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22:54:22  <BridgeAR>devsnek: about the proposal branches: yes, they should be deleted. I just caught up on that with multiple ones that where forgotten
22:54:34  <devsnek>neat
22:54:39  <devsnek>now there's just that one broken one
22:55:16  <devsnek>29579
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22:55:24  <BridgeAR>devsnek: "Values have same structure but are not reference-equal:" think about e.g., two symbols that look alike but that are not reference identical
22:55:38  <devsnek>BridgeAR: it was two objects though
22:55:42  <devsnek>turned out they had different prototypes
22:55:48  <devsnek>error message was confusing
22:55:54  <BridgeAR>Yes, it's a "known issue" for me
22:56:20  <devsnek>Trott: are you an org admin, can you tell what happened to 29579?
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22:56:37  <BridgeAR>The problem is that we do not (yet) collect any information about why objects are not identical. The comparison just plainly returns true or false
22:56:40  <devsnek>there's a branch on github that can't be deleted until that pr is merged or closed, but it doesn't exist
22:56:51  <BridgeAR>If the inspected output is then identical, it's difficult to tell what the actual problem was
22:57:04  <devsnek>ic
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