding it as long as i can
12:25:32  <yawn>Chinese Spanish Arabic Russian
12:25:41  <Sly>lol
12:26:12  <Sly>I would say Russian, just so you can curse at the retarded drivers if you ever go to Russia.
12:26:16  <yawn>deoxxa: suggested i could sound like a mobster with my Russian speaking
12:26:20  * toonketelsjoined
12:26:22  <deoxxa>+1
12:26:38  <yawn>then i said arabic would be even better lol
12:26:55  <Sly>Nah. Arabic would just make everyone think you're a terrorist.
12:27:03  <yawn>exactly
12:27:27  <yawn>i'll go with russian 100%
12:27:35  <yawn>but in 5 years there will be time for another language
12:27:39  <Sly>KGB > Al Qaeda
12:27:43  <yawn>deoxxa: i'm so suggesting japanese by the way
12:27:56  <deoxxa>yeah, japanese is definitely the most fun i've had learning a language
12:28:00  <deoxxa>like, i actually kept learning it
12:28:15  <deoxxa>instead of just going "eh" and giving up after a couple of weeks
12:28:39  <yawn>japan will be overwhelmed by a bunch of Italiajin
12:29:44  <deoxxa>yawn: just be all italian and stuff and girls will be all "omg kakkoii"
12:30:01  <yawn>yes i know, i'm so cool
12:30:05  <yawn>i like japanese girls :3
12:30:08  <yawn>they're good looking
12:30:19  <yawn>i just hope they're not as weird as the world pictures japan
12:30:28  * toonketelsquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:30:41  <deoxxa>haha
12:30:59  <deoxxa>i've found that most japanese girls are more normal than the australian girls i know
12:31:02  <yawn>seriosly.. they post unbelievable shit about tv programs
12:31:12  <deoxxa>but australian girls are just crazy
12:31:28  <yawn>crazy is okay
12:31:34  <yawn>sick is another thing :D
12:32:23  <Sly>They've got to be crazy to be that sick.
12:32:24  <yawn>but i like living the way other countries live
12:32:31  <yawn>no prejudice
12:32:42  <yawn>i just need to find 2000$ to fly to japan lol
12:32:45  <yawn>and a vacation with no exams
12:32:53  <yawn>piece of cake
12:34:07  <Sly>And hope you don't wake up somewhere in Japan chained up in a basement.
12:34:13  <yawn>thank you Sly
12:34:17  <yawn>that makes everything easier
12:35:19  <yawn>look, there's a guy trying to troll in #node.js
12:35:24  * yawngrabs popcorns *
12:35:36  <jetienne>you will get fat :)
12:35:44  <yawn>not
12:35:47  <jetienne>it happens like everymintues :)
12:35:56  <yawn>i swim every couple of days.. 1200 meters
12:36:10  <yawn>i can afford a popcorn once in a while
12:36:17  <deoxxa>lol
12:36:26  <yawn>i'm not even kidding
12:36:38  <yawn>no wait
12:36:40  <yawn>wrong calculation
12:36:44  <yawn>1000 meters
12:36:51  <jetienne>yawn: cool to do sports, don't tie popcorn to trollers on #node.js
12:37:02  <jetienne>you will loose all benefit of sport
12:37:12  <yawn>but they're healthy popcorns
12:37:19  <yawn>not the butter stuff you put in the microwave
12:37:24  <jetienne>ah i dunno this kind
12:37:47  <yawn>genuine corn
12:38:00  <Sly>yawn, monsterwm was apparently removed from AUR.
12:38:02  <yawn>one spoon of olive oil
12:38:09  <Sly>I don't see it anywhere in there.
12:38:10  <yawn>heat it up til they pop
12:38:11  <yawn>add salt
12:38:13  <yawn>voilà
12:38:24  <yawn>they're nothing really.. just corn, so no fats
12:38:43  <jetienne>yawn: where do you heat that ? you got a special stuff to avoid the popping all over the kitchen ?
12:38:46  <yawn>Sly: use github, it's in active development, i wouldn't recommend aur anyway
12:39:00  <yawn>jetienne: no, just a frying pan
12:39:04  <yawn>and a plate on the top of it
12:39:05  <yawn>:)
12:39:14  <jetienne>hehe i guess i have to try :)
12:39:15  <coderarity>another recipe, brought to you by the venerable yawnt
12:39:20  <yawn>dude
12:39:21  <Sly>Is it like Fluxbox, where you right click to access the application menu?
12:39:22  <yawn>it's popcorn
12:39:25  <yawn>not like a recipe
12:39:29  <yawn>that's the only way to do it here
12:39:38  <yawn>i don't think you can find buttered popcorns anyway
12:39:43  <yawn>or maybe in big supermarkets
12:40:02  <coderarity>really?
12:40:06  <yawn>yeah
12:40:10  <coderarity>man it feels good to be american
12:40:12  <yawn>hahaha
12:40:23  <yawn>yes, sometimes it does
12:40:30  <yawn>like free refills
12:40:38  <coderarity>yeah
12:40:45  <coderarity>i didn't like not having free refills
12:40:48  <coderarity>i was always thirsty
12:40:51  <yawn>jetienne: you need to have popcorn corn
12:40:54  <yawn>not like regular corn
12:41:00  <yawn>otherwise you'll miserably fail
12:41:01  <yawn>:)
12:41:07  <jetienne>yawn: ah ? how different it is ?
12:41:11  <yawn>smaller
12:41:13  <yawn>hold on
12:41:19  <coderarity>so i've determined that this is a good camera after some research http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Canon+-+EOS+Rebel+T3i+18.0-Megapixel+DSLR+Camera+with+18-55mm+Lens+-+Black/1980124.p?id=1218304066943&skuId=1980124&st=Free_SD_Memory_Card_DSLR_20120909&cp=1&lp=1
12:41:23  <jetienne>yawn: do i look for 'popcorn corn' in the supermarket ?
12:42:02  <Sly>coderarity, the Rebel line is pretty good. I just wouldn't buy it from BestBuy.
12:42:06  <Sly>They like to jack the price up as much as they can.
12:42:18  <yawn>jetienne: in the us it should be called 'popping corn'
12:42:24  <yawn>or 'popcorn corn'
12:42:31  <yawn>that's what wikipedia says :P
12:42:31  <coderarity>it's probably just SRP unless it's on sale
12:42:44  <jetienne>yawn: ok i will look :)
12:42:55  <yawn>it's smaller.. like regular corn is < 1 cm
12:42:56  <coderarity>people that put stuff above SRP are just dumb :P
12:43:05  <yawn>popcorn corn is <= 0.5 cm
12:43:09  <Sly>Just saying.. In my experience, BestBuy is more expensive.
12:43:38  <Sly>There has been a few exceptions, though.
12:43:39  <yawn>coderarity: when i first went into a pizza hut
12:43:48  <yawn>i went to pay for another drink
12:43:57  * lemonadquit (Quit: lemonad)
12:44:02  <yawn>well not the first time i went into a pizza hut, the first time i discovered free refills
12:44:08  <deoxxa>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKaYhF88xsA <3 90s rock
12:44:11  <yawn>and the waitress told me "no, they're free"
12:44:25  <coderarity>yawn: you actually pay for 2 drinks
12:44:43  <yawn>my face
12:44:44  <yawn>http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/004/077/Raisins_Face.jpg
12:44:47  <yawn>wat? no :|
12:44:49  <Sly>Wow, deoxxa. That video took forever to start playing.
12:45:02  <yawn>i paid for one :|
12:45:07  <coderarity>yawn: i mean, the price is raised so that you pay for 2 drinks
12:45:08  <yawn>it was 2005.. did thing change in the meanwhile?
12:45:14  <yawn>*things
12:45:15  <coderarity>yawn: like, they expect everyone to refill once
12:45:22  <coderarity>yawn: and a lot of people don't refill
12:45:33  <yawn>so even if you pay for one?
12:45:36  <yawn>you pay for two?
12:45:46  <coderarity>i mean, you pay for a drink for free refills
12:46:02  <yawn>but the price is doubled
12:46:03  <yawn>i get it
12:46:09  <yawn>didn't know..
12:46:22  <coderarity>the point is, since a lot of people don't get free refills, they actually make money off of it
12:46:38  <Sly>deoxxa, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5ZrIIwSE70
12:47:01  <Sly>What I was listening to when you posted your vid.
12:47:13  <yawn>i always got refills
12:47:16  <deoxxa>Sly: this is awesome
12:47:17  <yawn>now i feel bad :(
12:47:43  <coderarity>yawn: i'm one of the people that does the exact opposite of not refilling
12:47:54  <coderarity>yawn: i just sit there drinking my free refills for a while
12:47:59  <yawn>haha
12:48:05  <yawn>*sweet sweet revenge*
12:48:25  <coderarity>i need to bring my laptop into a mcdonald's at 3 AM and just order a drink
12:49:03  <yawn>they ask for the mobile number here
12:49:07  <yawn>if you want to use wifi
12:49:12  <yawn>nothxbye
12:49:17  <mmalecki>watlol
12:49:17  <coderarity>ewww
12:49:22  <deoxxa>i've done that at gusto a bunch of times
12:49:30  <deoxxa>(gusto being a restaurant chain in japan)
12:49:35  <deoxxa>"yes, coffee plz"
12:49:38  <deoxxa><4 hours later>
12:49:43  <yawn>mmalecki: at least in germany they do.. thanks god i have a german mobile number
12:49:54  <wibuni>yawn: yeah, T-Mobile :P
12:49:58  <Sly>lol, deoxxa. If you think that one is good, watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za_BRUAMJ0k and see if you can figure out which verse makes me lul.
12:50:01  <yawn>but only because i was in need, otherwise i wouldn't give my number to mcdonalds for anything in the world
12:50:07  <coderarity>016, is that germany?
12:50:13  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:14  <wibuni>no, 049 is germany
12:50:15  <yawn>0049
12:50:15  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:16  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:17  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:18  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:19  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:20  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:21  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:21  <yawn>jetienne: |:
12:50:21  <jetienne>yawn: got it
12:50:23  <wibuni>:D
12:50:27  <jetienne>yawn: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&safe=off&sa=X&biw=1435&bih=802&tbm=isch&prmd=imvnse&tbnid=ODZtENsMTm3BRM:&imgrefurl=http://www.bio4u.nl/primeal-mais-voor-popcorn-500g-p-242.html&docid=PjxzWbld33AqSM&imgurl=http://www.marmelot.eu/bio/images/PRIMEAL-mais-voor-popcorn-500g-g.jpg&w=351&h=500&ei=O5BMULONIIqH0AX2Og&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=559&sig=114236705028377340148&page=1&tbnh=150&tbnw=102&start=0&ndsp=30&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0,i:
12:50:30  <mmalecki>he sure got it!
12:50:30  <yawn>wibuni: i have a supermarket mobile number
12:50:36  <jetienne>pff
12:50:38  <yawn>the yellow one with the blue sign
12:50:40  <wibuni>are you from germany too?:D
12:50:42  <yawn>can't remember the name?
12:50:44  <coderarity>oh that was the next part of my number
12:50:49  <jetienne>sorry i guess my irc client got bugged
12:50:53  <yawn>italy, but i was in germany for a couple of months
12:50:53  <jetienne>rebooting
12:50:54  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
12:50:57  <yawn>so i got a mobile number there
12:51:01  <wibuni>If you need more, I can send you :D
12:51:02  <yawn>it's way cheaper than ours
12:51:22  <yawn>especially if you're calling outside Deutschland
12:51:32  <yawn>what was the name of the supermarket
12:51:33  <yawn>grr
12:51:38  <wibuni>ALDI
12:51:40  <wibuni>:P
12:51:47  <yawn>ALDI
12:51:49  <yawn>damn
12:51:53  <yawn>i went to get the sim card
12:51:54  <yawn>lol
12:51:56  <yawn>yep aldi
12:52:02  <yawn>aldi süd
12:52:03  <deoxxa>haha aldi, here in australia only old people shop there
12:52:10  <wibuni>best supermarket ever (in germany)
12:52:13  * jetiennejoined
12:52:16  <yawn>there isn't in italy
12:52:20  <wibuni>we don't have much other big supermarkets
12:52:23  <deoxxa>lol Sly, r kelly
12:52:25  <yawn>jetienne: where you saying something? haven't grasped really
12:52:28  <Sly>Bingo, deoxxa.
12:52:34  <Sly>rofl
12:52:40  <jetienne>sorry about flood, i think my irc client disliked the url
12:52:43  <yawn>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVCFV7jT9ho
12:52:47  <yawn>i'm listening to this
12:52:48  <yawn>:3
12:53:03  <yawn>jetienne: yeah np, just kidding.. yuk it's that one
12:53:09  <yawn>*yup
12:53:19  <Sly>yawn, my favorite verse in the last song I posted is "Pissin on Jailbait, like R. Kelly"
12:53:20  <deoxxa>hahaha wow
12:53:28  <yawn>lol
12:53:33  <deoxxa>so the other day my boss ordered an ssl certificate for a site of ours
12:53:40  <yawn>you have a boss?
12:53:50  <deoxxa>they had this phone confirmation thing that you have to press some buttons to show you're a person
12:53:57  <Sly>Also, rofl @ what you posted yawn.
12:54:02  <yawn>it's awesome Sly
12:54:06  <Sly>Sadly, I can actually listen to that..
12:54:08  <yawn>it makes sense really
12:54:10  <deoxxa>and it didn't work, because it's voip and dtmf doesn't work properly on it
12:54:14  <yawn>coderarity: have you seen?
12:54:30  <yawn>here comes the sonic rainboom
12:54:43  <deoxxa>so it turns out that my boss actually helped design the protocol used on inter-contintental digital links
12:54:53  <coderarity>yawn: yep
12:54:58  <deoxxa>so he emailled these guys and explained to them what was wrong with their system etc
12:54:59  * illumntrjoined
12:55:01  <yawn>lol
12:55:02  <yawn>cool
12:55:11  <yawn>boss owns
12:55:12  <deoxxa>they sent an email through just now "we've bypassed the phone confirmation for your order..."
12:55:20  <deoxxa>lol'd
12:55:31  <deoxxa>and yeah, i have a boss yawn :P
12:55:48  <yawn>kill him
12:55:50  <yawn>take over the company
12:55:52  <yawn>rule the world
12:55:57  * deoxxarubs chin
12:56:02  * illumntrpart
12:56:06  <deoxxa>that sounds like a lot more responsibility for me
12:56:07  <coderarity>yawn: i've been laughing at this video for the past year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJKuHMJV0dw
12:56:15  <deoxxa>i can barely rule my room, if the clothes all over the floor are any indication
12:56:29  <wibuni>pony time!:D
12:56:29  <deoxxa>not sure i'd go so well ruling the world
12:56:42  <coderarity>yawn: you don't have a boss?
12:57:08  <yawn>coderarity: no :(
12:57:19  <deoxxa>needs more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY4fyRtJNp8
12:57:22  <yawn>i'm free as in beer
12:57:31  <yawn>(cit. FSF)
12:57:45  <yawn>actually i'm free as in freedom
12:57:47  <yawn>but beer > *
12:58:06  <coderarity>deoxxa: did you watch that anime? i might check it out some time
12:58:15  <deoxxa>coderarity: yeah it was pretty lol
12:58:28  <Sly>I actually can't drink beer, yawn.
12:58:29  <Sly>It sucks.
12:58:34  <yawn>Sly: well
12:58:36  <Sly>Especially since it's a good way to put on weight.
12:58:37  <yawn>no offense
12:58:38  * lemonadjoined
12:58:41  <yawn>but budweiser
12:58:50  <yawn>isn't really GREAT beer
12:58:56  <Sly>I can't drink *any* beer.
12:58:59  <Sly>I think it's the hops.
12:59:06  <yawn>i see
12:59:10  <Sly>I can drink liquor like it's water.
12:59:12  <Sly>Just not beer.
12:59:19  <yawn>how bout wine?
12:59:30  <coderarity>the idea of undergarments becoming weapons
12:59:30  <Sly>Yup.
12:59:40  <yawn>wine is good :3
12:59:48  <Sly>Wine is just fermented fruit, so there's no hops or anything in it.
12:59:48  <deoxxa>coderarity: that idea is nothing new, if you've seen agent aika ;)
13:00:10  <coderarity>deoxxa: i've only seen like 4 animes all the way through
13:00:16  <deoxxa>haha
13:00:21  <deoxxa>you're but a beginner
13:00:28  * deoxxawipes a single tear from his eye
13:00:32  <yawn>i'm actually looking for an anime
13:00:34  <yawn>suggestions?
13:00:37  <yawn>deoxxa: no sailor moon.
13:00:50  <deoxxa>:<
13:00:51  <deoxxa>what do you like?
13:00:55  <yawn>naruto?
13:00:58  <yawn>inb4 shitstorm
13:01:03  * deoxxashakes head
13:01:07  <yawn>I KNEW IT!
13:01:16  <yawn>i also like One Piece
13:01:21  <yawn>and Dragonball
13:01:23  <yawn>:|
13:01:26  <deoxxa>seen ranma 1/2?
13:01:30  * Slyshakes head @ DBZ
13:01:35  <yawn>:(
13:01:40  <yawn>let's see
13:01:41  <deoxxa>it's old school, but it's damn good once you get a couple of seasons in
13:02:00  <Sly>I remember the first Manga I ever read. That shit was creepy.
13:02:09  <Sly>It was about a girl being raped by her teacher.
13:02:12  <deoxxa>higurashi no naku koro ni is pretty neat as well
13:02:19  <Sly>I was like O_O
13:02:30  <deoxxa>death note is something everyone has to see at least once
13:02:37  <yawn>yeah
13:02:42  <yawn>i was thinking either death note
13:02:46  <yawn>or soul eater
13:02:56  <deoxxa>lucky star is troll material, but damn if it's not addictive
13:03:03  <yawn>deoxxa: guy becoming girl and then back guy?
13:03:10  <deoxxa>wa
13:03:13  <yawn>that's what i was afraid when i said sick japaneses
13:03:13  <yawn>lol
13:03:18  <deoxxa>oh
13:03:21  <deoxxa>ranma?
13:03:21  <deoxxa>haha
13:03:22  <yawn>ranma ¹/²
13:03:24  <deoxxa>yeah that's his curse
13:03:28  <yawn>½
13:03:32  <yawn>yeah
13:03:37  <yawn>i read the synopsis
13:04:01  <mmalecki>I just had hard boiled eggs with pesto
13:04:01  <deoxxa>it's actually pretty great - it's one of the classic 80s martial arts series
13:04:04  <mmalecki>that shit was good
13:04:09  <deoxxa>it's slowwwww though
13:04:12  <deoxxa>like, 160 episodes slow
13:04:17  <Sly>Time to boot Arch back up and see if I can get through installing monsterwm without pulling my hair out.
13:04:24  <Sly>lol
13:04:28  <Sly>mmalecki, welcome back.
13:04:30  <yawn>Sly: if you need anything
13:04:31  <yawn>ping me
13:04:38  <mmalecki>Sly: o hai
13:04:46  <yawn>i can give you the scripts i use to parse desktops and stuff
13:04:50  <Sly>mmalecki, I made a pull request on flatiron/flatiron.
13:04:53  <Sly>#78
13:05:08  <mmalecki>!gh flatiron/flatiron#78
13:05:12  <mmalecki>wtf kohai?!
13:05:25  <deoxxa>kohai's not here, man
13:05:36  <yawn>https://github.com/flatiron/flatiron/pull/78
13:05:37  <mmalecki>huh... kohai, where you at?!
13:05:42  <yawn>i had it opened in the browser anyway
13:05:48  <yawn>*open
13:06:22  <Sly>deoxxa, you were talking about the 90s.. remember this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WEtxJ4-sh4
13:06:40  <mmalecki>hm, + return _app = flatiron.createApp(value);
13:06:48  <mmalecki>you sure you want it there?
13:06:51  <deoxxa>Sly: aw yiss
13:06:53  <Sly>Yeah. Read the PR.
13:06:57  * AndreasMadsenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
13:07:05  <mmalecki>ah. lovely.
13:07:48  <coderarity>deoxxa: you seen PMMM?
13:07:59  <yawn>uhm
13:08:10  <deoxxa>Sly: i see your TLC, and i raise you the one hit wonder "citizen king": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKxXHEx-XnU
13:08:15  * travis-cijoined
13:08:15  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] flatiron/flatiron#163 (master - 2e74ee4 : Maciej Małecki): The build passed.
13:08:15  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/flatiron/flatiron/compare/3a65e39665b9...2e74ee443535
13:08:15  <travis-ci>[travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/flatiron/flatiron/builds/2385780
13:08:15  * travis-cipart
13:08:24  <deoxxa>coderarity: i don't think so
13:08:24  <mmalecki>Sly: ^ landed
13:08:25  <yawn>wouldn't it be better to create app prior to that definition?
13:08:38  <Sly>Cool deal, mmalecki.
13:08:44  <yawn>not sure if you can though... gotta check how flatiron works internally :3
13:08:47  <mmalecki>yup. brb, shopping.
13:09:46  <yawn>i'd love js to have operators overloading like ruby
13:09:52  <yawn>you could make crazy elegant stuff
13:09:52  * standooquit (Quit: Leaving.)
13:09:53  <yawn>:(
13:10:21  <deoxxa>no
13:10:24  <deoxxa>no no no.
13:10:32  <deoxxa>not allowed
13:10:34  <yawn>mh?
13:10:50  <coderarity>deoxxa: it's about magical girls who fight witches in trade for a wish, it's a really sad anime, i liked it a lot
13:10:53  <deoxxa>there's already people abusing getters/setters for silly things
13:11:05  <deoxxa>i don't even want to think about what they'd do with operator overloading
13:11:13  <deoxxa>i mean, c++ is a good example of how badly that can go
13:11:19  <Sly>^
13:11:26  <Sly>True story.. but it's kinda their own fault.
13:11:27  <deoxxa>operator*(); // WHAT
13:11:35  <yawn>exactly Sly
13:11:36  <mmalecki>what flatiron uses getters for is kinda silly already
13:11:39  <mmalecki>flatiron.app?
13:11:41  <mmalecki>well.
13:11:47  <yawn>i try not to use getters as long as possible
13:11:48  <yawn>i mean
13:11:55  <yawn>they slow the hell out of it
13:12:17  <deoxxa>coderarity: wait, madoka?
13:12:20  <deoxxa>coderarity: i've seen bits of t hat
13:12:24  <coderarity>deoxxa: yeah
13:12:28  * thepumpkinquit (Remote host closed the connection)
13:12:34  <deoxxa>coderarity: should see "sola" as well, it's sad in the same way but it's soooooo good
13:13:09  <fb55>getters are the worst feature of es5, and jsdom is the only thing that can rectify them
13:13:16  <Sly>deoxxa, I love you for posting that song.
13:13:40  <deoxxa>Sly: i know right, i completely forgot about it for years
13:14:21  * shiawuenquit (Quit: shiawuen)
13:14:52  <yawn>what the hell?
13:14:57  <yawn>did jsperf die?
13:15:56  <fb55>yawn: it's slow, but it loads
13:16:13  <coderarity>deoxxa: i'll check it out :D
13:16:57  <Sly>yawn, pacman -S git to install Git, right?
13:17:29  <deoxxa>Sly: fun fact, the writing on the drum kit that you see at about 10 seconds into that video means "5 hands"
13:17:32  <yawn>http://jsperf.com/getter-setter/11
13:17:34  <yawn>i mean..
13:17:39  <yawn>Sly: yep
13:17:44  <yawn>look at the graph
13:18:28  <fb55>yawn: that only reflects the current state of js engines. i'm sure there is a lot that can be improved
13:18:49  <yawn>yes
13:19:08  <fb55>weren't there some cheerio users online before?
13:19:11  <yawn>another thing i'd like to see sped up would be __proto__
13:19:20  <yawn>i was talking about cheerio
13:19:40  <yawn>if proto wasn't that slow you could do dirty tricks
13:19:49  <yawn>basically the whole factory pattern could be reconsidered
13:19:58  <fb55>__proto__ isn't really slow
13:20:02  <yawn>yeah it is
13:20:06  <deoxxa>fb55: i'm using cheerio
13:20:08  <yawn>i mean
13:20:15  <yawn>compared to new + prototype
13:20:33  <fb55>no, fb55/readabilitySAX uses proto heavily, and it's pretty fast
13:20:44  <yawn>have you tried to test?
13:20:46  <fb55>okay, so you have the choice: should work on the selector engine or the html parser today?
13:21:28  <fb55>for some reason, i wrote both libraries that are used by cheerio, and i've got nothing to do right now
13:21:38  <deoxxa>fb55: whatever will make https://github.com/deoxxa/gaijinpot-apartments/blob/master/index.js work better/faster
13:23:16  * meso_joined
13:23:19  <fb55>deoxxa: i won't rewrite your code^^
13:23:27  <deoxxa>:<
13:23:33  <yawn>fb55: http://jsperf.com/proto-vs-new-constructor
13:24:32  <fb55>yawn: yeah, hidden classes are awesome.
13:24:40  <deoxxa>90,000,000 op/s is crazy
13:24:42  <fb55>but property access is the same
13:25:12  <Sly>deoxxa, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV8IAOojoAA
13:25:21  <yawn>fb55: it looks pretty slower :P
13:25:36  <fb55>and when the test wouldn't be run a bazillion times, the difference would be much smaller ^^
13:26:12  <yawn>it's run 100 times
13:26:54  <yawn>anyway i won't choose the slowest solution just because it's more elegant
13:26:58  <deoxxa>Sly: anthony kiedis... if i was going to go gay for one guy, that'd probably be him.
13:27:29  <Sly>rofl
13:27:38  <deoxxa>dude's amazing
13:28:31  <Sly>Wow, yawn.
13:28:35  <fb55>yawn: that depends on the case. and v8 will become faster, as __proto__ is becoming standardized
13:28:41  <Sly>I wasn't expecting to have to edit the config in C.
13:29:25  <yawn>Sly: you don't really
13:29:34  <yawn>unless you need to tweak it deeply
13:29:44  <yawn>i just changed xterm to urxvt because xterm sucks
13:30:06  <Sly>You say that as if I have a clue what you just said. xD
13:30:20  <yawn>fb55: yeah i know.. still there it'll be some time
13:30:34  <yawn>Sly: you should have config.def.h
13:30:37  <yawn>or something like that
13:30:38  <yawn>right?
13:30:39  <Sly>Yeah.
13:30:44  <Sly>I've already copied it to config.h
13:30:46  <yawn>ok
13:30:52  <yawn>now go into the directory
13:30:54  <yawn>make
13:30:58  <yawn>sudo make clean install
13:31:00  <yawn>and you're good to go
13:31:27  <yawn> well you still have to add it to .xinitrc and stuff
13:31:31  <yawn>but it's compiled
13:31:32  <yawn>:P
13:31:39  <Sly>Not so good, yet. X11/Xutil.h
13:32:23  <yawn>install it
13:32:38  <Sly>>_>
13:33:04  <deoxxa>https://npmjs.org/package/ifyouwanttogetthesumoftwonumberswherethosetwonumbersarechosenbyfindingthelargestoftwooutofthreenumbersandsquaringthemwhichismultiplyingthembyitselfthenyoushouldinputthreenumbersintothisfunctionanditwilldothatforyou oh good, i've been looking for a module to do this
13:33:24  <Sly>How do I find X11 packages in pacman?
13:33:33  <Sly>Tried -Q x11, and nothing.
13:33:51  <yawn>pacman -Ss
13:33:59  <yawn>-S is install -Ss is search
13:34:16  <Sly>-_-;
13:34:26  <yawn>?
13:34:49  <Sly>Nothing. Just getting used to it. Makes me feel like I'm inept. xD
13:34:59  <yawn>i suggestion is
13:35:03  <yawn>go read the arch beginner's guide
13:35:09  <Sly>Have.
13:35:12  <yawn>i mean
13:35:14  <yawn>every step
13:35:19  <yawn>from 0 to boot to config
13:35:23  <yawn>they tell all this stuff about pacman
13:35:32  <yawn>also archwiki is amazing
13:35:35  <yawn>it has everything
13:35:40  <deoxxa>boot to config? is that like boot to gecko, but with vi?
13:35:43  <yawn>and #archlinux here is full of nice people
13:36:01  * katjangjoined
13:36:09  * coderaritypart ("sleep time")
13:37:45  <Sly>I was in #archlinux earlier, but there wasn't really anyone talking.
13:37:52  <Sly>Seems like there is now, though.
13:37:54  <deoxxa>https://npmjs.org/browse/author/ ha cool, i'm on the first page :3
13:38:16  <deoxxa>i only need to write 999999999 more packages to catch up to substack
13:38:41  <voodootikigod>coderarity: still here?
13:41:05  * shiawuenjoined
13:42:36  <mmalecki>BACK YO
13:43:28  <yawn>btw fb55 , the code where i wanna use that is SQL
13:43:42  <yawn>so you easily have 100+ results.. and the difference would be sustantial
13:43:50  <yawn>it's not like a parser where you use __proto__ once
13:44:03  <yawn>*has to do with SQL
13:44:34  <fb55>yawn: yeah, okay, as said, hidden classes are awesome
13:45:36  <yawn>:P
13:51:37  <mmalecki>oh. fuck.
13:51:42  <mmalecki>my life is complete.
13:51:42  <mmalecki>https://bitbucket.org/puffnfresh/osxmonad/
13:52:51  <fb55>deoxxa: that bittorrent stuff looks interesting. still actively developed?
13:52:53  <yawn>niceee
13:53:11  <yawn>https://github.com/pufuwozu/osxmonad
13:53:13  <yawn>github too
13:53:22  <deoxxa>fb55: hopefully it will be again around the end of the year - i'm going on holiday and i'll have a few weeks to myself
13:53:32  <yawn>where ya going?
13:53:34  <yawn>Korea?
13:53:57  <deoxxa>fb55: i left it for a bit because i'm not sure what direction i want to take part of it - i figure it'll be more obvious after some time not having messed with it
13:54:03  <deoxxa>yawn: glorious dai-nippon
13:54:46  <yawn>cool
13:56:02  <fb55>deoxxa: i thought about writing something similar for some time now. maybe i'll fork it soon-ish…
13:56:15  * Slyfacepalms.
13:56:42  <Sly>Here I was thinking I'm inept, and someone just asked why `mysql` isn't asking for their password.
13:57:00  <deoxxa>fb55: the whole parser/producer works fine, but i'm not sure how i want to structure the client logic part
13:57:49  <deoxxa>https://github.com/deoxxa/bittorrent.js/blob/develop/lib/protocol/tcp/connection.js
13:58:00  <deoxxa>after i wrote that, i kind of just dropped it
13:58:15  <deoxxa>i don't like where it's going and i don't want to keep going in a direction that sucks
14:00:44  <fb55>yeah, something like that needs to broken into pretty small pieces, or you'll end up with an unmaintainable mess
14:01:20  * `3rdEdenjoined
14:01:57  <mmalecki>I want a package manager for C
14:02:21  <deoxxa>mmalecki: gyp is the closest thing i've found
14:02:34  <deoxxa>but it's more of a modular build thingy
14:03:03  <deoxxa>https://github.com/deoxxa/node-mcnet/blob/master/binding.gyp << that's very cool though, being able to do that
14:03:13  <deoxxa>erm
14:03:19  <deoxxa>https://github.com/deoxxa/node-mcnet/blob/develop/binding.gyp << that
14:03:38  <deoxxa>which goes to https://github.com/deoxxa/libmcnet/blob/develop/binding.gyp
14:04:48  <deoxxa>mmalecki: no reason you couldn't use npm for c, technically
14:05:27  * rtgibbons[away]changed nick to rtgibbons
14:05:39  <deoxxa>binding.gyp -> { "dependencies": [ "./node_modules/something/binding.gyp:something" ] }
14:06:01  * `3rdEdenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:06:18  <deoxxa>heck, npm will even build that for you with node-gyp if you ask it nicely ;)
14:07:34  * dob_joined
14:07:53  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
14:08:37  <mmalecki>deoxxa: heh, probably not a bad idea :)
14:09:23  <yawn>node.rb
14:09:28  <yawn>what the fuck
14:09:51  <deoxxa>hahaha
14:09:52  <yawn>Embeds a Ruby interpreter (www.ruby-lang.org) into Node.js (www.nodejs.org) for your coding pleasure.
14:09:53  <deoxxa>wow
14:10:06  <yawn>it's even more bad than it was supposed to be
14:10:37  <yawn>require 'node-rb'
14:10:37  <yawn>n = Node.new("path/to/javascript.js")
14:10:37  <yawn>n.run
14:10:41  <yawn>That’s roughly equivalent to running the node-rb command directly.
14:10:45  <yawn>so basically
14:10:52  <wibuni>huh. "No application found for "www.nodejitsu.com""
14:10:58  <yawn>those three lines
14:11:00  <yawn>are
14:11:09  <yawn>`node path/to/javascript.js`
14:11:11  <yawn>cool.. lol
14:11:28  <deoxxa>wibuni: ruh roh
14:12:39  <Sly>Ugh.
14:12:44  * Slyshuts down Arch again.
14:13:54  <yawn>lol
14:14:10  <Sly>Got annoyed.
14:16:07  <mmalecki>wibuni: uhm, WAT
14:16:26  * c4milojoined
14:16:59  <deoxxa>p.sure nodejitsu is meant to have a website
14:17:01  <deoxxa>just sayin'
14:17:27  <wibuni>did your own drone gone bad?;)
14:17:40  <mmalecki>should be fine now
14:17:43  <mmalecki>still, wtf...
14:17:46  <wibuni>yeah
14:17:50  <wibuni>up now
14:21:43  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
14:22:19  <fb55>um, is there by any chance a designer online who can create me something that doesn't hurt my eyes for readablefeeds.jit.su?
14:23:05  <deoxxa>ach
14:23:10  <deoxxa>my corneas
14:23:16  <deoxxa>you scoundrel
14:23:54  <fb55>i know, it's the worst
14:24:56  <yawn>lol, they look like my pages
14:25:06  <yawn>i know that feel bro
14:25:07  <deoxxa>http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/2398896/Love
14:25:37  <yawn>also subtlepatterns.com <- fb55
14:25:48  <yawn>a nice pattern makes everything looks more professional
14:25:56  <deoxxa>yep
14:26:05  <yawn>nice choice deoxxa
14:26:09  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
14:26:10  <yawn>love is lovely :>
14:26:14  <deoxxa>http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/2398768/must_use_it_smwhere << this might also work
14:26:44  <deoxxa>i love that site
14:26:48  <deoxxa>i use it to piss off designers
14:26:58  <deoxxa>they spend hours and hours finding the right colours etc
14:27:04  <deoxxa>i go find a colour scheme in 5 minutes
14:27:05  <fb55>but the colors aren't the main problem
14:27:08  <deoxxa>implement it in 2 minutes
14:27:13  <deoxxa>they cry
14:27:26  <fb55>i guess i'll just drop bootstrap in -.-
14:27:47  <yawn>fb55: http://bootswatch.com/
14:27:50  <deoxxa>bootstrap doesn't have to look like bootstrap
14:27:59  <yawn>exactly
14:28:01  <deoxxa>http://dashboard.coastguard.movingdata.com/ << this is bootstrap, technically ;)
14:28:16  <yawn>cool :O
14:28:19  <yawn>did you do that?
14:28:21  <deoxxa>yeah
14:28:30  <yawn>woah
14:28:30  <deoxxa>doesn't take a lot of work to make it look non-bootstrappy
14:28:40  <yawn>can you be my designer? :(
14:28:46  <deoxxa>haha i didn't do the design
14:28:49  <deoxxa>i just implemented it
14:29:01  <deoxxa>i "contributed" to the design by telling the designer what was annoying and what wasn't
14:29:23  <yawn>i really like it.. btw
14:29:28  <yawn>:(
14:29:33  <deoxxa>yeah, it'll be good once i get a chance to finish it
14:29:38  <yawn>i found a designer two days ago
14:29:41  <fb55>is there any cdn for bootstrap?
14:29:48  <yawn>bootstrapcdn.com
14:30:05  <yawn>lost it one day ago because he has too much to work.. so he only suggests UX stuff now
14:30:08  <yawn>:(
14:30:22  <fb55>yawn: thanks :)
14:30:28  <yawn>welcome
14:30:36  <deoxxa>yawn: i work with a pretty great designer at work, but he's expensive
14:30:40  <deoxxa>also he's annoying as hell
14:30:42  <yawn>yeah mine was free
14:30:45  <yawn>and was actually quite good
14:30:51  <deoxxa>probably because i keep calling him a retard
14:30:56  <deoxxa>and throwing stuff at him
14:30:58  <deoxxa>but whatever
14:31:01  <mmalecki>lol
14:31:01  <deoxxa>he's a jerk
14:31:12  <mmalecki>we have the best designer in the world, period
14:31:16  <yawn>karolina?
14:31:20  <mmalecki>yeah!
14:31:22  <yawn>she's good
14:31:36  <yawn>saw some of her works while browsing dribble
14:31:40  <yawn>*dribbble
14:31:59  <deoxxa>i haven't looked at dribbble for like a year...
14:32:04  <deoxxa>it's still a thing?!
14:32:17  <yawn>i have looked at dribbble when i was looking for a cheap designer for the logo
14:32:33  <yawn>so i memorized quite a list of names :P
14:33:52  <mmalecki>she's the best :)
14:33:56  * cjmjoined
14:34:08  <mmalecki>http://mmalecki.com/ <- she designed it :)
14:34:11  <deoxxa>i should go to sleep
14:34:34  <cjm>mmalecki: An error has occurred: {"code":"ECONNREFUSED","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect"}
14:34:36  <yawn>cool
14:34:49  <cjm>mmalecki: nodeup again
14:36:41  * bubbles10101quit (Remote host closed the connection)
14:40:14  <mmalecki>cjm: should be back up, investigating what brough it down
14:40:26  <mmalecki>oh, I did a stupid thing
14:40:31  <mmalecki>opened a log file in vim
14:40:36  <mmalecki>that log file is huge
14:41:18  <mmalecki>cjm: it ran out of memory, it looks like
14:41:24  <mmalecki>brought our app server down too
14:41:48  <mmalecki>cjm: what are you using socket.io for?
14:42:01  <mmalecki>we could run it on 2 servers I think
14:44:49  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
14:46:58  <yawn>man, ruby native extensions are so elegant
14:47:05  <mmalecki>on a totally unrelated note
14:47:06  <yawn>rb_define_module
14:47:11  <yawn>rb_define_singleton_method
14:47:11  <mmalecki>I fixed my chair
14:47:18  <yawn>:3
14:47:21  <mmalecki>yawn: that's pretty sweet
14:47:27  <yawn>pretty sweet? it's amazing
14:47:29  <mmalecki>ruby as a language *is* nice
14:47:38  <mmalecki>modules, however...
14:47:38  <yawn>ruby is THE language
14:47:48  <yawn>at least amongst the one out there
14:47:53  <yawn>talking about scripting stuff
14:48:00  <yawn>rb_define_module_under
14:48:19  <Sly>Ruby makes me cry.
14:48:25  <Sly>Syntax wise.
14:48:43  <yawn>mmalecki: do you know Opal?
14:49:31  <mmalecki>yawn: what's that?
14:49:40  <yawn>http://opalrb.org/
14:49:58  <mmalecki>no please don't
14:50:13  <mmalecki>"* to JavaScript compiler" is a no no
14:50:16  <yawn>don't get me wrong
14:50:27  <yawn>i'm not saying you should use it for node or stuff
14:50:40  <yawn>but it does have interesting features being a compiler
14:50:57  <yawn>eg: method_missing
14:51:12  <mmalecki>oh?
14:51:16  <mmalecki>how does that work?
14:51:19  <mmalecki>proxies?
14:51:30  <yawn>no
14:51:32  <yawn>being a compiler
14:51:35  <yawn>it's like
14:51:49  <yawn>function.call || method_missing.call
14:51:57  <mmalecki>heh
14:51:59  <yawn>whether function exists or not
14:52:00  <yawn>dirty trick
14:52:03  <yawn>*dirty tricks
14:54:36  <fb55>mmalecki: i've implemented a "CSS-selector2JS" compiler, and it's great
14:54:56  <mmalecki>fb55: wait, how does that even work XD ?
14:55:14  <fb55>yeah
14:55:28  <fb55>https://github.com/fb55/CSSselect
14:55:58  <yawn>wut
14:56:14  * katjangquit (Quit: katjang)
14:56:23  <fb55>that thing is used by cheerio, btw ;)
14:56:45  <yawn>what do you mean "by stacking functions"?
14:57:24  <fb55>do you know this russian dolls?
14:57:28  <fb55>i do the same with functions
14:57:31  <fb55>it's a mess
14:57:38  <yawn>no no
14:57:39  <yawn>i mean
14:57:42  <fb55>there is a branch where i rewrote this to be a true compiler
14:58:01  <yawn>literally in the code
14:58:06  <yawn>what do you do with functions to make it faster?
14:58:25  <fb55>v8 is pretty good with inlining functions
14:58:58  <fb55>so it outperforms jquery running on jsdom by several magnitudes
14:59:57  <yawn>let's read this source then
15:00:15  * AvianFlujoined
15:00:44  <fb55>i take the leftmost rule of the selector, create a function that implements it, then go to the second rule, which implements it's own rule and then calls the first one
15:01:18  <yawn>now it's clear lol
15:01:40  <yawn>dude sometimes i don't understand the way you explain stuff
15:01:43  <yawn>:P
15:03:12  <fb55>hey, i'm tired
15:03:47  <yawn>don't get offended lol
15:04:39  <yawn>ah yeah saw the coffescript branch
15:06:03  <fb55>multline strings are a mess in js. cs sucks, but is much better with this
15:06:27  <yawn>true
15:06:53  <yawn>also string interpolation is very useful
15:07:31  <fb55>yap
15:07:54  <fb55>i'm actually a fan of quasi-literals
15:08:03  <fb55>only their syntax isn't great yet
15:09:07  <fb55>btw, http://readablefeeds.jit.su/ is now entirely bootstrap, thanks for the help :)
15:09:36  <fb55>um, but you've never seen that page and you _wont_ use it to read hackernews ^^
15:10:00  <yawn>man
15:10:04  <yawn>is that on github?
15:10:30  <fb55>https://github.com/fb55/ReadableFeeds
15:11:18  <fb55>but hosting such a thing publicly is illegal in germany, so i need to be cautious ^^
15:11:31  <fb55>providing it isn't an issue, btw
15:11:43  <fb55>*providing it for download
15:11:53  <AvianFlu>well you're hosting it on a server that's on the US east coast, for whatever that's worth
15:13:08  * chazmjoined
15:13:55  <fb55>i'm still responsible for the content of the page
15:18:53  <mmalecki>fb55: don't get yourself arrested, would you :) ?
15:19:22  <jetienne>https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-http-proxy <- could i do a CORS proxy with that ? or better anybody already did it ?
15:21:29  <yawn>fb55: http://i.imgur.com/oo4J3.jpg
15:21:46  <fb55>mmalecki: i would only get some trouble for copying other pages content, nothing that money couldn't fix^^
15:22:21  <fb55>yawn: O_O :)
15:22:31  <yawn>fb55: PR?
15:22:32  <fb55>*like*
15:22:39  <mmalecki>fb55: haha, I like your attitude
15:22:41  <fb55>yes, please
15:23:27  <yawn>https://github.com/fb55/ReadableFeeds/pull/1
15:25:05  <esetnik>Is anyone having deployment issues to nodejitsu?
15:25:22  <esetnik>I keep getting error: Error running command deploy error: socket hang up
15:25:38  <yawn>fb55: check i haven't broken any html form
15:25:40  * jmar777joined
15:26:09  <yawn>shouldn't have happened, but it's better to make sure
15:26:28  <mmalecki>guys!
15:26:30  <mmalecki>I need a toast
15:26:49  * yawngrabs the great toast book
15:26:52  <yawn>just kidding
15:27:03  <yawn>i wish i had one ( ;_;)//
15:27:19  <yawn>fb55: now we're even... you helped me yesterday with the german :P
15:27:36  <yawn>mmalecki: hot or cold?
15:27:51  <fb55>yawn :)
15:28:02  <mmalecki>yawn: lol
15:28:20  * ferloresjoined
15:28:49  <yawn>i might want to implement readability in my app
15:28:55  <yawn>*uhm*
15:29:22  <chazm>hey guys, i'm failing at bcrypt instalation script when running jitsu deploy, any ideas how to fix it? https://gist.github.com/3684923
15:29:27  <yawn>mmalecki: mayonnaise + tuna & capers === the best
15:32:43  <jmar777>chazm: had that issue last week, and then it just magically started working
15:33:20  <jmar777>chazm: what version of bcrypt are you running?
15:33:28  <yawn>looking for a keyword extraction algorithm
15:33:35  <yawn>does anyone know of one?
15:33:53  <fb55>there are several
15:33:58  <esetnik>I can't even get a deploy to work for the last several days
15:34:06  <jmar777>chazm: nvm, 0.7.2 - i'mr unning the same version on nodejitsu, so i know it *can* work
15:34:06  <esetnik>not the same issue as chazm though
15:34:17  <yawn>fb55: link?
15:34:25  <chazm>jmar777: 0.7.2 but im not using it directly its dependiency on mongoose-auth
15:34:28  <yawn>except the one "count the most recurring words"
15:34:57  <fb55>yawn: no, most of the time it's "all words minus a list of common words"
15:35:04  <yawn>yeah
15:35:06  <yawn>that one
15:35:15  <yawn>i didn't want to write it all
15:35:16  <yawn>:(
15:35:39  <jmar777>yawn: google tf*idf
15:35:43  <fb55>http://fivefilters.org/term-extraction/ has an algorithm plus some links
15:36:55  <jmar777>yawn: tf*idf is used a lot for search indexes - basically takes into consideration which words are really common within a given corpus, and actually de-emphasizes them so that words that are only frequent in a given post are promoted
15:37:05  * thdjoined
15:38:13  <jmar777>chazm: hmmm... you running latest mongoose-auth as well?
15:38:44  <yawn>thanks everyone
15:38:46  <chazm>jmar777: yep
15:39:50  <jmar777>chazm: hm... it may be the particular machine you're on having issue. i don't know if calling deploy gain gets you a (potentially) new drone or not. maybe explicitly stop it, and then start or deploy?
15:40:09  <jmar777>sp/gain/again
15:41:02  <fb55>yawn: please implement a Parts-Of-Speech algorithm, they seem to be awesome :) (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/topia.termextract/1.1.0)
15:41:40  * Destosjoined
15:43:01  * dob_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
15:45:05  <yawn>http://www.diffbot.com
15:45:18  <yawn>tags for nodejs.org
15:45:20  <yawn>Video game console, Hello world program, Execution (computing), Node.js, JavaScript
15:45:23  <yawn>:(
15:45:36  <yawn>at least he got the last two right
15:46:49  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:48:15  * micha_joined
15:48:45  * AndreasMadsenjoined
15:50:31  * therealkoopajoined
16:00:20  * ankurjoined
16:02:26  <chazm>jmar777: i've remove my app and recreated couple of time and it worked finnaly
16:02:43  <chazm>jmar777: guess it was problem with particular machine i was on
16:03:05  <jmar777>chazm: nice! kind of a pain though... one of the nodejitsu guys might be able to shed some light on what the root cause was
16:03:28  * esetnikquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:04:48  * mmaleckiquit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
16:07:11  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:09:01  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
16:09:28  * stimblejoined
16:11:44  * thdquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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16:17:46  * fb55joined
16:23:28  * cjmquit (Quit: Leaving)
16:25:18  * YoYquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:27:35  * YoYjoined
16:31:51  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
16:36:14  * kenperkinsquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
16:37:39  * shiawuenquit (Quit: shiawuen)
16:38:55  * towskijoined
16:39:10  * ramitosjoined
16:41:58  * cjmjoined
16:47:34  <bvo>Hi - getting "error: Invalid Invite Code" when I try to confirm my account
16:48:02  <AvianFlu>bvo: can you pm me the exact output in a gist?
16:48:08  <AvianFlu>including your code?
16:48:30  <AvianFlu>I can make sure your account is active in a moment, but I'd like to try to figure out what's happening, as well
16:48:51  * cjmpart ("Leaving")
16:53:42  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:56:25  * fb55joined
17:00:18  * kenperkinsjoined
17:03:11  * jmpejoined
17:06:49  * towskiquit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:09:52  * marshall_afkchanged nick to marshall_law
17:12:34  * CoverSlidequit (Read error: No route to host)
17:16:01  * _ritchjoined
17:16:05  * ghchinoyjoined
17:16:35  <ghchinoy>hi all, can nodejitsu serve html files, too, or does my nodejs app have to handle that?
17:18:36  <ghchinoy>I guess I could try it ;)
17:20:08  * chazmquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:22:49  * marshall_lawchanged nick to marshall_afk
17:29:48  * dob_joined
17:30:02  * TooTallNatejoined
17:30:33  <sberryman>AvianFlu: down for my app (sberryman / teeleader-be)
17:30:50  <sberryman> also not responding
17:32:17  <sberryman>is it something with the LB's or my app? this keeps happening
17:34:18  * bvoquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:34:25  * mmaleckijoined
17:34:36  <sberryman>mmalecki: hanging again
17:34:49  <sberryman>.5 and .241
17:35:20  <sberryman>and .4
17:35:22  <AvianFlu>it's hard to say, but I just restarted them
17:35:37  <sberryman>and working
17:38:24  * ngoldmanjoined
17:38:42  <ngoldman>hai node bros
17:38:44  <ngoldman>is github service hook for nodejitsu still working as expected?
17:38:55  <ngoldman>i deploy a thing and see no change
17:39:58  <ngoldman>any way to check error logs from a github service hook deploy?
17:42:54  <yawn>i'm having gnocchi tonight
17:42:55  <yawn>:3
17:43:15  * stimblequit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
17:45:26  <booyaa>gnocchi ftw
17:45:41  <booyaa>i love gnocchi even if i can't pronounce it correctly
17:46:28  * Hebojoined
17:46:44  * ktkNAjoined
17:46:55  * _ritchpart
17:47:01  <yawn>lol
17:47:06  <yawn>i don't know how to write that in english
17:47:12  <yawn>i guess it's
17:47:21  <yawn>neeokki
17:47:39  <yawn>that's as close as i can get
17:47:40  <booyaa>ah that's it! jiust checked with my wife
17:48:12  <yawn>onion + bacon + melted cheese on the top of gnocchi
17:48:13  <yawn>:3
17:48:29  <yawn>not salted bacon though
17:48:30  <booyaa>nom!
17:48:51  <yawn>http://www.carrefour.it/images/15/03/00/00/43/200x200_150300004320_856384.jpg
17:48:53  <yawn>and this is the cheese
17:49:36  * V1joined
17:49:47  <booyaa>oo-er kraft? not something native/local to your region? where do you live?
17:50:01  * booyaawon't usually touch anything by a big food co
17:50:14  * V1changed nick to `3rdEden
17:50:22  <yawn>venice
17:50:26  <yawn>well you know
17:50:34  <yawn>everything's good for a reason
17:50:42  <yawn>and that cheese melts nicely and it's sweet
17:50:43  * booyaais a bit of a food snob since i got older
17:50:49  <booyaa>fair enough :)
17:51:04  <yawn>i tried other types of cheese
17:51:19  <yawn>but it's not the same
17:51:27  <yawn>so i just stick with the one i like better
17:51:38  <yawn>i wouldn't make a cheese sandwich with that for all the money in this world :P
17:54:52  <booyaa>i like eat lots of cheese
17:54:59  <yawn>me too
17:55:07  <yawn>especially because i live near the alps
17:55:11  <yawn>so there are tons of varieties
17:55:12  <yawn>:
17:55:13  <yawn>:P
17:55:18  <booyaa>often i have a board of cheese for dessert in a fancy restaurant
17:55:38  <booyaa>do you like racelette (or what ever the swiss italian region would call their equivalent)?
17:55:53  <booyaa>i really like that stuff at the moment
17:56:02  <booyaa>also like blue and smelly cheeses :D
17:56:22  <yawn>racelette?
17:56:25  <yawn>let's see what that is
17:56:40  <booyaa>let me check my spelling
17:56:46  <yawn>raclette
17:56:47  <yawn>:P
17:56:49  <booyaa>it's a bit like fondue, melting string cheese
17:56:50  <booyaa>hahaha
17:56:53  <booyaa>soz
17:57:01  <yawn>i don't know if i've ever had that
17:57:04  <yawn>i don't think though
18:01:20  * jmar777joined
18:02:19  <yawn>*yum yum*
18:03:55  * `3rdEdenquit (Remote host closed the connection)
18:04:48  * garrettwilkinjoined
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18:07:49  * chazmjoined
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18:11:38  * V1changed nick to `3rd-Eden
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18:31:50  * lemonadquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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18:39:06  * ramitosquit
18:40:39  <ag4ve>what do y'all use to handle static files? it looks like ecstatic hasn't been maintained in a while?
18:41:26  * marshall_afkchanged nick to marshall_law
18:46:38  * ankurjoined
18:47:02  * marshall_lawchanged nick to marshall_afk
18:57:34  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:59:08  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
19:00:49  * tpricequit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:01:50  <mmalecki>ag4ve: well, what kind of maintanance does it need?
19:02:23  <ag4ve>mmalecki: well, 3 pull requests waiting
19:03:32  * garrettwilkinjoined
19:06:38  <mmalecki>one being an actual code pull request
19:06:40  <mmalecki>but yeah
19:06:43  * harbhubjoined
19:06:44  <mmalecki>well, I use ecstatic
19:06:55  <harbhub>anyone know jquery really well?
19:07:06  <harbhub>so far i an inside of the document ready function
19:07:22  <harbhub>and i am using the document click event
19:07:39  <harbhub>and returning the event pageX and pageY to the inner html of a div i made
19:07:41  <harbhub>now
19:07:50  <harbhub>i want to be able to pass those coordinate values
19:07:57  <harbhub>into the CSS of another div
19:08:03  <harbhub>so that i can move the div to where i click
19:08:11  <harbhub>any ideas of how to accomplish that last part?
19:08:53  * kmiyashirojoined
19:10:29  * ankurjoined
19:11:41  <jmar777>harbhub: assuming the other div is absolutely positioned and not inside of another positioned element, you should just be able to do something like $('#the-div').css({ top: pageY, left: pageX });
19:11:58  <harbhub>yep
19:12:01  <harbhub>got it working
19:12:02  <harbhub>also
19:12:04  <harbhub>i used .animate
19:12:06  <harbhub>instead
19:12:11  <harbhub>so that i could control the time to move
19:12:17  <harbhub>from point A to point B
19:12:23  <harbhub>thanks jmar777
19:12:51  <harbhub>new question
19:12:55  <harbhub>how do i make it cancel
19:13:00  <harbhub>when i click somewhere else
19:13:08  <harbhub>so that instead of it finishing moving the little div
19:13:17  <harbhub>it will cancel the current animation
19:13:18  * garrettwilkinquit (Quit: garrettwilkin)
19:13:22  <harbhub>and start from the most recent click
19:13:23  <harbhub>?
19:13:33  <harbhub>do i need to use binding at all?
19:15:42  * catshirt2quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
19:17:04  <jmar777>harbhub: `stop()` - something like this: http://jsfiddle.net/2MQR2/1/
19:17:42  <harbhub>jmar777: you da man
19:18:02  <jmar777>harbhub: not to toot my own horn, but... *TOOT*
19:18:10  <harbhub>hahah
19:18:11  <jmar777>harbhub: :p glad it helped
19:18:39  <harbhub>i'm going to make a video game
19:19:26  <harbhub>using javascript, jquey, css3, html5, nodejs, and maybe some datasbasing like redis & mongodb :)
19:19:28  <ag4ve>mmalecki: i guess i see your point ... and the only other thing i could find is 'send' and i hat when people name projects common names i can't easily google. so, i guess for that reason alone, i'll stick to what everyone else seems to be using
19:19:43  * jetiennequit (Quit: jetienne)
19:20:39  * jetiennejoined
19:21:02  <harbhub>jmar777: you might know this: how do you send a text message from a form post?
19:21:14  <harbhub>so far i have made a contact form that sends emails using nodemailer
19:21:32  <harbhub>but i have a friend that wants to be able to recieve a text to his phone when a contact form is submitted
19:21:56  <jmar777>harbhub: hmm... you'll need some sort of a service for that. not really sure
19:21:57  * jetiennepart
19:22:50  <harbhub>jmar777: okay. it will be worth figuring out. i see it as a very useful service :) i was thinking about seeing if google can support that
19:23:21  * elbuo_joined
19:23:36  <elbuo_>hey, any coffeescript users here?
19:24:00  <harbhub>btw
19:24:07  <harbhub>not me elbuo
19:24:20  <harbhub>jmar777: i did something cool
19:24:24  <elbuo_>im just trying to see what is the equivalent of
19:24:33  <harbhub>i realized that the animation was going to where i was clicking
19:24:39  <elbuo_>var x = require('x')('param')
19:24:54  <harbhub>putting the top-left corner of my div on my pointer
19:25:00  <harbhub>but i wanted to center it
19:25:05  <harbhub>so i did
19:25:24  <harbhub>left: event.pageX - 20
19:25:31  <harbhub>since my block is 40 pix
19:25:53  <jmar777>harbhub: nice
19:26:34  <harbhub>jmar777: how would i make it calculate the width
19:26:38  <harbhub>then divide by 2?
19:26:44  <harbhub>this.width/2
19:28:00  <harbhub>my strategy isn't working
19:28:04  <harbhub>i tried:
19:28:21  <harbhub>oh i know why
19:28:29  * AvianFluquit (Quit: AvianFlu)
19:28:33  <harbhub>yep
19:28:34  <harbhub>fixed it!
19:29:49  <jmar777>harbhub: http://jsfiddle.net/2MQR2/2/
19:30:04  <jmar777>harbhub: looks like you got it though
19:30:24  <harbhub>you are good
19:30:58  * elbuo_quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:32:16  <harbhub>i like how you did it
19:32:21  <harbhub>you made the offset negative
19:32:22  * nogginBasherjoined
19:32:29  * joeytwiddlequit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:32:29  <harbhub>instead of making it positive and subtracting it
19:32:38  <harbhub>that is interesting the way you think
19:33:01  * TooTallNatequit (Quit: ["Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com"])
19:33:16  <harbhub>jmar777: have you made any websites, games, etc?
19:33:29  <jmar777>harbhub: current building out devsmash.com
19:34:17  <jmar777>harbhub: i didn't really have a great reason for using a negative offset. i just usually think of "adding" deltas, so... just kind of came out like that
19:35:15  <harbhub>adding changes
19:35:16  <harbhub>nice
19:41:01  <harbhub>return Math.floor(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(mouseX - (element.offset().left + (element.width()/2)), 2) + Math.pow(mouseY - (element.offset().top + (element.height()/2)), 2)));
19:41:07  <harbhub>i'm using the distance formula here
19:41:10  * sberryman_joined
19:41:15  <harbhub>to return the distance between two points
19:41:32  <harbhub>for now, i am returning the distance between the mouse pointer and the #element
19:41:44  <harbhub>what i want to do
19:42:06  <harbhub>is say: if the distance between two elements is less than 50, then alert('Hey')
19:42:22  <harbhub>the alert('hey') is my way of saying //do something
19:42:56  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:47:12  * catshirt2joined
19:47:51  <sberryman_>anyone around?
19:52:32  * YoYquit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
19:55:09  <harbhub>hmm
19:55:15  * YoYjoined
19:56:15  <harbhub>when are you supposed to use the event.preventDefault?
19:56:19  * ankurjoined
19:56:33  <harbhub>jmar777: what is the use case for event.preventDefault?
19:56:50  <harbhub>it prevents browser defaults from my understanding
20:01:35  * therealkoopajoined
20:01:50  <sberryman_>yeah it does
20:02:03  <sberryman_>and i'm pretty sure it stop events from bubbling up
20:04:00  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:05:36  * fb55joined
20:07:03  <jmar777>harbhub, sberryman_: it does stop the browser's default behavior on a particular event, but does not stop the event from bubbling
20:07:14  <jmar777>to stop the event from bubbling, you would use event.stopPropagation()
20:07:21  <ktk>noob question, I'm trying to figure out how to get the request & send the response when I use restful. Doc says "The Director router will dispatch all incoming RESTFul urls to the Creature resource and respond back with the appropriate result." Am I right that I simply do a this.res.on(...) to handle events for example?
20:07:39  <ktk>in the resourceful object that is
20:07:45  <jmar777>if you want to prevent default behavior AND stop propagation, jquery lets you simply `return false;` from the function
20:08:16  * stagasquit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88-rdmsoft [XULRunner])
20:10:16  * therealkoopajoined
20:10:57  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:10:58  * jetiennejoined
20:16:51  <harbhub>jmar777: i'm starting to love jquery
20:17:02  <harbhub>i just made an event that only works inside of a div
20:17:17  <harbhub>so instead of selecting the entire document via $(document)
20:17:28  <harbhub>i am selecting the div then using the event
20:17:30  <harbhub>:)
20:17:56  <jmar777>harbhub: nice. fwiw, unless you have a really good resent to stop propagation, you're better off leaving it alone. a good article on the topic: http://davidwalsh.name/javascript-events
20:17:59  * thepumpkinjoined
20:18:32  <jmar777>harbhub: but that's definitely a good thing to select at the div level like you're doing - it's always cheaper to register event handlers lower in the DOM like that
20:19:51  <harbhub>jmar777: i fear that i might start trying to do too much in the DOM lol
20:20:01  <harbhub>i want an infinitely large dom size heh
20:20:22  * boyxiljoined
20:21:18  <jmar777>harbhub: ha. fortunatley most modern browsers can take a little DOM abuse, but of course you don't want to go overboard. 50ms here and there definitely adds up
20:21:28  * ramitosjoined
20:22:08  * ferloresquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
20:22:45  <jmar777>was just debugging some performance issues on an app at work that I hadn't been very involved in, and was surprised to find that 25 *seconds* of a page load time in IE7 was due to setting up some date pickers
20:23:20  <jmar777>i moved some logic and state trackers out of the DOM and brought it down to 80ms. kind of crazy how slow DOM accessors can be in old IE
20:23:22  <harbhub>wow
20:23:43  <harbhub>hey jmar
20:23:49  <jmar777>harbhub: ya?
20:23:50  <mmalecki>I mean, fuck IE?
20:23:54  <harbhub>my long term goal is to make a massive multiplayer online browser game
20:23:58  <harbhub>that uses 3-d animation
20:24:10  <harbhub>and is a fighting/strategy game sort of like starcraft and the lieks
20:24:13  <harbhub>likes*
20:24:30  <jmar777>mmalecki: ha, would love to. our main customer government though, and XP + IE7 is their most common setup
20:24:43  <mmalecki>jmar777: bro hug
20:24:50  <harbhub>do you believe that my current stack can do this? nodejs jquery javascript html5 css3 mongodb redis express
20:24:57  <harbhub>thinking about using socket.io
20:25:20  <jmar777>harbhub: i think in theory it could work - depends what you mean by 3-d animations though. you might need to add opengl to the stack
20:25:36  <jmar777>harbhub: err... webgl
20:26:17  <harbhub>well it would be nice to let the user, who controls a set of 5 to 10 units (all at once, one at a time, or any combination of units selected at a given moment), to be able to change the camera angle
20:26:23  <harbhub>for zooming in/out
20:26:26  <harbhub>and panning
20:26:30  * kenperkinsquit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
20:26:43  <harbhub>since my game will feature two teams of 10 people per team
20:27:04  <harbhub>and each person will have created potentially unique units
20:27:10  <jmar777>harbhub: to be honest i've never played starcraft or other MMORPG, so i don't know what the UI requirements are typically like
20:27:23  <harbhub>oh okay
20:27:41  * ljharbquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:28:03  * ljharbjoined
20:28:44  * micha_quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
20:30:16  * fb55joined
20:30:18  <harbhub>i'm looking at some webgl lessons now :)
20:30:33  * chazmquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:30:36  <wibuni>harbhub for the win!
20:30:51  <harbhub>heh
20:31:19  <wibuni>:)
20:31:54  * akashajoined
20:33:26  * st_lukejoined
20:33:52  * AvianFlujoined
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20:39:43  * boyxilquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:40:35  * akashapart ("T�vozom")
20:41:34  * ankurquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:42:48  <harbhub>i made a canvas that initializes webgl
20:42:51  <harbhub>so far so good
20:46:58  <harbhub>mozilla has good tutorials on webgl
20:47:03  <harbhub>better than others i was looking into
20:50:21  * cotijoined
20:51:20  <coti>hi there any ideea why i get "Error spawning drone: no matching engine found" when i'm trying to deploy ?
20:51:41  <coti>engine version is 0.8.8
20:52:46  * klaemojoined
20:53:07  * ferloresjoined
20:54:01  <klaemo>hey, is there any magic involved in getting hiredis to run on nodejitsu?
20:54:22  * ankurjoined
20:56:49  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:57:29  * sberryman_quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:57:47  <AvianFlu>coti: use 0.8.x
20:57:52  <AvianFlu>klaemo: hiredis won't work properly
20:57:56  <AvianFlu>linker bug
20:58:02  <AvianFlu>just use the js parser, it's better anyway
20:59:21  <coti>thank you :D it works
20:59:22  * aneiljoined
20:59:43  <klaemo>AvianFlu: i see. how to I tell node_redis to use the jsparser instead?
21:00:58  <aneil>Hi - I just tried to sign up. I got an email from nodejitsu, but I can't confirm my account using the "users confirm {myaccount} {confirmation-code}" snippet.
21:01:00  <yawn>klaemo: you can use bundledDependencies
21:01:44  <AvianFlu>aneil: what jitsu version?
21:02:00  <yawn>npm install hiredis; npm install redis; npm uninstall hiredis .. then add 'redis' to bundledDependencies
21:02:03  <yawn>klaemo: ^
21:03:21  <aneil>0.9.8
21:04:07  <aneil>Here's a gist: https://gist.github.com/3687291
21:04:10  * dob__joined
21:04:18  <klaemo>yawn: thx, I will try that :)
21:04:35  <fb55>yawn: why is this so complicated?
21:05:13  * ngoldmanquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:05:56  * dob__quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:06:04  <yawn>fb55: redis compiles with hiredis
21:06:34  <yawn>but if hiredis is already installed..it does not
21:07:12  * dob_quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:08:52  * spolujoined
21:10:06  <fb55>okay, i expected some edge-case in require-analyzer
21:10:32  <klaemo>jitsu doesn't pull in my local node_modules folder, right? it fetches the deps automatically?!
21:10:55  <yawn>yep
21:11:46  <ghchinoy>jitsunoob here, if I wanted to host html files, my main nodejs app would have to provide that html file return capability (via express or using the http module), correct?
21:11:51  <ghchinoy>klaemo: yeah
21:11:58  * marshall_afkchanged nick to marshall_law
21:12:29  <yawn>ghchinoy: yeah either via a specific statis server like ecstatic or via middleware (connect_static)
21:12:59  <klaemo>yawn! i just noticed you can pass options.parser = 'javascript' to redis.createClient(port, host, options). that also tells node_redis to use the js parser. seems to work :)
21:14:23  <yawn>uh i think the problem is in the compile step.. oh well glad it works anyway :D
21:14:35  <ghchinoy>yawn: got it. I was thinking that it might be possible to write a nodejs server and nodejitsu would proxy it for me, thereby not having cross-domain issues - without having express/ecstatic.
21:14:37  <yawn>lol i'm laughing so hard.. this tv series is epic
21:14:44  <ghchinoy>what tv show?
21:14:47  <yawn>leverage
21:14:54  <ghchinoy>ah, never seen it.
21:15:04  <yawn>it's nothing really but it has good dialogues
21:15:04  <yawn>:)
21:15:21  <yawn>fb55: do you think it'd be possible to use readabilitySAX to extract like the main content of a webpage?
21:16:07  <ghchinoy>my previous use models with node have been with nginx or apache in front of node, but jitsu's all pure node, correct?
21:16:14  <ghchinoy>no need for a proxy.
21:16:40  <mmalecki>we do in fact proxy your traffic throug load balancers
21:16:44  <fb55>yawn: that's what it's made for ^^
21:17:35  <ghchinoy>mmalecki: ah, yes, that's why if my server.js starts on 8080, it still responds on appname-domain:80 / :443?
21:17:49  <mmalecki>ghchinoy: yeah
21:17:58  * stagasjoined
21:18:23  <ghchinoy>mmalecki: is what yawn said (express, ecstatic, etc.) the best way to host html files? i.e. via the server.js being the webserver, too?
21:18:43  <yawn>fb55: yeah but it returns text || hmtl right?
21:18:49  <yawn>no way of having json?
21:19:04  <mmalecki>well, whatever you prefer really. but I use ecstatic quite often, yeah
21:19:17  <ghchinoy>ok, cool.
21:19:55  <ghchinoy>my mo has been to use restify, using node as the appserver, and then let some proxy webserver handle the static files (as previously mentioned, nginx or apache).
21:20:02  <ghchinoy>I guess that's where my confusion came from.
21:20:12  <ghchinoy>Thank you for that clarification, mmalecki, yawn.
21:20:14  <fb55>yawn: you can also get the internal representation or a thing that emits tokens like htmlparser2
21:20:25  <yawn>i see
21:21:22  <yawn>wat
21:21:26  <yawn>it is so tiny?
21:21:44  <yawn>oh
21:21:50  <yawn>forgot this file
21:21:51  <yawn>https://github.com/fb55/readabilitySAX/blob/master/readabilitySAX.js
21:21:52  <yawn>lol
21:23:17  <ghchinoy>I've previously used jitsu on linux, but am trying to set it up on windows (win 7 x64) - when I 'jitsu login' I get an error in timers.js - something about object not having 'getWindowSize' method.
21:23:39  <ghchinoy>Ideas, hints, tips to deal with that?
21:24:05  * zzarcon_joined
21:24:31  <zzarcon_>Hello guys
21:24:57  <zzarcon_>Can I change my domain?
21:27:39  * jetiennepart
21:33:37  <klaemo>zzarcon_: http://dns.jit.su/
21:34:09  <zzarcon_>thanks you
21:34:12  * jmar777quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:34:20  <zzarcon_>:)
21:35:34  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:37:33  * jmar777joined
21:37:33  * clarkfischerquit (Quit: clarkfischer)
21:37:39  * st_lukequit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:39:28  * Domenicjoined
21:40:59  <harbhub>how do i make is so that i can change a variable in the webpage
21:41:07  <harbhub>for instance
21:41:16  <ghchinoy>Here's another noob question - I've node 0.6.1 on my linux box: how do I "upgrade" it to the latest stable?
21:41:28  <harbhub>i have a variable whos value adjusts the css width of a div
21:41:58  <harbhub>and i want to change the value from the webpage to see live results, rather than from the actual html file
21:42:02  <harbhub>any thoughts?
21:42:16  * joshonthewebjoined
21:46:21  <klaemo>ghchinoy: just install the latest version from the website
21:47:27  <klaemo>harbhub: javascript, jQuery etc?!
21:48:04  <harbhub>i'm using jquery
21:49:34  <jesusabdullah>ghchinoy: go to http://nodejs.org, download the source tar, untar it and run ./configure && make && sudo make install
21:49:38  <jesusabdullah>ghchinoy: works like a charm :)
21:50:58  <jesusabdullah>shit, nothing's changed
21:51:08  <jesusabdullah>this is gonna end up being something stupid I can tell
21:51:18  <jesusabdullah>not really even a regression, just something stupid
21:52:33  <yawn>hellow jesusabdullah ò/
21:57:58  <jesusabdullah>hey hey
21:58:01  * therealkoopajoined
21:58:02  * jmar777quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:58:04  <aneil>looks like the nodejitsu mailer sends a "Welcome to NodeJitsu" message with confirm instructions even if "jitsu users create ____" fails.
21:58:16  <jesusabdullah>aneil: It failed? How so?
21:58:42  <jesusabdullah>aneil: can you link me a gist with all of jitsu's output?
22:00:12  * ktkchanged nick to ktkNA
22:01:16  * harbhubquit (Quit: Page closed)
22:05:55  <jesusabdullah>aneil: How do you feel about forwarding the email to josh@nodejitsu.com ?
22:06:14  <jesusabdullah>aneil: I'm trying to track down a potentially related problem, is why I'm asking all these questions
22:08:02  <ghchinoy>jesusabdullah: great. I didn't know the deal between n & nvm and was thinking I'd just get the node source and build it instead of having some intermediary :)
22:08:43  <mmalecki>if it's about node version managers, I like give
22:08:57  <mmalecki>one of the reasons being that I wrote it
22:09:12  <yawn>mmalecki: news about the alias?
22:09:23  <mmalecki>yawn: alias?
22:09:25  <mmalecki>ah
22:09:32  <yawn>you said you were going to implement an alias default to set the node binary
22:09:34  <yawn>:)
22:09:40  <ghchinoy>too much of a noob to understand (atm) why I'd need a node version manager.
22:10:04  * lwicksjoined
22:10:05  <mmalecki>ONE DAY
22:10:15  <yawn>ghchinoy: because you don't wanna do all those tasks by yourself if you can have a handy script that automatizes it
22:10:18  <yawn>:D
22:10:36  <ghchinoy>fwiw, my issue with 'jitsu login' went away when I installed 0.8.8 over 0.6.1 on windows :)
22:11:10  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
22:11:11  <ghchinoy>yawn: oh, i meant I didn't know why I'd need more than the latest version of node on my machine, for now; I'm not yet doing any compatability testing.
22:11:52  * stagasquit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88-rdmsoft [XULRunner])
22:12:28  * therealkoopaquit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:12:32  <yawn>ghchinoy: i'm also using latest.. it becomes useful when you have modules people use and you wanna make sure they're retro-compatible
22:12:42  <yawn>at least that's why i'd use it :P
22:13:08  * ghchinoynods
22:13:13  <ghchinoy>i'm not there yet :)
22:13:27  * AvianFluquit (Quit: AvianFlu)
22:13:42  <ghchinoy>i figured it'd be something like that.
22:13:48  <ghchinoy>What's the version of node that nodejitsu uses?
22:13:51  <jesusabdullah>ghchinoy: you may have some code tested for one node version but not another and vice versa at the same time
22:14:01  <jesusabdullah>ghchinoy: you can deploy 0.6.x and 0.8.x
22:14:11  <jesusabdullah>ghchinoy: and we'll use the latest for each
22:14:19  <ghchinoy>ok, excellent.
22:14:21  <ghchinoy>thank you.
22:14:41  <yawn>http://i.imgur.com/bI4Z9.gif
22:14:42  <yawn>hahaha
22:14:57  * joshonthewebjoined
22:16:53  <jesusabdullah>yeah I remember that shit :)
22:18:22  <jesusabdullah>http://reprap.org/wiki/Recyclebot check it out, make your own filament from plastic bottles
22:19:04  * rtgibbonschanged nick to rtgibbons[away]
22:19:14  <yawn>cool
22:21:18  <ghchinoy>I'm trying to be clever and use ecstatic with restify.
22:21:23  * ramitosquit
22:22:08  <ghchinoy>I see in the examples for ecstatic it works with express, and I thought since restify's a subset/derived, it should be as easy, but I'm getting a ResourceNotFound when pointing to my statichtml dir.
22:23:15  * lwicksquit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:24:43  <yawn>i knew it wasn't derived but rather inspired
22:25:40  <ghchinoy>hurm.
22:25:51  * kenperkinsjoined
22:25:52  <yawn>middlewares should work anyway though
22:26:19  <ghchinoy>restify works great on nodejitsu; i'm trying to also include a static serving component.
22:27:00  * tizzo-afkchanged nick to tizzo
22:29:16  <jesusabdullah>isaac also has a static middleware component of some sort which may work for you
22:29:19  <jesusabdullah>I've been meaning to try it out
22:30:00  <ghchinoy>orly
22:30:35  <jesusabdullah>yeah, called st
22:31:03  <yawn>ghchinoy: or you can use connect-static
22:31:43  <jesusabdullah>yeah, you got some choices
22:31:47  <ghchinoy>I'll try and see if I can do st & restify
22:31:53  <ghchinoy>Yeah, seems like there're lots of static serving.
22:32:06  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:32:49  <ghchinoy>Since I'm familiar with restify, I figured I'd tack on a static serving bit and reserve a route (say '/api') form my restify bits.
22:32:58  <jesusabdullah>sure, sure
22:33:22  <ghchinoy>:)
22:33:51  <ghchinoy>I guess what I'm really going for is an angularjs app that communicates with the restify api, hosted on jitsu
22:34:16  <ghchinoy>and the static bits would be the angularjs, and well, you guys get it.
22:35:34  <ghchinoy>Clearly, being a noob, I don't know if that's the way to do it.
22:36:22  * appinsanity-mikejoined
22:37:13  <klaemo>ghchinoy: yet another solution would be to host your static assets on S3 and not deal with file serving in node at all
22:37:56  <ghchinoy>I was trying to avoid cross-domain javascript request
22:38:00  * tizzochanged nick to tizzo-afk
22:38:59  <yawn>one way would be
22:39:04  <yawn>setup domain.com on jitsu
22:39:17  <yawn>then proxy everything from domain.com/public to S3
22:41:22  <yawn>i wonder how fast proxies are
22:41:33  <yawn>wops
22:41:34  <yawn>wrong chna
22:41:37  <yawn>*chan
22:41:38  <yawn>lol
22:41:45  <yawn>i really should go to bed.. bye guys
22:41:57  * yawnquit (Quit: leaving)
22:42:13  <ghchinoy>Hmm, I'm not clear on that.
22:43:39  * kmiyashiroquit (Quit: kmiyashiro)
22:44:08  <klaemo>if have your own domain you could point something like static.domain.com to s3 and domain.com to nodejitsu
22:44:46  * richwestcoastquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:45:02  * kenperkinsquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
22:45:46  * joshonthewebquit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
22:47:10  <jesusabdullah>klaemo: http://dns.jit.su/
22:48:14  <klaemo>jesusabdullah: oh that wasn't a question, I was talking to ghchinoy ;)
22:48:22  <jesusabdullah>ah
22:48:35  <jesusabdullah>sorry, very tired today
22:48:40  <jesusabdullah>did not sleep well last night >_<
22:49:30  <klaemo>ah, I see! I forgot a "you" in my reply, that's what makes it look weird ;)
22:49:43  <ghchinoy>klaemo: that'd still be a cross domain error.
22:50:22  * kmiyashirojoined
22:50:24  * fb55joined
22:50:28  * fb55quit (Remote host closed the connection)
22:51:20  <ghchinoy>klaemo: i.e. sub.domain.com != domain.com for the same origin policy
22:51:24  <klaemo>ghchinoy: wait...really? i though that would work
22:51:46  <ghchinoy>Newp
22:52:08  <ghchinoy>Also port, so: my.domain.com:80 != my.domain.com:81
22:52:28  <ghchinoy>Rather, "Yes, really." :)
22:54:00  <ghchinoy>ref. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Same_origin_policy_for_JavaScript
22:54:49  <klaemo>haha ok, i guess i'll need to read up on that then
22:55:30  * ghchinoynods ;)
22:55:33  * cotiquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:56:00  <klaemo>aah crap, I always miss the last response, my irc client doesn't always scroll down to the last line :( thanks for the link
22:56:34  <ghchinoy>That's why all my past node excursions have been restify behind nginx/apache, that way the nodejs server on a different port appears to be hosted from the same domain via those proxies.
22:58:44  * ramitosjoined
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23:01:26  * sberryman_part
23:01:28  * sberryman_joined
23:04:49  <sberryman_>AvianFlu: LB issues for me again
23:05:20  <sberryman_>https://500club.golf.teeleader.com/ - sberryman - teeleader-be
23:05:23  * bubbles10101joined
23:05:55  <sberryman_>and back
23:08:30  * ferloresquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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