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23:01:11  <BridgeAR>joaocgreis: awesome, thanks a lot! I ran into that problem earlier
23:01:41  <BridgeAR>rvagg: we frequently run into issues with arm at the moment. They often take a ages (~5 hours)
23:02:23  <ljharb>looks like someone released v13.3 but didn't announce here?
23:02:43  <BridgeAR>I just released it earlier
23:02:51  <ljharb>kk ty for confirm
23:02:56  <rvagg>BridgeAR: mmm, it's the timeout issue I was mentioning above, they get to the end of the run but don't signal completeness
23:03:04  <BridgeAR>We never had the policy of announcing it here?
23:03:14  <rvagg>I thought I set a lower timeout on it than 5h but I should shorten it so they don't wast people's time
23:03:48  <BridgeAR>rvagg: let me check but I believe it actually took hours to compile
23:04:37  <BridgeAR>Yes: https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-arm/27872/nodes=debian9-docker-armv7/
23:05:09  <ljharb>BridgeAR: it's on the checklist, i believe
23:05:20  <BridgeAR>Took 5 hr 9 min on test-scaleway-ubuntu1804-armv7l-1
23:05:51  <ljharb>(or i assume there's a checklist, trying to find it)
23:07:49  <BridgeAR>ljharb: interesting. It was added a year ago and I missed that change :D
23:08:08  <ljharb>:-)
23:09:16  <BridgeAR>Even though that rule is likely questionable. Not everyone from the release team is likely active on IRC
23:10:17  <ljharb>there's also a slack channel
23:10:29  <ljharb>(that crossposts here)
23:10:36  <ljharb>i'm not aware of anyone on the release team who's not in one of those two places, but if so i'm sure we can figure something out
23:11:15  <BridgeAR>We have to add more automation around this. The release process is a huge amount of manual work
23:27:29  <rvagg>BridgeAR: so my guess re that 13.x build is that the cache wasn't ready for a 13.x, it's been doing master where there are big changes - v8, icu, but I don't know if we do regular builds with 13.x .. the machines were only reprovisioned a week or so ago so this is probably the first time they've seen 13.x.
23:27:42  <rvagg>a guess anyway, might be worth looking in to but also might be worth rerunning it
23:28:07  <BridgeAR>The last build is probably almost two weeks ago
23:28:18  <BridgeAR>I don't think we had any other v13 build in the meanwhile
23:29:25  <rvagg>this build, for example, is through the main compile 40 mins in https://ci.nodejs.org/job/node-test-commit-arm/27875/nodes=debian9-docker-armv7/
23:41:52  <BridgeAR>:+1: